Less than 2 weeks to go! Let’s kick off THIS week with a little atypical sentimentality. If you tuned in last week, (you’re welcome to go back if you missed it,) I went over my personal choices of Bill’s Top 11 Tough Guy Moments; 11 so I wouldn’t be stereotypical. And if you remember correctly, I promised a post that featured the opposite. So here are my personal choices for Bill’s Top 5 Softie Moments, (I decided to make it a more classic number this time). You’ll notice I didn’t put anything about Abigail, Nora, or Dottie. No, I’m not ignoring those moments, or the romance. I just want to focus more on the teddy bear moments rather than the Don Juan ones; especially when he’s got the reputation of the muscle in town

  1. Bill plays Dr. Phil to Dr. Shepherd. You’d expect the great Inspector Avery to stand up for, or pull a gun out for someone in town. What might come as a surprise is that he sits down, and has a heart to heart with a struggling soul. But Bill takes the time to soothe Carson’s troubled heart, telling him he did everything he could for Cody, and expresses confidence in his medical abilities.


  1. Sticking up for Timmy and performing in the talent show. Did you ever think you’d see the same man who barked, “ Give me a reason to pull the trigger,” singing “This Little Light of Mine”? It’s absolutely precious and so endearing to see him reassure Timmy that music is, indeed, NOT for babies, then take it a step further by singing with a whole group of children.


  1. Teaching Cody to throw a baseball. Poor Cody! He’s trying so hard to live life without his only family (Becky), he’s trying to fit in and make friends, and he’s trying to impress those boys with no help. Luckily, Bill is observant enough to see that Cody needs a little boost, and he does it himself. Good thing Bill knows baseball, and can pass on said wisdom.


  1. Talking Robert out of running away. This one almost got the number one slot since it is so adorable. I love how Bill not only takes the time to talk to him, but he gives him life examples, and his own experience to illustrate the point. At that point, we hadn’t seen Robert’s father, so it’s nice to witness someone teaching a little boy how to be a man.


  1. Can you guess! “Now that is a sight I never thought I’d see.” BILL AS SANTA! Is there any other softer way to show you’re a pushover than by bringing happiness to children dressed as the jolly old man himself? Good thing the “tough guy reputation” had been solidified, or he’d be in big trouble!

 Have a great week! See you on Wednesday! 

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