Happy Monday, Hearties! It is ESPECIALLY happy, as it is a holiday, and some of us had the day off. No, I don’t mean me; my daughter had her birthday party this morning, so it’s been busy, busy, busy! But it was the party that inspired today’s post. Since I didn’t get a chance to post last week for #FlashbackFriday, I thought a #MomentMonday would be in order. And that highlighted moment is Dr. Carson Shepherd’s birthday party. Fitting, huh?

First of all, this is just sweet! I don’t have a strong opinion as to whether or not Faith and Carson belong together. He is much older than she is, but that was typical back then. If nothing happens between them, I won’t bark; but if some sparks are ignited, I wouldn’t mind that either.

But whether or not these two become a couple, I love that Faith throws Carson a surprise birthday party! If nothing else, this shows Faith’s sweet and caring personality to do something thoughtful for a boss she cares for and respects.

Do you react with the characters as you watch? Maybe it’s the actress in me, but I do; I really do! So when Faith is in the mercantile discussing party plans with Ned and Florence, and in walks the good doctor…I think I gasped louder than Faith did. Then I snickered behind my hand so hard I couldn’t breathe until he left, and all present heaved a simultaneous sigh of relief.

The joke sure was on everyone when Carson walked into the saloon unannounced after having to double as a veterinarian. But in true Hope Valley fashion, they go with the flow, stop taking down decorations, and spontaneously yell, “Surprise!” And let’s not forget sweet and adorable Cody and Robert making up for dropping the birthday cake by spending their own money to make that hideous one; not to mention everyone brave enough to try it. Then the “icing on the cake”, (ha ha!) is Rosemary actually NOT taking credit for the party, and giving the glory to Faith. The delight on Carson’s face is immediately evident. A man who once was all alone and running from his past now has gifts more priceless than whatever Elizabeth left on her desk. He has friends; he has a home!

Well, my friends, I shall bid you good evening, or rather, good night by now. There sure is a lot to choose from for Wednesday: TWO brand new Winterfest movies, with BOTH brand new WCTH leading men, in ONE weekend? I’m telling you: brilliant move! So the question is, which one would you like me to do? A Winter Princess or Winter Love Story? Be sure to leave me your vote, either here or on Facebook. Until then, dear ones. This is HookedHeartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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