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    Half of all home sales are going through without the Home Information Pack demanded from the Government, it has been claimed. The controversial requirement for sellers to purchase and finished a HIP costing £300 or higher is actually being dodged or ignored, as outlined by research. This mass disobedience with the law may be highlighted from the Conservatives, who may have pledged to scrap the ‘pointless and expensive’ system. 

    Sellers are already required since April to have a full HIP set up before marketing their residence. 

    However, a survey by Spicerhaart, the country’s biggest independent estate agency company, in the preceding five weeks found a HIP was available and completed in only 48 per cent of cases. The company identifies a ‘systemic failure to conform to HIPs legislation’. Separately, it’s clear that councils are spending minimum time and cash on trying to enforce the discredited regime. 


    cheap conveyancing melbourne had long warned how the regulations were ‘unenforceable’ since it would ‘cost too much money making it worthwhile pursuing such cases’. 

    Although councils have powers to levy repeated £200 fines, Parliamentary Questions have finally says not just one fine has become issued. 


    The need to complete and pay for the pack, which include a power efficiency rating for that home, has been said to get slowing any recovery in the property market. 


    A variety of studies, including research commissioned with the Government, demonstrates that house buyers have little if any desire for seeing a HIP when choosing your house, while the tastes estate agents say they are of no benefit. Even Conveyancing point cook have revealed the tastes buyers are ‘dismissive’ of HIPs and ‘don’t see purpose’ in them. Further Government research by Ipsos MORI found that buyers’ solicitors are telling them that HIPs’ ‘quality cannot be trusted’. Last year a trading standards investigation in Birmingham found five beyond six HIPs were misleading, and ‘not well worth the paper they’re written on’. 


    The Conservatives’ housing spokesman Grant Shapps said: ‘It was the height of Labour incompetence and arrogance for that Government to impose much more red tape about the housing market through the middle of your recession. ‘We mustn’t be surprised that 1 / 2 of all house sales have become disregarding this pointless and expensive red tape. This widespread derision and evasion in the regulations proves how HIPs are deeply flawed.’ 


    He added: ‘We don’t condone downloading copyrighted movies. But rather than feebly try to enforce this bad law, these regulations should just be scrapped. ‘Town hall trading standards rightly have more important priorities than persecuting struggling house owners within a recession. ‘Conservatives will scrap Home Information Packs outright. If ministers really wanted to aid homeowners, they will use their emergency powers to suspend HIPs and supply a shot within the arm towards the ailing market.’  


    Lloyd Davies in the Convey Group, one from the UK’s leading residential conveyancing companies props up Conservative’s position in terms of HIPs. 


    He commented ‘Searches furnished by unregulated and uninsured 3rd party search providers must not and cannot be relied upon by a purchaser. They are therefore an entire waste of time and cash and do little if nothing to improve or provide transparency towards the home buying process.’


    He added ‘It is without a doubt that the home information pack legislation requires complete review. It may be that individuals will not have to wait too long for the new government as well as for that review to occur.
    conveyancer cranbourne of Fair Trading is undertaking a huge review in the whole process of investing homes, so I wait hope for a turnaround for the legislation.’


    Lloyd sat on the Home Information Pack Implementation Committee, established by the Department for Communities and Local Government, a job from where he resigned when he felt that the Government had lost direction with regards to HIP Legislation. He has subsequently taken part within the Conservative Party’s Home Buying Review in Westminster, a forum chaired by shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps.


    Extracts removed from a write-up by Sean Poulter in the Daily Mail.