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    In many industrial, trade and DIY applications, scaffolding towers are far better ladders. These structures provide safe platforms when workers must work on height for extended periods. To ensure safety, scaffold towers should be properly assembled and inspected. For a scaffold tower to become truly safe, the capacity, bracing, pinning and components always has to be in good order. One type of tower that’s especially popular is the folding trade tower, as it’s an easy task to erect, and also being quite versatile. Here’s some information concerning this scaffold tower, as well as some pointers for working safely.

    Scaffolding Towers: About the Folding Trade Tower

    Safety could be the paramount concern when focusing on scaffolding towers. They should receive regular maintenance and safety inspections, and should often be used in strict accordance while using manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Scaffold towers should not be used outdoors in bad weather. If the tower is damaged by any means, it should be taken out of service until repaired. The folding trade tower is constructed from strong steel tubing, every platform will support a maximum working load of 275kg. Remember, scaffold hire melbourne prices includes the extra weight with the platform, the worker(s), as well as any tools or materials getting used. The base of this tower works extremely well entirely on its very own, or increased with as much as 3 additional sections which facilitate 7 extra platform heights.

    Scaffolding Towers: Key Features of the Folding Trade Tower

    A good rule to follow when assessing the ability of scaffold towers is always that a tower have to be able to support a unique weight, together with no less than four times its maximum load specification. The folding trade tower is fully compliant with the important BS1139 (Part 3) 1994 and HD1004 standards. This means that it has passed a set of rigorous tests and is deemed safe.
    click here folding trade tower is quick and all to easy to erect, that allows workers to focus on the position, and not on the tower. Disassembled, it forms a concise package that suits easily into an estate car or small van. The tower’s components feature quick release clips on all bracing, and colour coding, so it will be very simple to erect correctly.

    Scaffolding Towers: More Features from the Folding Trade Tower

    The basic components with the tower can be a base unit, a hatch deck, horizontal braces, a 4-piece toe board set, and 4 standard locking castors. Guard rails and additional bracing can be found as add-on options. When assembling the tower, never compromise its structural integrity by using makeshift components or components from different manufacturers. Scaffold towers such as the folding trade tower have numerous advantages, nevertheless the main one is it’s an independent structure that may be moved and repositioned since the work requires. Unlike scaffolding mid guard rail melbourne that have to be disassembled, moved, then reassembled, a scaffold tower needs simply to become pushed to a different location.

    Scaffolding towers can be a safer, more versatile alternative for several types of trade, industrial and DIY applications.