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    Many women today are suffering through the symptoms of menopause because they are afraid of Hormone Replacement Therapy. The side effects HRT poses makes many women fearful and no wonder, what woman in her right mind would trade hot flashes for possible breast cancer?

    Kidney problems – Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs used to regulate acid-based concentrations and water balances in the tissues. But this significant organ can be host to any number of diseases or disorders. Problems include scarred kidney tissue, degeneration, abnormally placed kidneys, floating kidneys, stones, and blood deficient kidneys.

    Try your very best to lose weight especially if your BMI or body mass index is way off the normal value. This will not just make your body become healthier holistically. It will also lessen the gastro-esophageal pressure gradient in your body which is one of the causes of it. This is actually one of the most effective natural cures for the disease.

    And, it might be a good formula for striking beans and gravel, but, for striking a canvas bag, that is filled with iron shot (about the same size as BB’s) this bruise medicine will not do.

    When we look at Herbal Medicine, and for this article, I will stay away from Chinese remedies – that is a subject that requires books, not just a small article – we have the chance to look into history. We are able to look back hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. We can see how people survived, especially more recently with written history, but we can also see why the medical industry is now very afraid for its future.

    What is an alkaloid? Medicinal plants often contain groups of alkaloids. Name seven plants rich in alkaloids (specify the part); then name at least three of the alkaloids in each plant.

    An ingrown toenail is caused by the pressure of the nail against the skin on the side of the nail. Prolonged periods of pressure can cause skin irritation, inflammation, infection and pain. Ingrown nails are seen mainly in the big toes of people in industrialized countries. People from other cultures who do not wear shoes rarely get ingrown nails.

    Herbal Medicine for rheumatics – This can be any number of things, including urethralgia in which you’ll experience pain in the urethra or the canal leading from the bladder out.