• Tierney Roth posted an update 5 months ago

    Logo water bottles are probably the most widely used promotional items available. To remain a best-seller in the advertising specialty promote for years – but what is it that means they are so popular with companies and recipients alike?

    Simply speaking, the main reason a lot of companies elect to imprint their logo on water bottles is simply because these products are functional and cheap. The secrets to some successful promo is to pick something people can use each day, this way your logo or message gets a lot of exposure. When you can find a product which affords this at an affordable (a dollar or less per item), this is a pretty cost-effective advertising tool! Considering how much people pay per-impression with TV or print ads, custom water bottles certainly deliver a nice return on investment.

    A primary reason that logo water bottles have been so popular as of late is because the eco-friendly appliances are being introduced. Many of these bottles, even plastic ones, may very well be eco-friendly to some extent because they give a reusable option that lasts over disposable one-use bottles. But beyond that you have a variety unique eco-friendly bottles made out of either recycled or recyclable materials. Aluminum water bottles are getting to be especially popular given that they look sleek and modern, and they also may be recycled when their long promotional lives have learned to a finish.

    These products are a thing that everybody is able to use, if you are a student athlete looking for a convenient way to keep yourself hydrated during games, or just a corporate employee that needs to stay cool throughout a hot commute. This product is flexible, functional, eco-friendly, and cheap. It’s no surprise that custom sports bottles are extremely popular!

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