Hey, everybody! I’m Sharleen, today’s #MeetYouMonday Heartie! Here’s a little bit about me. It’s short, and to the point; I didn’t have to do a lot of typing, and you don’t have to do a lot of reading. So here it goes:

I am originally from the Rockies but now live in Texas. My family includes a wonderful husband and 4 kids that keep me hopping!

I love reading, photography, sewing, teaching my kids piano and math, and I love to watch period pieces, like…hmm…When Calls the Heart, of course!

How did I find WCTH? Funny story, that! My mother-in-law introduced me to it, and I feel bad that I went into it thinking I wouldn’t like it, because boy was I wrong!! Such a great show, and thanks to Kami, for keeping me addicted. 🙂

My favorite is Season 1 Episode 12. I love beginnings more than middles or ends. So while I am enjoying all of the seasons, this episode is my favorite. I love the artwork gift from Jack for Elizabeth, the kiss, and that Rosemary is staying in town. Ha!

My favorite charater: I’m going with the masses. Jack. He just radiates goodness and he is easy on the eyes!

I love being a Heartie! This show is filmed beautifully, is full of well-developed characters that are easy to love, and has so many good morals that it teaches. I love that this is a show that I can watch with my daughters, sisters, and mother-in-law, and friends. It is a great way to bond.

To wish you all a Merry Christmas, here’s a picture I drew of me and my family; so…MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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