Greetings fellow Hearties!

My name is Sarah Nitsch, and I am a Heartie. I have a loving husband of 8 years (15 years together) and we have two beautiful young daughters. I was very excited when Kami asked me to introduce myself for the blog’s first #MeetYouMonday and I will tell you why…

I thought I became a Heartie because I enjoyed the show “When Calls the Heart”. But it’s also the opposite. Being a part of the Hearties has made me LOVE “When Calls the Heart”, at least on another level! I feel like it’s a symbiotic experience. Hearties (as a collective group) would obviously not exist if the show hadn’t been created, but the Hearties are also like the lifeblood of the show. Yes, the show would be just as wonderful without a so-called fan club. The writing, acting and storylines would be just as powerful and entertaining. But there is a unique magic in being a Heartie. I may be one of 59,379 people (as of the moment I write this), but it never feels that way. The network and show executives have embraced the fans and brought them into the fold in a way I have never heard of before in show business. There is an actual connection between fans and the people on set every single day. It’s special, it’s powerful, and it’s fierce.

I discovered WCTH when my daughters were 4 and 2 years old. They were not what you would call ‘good sleepers’ and I rarely had any ability to watch television above a G rating. After what I felt was the millionth viewing of Caillou and Octonauts, I was desperate for anything that wasn’t animated. I searched through my cable’s OnDemand offerings for ANYTHING rated G with real-life human beings. The first thing that I found starred Lori Loughlin from Full House, a childhood favorite of mine. I gave it a try, and by the time Mountie Jack made his first appearance at the mine, I knew this was going to be more than an escape from cartoons for a few hours of my day. The acting was incredible, and the chemistry between the three stars was clear. I almost forgot it was Lori Loughlin, as she so completely embodied Abigail. Then I noticed it was holding my 4 year olds attention as well. By the time season two came along nearly a year later, she remembered the show and now my younger daughter enjoyed it too. I fondly remember both my daughter’s screams when the season two finale aired and they discovered who was holding the engagement ring out to Elizabeth! Their first experience with a “cliffhanger”.  I didn’t discover the Hearties fan group until just after season three, and enjoyed it quietly until after season four was in full swing. Now I enjoy commenting on posts, creating fan art, and writing fan fiction stories with Kami!

I can’t say I have a favorite episode or a favorite season, because I believe every single scene has contributed to the greatness in the story of these remarkable characters. Even season two, which was a shock to most Heartie’s systems, has found a special place in my heart (over time). I know this isn’t a popular opinion, so I have asked Kami if I can explain more fully in a later blog posting. For now I will just say that it grew on me.

I met Kami on the fan page, and what can I say? Sometimes people are just meant to be friends. Sometimes you don’t know something’s missing in your life until you find it. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything before the Hearties, but now I see how important it has been in my life. With the show I have something I can watch with my children. It is not only appropriate, but also promotes strong values. And it does this without being overly sweet or syrupy. With the Hearties group, I have a place I can be silly, share a passion and common interest in the show with others and find a creative outlet with photo editing and writing. I would love the show regardless, but being a Heartie inspires me.

Sarah proudly wearing a ‘beguiling’ piece of jewelry from Kami that both “surprised and delighted” her on her birthday
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