Hello, Hearties! How was the weekend? Did you tune in to watch the very first Hallmark Fall Harvest movie “Truly, Madly, Sweetly” on Saturday? I missed it on Saturday because my husband and I went to San Antonio. But I watched it today. It has the man who plays Mr. Jenkins the banker in it, so I could review it on Wednesday. What’s your vote? Should I do that one, or is there a different one you’d rather see?

While I’m talking about new movies, let me put in a plug for Little Women. It’s a modern remake of the classic, and it opens this Friday. If you see that it’s showing at a theater near you, you MUST go see it! A childhood friend of mine whom I’ve known all my life is a producer, and his wife is the director. My sister-in-law also has a small part as a doctor in the film too. Just look for the beautiful Asian woman. It promises to be the exact kind of clean media we all crave!  Oh, and if you’re a fan of Back to the Future, you might want to see if you can spot…oh, I don’t know… Lea Thompson? 😉 

Well, I promised you quite a treat today, didn’t I? And have I got one! Only the 2nd man to ever consent to an interview! And this one isn’t related to me, so he has no family obligation. That must mean he REALLY DID want to be interviewed! This male Heartie is Ryan Kyle, a friend from church. I’m good friends with his wife. He’s a really great guy; he must be to be a fan of this show! An awesome bit of trivia about Ryan: I told him and his wife that “the guy who plays Hickam tweeted ‘happy birthday’ to me. His wife couldn’t quite place him, but Ryan instantly said, “Oh yeah, him!” 😀 So here he is: Mr. Ryan Kyle.


1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?
I currently live near Austin, TX in a city named Pflugerville. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ and all over Colorado. I basically have spent one third of my life in each state.


2. Tell us about your family.
Well my family is AWESOME! No really, they are. My amazing and beautiful wife, Liz, spent a large part of her life in the medical world as a nurse. Most recently as an ER (Emergency Room) nurse. However, when we added 3 little munchkins to our family she chose to be a stay-at-home mom. She is an awesome mother to a 3.5 year old boy named Rhett and twin girls that just turned 2, Brook and Daisy. And we can’t forget our little wiener dog named Leo who is 12. We love having fun and making people laugh and smile! (They certainly do that!)


3. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
I am currently an account manager at Dell, a part time realtor, and a part time financial/life coach. If you are wondering how I do all of that, and help my wife with three kids under 4, the answer would be: I don’t know…. Did I mention that my wife is amazing 🙂

Needless to say, I have made entrepreneurship into a hobby. However, I do love fixing just about anything, and I love competing. I love playing card games, board games, volleyball, and just about any other sport.

As far as school….well I didn’t like school much. I didn’t do college. I am more of a hands on kid of guy; so I started working at 15 years old, and never stopped.


4. How did you find/discover WCTH?
We don’t watch much TV, so when we do, we want to make sure it is good and worth watching. My wife actually found the show, which I think was a recommendation from Kami. (Will suggested he give it a try too, if you can believe that!) I then sat down one night to check it out, and instantly fell in love with the show. It’s just too hard to find good clean entertainment with good story lines, romance, strong classy men, (of course he likes that!), and funny plots.


5. What is your favorite episode? Season?
Oh geez…This is just wrong to ask such a thing. Really, to pick one over the others? How could I? Ok…Ok… The first season is certainly one of my favorites because you meet so many characters there first, but the second season is where Lee Coulter is introduced, and the hilarious banter between him and Rosemary begins.

It is impossible to pick a favorite episode. I will say that I really enjoyed the Christmas special….I mean it was Christmas and who doesn’t love that? Plus, I watched it with really cool people, so it was that much more fun! (Aww…shucks! Thanks!)


6. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
Lee Coulter and Abigail Stanton. I like Lee because he is so patient and caring. He never seems to be out to get anyone, and is always finding creative ways to make Rosemary happy. He is a classy guy, and that is rare to find these days. Abigail is similar. She is a strong woman who stands up for herself and others. She cares deeply about the people in the town, and serves the town selflessly.


7. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
This show stands out among a sea of entertainment that seems focused on showing hate, violence, and other destructive tendencies instead of emphasizing the good in people like When Calls the Heart does. I like feeling good after a show. I like feeling like being a better man. I like feeling romantic. I like feeling alive…and When Calls the Heart makes me feel alive. It makes me laugh, cry, feel romance and love, and strengthens my pursuit of good character traits.


8. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
I am fortunate to be chosen to be interviewed. There are so many great people out there watching the show! For you ladies out there: your husbands may pretend they don’t like the show, but deep down…they do. Just make it easy for them to sit down and pretend not to watch it with you. It’s only a matter of time before they become full fledged Hearties…(Can I quote you on that in Will’s case? That’s the way it is with my father-in-law, but hasn’t work on the hubby yet.)


*The photo of Liz and me is right after we got engaged in 2013. The other is our 3 little kiddo’s having a little snack 🙂



Thanks, Ryan! You’ve given hope to us all! It’s so refreshing to hear about a man who loves good and wholesome entertainment. You’re the best! Well, everyone else, hope you had a great start to your week. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom…that hope Ryan gave us!

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