Hello there! Hope you’re having a good start to your week. We’re wrapping up June, which means we’re almost through with #JuneWeddings. What a month it’s been, huh? Tonight is our final bridal spotlight, and it is a very special person to me. Let’s recap once more, shall we? Our first Monday, we met Lizzy, a fresh newlywed of 8 months. The second week I told all of you my 10-year-old story of wedded romance. Last week, Vicki, a bride of almost 25 years, shared her story.

Tonight, you’ll meet the lovely Merlene Clements. And if that surname rings a bell, yes! She is my wonderful, and very patient mother-in-law. She has graciously allowed me to interview her, and share her story. And here she is!

  1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?
  • Born on west coast (Washington), grew up on the east coast, (Virginia) ended up in the middle (Texas)


  1. Tell us about your family.
  • We have a rather large family. We have 7 children, ranging from 35-20. They’re all very strong-willed, independent, and amazing. My oldest 2 have their masters degrees, others have graduated or are attending college, or successful in careers. We have 5 wonderful grandchildren, and now I know why you have your own children in younger years. 🙂 I love seeing how different and unique each one is.

  1. What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
  • I enjoy photography, painting, gardening, reading, being outdoors, crafts, spending time with my family and friends, and church activities,. I have a lot of hobbies, just not enough time to do all of them. I ended getting my bachelor’s in education from James Madison University, and I teach special education in elementary school.


  1. How did you find/discover WCTH?
  • I think I found it by accident by watching the Hallmark Channel one time.

  1. What is your favorite episode? Season?
  • I’m not as avid as my daughter-in-law, but I enjoy how the community helps each other, and rejoices with one another. What really got me into it was seeing the women go into the mine to save their homes. I, of course, loved the episode when Jack and Elizabeth got married, and hated the one when he died.


  1. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
  • I really like Rosemary too. I didn’t at first, but she grew on me. She’s still annoying sometimes, but she really does have a kind heart.

  1. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
  • It’s just uplifting to watch. I don’t have to cringe at any content, even when they’re stressed.


  1. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
  • Kami asked me to talk a little bit about my marriage of almost 37 years. My husband and I met at a church event for young single adults (18-30 years old) just like Will and Kami! It was a 2-3 day event. His jokes captivated me. I immediately felt comfortable with him, like I was with my best friend. I remember I was lying in bed one of the nights, trying to think of a joke I could tell him so he would think I was funny too. Our first date was soon after, on May 8th to the movies. He didn’t waste time after that, as he proposed a month later after a date to an amusement park. He was going to propose a few weeks earlier when we were in McDonald’s, but I squirted a ketchup packet on his crisp white shirt and tie. That sort of killed the mood. 😀
  • We were married 6 months later on December 16th, just 2 days after my mother died. One way I knew Willie was a keeper was the first time he met her, he pushed her all over a battlefield in a wheelchair. It was really hard with my mother gone, but I truly feel she was able to be there in spirit; she wouldn’t have been able to attend had she been alive, she was too ill. She was also there in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and she helped me prepare.
  • Willie and I have learned many things in 37 years. We always depended on each other because we lived far away from family, and that made us stronger. I remember once hearing of some friends of ours breaking up, and I wondered how could that happen to such a perfect couple. My husband’s response was quite profound. He said, “If you don’t work on a relationship, it will be lost.” We’ve put each other first, developed communication and honesty, and learned how to give and take. I think it’s very important to have a common goal, and always include God in your marriage. Pull together in hard times, use humor often, and hold regular family counsel to keep the bonds strong.

Thanks, Mom! Isn’t she great? Easy to see why I wanted to marry a boy raised by her! And I was astonished by how many new things I learned about her, even after all this time.

Well, this concludes our final segment of #MeetYouMonday: Bridal Edition. It’s been a fun month learning different things about marriage from different perspectives. What a lovely way to start our weeks in the month of love! So, I’ll see all of you on Wednesday for our #WonderWednesday #JuneWeddings movie review. Adieu, dear Hearties!   

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