Hello, everyone! Well, things are getting tense aren’t they; and I’m not talking about in Hope Valley. Although, if you’ve seen the preview for this Sunday’s episode, talk about timing, huh?! Circumstances are quite scary in our world right now. In addition to providing a little escapism and lighthearted fun reading, may I offer a few words of hope. This is a saying we use often in my faith; it comes from some very wise words the Church received in January 1831: “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear”. All we can do is our best. So if we take the proper precautions, be smart about our interactions with others, gather provisions, and do everything possible to keep ourselves healthy, it’ll be okay. It definitely won’t be perfect, but we’ll be able to breathe better. In addition to preparing ourselves, all we can do is rely on a higher power. If you are a praying person, I’m sure you’re already doing so, but I encourage you to keep saying those prayers.

Alright, enough of that! Let’s get to the cake and ice cream of the post. It’s our very first #FaceOffFriday of the season! Since I missed last Friday, we have THREE episodes to tally. I will admit, I’m having a harder time determining whether interactions are positive or negative. They’re much less cut and dried this go-around. But with a little help, I managed. So…LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!




-1 Interrupting the conversation between Nathan and Elizabeth. Big no no!
+1 Complimented her on her teaching
+1 Got Elizabeth excited about more books
-1 Not behaving like “a little gentleman”
+1 Sharing about his mother and mutual love of books
+1 Taking an interest in her “hobby” of writing
+1 Offer to read her work
+1 Reminding her about offer
+1 He was very respectful of the fact that Jack drew the illustrations in the book
+1 He promised to be honest
+1 “I read 220 pages” Read it all and that was cute
+1 Complimented her writing
+1 Some people may say this should be -1, but writers need to be critiqued, and he did it nicely
-1 It’s okay to offer comments, but he pushed a little much
-1 Awkward encounter when he was with Henry
+1 Tried to apologize
+1 Cute banter – “Could you repeat that?”

+1 Elizabeth approached HIM to chat
-1 He didn’t really respond to her efforts
+1 Recovered from Lucas’s interruption with another compliment
-1 He wasn’t exactly behaving like a “little gentleman” either
-1 Foot in mouth for Lucas comment
+1 Elizabeth said she was happy he was staying
+1 Called her back when she was walking away
-1 Wouldn’t finish his sentence, and saying his “better judgment” was stopping him
+1 Saying Little Jack had an arm/waving to him when he left
+1 “What’s in your heart?”
+1 Using her words on her “You let me know when you figure it out”


+1 Giving credit to Elizabeth and her writing
-1 He walked away rather quickly, almost abruptly

+1 Teasing Elizabeth about amount of homework
-1 Acting very protective and paranoid at sleepover
+1 His awe at Elizabeth getting the girls’ attention
+1 Took the icing on the nose like a man
+1 “You saved my life tonight”
-1 “You think he’s a great guy” sarcasm
+1 Opened up about his past
+1 Morning chat and was straight forward about not talking to Allie yet
+1 Even in his anger, he remembered to say “Excuse me”


+1 He brought Elizabeth coffee or tea while she was writing
+1 Asking how writing is coming
+1 Encouraging her to show someone, and offering to read
+1 He backed off when Nathan approached
+1 Loved reading the chapters
+1 Conversing playfully about Luther Brant
-1 Assumed he was the character without reading everything first
+1 Adorable greeting to Little Jack
+1 Eating humble pie
+1 Inspiration for Elizabeth’s book

+1 Walking Elizabeth to church
+1 Humbly listening when Elizabeth asked “What if this time he’s telling the truth?”
+1 Asked about the writing
+1 Asking Elizabeth to watch Allie and saying Allie has an ease around Elizabeth
+1 Technically this isn’t an interaction, but it’s a point all the same. He talks to Allie about her “a lot”
+1 Telling Elizabeth of his father’s innocence
+1 Inspiration for Elizabeth’s book
+1 Telling Elizabeth thank you

And today’s totals come to……….
Lucas – 17, Nathan – 16

So, the handsome, charming restaurateur who loves to play cards inches ahead of the sweet, shy law enforcement officer. Well, the season is young, and with scores like this, it’s still anybody’s game. And now that you know the score, and there won’t be another match for at least one, and maybe two weeks, you can sit back, relax, and watch/listen to the recap of Family Matters. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even be surprised. 😉

This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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