Well, we have arrived at the end of Kavan Smith’s birthday spotlight week, #FlashbackFriday. I’ve noticed that, coincidentally, several of our #FlashbackFriday segments have come from Season 3. And for good reason! It’s a fabulous one! So many sweet and exciting moments.

The moment I’m choosing? Lee’s proposal. I know that might seem a little cliché, but we mostly see it from Rosemary’s perspective. We don’t see his thought process. Was it a spontaneous move, or did he go search for her in order TO propose? I guess we’ll never really know without some insider information, (hint, hint! 😉 ), but it’s such a beautiful moment!

Something I like to do is watch Lee’s reactions throughout the episode. When Rosemary comes into the office to tell him her “amazing news”, Lee is still dealing with shutting down the mill. Rosemary takes a moment to show sympathy, but she can’t help herself. She reveals that she is replacing the star Mary Medford in the locally-shot picture “The Reluctant Bride”. Obviously troubled, Lee still puts it aside, and in Rosemary’s words, knows “exactly what to say”. He puts on his charm, and tells her to “get out there, and show them how talented you really are”.

When the ball keeps rolling, and Rosemary’s asked to go to Hollywood, you can tell Lee is heartbroken. It’s incredibly funny to me when she says, “I’m not getting any younger”. You can see the wheels turning in Lee’s head, taking in her words, wondering how to respond. He tells her to go, but not very sincerely. My favorite lines are when she says, “You’re not making this any easier.” He could have said anything. He could have gotten angry or defensive, he could have gotten emotional, (but that’s not really his style,) or he could have demanded that she not go. But he quietly accepts it, even tells her to leave him behind, and not come back between pictures. Instead of making a fuss, or declaring his devotion, Lee respects her decision, and doesn’t “make it any harder”.

Even when he comes to find her at the church, he approaches her very casually. When you think about it, the stalwart Lee Coulter was probably shaking in his loafers. It could have gone either way. There had been no “I love you” declaration, no talk of plans, (except those for a theater,) and there was only one kiss, (that we saw). She probably pushed things forward for him when she made the very bold statement, (especially for a woman back then,) that her future was there with him.

I’m a theater person. I started acting at age 4, acted all four years in high school, and majored in it in college. It’s my first love after my faith and my family. So the writing here positively tickles me! Lee even uses an actor’s jargon in his proposal to Rosemary because he knows how well the point will come across. “There is another role I think you’d be perfect for.” Then with the perfect amount of aforementioned “emotion”, he asks her to be his wife, and makes both of their dreams come true! And gives her the role of a lifetime! 

Happy birthday spotlight week, Kavan! I hope your birthday was everything you hoped it would be. And I hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe you’re enjoying “A Very Merry Mix Up” right now. Be sure to tune in, and watch Chris McNally in “Sailing into Love” tomorrow. And of course, I’ll see you Monday for another #MondayMusings about Sunday’s episode. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Photo credit: Me! 😉 This is my plaid pants birthday cake I made for my #HeartieParty on Monday, May 6th.

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