Happy #FlashbackFriday, Hearties! What are the plans for this weekend? I’ll bet I can guess what most of you will be doing Sunday, and what I’ll be doing early Monday morning. This one looks exciting…and emotional, especially if you’ve seen Brian Bird’s latest post.  Ooh, he’s a pot-stirrer! “Double, double, toil, and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble!” Can you just see it?

Today’s topic came from interesting circumstances. As some of you know, my mother gave me Seasons 1, 2, and 3 for Christmas. I was very excited, and that’s how I watched my preparation to Season 5 marathon. Then I was certain my son had walked off with my Season 2 DVD’s. I had been told that there was a scene that had aired in a Season 2 episode on Hallmark that was not included on Netflix. So I was severely disappointed to have to continue my marathon on Netflix. Then 2 days ago, I found the case for the Season 2 DVD’S tucked away in the back of our movie cabinet. Don’t ask me how it got there because I swear I checked there. But I suddenly wanted to watch the 2nd half of Season 2 on the DVD’S to see if I could spot the deleted scene. The scene wasn’t there, but I got reminded (again!) of lots of fun stuff. I’ll just name a few to keep you from getting bored.

One was in the episode when Lee challenged Henry to the poker game to win the land for the railroad. (By the way, I noticed that Lee spends a lot of time with Gowen in Season 2. I wonder how HE feels about the recent charges.) When Rosemary walks into the saloon to see what’s happening, she and Lee are both wearing very deep reds. Their appearances compliment each other so well that I seriously wondered if it was done on purpose to foreshadow them becoming a couple.

Of COURSE I watched the mine! My heart still pounds every time I watch! But remember what I said just a few days ago about appreciating music? Well, I started listening; and even though the moments didn’t match up perfectly, I noticed that the music when Jack says “I love you” is the same background music as when he proposes. Isn’t that cool?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Uh, Kami, you forgot the deleted scene! You can’t make us read all that buildup, then not reveal!” You’re absolutely right! I can’t explain it perfectly because I haven’t seen it myself. But I’ve had it described to me. Apparently, Jack uses his camera to take a school picture of Elizabeth and the children. After that, he asks her if they can go for a ride after school, and she willingly accepts. So that’s where the devastating walk-in comes in. I think Jack should have stuck with the green suit; he looks better in it, and maybe he would have beat Charles to the school.

To end up, I completely forgot to post pictures from my premiere party. So here they are now! I didn’t go all out like I did with Season 4, but we had a nice time. See you Monday with #MondayMusings of the BRAND NEW EPISODE!


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