Hello, Hearties! Welcome to #FlashbackFriday! As we wrap up Paul Greene’s birthday week, we’ll close out the spotlight with his favorite Carson moment. Here’s how that part of the interview went:

Do you have a favorite season? A favorite episode? What is your favorite Carson moment?
In my first season (Season 4) of When Calls the Heart, there was a storyline where I had to save Cody‘s life. That was probably one of my favorite seasons and moments so far.

We didn’t have time to elaborate, so the rest of this post is my view of the events,  but I couldn’t agree with him more. I think that part of the storyline, and his performance, are both superb! When I watched it the first few times, I always looked at it more from the town’s perspective that Carson was the last hope for Cody. But watching it again from Carson’s perspective, that poor man was being ripped apart!

He finally finds a quiet town where he can enjoy some anonymity, then he’s found out by his vengeful sister-in-law. So he does the noble thing, and leaves, to escape all the backbiting, and to spare the town. Not even 24 hours later, he’s begged to come back because Cody‘s life doesn’t have much time left, and no one else can save him. It takes a lot of gumption to face his past, and see a patient after a two-year absence; especially when the last patient he operates on “didn’t make it”. I’d be reluctant to pick up a scalpel too!

The whole ride home, Carson had to be going back and forth in his head, trying to drum up the courage, and get back into the mindset, to be a doctor again. He gets to the infirmary, he’s on a roll, medically speaking. Then in walks Dr. Strohm, with his high opinions and closed mind. To Carson, it must have seemed like popping a balloon that had yet to be tied. He just got his confidence back, the physician who’s been “practicing medicine for 20 years” is ignoring symptoms, and second guessing everything Carson has said. Or, as Carson so eloquently put it, “Cody‘s going to die because you’re a coward!” So he’s begged to come back only to be doubted when he does return. Wouldn’t you leave too? It’s astonishing that Elizabeth metaphorically talks him down from the cliff, and convinces him to stay.

Carson steps up when necessary, performing the surgery when Dr. Strohm is too drunk; lucky he was smart enough to not drink. You can see the resolve cement into place when he starts asking Faith for everything he needs, giving calm but firm orders. And she doesn’t even bat an eye at him taking charge.

But even though the operation is pulled off, Carson and Cody aren’t out of the woods. Surgery, as Carson says, is highly risky at that time and place. Who knows if Cody is going to make it through the night? Carson is doubting every move he made. Luckily, Bill reminds him that deciding who lives and dies is left to “a higher power”, and that nothing is solved by running. I truly believe that THAT is the moment Carson makes up his mind to stay.

But my favorite shot is when Cody is still unconscious, and Abigail has drifted off from exhaustion. Carson has been up an entire night performing surgery, after riding most of a day, then has eaten or slept very little. But he’s sitting right there, alert as a watchdog, keeping a constant vigil. He’s so calm and confident when he says the pulse is normal, and Faith chimes in that the fever has broken. He starts talking to Cody as if it’s the most normal thing in the world; his doubts are gone about Cody’s recovery.

And what does Carson do next? He goes straight back to work, cooking in the café. Thank heavens he’s convinced that his calling is to be doctor, not a cook. And the whole town is better for it.

And that is where I leave you. Before I do, I received a few questions about what Paul is holding in this picture. I forgot to mention it: my 8-year-old made him a “heart birthday card”, and it was his idea to take a picture with it so my daughter could rest easy, knowing I’d kept my promise to give it to him. One more example of the gentleman he is! Happy birthday, Paul! May this year be amazing for you! And good night, to all you, loves! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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