Hellooooooooo, Hearties! And Happy HAPPY Friday! It’s especially happy since it’s a 3-day weekend! What are your plans?  We’re planning on a laid back and relaxing weekend, but that will definitely include my first day back at church, and a visit to my father’s grave…and putting away sky-high piles of laundry that got severely backed up while I had to stay down.

So, today is our final day of our royalty theme. I kind of struggled with this one. I knew I wanted to finish out the week with another royal post, but it had to be from the show because it’s #FlashbackFriday. I had already talked about Jack calling Elizabeth “William Thatcher’s princess”, and the whole Thatcher family being “practically Hamilton royalty”. No need to beat a dead horse. And then it hit me! What did Adam Miller, the lone survivor of the mine disaster, call his daughters? “Princess”. Bingo!

Did any of your fathers call you that? My  dad didn’t actually call me “Princess”, but he always told me I LOOKED like a princess when I would get all dressed up. There was this one time when I was about 10, my mom and I were part of a tour group exploring the ruins of Mexico. The family were were traveling with brought a friend of theirs, a sweet older man from their church. He told me the first day that he wouldn’t be able to remember my name, “…so how about I call you ‘Princess’?” It was the sweetest thing, and obviously, I’ve never forgotten it. I hope you all, regardless of whether or not you got called the actual title, remember that YOU are a princess. I quote the movie “A Little Princess”, “All women are princesses; it is our right.” So you think on that when you’re feeling down.

  I want to start with all the times Jolene, the oldest daughter, acted like a princess. She and her sister, Morgan Rose, had to deal with a lot in this episode; and Jolene had to be the brave older sister. She did this in fine fashion when Adam and Laurel were arguing about the prosthetic leg. She just sat next to her sister, and stroked her hair so she wouldn’t be more afraid than she already was. Since I was an actress, I have to mention when Jolene showed off her inner princess by performing in the  Founder’s Day play, even though her daddy was still missing. She broke when he came in the room, but hey! She’s 9! And I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same in a similar situation.

My favorite time, though, was at the very beginning  when Adam came home. When he stepped out of the stagecoach with that peg leg, there’s a long list of ways a young girl could react. And what did she do? She ran to her pa with total love and acceptance. That’s a real princess!

Just for fun, let’s talk about the princes in this episode. Jack sure was a prince when he painted that incredible backdrop, right? But I think he was kingly when he spoke to Adam about returning home. He held himself with such dignity, talking about his painful past with his father, and making Adam realize how much his family needed him.

Okay, let’s be honest! Those parts are sweet and tender, but everyone’s favorite part is Jack’s “Prince Harry-like” prank when he “hid the stick of dynamite” by painting that likeness of them kissing on the backdrop. I don’t know what reaction is my favorite: when he knows Abigail has busted him, when he hurries to cover his paint supplies, his false shock, or his relief at not being discovered. To send you into the weekend, here is a hilarious fan-made video illustrating the humor and irony of that very scene.


All clips: Crown Media

Creator: Megan Maxwell

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