Hello Hearties! Welcome to our first #FlashbackFriday of the year! So sorry it’s taken me so long to get something new up; scheduling and kid conflicts, back to school, etc. I’m excited though. This idea just popped in my head, so I got a little giddy. Warning you now, this is not my typical kind of post, so brace yourselves.

We’re flashing back to several moments today. I was actually inspired to write this post after watching Home for Christmas, and seeing some of the interviews introducing Season 7. I really do have to say, while I still am not completely sold to #TeamNathan as of yet, he scored some MAJOR points in that lovely little film. There were lots of fabulous and heart-fluttering moments that really seemed to connect them. But Kevin McGarry said himself in an interview with ET that Nathan needs to “read a book” on how to talk to women. Admittedly, yeah, he’s right.

Then if you saw “When Hope Calls”, you know that Kevin made a guest appearance as the character of Nathan, and in more than one episode. So, what is the answer to the question in the title? The answer is…both. It was so funny to see such a stark contrast in the same man. I know there are two sides to every person, but I believe the difference in personality was so noticeable because it happened on different programs, and around different characters. Careful now! If you haven’t watched “When Hope Calls”, and you don’t like spoilers, I wouldn’t read any further until you have seen it. 🙂

In Brookfield, Constable Grant is akin to Superman. He speaks with authority and confidence concerning the train robber, he efficiently and carefully conducts a search of the sisters’ guest cottage to look for a suspect, and he very much acts like the more experienced Mountie with Gabe; although at the same time, he listens and collaborates creatively with Constable Kinslow to apprehend the thief. He has no qualms about putting his feet up on Gabe’s desk, or calling himself “the best tracker in the territory”, or reminding the younger man that he wired HIM for help. He even survived a dynamite blast, and regains consciousness just in time to save Gabriel’s life when the perpetrator is about to shoot. And there’s nothing timid about the way he handles the bearded man once he’s in custody, or how he tells Gabe he’s doing a very dangerous deed risking his life to get Sinclair arrested. The only time I saw him falter even a little bit was when he regrettably admitted he had lost the train thief three days prior.

But every superhero has some kind of weakness, and it appears that Nathan’s kryptonite is females in Hope Valley. It’s obvious that while he raises Allie with a firm hand, he has a total soft spot for his niece. He tries so hard to make things easier and enjoyable for her, that he almost comes off as nervous around her.

Where does the REAL nervousness appear? In a forcefield around Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton. It’s almost as if she pushes the “on” switch whenever she walks toward him, and the great Constable Grant is rendered useless. The man’s up for an inspector’s promotion, for heaven sake, but the only thing he can think to say is, “The founders would be proud.” Now I will acknowledge that there have only been two times we’ve gotten to see him be a “real” Mountie in Hope : 1) catching the stagecoach robbers, and 2) rescuing Lucas and Elizabeth from Amos Dixon. Good thing the kryptonite was defective at that point, or Elizabeth wouldn’t have lived through the experience! But that is one thing I hope changes in Season 7. We always see Nathan as serious, nervous, edgy, trying to look good in front of Elizabeth, or trying to get a laugh from Allie with bad jokes. I hope we see Nathan really use his ingenuity and shine at his job. There are so many dangers he can save Hope Valley from if given the chance.

So that’s my take on the two sides of our new Mountie. One more insight into Nathan’s head comes from the man himself. The video below was posted on Twitter by Super Channel Heart and Home, and it comes from HFR#5. Enjoy, and LAUGH!

One more thing before I sign off: don’t forget to wish Jaiven Natt a happy birthday today! He just keeps getting older somehow. And if you’re all good little readers, maybe I’ll have something special regarding our curly–topped teen next week. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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