Happy New Year again, Hearties; especially since this is the last post before New Year’s Eve or Day. What are your New Year’s resolutions…besides to be patient, to be kind; not to envy, but to trust? One of my biggest ones for the coming year is to do some serious work on the novel Sarah and I are writing. It’s certainly not going to write itself. 😀

So, on to Part 2 of The Greatest Christmas Blessing. It’s a #FlashbackFriday of sorts…all the way back to Tuesday! I was told that my lack of words about Mr. Henry Gowen left some, (namely #TeamHenrigail) wanting. So I will now devote a paragraph to the ever-evolving Gowen; I just can’t make any promises about the length. 😀

I thought the parts with Henry were very sweet. There I said it. My mom commented, “Is he a full-on good guy now?” 😀 I certainly seems to be leaning that way. But seriously, it was very heartwarming. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him interact with a child one-on-one, but who could resist Millie’s sweet face? Hickam certainly couldn’t, beckoning her in from the cold. He even figured out that she wanted the book read to her. Then Henry took it from there, and started reading. I certainly wonder what the sisters’ father looked like if Henry bears such a strong resemblance. I admit, I wondered if Millie was going to get shooed away. However, my crusty shell against Gowen got a big hole poked in it when he told Millie that his Christmas wish, (despite “not having one” in the beginning,) was that she would read to him. I saw a fan theory wondering if he might switch over to When Hope Calls with the connection he had with Millie. It’s an interesting question; one I’m sure we’ll find the answer to very soon.

Let’s move to a few of the men, specifically Carson and Lee. Was that a cute technique to get Millie to make noise, or what? I did wonder about his question of “Who moved the barn?” upon awaking, but it sure did work. And when he gave Elizabeth his scarf so she wouldn’t “catch a chill while…following orders”? I may or may not have let out an audible “aww”. That’s when my mom spoke up again, announcing that she thinks Carson and Elizabeth should end up together. Well, thank you, Mom! Only time will tell.

Then there’s Lee. Oh, Lee. What a sweetheart he is! His all-encompassing laughter at the first look of Jesse in his suit made me pick up the remote to rewind it, and watch it again. But the best part was when the 3 not-so-wise men are searching through the snow for the 3 lost (and laboring) women. His concern is so touching, and when he sees the baby! Oh my gosh! The other 2 are cute, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Lee! His joy was so full! You know he’s beyond excited to be that child’s uncle, or godfather, or whatever role he’s needed to fill.

Oh yeah, the baby…the actual Christmas blessing. Did you have a guess or an opinion as to the gender? I honestly didn’t know which way they would go; I thought it could go either direction. But IT’S A BOY! And we all know there’s no question as to what his name is! It’s just a crying shame Elizabeth had to go into labor in the car, then walk through the woods. But it all turned out with little Jack coming into the world.

The highlight of the feature: the matching pajamas for the orphans! I love how the Christmas specials bring out the humanity and the goodness in everyone in town. To watch how the children of Hope Valley took the orphaned children under their wings to make sure they had an enjoyable holiday; my spirit soared. And Opal took a giant leap! No more Brownie! How is Hope Valley going to survive?! But she knew he would make Millie’s Christmas. She’s really growing up! They all are! Can’t wait to see how they’ll grow and learn in Season 6.

Have a fantastic New Year, my dear Hearties! Snuggle up with some hot chocolate and a warm blanket while you write those resolutions. And most importantly, ENJOY! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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