Hi, everyone! Welcome to a very special day, because…IT’S FRIDAY!!! And as we’re celebrating the birthday week of two very special people, I thought a #FlashbackFriday was in order. Today we’ll spotlight Ben, then next Friday we’ll take a look at an Andrea moment.

So today, let’s travel back in time, all the way back to Season 2. Which episode, you ask? Answer: S2E6 “Awakenings and Revelations”, when dear sweet Hickam builds Rosemary her rustic stage in the woods so she can impress Lee into building a theater in Hope Valley. Hickam really is a puppy dog when it comes to Rosemary’s beckon call. He’s so willing to do anything she requests. You can tell he’s scared to death! Lee has just gotten to town, and Hickam hasn’t had the job at the sawmill very long. Everyone is still basically on trial, and he doesn’t want to lose such a coveted job. When Rosemary insists she doesn’t want Lee to find out the surprise, poor Mike looks like he’s about to be sick! He says, “Yeah, me neither.” He sits up a little straighter when Rosemary promises she won’t let Lee fire him, but he’s still shaky. However, resistance IS futile. Hickam realizes this when they strike hands on the bargain, (him very reluctantly,) and he says, “Miss Rosemary, you are one hard woman to say ‘no’ to.” Good thing he didn’t see Lee coming out of Abigail’s with Jack, or he may have dropped dead from a heart attack then and there!

She lied! Rosemary lies to the man! She specifically says, “It’s just this one favor.” That’s NOT true. Hickam gets roped into being her stage hand too! Literally! He has to draw the curtain open. And start the music on the Victrola. And applaud on the sidelines while the sparks fly between Rosemary and Lee. You can see his trepidation as he timidly parts the curtain, and confesses his involvement. I can only imagine the character’s relief when Lee says he’s not upset; like an anvil had been lifted off his back. Thank heaven Lee is empathetic to the situation of trying to deny Rosemary anything! At least they’re warmer than Rosemary is in that strapless gown. You can see her breath the entire scene! I don’t know how she kept herself from shivering!

Well, Hearties, it’s short and sweet today. Have a lovely weekend! Maybe this has inspired you to revisit an old episode or two. And of course, enjoy the newest episode coming our way soon! See you Monday! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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