Happy Good Friday, Hearties! Who has big plans for Easter besides tuning in to another episode without Jack? I know it’ll be hard to watch more episodes without our hero in red serge, but I have faith that Jack will come back before the end of the season. No, I don’t know that for sure, but it’s a feeling. There wasn’t the desperation of him going off to war; he’ll merely be an instructor. And we have to remember, (but I’ll say it once more,) that it’s very possible Dan missed an episode or 2 so he could go back to Australia to mourn and bury his grandfather. He said himself on Home and Family that he made it through the vows/wedding with a few tears shed, then he took the time to grieve properly. There’s no better way to “grieve properly” than to go back home. So we’ll see what happens.   

So let’s get to today’s #FlashbackFriday. I’ll give you a hint as to what the topic is.  Look what my sister-in-law made for dinner when we were invited to Sunday dinner 6 days ago.

Any guesses as to what it is? That dish is none other than Shepherd’s Pie. When I was spooning a helping onto my plate, I quipped, “Your mother put lard in my shepherd’s pie.” I was met with blank stares, even from MY mother! That’s when I decided to mention this scenario somewhere where it would be more appreciated.  So let’s talk about Charlotte’s and Elizabeth’s specialty, my fellow fans! To start off, here’s a reminder of their meeting:

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Edit: Mary Schmidt

What a pistol! Rosemary was definitely correct when she commented that God “broke the mold” when He made that woman! (Fun trivia side note: in that scene with ROSEMARY, Elizabeth has gold roses etched into her lace collar. Go watch!)  That’s when we found out where Jack’s fire came from. But poor Jack, indeed! That fire came back to bite him in the nose when Ma and lady friend had him surrounded. And he sure needed lard to go with his foot every time he stuck it in his mouth!

Now for the food. I remember watching the sneak peek in the middle of the week, and being certain that Charlotte was sabotaging Elizabeth. There was NO WAY that Elizabeth didn’t know Jack liked pepper after all this time of cooking for and eating with him. Then when I saw the episode, I wondered if she was so oblivious, that she just cooked with pepper (and a lot of it!) all the time, and assumed both her boys liked it. Then of course, there’s the secret ingredient that “makes it stick to the shepherd’s ribs.” LARD instead of love! By the way Jack described dinner as “filling”, (aka “gross!”), was it the lard, the pepper, or both? And Elizabeth’s face when Charlotte dumped that huge wad of lard into the pan! It’s the same smile she used when dealing with Rosemary in the beginning, so you know she was struggling to bite her tongue. You also know all’s well in the end when Charlotte actually ASKS Elizabeth for her shepherd’s pie recipe.

I hope all’s well with YOU this weekend! Have a very happy Easter! And in case you don’t remember, there’s a very big possibility I will have my baby on Monday; so if I don’t post, you’ll know why. If it happens, I promise pictures, and the not-too-gruesome details.

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