HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PASCALE! Hope your day is full of joy, love, and lots of flyaway balloons! 😀

And in honor of the character who loves to stir up the gossip, (but is really curbing the impulse lately!), I’m mixing things up! As all you #Hearties know, it’s time for a birthday spotlight week. But as I said, let’s be different; make Pascale’s birthday blog celebration last longer. How do I plan on doing that? Well, I’m going to start with Rosemary’s #FlashbackFriday today, then we’ll have her #MeetYouMonday and #WonderWednesday next week; and her birthday will be immortal…okay it’ll last a couple days longer, but it’ll be fun!

I know #FlashbackFriday implies going way back into the past of our series, but there was an absolutely perfect Rosemary moment to review in Season 6. I couldn’t bring myself to discuss any other. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Only the best piece (or one anyway) of acting Pascale has performed! That is when Rosemary finally confesses to Lee her doubt that she can bear children.

I went back and watched that scene in Elizabeth’s house about 7+ times, studying every detail. Did you notice the background music? It took me a while to realize, but it’s the same theme as the one when Jack and Elizabeth say their very dramatic and tearful goodbye right before the Northern Territories in Season 4. I found that incredibly poignant. Yes, they are completely different situations, but think about how it fits. Being separated for an unidentified amount of time in a dangerous situation is the hardest thing Jack and Elizabeth had gone through up to that point. Being denied a child is the hardest thing Lee and Rosemary have experienced so far; and the music reflects two people who love each other unconditionally, struggling through a trial together. And their determination to get through it.

Back to Pascale, and her incredible performance! The really amazing thing is how far Rosemary has come, that being unable to have a baby affects her so badly. She’s gone from “Children are so sticky”, to sobbing, “What if it doesn’t happen for us?” Pascale plays the weighted and heavy heart to a T. You can feel Rosemary desperately needing to share her burden with her husband, but wanting to spare her beloved Lee that unpleasantness, and not wanting to say it out loud. She can’t even say it when Lee tells her that he knows. Pascale’s building up to that moment when it’s finally out is so heartfelt. The battle Rosemary has inside with that shaky “Uh…” made me inch closer to the TV.

Then she finally pushes the words past her lips, and the tears flow with them. I especially appreciated how Pascale portrayed the guilt Rosemary was carrying, certain she was the problem. Even when Lee tries to comfort her, suggesting he might be the problem, she gives him a very skeptical tilt of the head, as if to say, “Oh come on!” But her features soften ever so gently as Lee delivers his very impassioned speech about her being the only thing he needs right now. What woman wouldn’t melt at that?

She doesn’t melt, but she’s able to remove a boulder from her chest. She exhales another shaky breath, but this time, it’s relief instead of fear. And that final moment between them! I’m usually the best advocate The Kiss could get, but in this case, I’m glad they didn’t. They way Rosemary touches Lee’s face and looks into his eyes like he’s rare and glistening crystal; then drinks in his strength, love, and acceptance by just standing forehead to forehead…adding anything would have, I think, taken away the power of their performance. So, in other words, it was perfect!

Bravo, Pascale! You’ve proven that the character of Rosemary has more depth and levels than any of us would have thought possible when she appeared on the scene in Season 1. We love you, and happy birthday. And I love all of YOU dear Hearties! Thank you for your Hope Valley support! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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