Hello, Hearties. Welcome to another #FlashbackFriday. I apologize for it being so late today. Last week, the worldwide leader of my faith, (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) our prophet President Thomas S. Monson, passed away from old age. His funeral was LIVE today, broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I knew I needed to watch it. It was, indeed, very emotional and very moving. So thank you for your patience so I could pay my respects.

Now for our topic: I’ve mentioned before that, like many of you, I started over so I could have everything fresh in my mind when Season 5 premieres. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, but I’m still amazed at how much I’d forgotten. I’ve had lots of new insights I’ll share in future posts. For right now,  you know how we’ve talked about a season having “all the feels”? Well, as far as I’m concerned, we don’t have to go any farther than Season 1 Episodes 9-10 to get ALL of them!

Think about it: These are the episodes when Julie comes to visit, Jack FINALLY asks Elizabeth out to a PROPER dinner, Gowen gets closer to hanging himself morally, (with the help of Abigail and Jack,) Jack gets reassigned, and the Tolliver gang strikes.  We’ve got excitement, trepidation, butterflies and nerves, ROMANCE, embarrassment, disgust, giddiness, cunning, plotting, surprise, fear, danger, heartbreak, deception, longing, gratitude, wondering, relief, anger, heroism, timidity, shame, regret, even sibling rivalry. I’d say that just about covers the spectrum.

These episodes are the reason I personally think Abigail can’t become a couple with Henry. Redemption and forgiveness, TOTALLY possible. But to become ROMANTICALLY involved with the man who knowingly caused the death of her husband and son, AND tries to bribe the authorities, AND steals money from the town. It just doesn’t fit with me. It would always be a dark cloud hanging above their heads.

Julie…hmm…Julie. How do I describe my feelings for her? Blatantly and bluntly put, I think she’s ridiculous! If I were to be diplomatic,  I would say she’s extremely naïve, and has SO much to learn. The best way to express my feelings would be a line from Elizabeth: “Do you even hear yourself?!” She only gets the picture after she’s been threatened at gunpoint, and held hostage in cabin.

Now the fun part, the dinner! Sigh! I still remember the first time I watched it. I was beside myself! And when he said, “Please consider this an act of courtship,” and kissed her hand! I thought I would melt right then and there! My heart skipped a beat right now just remembering it. When Elizabeth walked down the stairs dressed in all that finery, she looked just like a princess. Why couldn’t my first date with my husband have been that enchanting? Then to see all the effort he went through, and the evidence of how long he had been planning, (“How long have you been planning this?” Smile. “That’s a secret.”), it became very evident they were getting this relationship started, and the roller coaster ride was beginning. Of course, we knew something she didn’t know, i.e. the new orders; so that was the only dark spot in that beautifully candlelit café.

Did you think they were going to kiss? I was certain it would happen, but they kept us hanging on through all that heart-rending separation. Who cried when he left? Guilty! I thought it was an excellent touch that he had her picture in his journal/notebook. It was such a little detail, but it rounded out the character even more, and added one more insight into Jack’s mind and heart. Season 1, especially, was REALLY good at those small details. Plus it showed he was truly becoming devoted to her.

Well everybody, once again I could go on and on, but then I’d be writing all night. So I will exercise self restraint and stop here. I hope you’ll come back to read all those new insights I was talking about. It’ll be fun!

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