Well, #Hearties, I can hardly believe it’s all over! Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry! At least we know that it’s not going away forever. It WILL be back; the future may be a bit uncertain concerning filming, but it is returning. So that is one thing to look forward to. Also, I know I’m a day late, but once again, I have a great excuse! At the bottom of this very post is not one but TWO podcasts! Not only do you get our recap of the very dramatic season finale, you also get a Round Robin conversation about the entire season with the King and Queen of Heartie podcasting: James Lott Jr. and Marisa Serafini! And that one didn’t drop until today, so I couldn’t share it with you until now.

So with that in mind, please put your hands together for…………THE FINAL SHOWDOWN OF SEASON SEVEN! Who will get the most points today? Will that be enough to win overall? Shall we find out? LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!



+1 Long glance on the street
+1 Cookies are “delicious but not necessary”.
+1 Graciously accepts anyway
+1 Got her an autograph
+1 Bound the book in the leather
+1 Loaned her binoculars
+1 Came and got Elizabeth after finding Lee

+1 Tipped his hat and said hello on the street
-1 Cold shoulder with “How far you going?”
+1 Cute wave through binoculars
+1 “Elizabeth is up there with the kids”
+1 Wanted to keep her safe with the kids
+1 “I’ll get Emily!”
+1 Found Emily and Elizabeth and guided them back to the cabin
+1 Making sure Elizabeth isn’t hurt
+1 “You both could have died!” (He cares that much!)
+1 “You put both our lives in jeopardy” (Some may argue this point with me, but if we want to get technical, Elizabeth disobeyed an officer of the law. She needed to hear what he said, even if she didn’t want to.)
-1 “My focus is on 2 things” (Even though anger is justified, that’s a low blow)
+1 He tries to apologize before Florence interrupts

+1 Telling Elizabeth his mother’s compliment of her writing
-1 Sent in the chapters without asking
-1 Negating her feelings of not being ready
+1 Gave her an opportunity (Once again, I’ll probably get pushback for this, but a writer never thinks their work is ready. He helped her take a leap)
-1 Elizabeth wonders if she can trust him
+1 He profusely apologizes
+1 He was out of line and has learned his lesson
+1 Asking Elizabeth to stay and sit with him
+1 His excitement at her saying yes

-1 In denial: “I’m not shutting you out”
-1 Refusing to talk to Elizabeth
+1 Humble acknowledgement to “He asked”
+ 1 Apologized for lashing out at her
+1 “I overreacted”
+1 Appreciates her courage and that she follows her instincts
+1 “I want you to be safe”
+2 “You matter to me” (First true spoken declaration of his feelings)

+1 He came to get Elizabeth to call the publisher
+1 Grabs her coat, “Shall we?”
+1 Helps her relax for the call
+1 “I’ve read your work”
+1 “Did I write those chapters?”
+1 “Make a grand entrance for when you’re famous”
-1 Pulled out of the company
+1 Trying to keep things afloat from his own pocket
+1 “I can’t fault you for caring”
+1 Confiding in Elizabeth about Henry
+1 Inviting Elizabeth to celebrate at the library
+2 CANDLES! (2 points for being so Jack-like, but no more because it could have been hazardous! 😀 )
+1 Takes her jacket
+1 Pulls out her chair
+1 Brushes her hand
+1 Holds her gaze
+1 His vulnerability at seeing Elizabeth hug Nathan. He really showed that he truly cares for her, and it’s not just for show or the thrill the chase

+1 He’s so happy to hear the news of Elizabeth’s book deal
+1 “I’ll see you at school in a bit.”
+1 Calling both Elizabeth and Allie talented writers
+1 Tried to ask her to dinner before Allie interrupted
+1 Complimented her on her strong mind, i.e. no cobwebs
+1 Unsaddles Sargeant for her because he doesn’t want the “famous writer hurting her hands”
+1 Happy the publisher realized how special she is
+1 “He’s not the only one.”
+1 He tried asking her out again
+1 “Standing guard” banter
+2 Finally got it out that he wants to take her to dinner at the CAFÉ (NOT the saloon! 😉 )
+1 Tells Elizabeth she can think about it
+1 Elizabeth’s reaction hearing he might be dead
+10 HE GOT THE HUG! Very emotionally charged, and no wandering eyes toward Lucas

LUCAS – 26, NATHAN – 34

Well! Nathan pulls ahead in this final round! The strong, “silent” man got his day. But will it be enough for the entire seasonal win? Or will Lucas in all his suave charm prevail?

FINAL ACCUMULATED TOTAL: (Drum roll please………………………………………………………………….)

LUCAS – 90, NATHAN – 88

Oh man! He did it! He maintained his lead to the end for the win! On paper, Lucas is a very desirable choice. Now we’ll just have to see if the feelings match up. I know this disappoints several people, but when you think about it, I will admit that Lucas took more chances, and made more moves. We never saw Elizabeth’s reaction to Nathan’s flowers, they didn’t actually GO on that dinner date, and there were no words spoken there at the end of the finale. So Lucas does deserve this win. But we’ve heard what Brian Bird has said about The Tortoise and the Hare. 😉 We’ll just have to observe if it applies here.

Have a great rest of your weekend, Hearties. I’ll be back, I promise. It may not be until Wednesday, but I’ll do everything I can to keep you entertained! Be safe, be sane, be HAPPY! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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Top photo edit: Sarah Nitsch

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