Happy Good Friday, all! If you’re celebrating the day, I hope current circumstances don’t keep you from doing a little something. How are you all holding up? Everyone okay? I know a blog post about our friendly rivalry between Lucas and Nathan won’t make anything go away, but I hope it can break up the day… maybe even put a little smile on your face.

Okay, let’s be real here! Given the fact that we’ve all watched the episode “Heart of a Writer”, the name of the winner will probably come as no surprise. And I know members of a certain team will be “heartily” disappointed (ha ha!), but one never knows what future episodes will hold. And also remember it’s all in good fun. So just have a good time with it. And as you go through the list, you can excitedly or ruefully and begrudgingly agree with the leap someone took! So even though it’s not much of a match, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!





+1 Talking like a “hopeful romantic”
+1 Helped Elizabeth with her coat
+1 Put books away for Elizabeth
+1 Moment directly following
+1 Shook hands with Jack
+1 Worked WITH Nathan to help Elizabeth decorate for the wedding
+1 The looks at Elizabeth during the wedding
+1 The reaction to the bouquet
+1 Lucas and Nathan standing together and SMILING!


+1 Catching up to Elizabeth to speak more privately
+1 Asking a direct question about the flowers
+2 Won’t “shy away from competition”
+1 Readily willing to help with Robert
+1 His reaction to Elizabeth saying a Mountie is “a noble profession”
+1 Was a hero and tackled the fugitive. (No this didn’t happen in front of Elizabeth, but Robert told her)
+1 Tipped his hat and smiled at Elizabeth even when he was so mad his jaw was “clenched”
+1 Was listening enough to finish her sentence, and jumped to help at the pond
+1 Worked WITH Lucas to help Elizabeth decorate for the wedding
+1 The looks at Elizabeth during the wedding
+1 Approached by Elizabeth to thank him for help with Robert
+1 Took the photograph with Elizabeth
+1 The reaction to the bouquet
+1 Lucas and Nathan standing together and SMILING!




+1 Actually asked her out
+1 Backed off and apologized for springing it on her at her hesitancy
+1 Gave her time to think
+1 Hooked her with “Women in Publishing”
+1 Laughed at Elizabeth’s lame joke
+1 Said he would escort her however made her feel comfortable
+1 Gentlemanly behavior – took her suitcase and opened the car door
+1 Talked to Jack before leaving
+1 Brought a picnic
-1 Called her eccentric. I know it was meant to compliment her talent, but it did NOT work
+1 Went to a lot of trouble to get the tickets
+1 Immediately clarified that she was Mrs. Thornton, not Mrs. Bouchard
+2 He booked her a SUITE, and only a single room for myself. That deserves extra!
+1 The look and telling her she looked beautiful
+1 Helped her with her cloak
+1 His “Shall we?” was very sweet
+1 Opened up and was very honest with her
+2 Bought tickets JUST for her
+4 Made it very clear that he’s patient, and in it for the long haul to win her heart


+1 Brought her the gift of the apple
+1 Compliment: “Allie’s favorite teacher”
+1 Played along with the bribe line
+3 THE MAN CHOPPED WOOD!!! It didn’t happen in front of Elizabeth, but it’s the mark of a true Hallmark Hunk! If it had happened in front of Elizabeth, it would have been between 5-10!


WOW, SHOCKER! Lucas wins this round. Who would have thunk it. 😉 I will say this though, this Sunday’s episode looks very promising for Nathan and his followers. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope the day bring you love and hope! And until then, here’s the recap for episode 7. We go pretty crazy, so have fun! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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