It’s Friday, Hearties! And more than that, it’s the Friday before a long weekend! Yahoo! I’ll do my best to get a blog up on Monday with the holiday and all, but I hope all of you are having so much fun that you can’t read it until Tuesday. You won’t want to miss it, though! Next week is special! And no, I’m not revealing why. 😀

And speaking of special, we’re doing something a little different today. Anybody ever watch Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman? I remembered this was something they did in an episode once. Colleen (the teenage girl in the series,) would rush to the telegraph office with her friends to read the latest piece of a story published in the newspaper. And every week, they would read the next part of the story until it was finished. How about we give that a try here? I’ll give you the first installment of my latest #FanFictionFriday story: A New Arrival; then next Friday, I’ll give a little bit more. How’s that sound? Now remember, it’s a short story, so the installments won’t be very long, but I hope you enjoy them. So…here…we…GO!



Nate slowed his mount Rusty to a walk as he reluctantly approached the wooden sign that named the town of Hope Valley. Sweat beaded on his brow, and his breath came in short, gasping huffs. Nate nervously gripped the reins tighter; Rusty nickered, and tossed his head anxiously as he took a few staggering steps backward.

“Sorry, boy,” Nate apologized as he patted the horse’s neck, trying to slow his own pulse. Rusty had always been a calming influence in Nate’s life, but not even his magic was working today; there was just too much at stake! With a forceful, determined exhale, Nate clicked his tongue, and nudged Rusty forward into the center of the frontier town. His face appeared calm, but his heart was pounding with every clip-clop of the horse’s hooves as the two plodded down the packed-dirt road. The astonished stares he was getting from a few scattered townsfolk wasn’t helping.

“Calm down,” Nate urged himself in a barely discernable whisper. “You know this has to be done! Just get it over with!” He found the jail with little trouble, and decided he should probably report to the sheriff before gallivanting about on his…other quest. He dismounted, tethered Rusty’s reins to the post, straightened his red serge jacket, and ascended the steps.



Well, that’s it. That’ll tide you over until next week, right? Have an absolutely FABULOUS Labor Day weekend, Hearties! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!

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