Well, it’s Hump Day! I know there are still a handful of you with children in school, or teacher jobs, but for the rest of you: how is your summer going? It’s definitely been an adjustment for us over here, but we’re…adjusting. 😉 And of course, we have something to look forward to. With summer comes our wonderful June Weddings that we all look forward to almost as much as the Christmas movies…almost. 😀

The first film this month, Wedding in Graceland, had no one from WCTH in it. So, by my own Hooked Heartie decree, it could not be reviewed. Well, My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5 (did you notice the title flip from the typical format?), MORE than compensated, because there are TONS of them! There are the obvious ones: Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett, of course! Then there are those who had played supporting characters: Cindy Busby, (Marliese, Carson’s vengeful sister-in-law, Annalise the wedding planner here); Lane Edwards, (the man who tipped off Jack about Rosemary’s kidnapping in S2, Lucas the groom here); and a gentleman who’s name I cannot find! He played Mr Besser the land owner in S3 of When Calls the Heart, and in Wedding March 5, he played the minister who married Lucas and Jen. And finally, we can’t forget those very crucial people BEHIND the camera: Jack Wagner joined the crew as an executive producer, as did Brad Krevoy, and Mike Rohl. And Mr. Rohl also directed; a beautiful job, by the way.

Let’s start with an aspect I am very fond of, but don’t usually get the chance to mention: the music! Music is often the unsung hero in a film, if you’ll pardon the pun! 🙂 If it’s not there, or done badly, it’s starkly obvious; but if it’s done well, it blends into the background, and becomes part of the feeling instead of standing out like a sore thumb. There were three moments I found the “soundtrack” most poignant:

1) When Annalise is driving to the inn, the lyrics “It’s time to go, I gotta hit the road” can be heard. I’d never heard of this song before this movie, but those words are so perfectly matched to that part of the film. Annalise is closing a chapter on her life, and opening a brand new one. And the upbeat rhythm has a very strong sense of freedom, a feeling I imagine Annalise is overcome with…until Brad shows up. But then it returns at the end when the floodgates of past emotions are finally unlatched, and swing open.

2) This one is fairly obvious, but I was waiting anxiously for it. Given the title, I wondered when the oldie “My Boyfriend’s Back” was going to show up. And it did! I almost giggled. Then the lyrics “He’s been gone for such a long time” backing up the longing look on Annalise’s face through the window while Brad struggles with the arch…ooh, I got chills.

3) My hopeless romantic side is going to shine through right now, so be forewarned. There are no snazzy lyrics or nostalgic feelings in the music when Brad and Annalise kiss, but it is so perfect. It starts out so subtly that I had to listen really closely for it. Then it grows in volume and complexity as emotions and confessions come forward; then “finally” (in Brads words), the score swells and soars when the two of them score that long-awaited kiss. In a word: Perfect!

While we’re on the subject, can we talk Brad and Annalise?! Tyler Hynes and Cindy Busby get a standing ovation for their performance! They hit it out of the park, since the characters met playing baseball. 😀 There are lots of movies that have the storyline of people reconnecting after a long absence, but not all actors can pull off the sense of history these two portrayed so seamlessly. Because no matter what the script says, words are meaningless without chemistry. And it needs to be the RIGHT kind of chemistry. These two just looked at each other, and the years fell away! Then they spoke, and you could cut the tension with that knife Brad’s been carrying around since his 21st birthday. Mick’s thoughtless words “Do you have any baggage…luggage?” are never more perfectly placed.

But that same history that caused the baggage, also created those beautiful coming-together moments. On the topic of speaking, one of the ways the chemistry worked so well was the line delivery. Tyler Hynes has a Robert Downey Jr-like knack for saying things so naturally, especially self-deprecating and palpably discomforting lines like “I’m going to go…be somewhere,” “Apologade: one sip, and you’ll forget you were ever mad at me,” or “I’ll return to my cozy little doghouse” – SO FUNNY! Perfect blend and success of creative writing paired with professional and natural delivery. And Cindy steps up to the plate, and does not back down. She brought her A-game to set, and played off of Tyler’s energy brilliantly; whether it was sarcastically or emotionally.

But THE best example is when Annalise is confessing her need to keep Brad in her life. Cindy’s emotional level jumps right through the screen, and Tyler doesn’t let any of it go to waste. They play off each other so well! And the characters! It’s the perfect coming together! I love that Brad doesn’t want one more second to pass before he says it plain as day that he loves her. This is one movie that I don’t mind it being a “one kiss wonder”. The build up and culmination of the feelings, the dialogue, and the off-screen past are folded beautifully together into one exquisite tapestry.

And speaking of history, we got a lot of it with Mick and Olivia, didn’t we? I don’t remember us getting that much information about their past in any other movie, except maybe the first one. I felt sorry for Duke, though, being caught in the middle of all their plans, and being dragged through the kitchen for Milky Milk Moon Bars. But I will say, if my husband ever went to THAT much trouble to recreate our first date, I think I’d probably pass out from shock, then burst into tears of joy for all his effort. Was that the sweetest??? Her reaction to the bars was my favorite bit. She tasted them, thought they were good, THEN recognizes them as a specific and special treat. Just one more example of the great thoroughness. I remember thinking, “PLEEEEASE let him propose! It’s the perfect moment!” Frankly, I don’t know why these two aren’t married already, but they were good enough to address that in the script. And then Mick acknowledges that very detail when he says, “It’s time.” So it looks like Mick and Olivia will finally pay a little more attention to themselves, and we might even get to see THEIR wedding!

There are two features about this movie that are my very favorite! One is the fact that there is no major crisis or drama that comes between the couples. There are situations that cause stress, yes, but they cause everyone to draw closer together, and work as a team to get them resolved. They bond more, instead of growing more distant, which is the way I love it to be. I especially liked watching Jen and Lucas being so happy, taking the changes thrown at them in stride, and keeping an easy-going attitude. To me, they seemed like the ideal, the example to emulate for Brad and Annalise. Luckily, they watched them, and listened to their hearts.

Number two is quite simple, and is summed up in one line in the show. It’s an epiphany Annalise realizes, and it helped me learn something about myself. “Never look at life like a chore.” That is what I’d like to end with. Day to day, we all tend to get bogged down, I know. And with the season over, we don’t have new episodes to look forward to, not in the same way. But I hope we can find the hope we need to stay cheerful, and enjoy the moments we’re given. Good night, all! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Oh, my dear friends! I have been bursting to share this blog with you for so long! As you see in the photo, I experienced something truly amazing! The short answer is it’s my fourth entry in my Hooked Heartie Hall of Fame. The thrilling true answer is it was my very first meeting with a WCTH cast member, and it came in the form of meeting Mr. Paul Greene in the flesh! Let me tell you, in all honesty: he is every bit as kind, thoughtful, and generous as he appears to be!

I asked him some time ago if he would like to be involved in his birthday spotlight week. He very graciously agreed, and we started corresponding for a printed interview. Through the course of it, and by complete coincidence, we found out he would be passing through my hometown! So, as luck would have it, we were able to complete the interview in person; something I would never have dreamed possible in a million years!

Guys, he was so nice! He was considerate, friendly, easy-going, and a wonderful conversationalist. I took my mother with me because if he was 30 years older, she would be hopelessly in love with him. She recently came back from Italy, so she had fun comparing notes with him. Now, here’s a little about Paul Greene, from the man himself.


1. I know you were born in Wetaskiwin. Do you still call it home?
*Yes I was born in Wetaskiwin when Alberta was a very small farming community. There’s Hockeytown, too, but I don’t necessarily call it my home… Los Angeles feels like home to me now, but Canada is my birthplace and I will always be a proud Canadian.

2. We’ve seen many posts, and heard you say lots about your mother and your son specifically. Obviously, family is very important to you. Can you tell us more about your family? Past, present?

*Yes, family is very, very important to me. I am a proud father, and I have a very close relationship to my son. In fact, I am in the midst of finishing a parenting book called “52 Ways to be the Dad You Wish You Had”. I am from a very big family… My dad was one of seven, so my extended family is humongous, and very close… We used to have this huge family reunion at Christmas that we would all get together; it happens a little bit less now, but the family keeps on growing, and we are all connected and very supportive of each other. Of course it’s easier with social media and the Internet to stay even closer, even though we are miles apart. I talk to my mom every day. My dad passed away from ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease five years ago, and we really miss him. For this, and other reasons, I stay extra connected to my mom. I’m so grateful that we have her, as we almost lost her last year. She’s recovered very well, and she’s a big part of our lives. I just got engaged to Kate Austin three days ago here in Italy, and we’re even talking about making the family bigger…God willing.

3. If you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, what place would that be, and what’s your favorite dish there?
*There’s a restaurant in Los Angeles, a pizzeria called Mozza that is incredible, and of course Italian! I love Italian food! I love fresh food like salads and vegetables. But if I could eat pasta every day, I would. I don’t eat red meat for health reasons; my blood type is A. The type doesn’t digest well. I could be a vegetarian, as I love animals so much… but I love the variety of cooking. I cook a lot. I only eat some meat like chicken and fish once or twice a week. I just feel better that way. I feel lighter, and I feel like I’m doing my part for the environment.

4. I know your music means so much to you. Which song that you’ve written would you say is your best or favorite? Why? What inspired you to write it?
*I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years and piano for 15+ years, and singing along the way… I grew up in church so music is a part of me; and my mom and dad both played instruments. Lots of musicians in my family, I always have Pandora playing music in the background…
If I had to choose a favorite I think it’s “The Stone” especially because of the sound and message that we made for the record. It has a very country western cinematic vibe.
One of the songs on my album is called “I Love Now”; it’s about when I met Kate.
Last year I got the opportunity to play Hallelujah at Carnegie Hall. That really inspired me, and helped me create this new album. I’ll be singing at the troubadour in Los Angeles June 15 and again at Carnegie Hall December 2. Seems like music is becoming more prominent in my artistic expression as of late. (The link to the video of Carnegie Hall is in the comments.)

5. How were you approached for taking a role on WCTH? What drew you to the script?
*There were two rolls that were offered to me, and I gravitated towards Dr. Carson because I love health, wellness, and medicine. I’m also very curious about prevention, and I honestly think I would’ve been a doctor in another lifetime. But I would be a natural path or a holistic doctor. I love finding ways to keep the body pulsing with vitality, energy, and life; and to prevent disease or pain.

6. How much did you know about Carson’s story at the beginning? Has the story and the experience fulfilled your expectations of what it would be?
*I knew that Carson would have a redemption story, that he had a past that he would have to overcome. I was drawn to that dynamic character arc of Dr. Carson.
As an actor you definitely want challenges to overcome & high stakes. So it’s optimal when you are challenged as an actor to play a big arc and a range of emotional expression. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Dr. Carson in season seven.

7. If you could play a different existing character on the show, who would you portray?
*Probably one of the kids LOL. I’m a big kid

8. You may or may not have seen some #TeamInfirmary fan fiction that one of my best friends and I wrote during the hiatus. We love this pair, so I know she’d never speak to me again if I didn’t ask about the new onscreen romance. What’s been the best, and the most challenging, part of this new storyline?
*Yes I am aware of your fanfiction, and it’s so cool that you guys are doing that. I love that #TeamInfirmary has a lot of momentum. The best part of working with Andrea: she’s awesome, and we sing quite a bit between takes. And the challenging part is that it all goes so fast.

10. What is your favorite non-WCTH screen project? Hallmark and non-Hallmark?
*Non-Hallmark – I finished a short film that I’m gonna be submitting to festivals this year. That was a really fun project because I wrote, directed, and had a small cameo in as well. My favorite Hallmark project would have to be “Anything for Love” with Erika Christensen. I liked the depth the characters were given in the script, and the plot line was different, so I was drawn to it. Plus I loved working with Erika!

11. What is your ideal vacation? What’s been your favorite part of this one?
*Ideal vacation is very little to do, lots of water, lots of variety, (so not just one temperature). I like to have the sun, but also mountains and cold water to swim in; but then hot tub at night. Lots of fun adventures and athletic things to do during the day and then chill in the evening.
I also love history, and when we were in Italy we saw a lot of incredible ancient history. And of course the best part of this vacation was our engagement. It was so beautiful!
I proposed in Matera. I had the ring in my pocket all week looking for the best spot. It was quite a great relief when she said yes and I didn’t have to carry that vintage ring along with me in my pocket for the last part of our trip.

12. What are your birthday plans?
*I will be in Austin, Texas with my fiancé, Kate Austin, for my birthday. So I’ll be spending time with lots of friends and wrapping up a year-long program: a team management leadership program with Landmark education.

Well, there you have it. Now you know where in Italy he proposed, and how wracked with nerves the poor man was. I hope you’ll come back to join me on Friday with Paul’s favorite Carson moment. Have a great night, all of you! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom! (Because mine certainly has!)

Photo Credit: Paul Greene, Jami Townsend, Kami Clements

Well, we’re halfway to discovering the outcome of the very intense episode we got a sneak peek of via the preview. We’re finally going to find out more about Lucas! Those scenes they showed are STILL “haunting” me! I don’t know HOW I’m going to make it until Monday morning. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

And speaking of the tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious Mr. Bouchard, Chris McNally is on a bit of a hot streak, wouldn’t you say? He was the star of a beautiful movie on Saturday, then he was very prominently featured in the last episode, and now appears to be the focus of the episode coming up. The man is on a roll. So I thought, what could be more appropriate than to review Sailing Into Love, capitalizing on his run of popularity? 😀 Plus I had to feature the nickname Chris is going to have AT LEAST until the end of the summer, if not longer. 😉

First off, I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes stories I heard Chris McNally and Leah Renee tell, in case you haven’t heard them. You may remember Leah from movies such as A Snow Capped Christmas with Niall Matter, or Hallmark’s Love by the Book. But she’s been MIA for quite a while. Well, now we know why. She took a break to have her children. Her son, Wyatt, was born in the summer of 2016, and her daughter, Lennon, was born in the fall of 2018. And this is her first movie back. Yeah for her!

Chris had some rather entertaining stories! Being the great actor that he is, he did research before filming; he watched other movies filmed on the water to get a feel for it. Unfortunately, he watched Adrift, which is about being shipwrecked; so then he was terrified.

If that wasn’t enough, the poor man was playing hurt, or sick, rather. That scene when he’s dangling up high painting or repairing the mast? If you listen closely, you can hear his voice go a little gravelly. He said he was, “pretty sick that day”. But he pulled it off amazingly well. He’s a trooper!

One thing they both talked about was how they got to film on an actual boat. While that creates an amazing effect, it comes with several challenges. Chris described the one we should all know, but don’t really think about. In scenes with just the pair of them on the boat, all we see is the two of them. But behind the camera is a ton of equipment and about 30 crew members trying not to fall off. 🙂 That must be the reason why any time Christine’s entire wedding party was shown on the boat, it was a drone shot. Only way everyone could stay on board.

Now for the plot: I loved the first meeting! I admit to not always adoring every move Hallmark makes plot wise, but the meetings are always SPOT ON in EVERY movie for me! My personal favorite is Christmas in Love, with Daniel Lissing slipping on the ice, then getting face planted by a car door. But Claire grabbing Captain Handsome to keep him from falling off the dock, only to have a bucket of fishing bait dumped all over her…Kodak moment right there!

This one kind of broke some molds, in a good way. I usually am a fan when that happens, and this time was no exception. First of all, there were, count ‘em: 1, 2, 3 “falls” when they end up close together, and they happened at different points in the story, so it very clearly illustrated the stage in their relationship. The first one ended in fish guts when they first met, so neither one of them enjoyed it much. The second was essentially the first time they went out alone together, so it was awkward, but slightly enjoyable. Then the third was when they were working together to pull one of Claire’s students out of the water, (whose name is Jack, by the way,) and she once again keeps him from falling in the water. This time it’s full-on smiles.

This isn’t a mold, but it’s a great scripting technique. Did you catch it? Her friends keep calling Tom “your captain”, and she keeps insisting, “He’s not my captain.” She does it about 3 times. Then finally, her friend Christine says, (when Tom is standing before them in his naval uniform,) “You’re captain really is handsome!” There’s no refuting!

Next mold: this film is not what my friend Sarah and I have dubbed a #OneKissWonder . Any time the couple kiss in the middle of the movie, it automatically goes up 10 points on the Hooked Heartie meter.

Probably the best mold that was broken: lack of miscommunication and folding under. Tom comes right out and asks Claire several clarifying questions to make sure things are going the way they should. When he senses something IS wrong, he kindly, and without nagging, won’t stop until he knows the problem. There was a point when he wondered if he should step aside for the ex-boyfriend, but luckily, his first mate, Mick, encourages him to fight for her. He doesn’t know how, but knows he should. Appearing in full uniform was a great way to do it! And then, when Tom witnesses what he thinks is Claire making up with Jason (the ex), he does not walk away dejected and pouting. He walks right up to her, and says, “Don’t do it…Don’t get back together with Jason. It saved a lot of time, and a lot of heartache! It turns out it wasn’t necessary because she had already rejected Jason, but it was an amazing move by Tom nonetheless!

Well, as usual, I have about fifty other things I’d love to say about this movie, but I must go. So I take my leave with the promise of returning on Monday with an overview of that much – anticipated episode. Until then, my dear friends! Please keep sharing, retweeting, clicking on those ads, and doing your Amazon shopping through the link at the bottom so we can keep having our lovely times together. I so appreciate your support! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Welcome, my friends! So glad you could join me for today’s #WonderWednesday, because it’s a special one! We’re celebrating Kavan Smith’s birthday this week since the occasion happened on the second night of the two-night comeback special. I know some of you would look at me cross-eyed if you could, given my tagline. And I promise to answer all questions. 😉 But first I want to talk a little bit about the man himself.

In case there was any question, we’re talking about the very talented man who plays Mr. Leeland Coulter. All clear? Oh, good. 😀 He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on May 6, 1970. I always envied those born in such an even year because it makes it so much easier to calculate their age. He was also born in the same year as one of my brothers, so! Two birds with one stone, right? So on the night we were watching Carson kissing Faith, Kavan turned the big 4-9. You’d never know he was almost 50! And let’s hope we keep seeing him for many MORE years.

I’ll tell you what I’ve found out. There are bits from a bunch of sources that I’ve pieced together. Kavan’s parents were sadly divorced when he was young, and he and his brother were raised by his father. He had a nanny from Thailand at one point that was a very talented cook. She taught him how to cook, and the love of good food. That’s why he’s so talented with incredible cuisine, and why he fits into the role of chef so well.

Apparently, Kavan was very athletic as a young man, with special skills in football and martial arts. Then he and a friend caught the acting bug. It appears they would even skip school (gasp!) to rehearse skits, and perform them on buses and in shopping centers. Luckily, he DID graduate high school, and attended the University of Calgary. He was there for a year and a half, majoring in Economics. He thought better of it, and after a year’s “contemplation”, he registered at the Mount Royal University, in the, wait for it, performing arts program. The rest, as they say, is history.

On that topic, Kavan shared a really hilarious story, his most embarrassing moment, from when he was “on [his] way to University.” He was driving with a big Slurpee in his hand when he saw a cute girl driving in the car next to him. I can’t retell the story verbatim, but essentially, they were at a stoplight when he took a huge gulp. Then trying to look cool and suave, he threw the Slurpee out the window…or so he thought. The window wasn’t open. In his own words, the Slurpee “exploded” all over him. He inched the car forward, and hunched down in humiliation. Kavan said “bless her heart”, because she inched forward, and laughed her head off. But he “didn’t get a phone number”.

So back to the tagline. Yes, indeed! Kavan was, in fact, in “Titanic”. But if you’re thinking the 1997 blockbuster, sorry to disappoint. This was a very powerful, heartfelt, and far more accurate telling (in my opinion,) of the tragedy, released through Hallmark in 1996. Kavan played Fifth Officer Harold Lowe, and while it may not be blockbuster, it’s a star-studded cast! There are those we consider huge stars because we’re huge Hallmark fans, as well as Hollywood names. Peter Gallagher, Eva Marie Saint, Roger Rees, Malcolm Stewart, Kevin McNulty, Terence Kelly (Sam Bailey in the S4 Christmas special), Gerard Plunkett, Aaron Pearl, Marilu Henner, Tim Curry, and Catherine Zeta-Jones! Funny thing though, this was before she was a big name; she was 3rd on the list. Peter Gallagher (best known by me for “While You Were Sleeping”) had top billing, and Marilu Henner had the coveted “and” spot, (she played Molly Brown).

Kavan had a strong start! His first scene was walking on the deck with the captain, telling him everything was in order; and he had the cutest Cockney accent! He had a brief part making the call for the ship to be taken to sea, then told off one of the main steerage characters, saying he couldn’t come up to A deck “in that suit”. Then he disappeared, and I was so disappointed. I kept wondering where on earth he was. Then the iceberg struck, and his stardom began. He was the officer who suggested filling the lifeboats halfway; and when J. Bruce Ismay tried to get past him into a lifeboat with his name, he shouted at him, “I don’t care if you’re the…Prince of Wales!” He then advised him to step back before he knocked his teeth in.

One great moment was when he’s ordered into a boat to take charge of it, and Lowe adamantly says, “No sir.” He concedes when he’s told, “That’s where you’re most needed,” and then his acting got downright incredible! The best part was when Tim Curry’s character, (who was the infamous man who dressed as a woman to get a spot in a boat,) was endangering other survivors. Officer Lowe screamed, and whacked him with his oar. He went into the water, and everyone else was safe.

Then when the Carpathia was on its way to rescue them, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character says very dejectedly, “They don’t see us.” So Officer Lowe steps in and says, “Let’s MAKE them see us!” He held it together so well the whole time he was in charge, and then they climbed aboard the Carpathia. It was his job to report to the captain, (played by Terence Kelly.) This was brilliantly played. Kavan portrayed this officer with so much emotion! He’s freezing cold, with tears streaming down his face, yet he’s trying so hard to be professional, and give a full report to a superior officer. The captain is, thankfully, an understanding soul, and sends him below to get warm. And yet, Officer Lowe still salutes the captain.

The final scene we see Kavan in is in the aftermath. The survivors have all come aboard, and they pretty much know who’s dead and who’s not. Catherine’s character, Isabella, is mourning the loss of her love. She and Officer Lowe were in the same lifeboat, and even saved someone together, so they bonded in a way. He’s trying to professionally comfort her, not an easy task, but he says one of the most profound lines in the whole movie. Try and hear a much younger Kavan saying this in a British accent: “It’s good, ma’am, that we don’t know how things is gonna end in the beginning. Or we would never make the journeys that we were meant to take in this life. Journeys that make us who we are.” That’s when she calls him a good man, and a good sailor. And even though the words are a little stilted, she thanks him for saving her life.

So now I’m betting all of you are wanting to go to YouTube, and find this movie. Well, that’s where I found it! See you Friday for the rest of Kavan’s birthday spotlight week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Photo credit: 1) Titanic, IMDB.com
                    2) zimbio.com




Boy, does THAT tagline describe Monday’s show! EVERYONE was taking gambles! Well, welcome to #WonderWednesday/#MondayMusings Part 2, and Happy Hump Day! I think that’s especially fitting now, since we are back on track, and watching again. So now we can count down until we see a new episode! Before I talk about Monday’s episode, I promised someone I would mention a few things. 😉 I’ll start with one here, then save the other for later in the post

Number 1: Similarities. If you’ve been following the blog a while, you know I like to write #FanFictionFriday stories, and sometimes my friend Sarah helps. 😀 (Only kidding, sweetie!) We write in between seasons because we like creating stories that could plausibly happen in the actual plot line. So, often we use interviews, cast spoilers, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, etc. to get ideas, then make up the rest. Well this time around, we were able to knock out two stories during the hiatus. Had to have SOME kind of WCTH in our lives while we waited, right? Even if it WAS just in our heads. (“A Secret Too Well Kept” parts 1&2, and “Romance: Quarantined” parts 1-4 here on the blog under the category #FanFictionFriday, if you’re interested!) Then we see how close we were when the show comes back. Well, turns out that between the two episodes, we had several similarities. And here they are in no particular order:

a) Faith shockingly took Rosemary into her confidence, and asked her to keep the secret. (I was laughing as I wrote that in the story because I thought it was ludicrous to even think it would happen! 🙂 )
b) Rosemary did, in fact, plan a dinner for Faith and Carson
c) Even though Rosemary was exaggerating to justify buying the telephone, she mentioned needing it if Lee needed to warn her about a plague. Our second story was all about an epidemic of diphtheria sweeping the town.
d) (I admit, this one is probably the most inconsequential, but it’s my favorite.) In “Romance: Quarantined”, when Bill is trying to retrieve the anti-toxin for the town, he impatiently says, “We don’t have time for niceties.” When the government official came to offer him a judge’s position, he said about roughing up the other judge, “There was no time for niceties.” 😀 I actually had to rewind it to make sure I’d heard right.

Okay! Let’s talk about “Surprise”, Monday night’s episode. First event of the evening, and the one that got a LOT of attention, (but for very different reasons,) is Jesse striking oil. The potential for a huge fortune, and what is Pascale Hutton, (and the rest of the Hearties, including me,) worried about? The fact that he got black oil all over Clara’s beautiful, and LIGHTLY colored clothing. Good thing they’re “gonna be rich”, because she’s gonna need a new outfit. 😉

Did you notice that the geologist was Stanley, the real estate tycoon from Daniel Lissing’s “December Bride”? He’s in so many movies WITH When Calls the Heart actors, that I was starting to jump to him being one himself. And now, it’s official! 🙂 I just hope he and Henry don’t swindle Jesse and Clara somehow, because then I really WILL be mad. I gotta say, between the interactions in this episode, and what I saw in next week’s preview, I’m a little suspicious.

So, Allie…Allie, Allie, Allie. To quote Elizabeth when talking about Lucas, “I don’t know what to make of [her].” She quite the little fireball! I had to laugh when Bill tried really hard, (and failed miserably!) to exert his authority, and have her call him “Sir.” And she laughed in his face! Then she momentarily transforms into a mini-Rosemary with her over dramatic “Now please, give me this moment.” I immediately thought, “Oh dear! We’ve got another drama queen. And a sneaky one at that!” when she ran off. She really is “ten going on seventeen” as Nathan put it; a delinquent tomboyish seventeen-year-old. But one thing in her favor, she’s proof that Nate has parenting experience, with a child that’s not his own, no less. And even though it was quite reluctantly, the tough new Mountie actually accepted help from Elizabeth. SCORE: Nate-3, Lucas-1.

And that brings me to Lucas. “Not very sporting” is what I’ve noticed is his catchphrase. My goodness, he is a man is a mystery, isn’t he? I gave him one point because he looked at Elizabeth as though he was just as fascinated by her as Nathan was, but for VERY different reasons! Nathan is touched by her sweetness and caring for his niece; Lucas is captivated by her spunk and fiery words, and because she stood up to him. I am curious to find out what his backstory is. They keep giving us these little teasers like “I’ve only cheated once in my life”, and that he likes gambling because of the stakes. Let’s hope he doesn’t take Elizabeth’s sarcastic suggestion, and open a “gambling school for minors”.

Speaking of which, I have to tell you something funny: I was actually LIVE tweeting on Monday, something I don’t ordinarily get to do with WCTH because I don’t watch the episodes until Monday, so this was a treat! When Elizabeth mentioned the school, I tweeted, “Welcome to the gambling school for minors!” Chris McNally retreated me, and added: “The Lucas Bouchard Center for Kids Who Can’t Gamble Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too”. If you’re a fan of the movie “Zoolander”, (which I’ve never seen. Someone had to tell me,) that makes perfect sense, and you should be rolling on the floor right now. 😀

Bill & Lee vs. Elizabeth & Rosemary. This was a fun juxtaposition to watch! For one thing, if you saw the season preview, you know that Bill telling Lee that he’d been offered a judgeship was originally a scene with Abigail. But I thought it was done perfectly, especially since Lee had that same reaction when Bill deputized him. And it made their babysitting scenes all the better!

Oh man! What a day that must have been on set. Being a mother of small children, I imagine Lincoln and Gunner’s mother was either clenching her teeth, ready to catch whichever twin was in front of the camera; or she was sitting back, and laughing her head off! It was hysterical! Them fighting over who was better at caring for Baby Jack, trying to get rid of each other, the shot when they both leaned into frame over the crib at the same time…but nothing can beat when the ladies walk in the door to find all three of them snoozing, (Bill snoring) away! Pascale tweeted a picture of that shot with the remark: “Best acting these two have ever done” 😀

So while they were snoozing away, Rosemary and Elizabeth are not “cramping the guy time”, and getting some much-needed R&R. I took note of the food so the next time I have a ladies’ night, I can copy Rosemary’s menu. Since Season 6 premiered in February, we haven’t seen Elizabeth relax and let go, so it was nice to see her get that chance. The best part was how they were talking about Jack. I loved that they were able to do so fondly and nostalgically, without too much heartbreak; not to mention without any malice, as those two weren’t exactly getting along at that point. Then they move on from Jack, and have that incredibly amusing interaction about all the people who have found love in Hope Valley, including the “terrible liars”.

And that brings us to my grand finale- Number 2 of what I promised to mention: The Doctor’s Bag. Before either of us watched it, Sarah texted me predicting something like that would happen based on a picture we saw. She called it. There, I said it! And I watched before she did, so I texted her, “Three words: you nailed it.” 😀

Most of us had to take a VERY deep breath on Monday night when Carson…dropped his medical bag. <3 Definitely his finest moment of the evening, and he expressed himself in that moment much more smoothly than when he called Faith a “sweaty Pinocchio”. It was perfectly timed too, happening after he’d heard the story of her father, then put her at ease with, “Anybody would be crazy to reject you.” SO ROMANTIC! I tweeted to Andrea Brooks that we’ve reinvented (but rebooted sounds better) “Drop the Mic” for them. And that is………….Drop the Bag, of course! People are going to be talking about that bag drop and the ensuing smooch for weeks to come! Poor Florence though! She can’t seem to catch a break. Everybody is deciding to kiss right in front of her! 🙂 “Quite provocative!”

Well, that wraps up my thoughts…most of them anyway. 😉 So now, we’re back on track for Monday and Wednesday blogs while the season is airing. But next week is Kavan’s birthday spotlight week since Monday was his actual birthday. So we’ll see you next Monday! Enjoy the photos! I didn’t take as many this time because the decorations were the same. Click the link in the comments to see those pictures. The child is my 5-year-old dressed specifically in heart clothes for the night. <3

But I was very proud of that cake. I made plaid pants in honor of the man who made them cool again, and his birthday! 😀 I was totally winging it, though, and pro cake decorator is not on my list of talents. So I was nervous, but it came out alright. If you caught Paul Greene’s FB LIVE yesterday, he challenged us to do something that scares us. Mine’s covered. Any ideas for yours? This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


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