Happy Wednesday, and Happy Fall! I say that because two days ago, we had our first day of actual autumn weather. The boys and I even went on a walk while the girls were in school, something we haven’t done in so long, simply because it’s been far too hot. So break out the sweaters and the jack-o’-lanterns, because we are in season!

And speaking of the season, time to reveal our first mystery guest for October! This one wasn’t very easy to guess, but the timing couldn’t be better because the premiere of a movie she directed is coming up THIS Saturday: “Love, Fall, and Order”. Her name is Clare Niederpruem. If you remember way back to May, you might have read the interview with Maclain Nelson, my childhood friend who directed “Small Town Christmas”.

Well, this is his lovely wife; they’re in the business together! Not only did she direct the film coming up this Saturday, but she directed “Holiday for Heroes” coming in November, AND the first new movie to be released straight to Hallmark Movies Now, “In the Key of Love”. That one just HAPPENED to star our own Andrea Brooks in the very early stages of her pregnancy, so that’s the one I’ve focused on. And now, to gear us up for this weekend’s premiere, and to give you some fun tidbits for when you get Hallmark Movies Now, (or when you start your free trial,) here’s Clare!

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HH: Hi, there! Thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to chat with me!

CN: Oh it’s not a problem. Happy to!

HH: It’s so weird that you and I have never met with me knowing Maclain all my life! I don’t think I even know how you two met.

CN: We met in an improv acting class. He was teaching it, I was taking it. I got a A. 🙂

HH: Nice! Okay let’s jump right into “Key”. Were you brought on from the very beginning? Did you have a part in the audition process?

CN: The script was all written when I was asked, but other than that, yeah. I even had 3 weeks of prep time in Vancouver. Hallmark picks the two leads, then I got a say in the smaller roles

HH: The title sequence was so catchy with the movement snapping into still shots to reflect the photography, then to have “Can’t Hurry Love” as background music. Was that a design team, or was that you?

CN: It was an idea I had. I really wanted to set the tone. The network executive Ashley Squires chose “Can’t Hurry Love”. I think it turned out well.

HH: It certainly did! Where did you film? It was such a beautiful location,

CN: We shot in Vancouver, Canada. There were two island locations: Bowen Island, and Deep Cove Bay.

HH: Did the weather cooperate? I know it can be sketchy up there sometimes.

CN: We lucked out! During prep week, it was POURING! Then during actual filming, we had 3 weeks of sunshine.

HH: Laura Osnes is a fantastic Broadway star, and I know from experience that transitioning from stage to screen can be a difficult process. But Laura seemed to do really well. What was your take on the experience?

CN: It was definitely an adjustment for her, but Laura just cares SO much, and she really put in the work. We had a pretty close relationship, so she was comfortable with me directing her. She was good within 3 days, playing to the camera really well. Scott (meaning Scott Michael Foster) was also a really great help to her.

HH: Since a few of the characters are photographers, did any of the actors have photography experience?

CN: Laura is actually married to a photographer, so he gave her some pointers, and she came very prepared. Being a stage actress, she loves having a prop in her hand.

HH: Speaking of pictures, one of my favorite shots is when Laura’s character, Maggie, uses her camera lens like binoculars to see her ex, Jake, on the ferry. Was that scripted, or an idea you wanted to try out?

CN: It WAS scripted, but we weren’t sure it would work. But we just shot it, then put the filter on afterwards to make it look like a lens, and it worked!

HH: Are the any other scenes or lines you felt you wanted to try, that turned out great in the final cut?

CN: The shots of the rowboat and the trolley turned out really well. One I’m really proud of is the final kissing scene. We had 30 minutes left to shoot for the day, and that scene wasn’t ready. So I said, “Let’s go to the balcony over the water.” The sun was setting, we did the scene 4 times in a row with no break. Scott and Laura were so professional about it, and it was a great shot!

HH: Any other fun BTS (behind-the-scenes) stories to share?

CN: We got to take the ferry to work almost everyday as a cast. That was nice! The scene when the canoe tipped was so fun! It was a cold Vancouver night, at 3:00 in the morning, on our second to last day of shooting. Laura and Scott both had stunt doubles that we used for the really far shots, but I told them it would looked better if they fell in the water themselves. They were really comfortable with each other by this point, so they did it themselves!

HH: The singing was really beautiful; it made me melt! My husband asked me if the actors could really sing. I looked at him, and said, “She’s a Broadway star, hon!” He said, “Oh,” very sheepishly. Was any of the music LIVE singing, or was it all prerecorded?

CN: Most of it was prerecorded, but the campfire song was LIVE.

HH: That’s the one when my jaw really dropped! Cool! Andrea Brooks has revealed that she was in early stages of pregnancy while filming “Key”. She had just found out, so she wasn’t sharing yet, but she thinks everyone suspected because of the weird food she was craving. Did you suspect anything?

CN: I didn’t notice anything, but I never have time to go to craft services. 😉

HH: Can you describe what it was like working with her?

CN: She is such a lovely human, a fun and joyous person, and FUNNY! She brings such a positive energy to set! She was such a good sport. It was freezing cold, so she put a hoodie over that beautiful wedding dress to stay warm.

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HH: What kind of chemistry-building activities did you guys do? Did Andrea and Scott do any to get the sibling feel?

CN: We’d go out for sushi all together; we also watched “Game of Thrones” together. Andrea and Scott didn’t meet until their first day of shooting together. But they’re both from families with siblings, and they’re both so talented that they got the feel. After that, they’d sing songs together between takes, and he always helped her with her dress.

HH: What is your favorite scene from the movie?

CN: When Jenny (Andrea) asks Jake (Scott) if he still has feelings for Maggie (Laura).

HH: Well, I can’t tell you what a great pleasure it’s been talking to you. Thank you again so much!

CN: It was my pleasure. Maybe one day we’ll actually get to meet.

HH: Here’s hoping!


Well, that wraps that up. Isn’t she great! You’ll really love her handiwork! So start that free trial of Hallmark Movies Now, or grab a subscription, and enjoy! And don’t forget to tune in to Hallmark Channel this Saturday for #LoveFallandOrder. I know #POstables will enjoy it, as it stars Gregory Harrison!

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And here’s a tip: watch for the pretty Asain lady playing a lawyer alongside Erin Cahill for a scene; she’s my sister-in-law! Fair warning: even if there are no WCTH actors therein, I may have to claim familial connection, and review it anyway. Gotta keep family happy, right? I’m sure you get it! Only kidding, Shelly! I love you! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Welcome to October, and welcome to Hooked Heartie’s Mystery Month. Sorry I’m a day late: crazy home life happenings. But this way, I get to do a very special job! I get to wish a very happy birthday to our two wonderful formers. Today, it’s for Jack Wagner, Hope Valley’s former sheriff. Happy birthday, Jack! Tomorrow, it’s Daniel Lissing, our former Mountie. Happy birthday, Dan! We #Hearties hope both of you have fabulous days!


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This month, not only will I be covering “thriller” films from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, I will also throw in some mystery guest guessing games…to give the blog that real “Halloween feel”. 😉 Now be forewarned, since Hallmark’s #FallHarvest is coming up, I reserve the right to throw in one of those movies if it seems right. I hope one of them involves Halloween somehow; that always makes them fun!

So, to start us off, we’re running with “Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery”. This is now the fourth installment of these all-in-the-family lawyer dramas. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these! If I could only use one word to describe this whole series, it would be this: banter. Tom Cavanaugh and Kimberly Williams-Paisley are the king and queen of witty words; and yes, I’m including other television and blockbuster movies. I’ve seen great chemistry, and I’ve seen quick exchanges, but these two have a knack for combining both in a way that is unsurpassed. Of course the writers deserve a lot of credit, and then the actors take those written words, and are as smooth as honey in their delivery. One of my only complaints about this movie is that Claire and Miles spend a lot of time apart, so we don’t get as much of the back-and-forth that we do in the previous three.

Something else I will admit to enjoying is that both lead characters are competent professionals; being around crime scenes, and interviewing suspects or witnesses is what they’re supposed to be doing. While some of the dialogue between the cop and amateur sleuth is extremely entertaining in our other mysteries, it’s kind of nice to not listen to a quarter of the script involving one chasing the other away. They’re very much on the same level in the playing field. It makes for a nice change of pace.


Speaking of playing, who are all our WCTH players? Well, we have Lilah Fitzgerald, (Jolene) who stars in all of these as Clare’s (Kimberly’s) highly intelligent daughter, Lou. But then we have several newcomers. There’s Michelle Harrison, staying on the right side of the law in both shows. In WCTH, she plays prosecutor Georgia Pardell; and in D&D, she is Lieutenant Lang, better known as Miles’s ex. 🙂 There’s the ever-present Jill Morrison, (Carla in WCTH) who we can’t get enough of; and fortunately, neither can Hallmark casting directors, because she keeps popping up. She plays Gail Reed, extremely flirtatious turned vindictive ex-girlfriend. And of course, we have everyone’s favorite bad guy, Martin Cummins (Gowen) as the snake of an executive, Brian Herriman.

He’s not from WCTH, but here’s a fun bit of trivia about Barclay Hope. He plays Raymond, the father-figure of the office, and the one I think keeps Claire grounded. He’s the only one to whom Claire could declare “You’re fired!”, (which she does!), and have him laugh at her without a second thought. If you’ve seen the 2003 ABC Family movie “Lucky 7”, Kimberly once again plays a lawyer, but this time, Barclay plays her boss. Fun turn of events. There are also several of WCTH actors in it: Adrian Hough, Jennifer Copping, Lochlyn Munro, and Michelle Harrison again. 🙂

Back to the film itself, let’s talk about Martin for a minute. No surprise that he got cast as the greedy, conniving, backstabbing villain; he plays that type so well. But I thought since he’s the obvious choice for the face of the murderer, they might write him in as the too-obvious suspect, but have him turn out to be innocent. SPOILER ALERT! He’s not. He is the culprit, and Claire exposes him. Paying someone to shoot him in the shoulder to take suspicion off him, and simultaneously killing off his “pesky” paralegal was devious and clever! Going after the shooter himself to silence him, thus turning on him and his sister was downright devilish…and it led him to his downfall.

©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

One good thing about Martin’s evil character is that I learned something from him. When he said Cassie, (the woman suspected of shooting him,) took off “like Dale Earnhardt,” I had absolutely no idea who he was talking about. So I did a little research. Turns out that not only is he a race car driver, his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., is also a racer. You learn something new everyday, even from Hallmark movies.

I want to take a quick moment to mention the music. Music is an interesting concept in movies. It’s supposed to set the mood, so you usually notice it if it’s poorly done. I’m a musician though, and I’m trying to make more of an effort to concentrate on a film’s score, because I don’t always. This was not the case here. I had to go back to the opening credits, and find out the composer’s name because I was so impressed. His name is Terry Frewer, and he has created the score for 99 films! Apparently Hallmark is very pleased with his work, because most of his credits are for one of the two channels, including LOTS of mysteries. His use of the piano in the beginning is such a stimulating pairing with the gunshots! But I first noticed it in the middle, when the figure in black, (who we find out is Tammy’s brother) hides a burner phone behind a couch cushion in Cassie hotel room. The flute is downright haunting, and the flute is usually such a light and gleeful instrument. But this time, I was on the edge of my seat when I heard it. Well done, Mr. Frewer!

Final subject: my very favorite part. Call me cliché, but it was the first kiss. This is actually the very first smooch the two characters have ever shared. It took them three and a half movies to lead up to it. Not as long as Oliver and Shane in Signed, Sealed, Delivered, but that was uncommonly lengthy. 😀 One of the best things about it was how the events of the film led up to it. First, Miles’s ex-girlfriend shows up as the lead detective on the murder case, causing a slight twinge to come over Claire. Then Miles gets assigned to prosecute the case Claire is defending, so Miles initiates a motion to “press pause” in their far-too-casual (because he’s so patient, and she’s so slow) “thing” they seem to have.

Photo credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

After Miles questions Lieutenant Lang, and helps her down from the witness stand, Claire breaks her pencil…literally! Apparently her green eye has taken all it can. So thanks to her jealousy, and some wise words from Mom about building a “firewall”, she pulls him into the conference room, and after a few flustered words, lays one on his very dazed, very astonished face! The exchange is brilliant!

M- (a little dizzy) “Did you just do that?”
C- “Yes…”
M- “Can I do that?”
C- “Sure.”

BOOM! He grabs her in his arms, and lands one on HER, something he’s wanted to do since way before the first movie. Of course since they’re in the middle of a case, they have to inform the judge and their clients, which they do very coyly. 😉 Finally, everyone can BREATHE! And hopefully, we get another movie, in which we see them progressing along in a happy, comfortable relationship.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks again for your patience. I’ll be back on Monday with a podcast from When Hope Calls, and our first mystery guest. Enjoy WHC’s brand new episode tomorrow! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy Hump Day, Hearties! Wow! Try saying THAT ten times fast! And a special welcome to the #POstables! I’m very glad all of you are here!

Well, hello! I am SO excited to share a wonderful experience I had with you! I was given a rare and lovely opportunity that only wonderful people like you, my dear readers, would truly appreciate. Remember my #FlashbackFriday post last week, the one featuring the scene of Mary Dunbar asking to borrow one of Elizabeth’s dresses? There was a method to my madness. 😉 The link is in the comments if you’d like to go back and read the article. And you recall that both Erin Krakow and Carter Evancic have early September birthdays? Well, there is someone else who shares Erin’s birthday… besides my son. It is THIS lovely lady!






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Yes, I had such a fun time with my first-ever Skype interview with both WCTH and SSD alumni member, the beautiful, talented and INCREDIBLY kind Laura Bertram. She very graciously agreed to meet with me, and we had a fabulous conversation! She is so easy going; her open nature immediately put at rest all the nerves I was experiencing. I was also awed, but not surprised, by how down-to-earth and family-oriented she is. So are you ready to get to know this wonderful woman a little better for her birthday spotlight week? Here we go!


1. You’ve had roles in historical, contemporary, and futuristic time periods. Which one is your favorite?
• Oh, historical! I have a degree in History. I’ve always been very drawn to the past. I love the costumes, the nuances, the way you have to change your carriage to be correct in the way you present yourself.
• I played a teacher in a western who didn’t have a name because the part started out smaller. But I started getting more dialogue, and really felt she should be named. They let ME name her, so I did a whole bunch of research on what names were popular in the 1860’s, and settled on Alice. It was so fun. 


2. My husband loves Andromeda, and I watched a few episodes. How long was that makeup job?
• The first day, it took four to five hours. Probably right in between at four and a half. When we got the routine down, we got it down to 3 hours 45 minutes. Luckily, I got along with my makeup artist really well. We passed the time by constantly bringing in new tunes on CD, lots of conversation, and mentally going to Tahiti. You can’t really read a book when you’re makeup is being done.
• When we had our 100th episode party, Kevin Sorbo had done the math: he said that the hours I had spent in the makeup chair up to that point was equal to the amount of hours a civil servant worked in a year!

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3. Any projects coming up you can chat about?
• I’m in an episode of the reboot limited series of Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon. It airs on October 11th, 18th, and 25th.
• I also booked an audition this week, but I’m not at liberty to discuss it yet.


4. What is your ideal vacation? Favorite way to spend down time? Do you have any hobbies?
• I love being with my family. I purposely only work a few times a year so I can be with them. We love to hike and bike.
• I love being in the wilderness, so going to a cabin by the ocean AND mountains to decompress is ideal. My husband Jonathan (my son’s name!) prefers a beach in Hawaii.


5. What is your favorite place to go out to eat, and what dish are you usually found ordering there?
• I don’t have a favorite place or dish, although some girl friends did take me to this amazing Japanese/Peruvian fusion place called Ancora for my birthday. I more see food as a great connector of people, so I like bistro-style restaurants to share great food, conversation, and company.


6. What did you do for your birthday?
• Besides the restaurant, we had a family dinner. I made a cake. My husband only ate one piece because I made him, so I spent a lot of my birthday pawning the cake off on neighbors.


7. Any possibility of Mary Dunbar Graves making another appearance like Tom Trevoy?
• It’s been a long time, so I’m guessing probably not. The storyline of Mary and DeWitt actually went on longer than expected because of audience response, and it was left open, so I guess we’ll see. I had a great experience, and I would happily go back!




8. Tell us about your family, past and/or present. Where were you born? Still live in the same city?
• I was born and raised in Toronto, but I live in Vancouver now. I have 2 sisters, I’m the oldest, we’re each 3 years apart. The middle sister is Heather, and the youngest is Jennifer. Jon and I have been together 13 years, and married 10 of those years. My son, Kaleb, is 6; my daughter, Keira, is 4. (That’s MY daughter’s name, only spelled differently!) I got to pick my son’s name, but my husband got to pick the spelling.


9. What is your favorite role you’ve ever had? Hallmark and non-Hallmark?
• Hallmark would have to be Mary, she gave me a lot of meat and potatoes to work with. She’s a woman who struggled, but didn’t let on, and she had to deal with her son’s very raw emotions. She was needy, and had to deal with a lot, but she made it happen for the sake of Caleb.
• Non-Hallmark is a pilot that never got taken to series. It was a Canadian CBC series called The Cult. I was a cult member, but I read the synopsis, and it turned out my character was an undercover cop who actually gets offed.
• I also really liked Trance because I channeled my inner child to become her. I played hopscotch, I ate lots of chocolate. It was fun!


10. What role would you love to have one day? Who would you love to work with?
• Someone in the French Revolution, or that period in Europe. The storytelling would be very raw, and the costumes would be amazing! And I love history!
• I would have loved to work with the late Alan Rickman. I was sold after I saw him on Sense & Sensibility. But in his other projects, I was amazed at his ability to morph, and become whatever he needed to be.


11. How did you get started in acting?
• I was part of a children’s choir called the Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus. We did a lot of musical theater songs. An actress from Toronto was the director of the choir, and introduced me to her agent. That led me to getting my first job, Ready or Not, which turned into a 5-year series.

12. Was it as easy to act with Derek Hamilton and Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh as you made it look?
• Since my real son’s name is Kaleb, that made that part easy, even though he was MUCH younger than Will. But Will is just such a nice boy! And Derek is so lovely! He’s very approachable, on and off screen. And he’s handsome too, so that made THAT easy.

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13. What was your best and hardest scene to perform as Mary?
• The best was when Mary and DeWitt meet in the street after the incident at the mercantile, and he asks her to supper.

• The hardest on the heart was Caleb interrupting the dance. I felt like my heart was breaking! The tears didn’t come because of a dramatic choice, I was actually sobbing!
• The hardest one that was actually hard to do was the knitting circle. I CAN’T KNIT! So I’m trying to move my hands, and make it look like I know what I’m doing, hoping no one is looking too hard.


14. Your performance in Signed Sealed Delivered was amazing! What were the pros and cons of being involved with the #POstables?  I’m betting it was super difficult to be such an angry person when you seem so happy and kind. (It’s called “acting”, right?) 😉
• Well, the easy part was being the oldest of 3 sisters, since I already am. The best part was getting to meet Kristin (Booth), and actually work with her. I had been in a Hallmark project that she and her husband wrote: Winter’s Dream with Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson. She was just a lovely woman.
• A funny story is that Sienna (the actress who played Mary Louise) and I thought we’d go practice our fight in one of the tents on set. By the time we came out, everybody was looking at us, very concerned. Our voices had escalated, and they thought we were really fighting.
• I think the important thing is to understand where the character is coming from, then don’t fake the emotions. Feel them. Wear a heavy heart. Peggy had a chip on her shoulder because her perspective is she’s managing everything, and thinks her sister ditched her. So her anger is understandable.


Photo credits: laura-betram.com 


And there you have it, Hearties and POstables! The voice and heart of our very dear Mary and Peggy. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Now all we gotta do is campaign to get Mary back WCTH, right? Tune in on Friday for Laura’s favorite Mary moment, and her very deep thoughts regarding the feelings of the scene. See you then! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Hello, hello, hello! How are all of you doing? First of all, I want to take a moment to acknowledge and commemorate today, September 11th. It has great significance to so many, especially in the United States, and we as a country are so grateful to those who have made sacrifices because of the events of this day.


  Well, the day has come when I reveal one of those “big things” I promised was coming.


Okay, I won’t keep you waiting and wondering…too much. Have you guessed who I had the honor of speaking with for this post? I’ll tell you this, he just celebrated a birthday. Yes, that probably gave it away, but that’s the whole reason for the interview: to celebrate his special day ALL week. So without further ado, here’s our favorite toeheaded teen, Carter Evancic!

Photo credit: IMDB.com  

Hey, Carter! This is great of you to do this!

Thanks for this opportunity to talk with you! 


1. Where were you born? Do you still call the same city home?
I was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. I have lived in Port Coquitlam in the same house all my life.

2. Tell us about your family.
I have a sister, Vanessa and we have always been real close. She is currently in University of Alberta for her 1st year. My parents are great, Carol and Dorlyn. My dad works at an office in Oil and Gas industry and my mom stays home and does so much for our family. She manages my acting career and is there for me in everything we do.

3. What is your absolute favorite place to go out to eat, and what dish would you get there?
My favorite place to go out and eat is Cactus Club. They have really good steaks and mashed potatoes with asparagus and a nice root beer (but not as good as A&W’s).

4. I understand that you started doing commercials at less than a year old. Tell us about that.
I only did one commercial when I was one year old. It was a different commercial and was funny.

5. How much historical research did you have to do to prep to play Cody? Were you given lots of direction on his character, or given free rein? Somewhere in the middle?
My parents and I watched Season 1 of WCTH on Netflix and got an idea of the show for my prep. During the audition I was given some direction, but usually the person who gets the role for a character is like the character so maybe I booked Cody because I was something like him. It has been the best character for me and I have grown for 4 years on the show.

6. What scene/episode challenged you the most, either in a good way or a hard way?
The scene that challenged me the most was one of the scenes when Cody was with Abigail in his room and he was crying about something and Abigail comforted him. I remember why I was crying to get me in the scene and many of the crew and my mom had tears. It was very memorable. Peter DeLuise was the best director and taught me how to make it real for me for the scene.

8. I remember your mother commenting on the fan site once that the trick Carson taught Cody with multiplication was one you used for a long time afterwards. What other lessons or tricks, big or small, have you learned from your time on the show? And who put that trick in the script? Do you know?
I had never used that method of multiplication that Carson was teaching Cody before; I have used a different method which uses mental math because that’s what I’m good at. The writers were great and they must have done some research on math multiplication methods. It was fun to use, and works.

Photo credit: Crown Media  

9. Tell us about your candle business. What inspired you to start it? Is it doing well? Where do you sell them? Do you have a website? What different scents do you have? Tell us all about it. Spare no details.
I did the candles for my school Entrepreneur Fair and when we posted it on social media I had a bunch of people encourage me to start my candle business so I did. It is on Etsy. (etsy.com/ca/shop/CartersCandleShop). It was doing pretty well as a little business, but since summer I haven’t had any sales. The scents I have are Lavender (Purple), Apple Cinnamon (Green), and Pumpkin Spice(Orange). I plan on putting some new scents on there for the Fall / Winter.

10. Do you have any other hidden talents the Hearties might not know about?
Magic tricks, I recently took up a bit of magic because it’s fun seeing people’s reactions to the tricks, and it’s just something to do in my spare time. I recently had a private lesson with Leon Etienne on board the cruise to Alaska and I learned some amazxig tricks. I still practice tricks for family and friends.

11. What kind of fan interaction experiences have you had, especially from HFR? Any stories stand out?
There was one time that I had a really big fan, a girl maybe 2 years younger than me at HFR6 and the head photographer for Crown Media, Ricardo Hubbs noticed it. He talked to my mom and me and thought it would be a nice idea for me to have a picture with her so they set up it up in front of the stage and took lots of pictures. We talked for a few minutes and it was great. Another story was a mom of one of the kids on WCTH who was there for just a couple episodes was a huge fan and when I gave her a signed calendar she couldn’t believe it and cried… we talked and she was so nice. Fans are very special and I am so grateful to have these new friends.

12. What is your favorite non-WCTH role you’ve done?
I was in my first acting role and played Ash on Her Infidelity. It was a Lead role and Rachel Hunter played my mom and Lane Edwards played my dad. Clayton Chitty was the school teacher and I had fun with everyone. It was a great experience and is what started my acting career at 7 yrs old.

13. Has your filming schedule ever bled into the school year? How do you balance school with work? Give us the perspective of one of the school kids on a long-running TV show?
Yes, my filming schedule always interferes with school but I tutor on set. It’s fun doing tutoring. My teachers at school are always good about it and I always get my work done. I pick up school work when I get back to school or we get the work online or through emails. I do my tests when I get back to class or sometimes my tutor will do them for me. I like doing tutoring and then being back in school, best of both worlds.

14. We’ve seen you post pictures of you and the other young actors from WCTH, on and off set. You all seem to get along well. What do you like to do together when you’re not working? How have you passed the time on set when you have to sit and wait, alone or together?
We get along really well with each other on and off set. When we’re not working, we usually go get some food and then go back to a portable and just talk, about anything.
Usually I pass time on set by either looking at my instagram, or going to tutoring to get my schoolwork done. When I have some free time we always like to go to crafty for snacks but basically like to chill and talk and have fun. When I’m not on set filming I like to play basketball, lacrosse, I do breakdance and hang out with my friends. I like to do all the activities at school.

Photo credit: Carter’s Twitter 

15. Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes stories you can share?
A fun behind the scenes story I have is when it was nighttime on set in Abigail’s café. Half of the lights were on and the other half off. Carson (Paul Greene) went into the dark half of the café where it was pitch black and hid while he said to come find him and he wouldn’t scare us. WELL… I wanted to go in but I wanted someone to go with me, so what I did was get my mom in front of me and just started pushing her into the darkness. And then Paul jumped out and scared us (mainly my mom though… (haha)) and then he was laughing ‘till he couldn’t breathe while my mom and I were frightened to death.

Photo credit: Carter’s Twitter  

16. If you could play any character currently in existence, who would that be?
I would choose Will Byers on Stranger Things because I auditioned for that role and it seems like a really cool role to play, it’s a real popular show which would be fun to be on.

17. Who would you love to work with someday?
Someday I would like to work with the Duffer Brothers because they work on films like Stranger Things and I like those type of movies, TV series’ because they’re so interesting and look really cool to film.

18. Did you have any fun birthday plans?
I went on a hike around Buntzen Lake with my friends, and then back to my house to cut my cake, and have a sleepover party with games and a movie. It was a blast and my buddy Jaiven Natt “Robert” got to meet my friends from my new school.

19. Anything else you’d like to share? Maybe any future projects you’re allowed to share, or things happening in your own life that are special to you?
So far I’m not working on any other films at the moment but I will hopefully be working on something soon. In my own life, school just started up and I’m planning on being on all the school sports teams, so far I am in Soccer, Volleyball, and Cross Country.


Cool, huh? I’ll be the first to say that I think Carter is an active, smart, sweet, extremely down-to-earth, and level-headed young man. He’s even thought of future plans as an entrepreneur! The only business I was thinking about at his age was homework. What a great kid! And to find out what Carter’s favorite “Cody Moment” is…you’ll have to wait two days until #FlashbackFriday. So, I will see all of you Friday! Thanks again, Carter! And all of you out there, have a fabulous rest of your week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!   


We’ve made it again to Wednesday! Phew, time seems to have flown since last our last mid-week chat; I feel like I just typed my “you made it” pep talk for last Hump Day. Has it flown, or dragged for you? Well, either way, today is a happy Hump Day because…………….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, ERIN KRAKOW! Aaaand, I hope you’ve come equipped with your thinking caps, because we’re doing a different kind of #WonderWednesday today.

“To be candid” (quoting Elizabeth, of course,) I really struggled with this one. I didn’t know how best to mark Erin’s special week. I couldn’t do a full week because of When Hope Calls, I’ve already done a birthday spotlight on her, so I didn’t want any repeats, and I just reviewed “A Summer Romance”, so that was out.

And then! Then Erin posted that adorable and hysterical sneak peek of her new #CountdownToChristmas movie “Sense, Sensibility, and Snowmen”, and I thought, “Why not?” I’m always looking for new ways to keep the blog new and fresh, and I have never written a post speculating about a sneak peek. I know, my Christmas purism, etc., etc., blah blah blah, but with the Christmas Previews starting to air, let’s have some fun! And you know the funny thing: it’s amazing how much you can deduce from one little clip…and how many more questions are raised simultaneously.

Hallmark seems to be on a run of remaking classic stories, especially Jane Austen’s tales. “Pride and Prejudice” alone has been done twice, and this holiday season, we’ll get to enjoy another of Austen’s brilliant romances.

So, to quote Alison Sweeney’s “Chronicle Mysteries” character, Alex: “Here’s what we know.”
1. This story is spun from Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”
2. Similarities include:
      • A character named Edward (played by Luke MacFarlane)
      • A character named Brandon (played by Jason McKinnon)
      • Erin’s character is named Ella (very close to Eleanor)
      • The business sounds like it’s named Dashworks (very close to Dashwood)
3. Jason McKinnon has been in a whole crop of Hallmark projects; but #Hearties will despise…I mean know him, from portraying Thomas Higgins, that deplorable British superintendent of schools who “made advances” on Elizabeth
4. The other Mac Man, Luke, we should recognize him from his score of leading roles on Hallmark as well.
5. Our two gentlemen play cousins; not a similarity to the novel, but a fun dynamic.
6. Ella runs a party planning business with her sister.
7. Edward is a clueless businessman who thinks he can pull off a Christmas party for 100 people in 9 days.
8. There’s one 6-yr-old somewhere in here
9. Edward and Ella had a very rough start, namely an awkward conversation when they met. Therefore, he doesn’t want to hire her to plan his party, and she has no inclination to take the job.
10. He’s going to get desperate, and need her help.
11. Erin uses her trademark “forced smile” when dealing with someone unpleasant
12. There is an AWESOME music cue when Ella is looking very depressed, then looks up and perks up when she hears the words: “I’m planning a party for 100 people”.

Photo credit: Erin Krakow’s Twitter 

Now, to quote “Chronicle Mysteries” again, “There are questions.” Here are things that are fuzzy, or that we want to find out:
a. Why is Ella so depressed? Is business down, or having a rough start?
b. How do Ella and Brandon know each other?
c. What on EARTH happened between Edward and Ella at their first meeting to make feelings so strained?
d. What is Ella’s sister’s name? How close is it to Marianne?

e. Is her sister being played by Kimberley Sustad? Assuming the answer is yes, but still can’t be certain. 
f. Is their last name Dashworks, or is that just the company?
g. What is going to happen to make Edward come crawling to Ella for assistance?


So, if you haven’t seen the clip, you can find it on Facebook and Twitter, and probably Instagram too. Have fun with your speculating, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN…tomorrow! This is Hooked Heartie , signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!