Hearties! We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day! Time to start getting romantic! Not hard with that preview we saw, right?! We’re also just a few days away from the premiere of the ninth installment, (tenth if you include the Christmas special), of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries movie series Signed Sealed Delivered. This is my second favorite show, after our precious When Calls the Heart. So if you need something to keep you occupied until the Season 5 premiere, consider this. That means we also have visitors to the site. A very warm welcome to fans of SSD, the Postables! Hope you enjoy the blog! 


The one and only season of Signed Sealed Delivered, the TV show, is for sale on Amazon, then there is a 6-movie marathon on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on Sunday, February 11th. It starts at 8:00 a.m., central time, with Signed Sealed Delivered: From the Heart, and ends with the new movie, Signed Sealed Delivered: The Road Less Traveled, at 6:00 p.m., central time. From the Heart is even set around Valentine’s Day, so it’s perfect timing! I have all of the other 9 movies recorded on my DVR, and that same DVR is already set for Sunday night so I can watch Road Less Traveled first thing Monday morning! I’m already watching my marathon…when I can get a turn, and the kids take a break from Disney Channel! By the way, if you get confused by gaps in the plot because you can’t watch all the movies, you’re MORE than welcome to ask me anything.


“Kami, this has nothing to do with WCTH!” Patience, my young padawons! It just so happens that Andrea Brooks, our darling Nurse Faith Carter, is a guest star in the TV series; Episode 7. It’s called The Future Me. Actually, in reviewing the movies again, I’m finding several WCTH actors, just like I’m doing with Psych. But for now, we’ll concentrate on Andrea’s episode . For those of you not familiar with the premise, it centers around 4 U.S. Postal Service employees: Oliver, Shane, Norman, and Rita. They work in the Dead Letter Office, (or the DLO), as a sort of postal detective task force, delivering letters that are otherwise considered undeliverable. They call themselves The Postables.


SPOILER TIME! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE PLOTLINE, GO WATCH, THEN COME BACK AND READ. In this episode, the Postables are given a letter, (by Andrea’s character, mail carrier Kimmi Cooper,) that got stuck in the back of a desk drawer, and as a result, most of the envelope front tore off. Through a series of events, they are able to track down the writer…who is also the recipient! A high school girl with Down Syndrome, and her class, was instructed to write themselves a letter 10 years in the future, and their teacher would send it. She addresses the letter to Mrs. Bobby Richards, hoping to be married to her boyfriend, another special needs student in the school. Seven years later, there’s still no ring…because her dad won’t give his consent. And if you want to find out the rest, you have to watch. Hee hee!


Before I go exclusively to Andrea’s part, I just want to say a few things about THIS part of the story. It is so precious to watch these young people in love. The sweet and innocent nature these 2 exude is a sharp contrast to the backstabbing cattiness I’ll get into in a minute. I have to admit that I don’t know what I would do if I was Ellie’s mother. It’s a hard call. Do you protect your child that you KNOW needs your help because of her condition, or do you let her be an adult? It’s tricky, to be sure.


A few hysterical lines I have to share are some things Bobby says. He actually delivers several zingers! One is when Oliver and Shane walk into his flower shop, asking for the owner. When they question his position, he says, “Why? You got a problem with a guy who says flowers?” He says it so slyly, you can’t help but laugh! Then he catches a glimpse of the letter written in purple pen, and immediately calls to Ellie, who is working in the back of the shop. A very surprised Shane responds, “Ellie? That’s who we’re looking for!” Bobby laughs with her, and says, “I know. I recognize the handwriting. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to read!” Just adorable!


Now, on to Andrea. I did a little research on her to write this blog, since I don’t know a whole lot about her. She was a figure skater! Her acting got its start when she was 15; she was noticed at an open casting call for skaters for Disney’s film Ice Princess. She also speaks French, which is very obvious when she says, “Les Miserables” in the show. Her pronunciation is perfect!


What is NOT perfect is her character. She’s a catty witch! It’s so strange to see her like that since you can’t help but LOVE her as Faith. Like Daniel Lissing, she uses her eyes to act so completely that it’s almost frightening. You can see them change almost instantly from “people person” to “I’d sell my own mother to get what I want!” Her character, Kimmi Cooper, is doing everything humanly possibly to snag the coveted title of Miss Special Delivery, even hopping from branch to branch of the post office in hopes of getting nominated. She tries to get in good with Rita, who is also competing, so she can steal her secrets. Rita is very trusting, and sweetly naïve, so she starts to openly talk to her. Shane, being the friend that she is, sees right through Kimmi, and tells her to back off! She even gives Rita a makeover. You probably guess this, but Kimmi loses, and Rita wins the nomination. An answer to a question Rita was asked in the competition that I think helped her win was, “Stop worrying about the stuff you can’t do, and start dreaming of all the stuff you can.” Andrea is just as pretty, though. She has bangs here, which frame her face so daintily. And when her voice isn’t full of pins and needles, it’s still very pleasant to listen to. Good thing we’ve seen her as such a sympathetic, caring, and compassionate character!


See you Friday, everyone! Happy Hump Day!

Hello, hello, hello! Happy Hump Day! I hope your week is going smoothly, and you have the fortitude to make it to the weekend. Before we get to today’s topic, there’s a list that I thought you might be “wondering” about, or at least slightly interested in. I’ve been watching “Psych” lately, since it came on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries, (and I heard Pascale Hutton was in the pilot). I can also watch it without my husband grumbling too much, hee hee. Anyway, to my surprise, “Psych” was filmed in Vancouver, not California. And you wouldn’t believe how many WCTH actors are in this show, never mind Hallmark regulars. I’ve just finished Season 5, and here’s the list:

 Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) – S1 E1
 Steve Bacic (Spurlock) – S1 E4
 Anne Marie DeLuise (Aunt Caroline) – S1 E4
 Chelah Horsdal (Cat Montgomery) – S1 E13
 Terence Kelly (Sam Bailey) – S2 E7
 Karin Konoval (Aunt Agatha) – S2 E12
 Jill Noonan (Carla) – S3 E9
 James Brolin (Judge Black) – S4 E3
 Lynda Boyd (Mrs. Thatcher) – S4 E3
 Devon Weisel (Viola) – S4 E9
 Alex Zahara (Beau’s Father) – S4 E14
 Adam Greydon Reid (Mr. Stoneman) – S5 E3
 Derek Hamilton (DeWitt Graves) – S5 E5

Quite a list, isn’t it? This crowd really gets around. And add this to the mix: in S2 E1, the character of Shawn says, “For the love of Lori Loughlin!” while watching a particularly frustrating part of a TV show. It made me giggle so hard!

Now for today’s #WonderWednesday movie. On some recent visits to the official fan page, I noticed quite a few people were re-watching Erin’s movie, “Chance at Romance”, or were seeing it for the first time. It seemed to have a very good impression on several, so I thought that would be a fun choice. And who doesn’t love Patricia Richardson with her quick wit, loveable sarcasm, and motherly nature?

First of all, can you believe Erin plays a CHEF! After WCTH and “Cookie Cutter Christmas”, we’ve seen her be pretty incompetent in the kitchen. Then here, she plays someone who makes 48 pot pies in one sitting, and starts an online Pot Pie of the Month Club. I bet she really enjoyed portraying someone with that specific skill. Those pot pies would definitely be worth $3 each at an auction, and they might even beat out Rosemary’s chicken fried steak. Watching those scenes made me crave one horribly. And Sam (Erin) works at a café of all places! The very beginning, her bustling around with a coffee pot, it reminded me of something Abigail said to Clara: “Keep the coffee cups filled, and they won’t squawk.” That looked to be exactly what she was doing. But the plot doesn’t tip the scale too much, as Erin’s character is incredible with kids!

What a whiz kid he is! You only come across a genius 12-year-old once in a blue moon; and on top of it, Donny is a ruthless schemer! That’s a very dangerous combination! And when a father is aware of how crafty his son is, is it a wise decision to put him in charge of a website? You got to give him credit though. He knows how to pick ‘em, and he can sweet talk a woman better than his dad…at least at first.

And that profile he came up with! It reminds me of a resume for a secretary position. But Donny is very business-minded, so I guess it fits. I was actually curious as to what was on Sam’s personality profile that deemed her “PERFECT” in Donny’s eyes. It’s only flashed for a second, and all we really see are a glimpse of his written notes/reactions. So I paused the movie at just the right moment, and here’s what I found:

 Sam likes baking, tulips, black licorice, and art. Donny wrote “Yes!” (I had wondered how Donny knew her favorite flower and candy since that’s never mentioned.)
 Sam’s eyes are blue. Donny wrote “good”.
 Sam has no allergies. Donny wrote “great!” (Very helpful for living in the country.)
 Sam likes classic country music, classic rock, and top hits. Donny put brackets around country music, and wrote “Nice”
 There’s no comment attached to this one, but I found it amusing. Under “Dislikes”, Sam put: “Men who are too attached to their mothers, bad dates.” Both must stem from her string of bad luck, especially Joel.

Ryan McPartlin was a surprise choice in this role for me. I’ve only ever seen him in roles where he’s a perpetual Peter Pan, or slightly on the ditzy side. Here, he’s a widower, a father with a career, and even slightly famous. It just took me a moment to get used to it. One thing I totally LOVED was the scene when he shaved. So many male actors, (and the characters they play,) are covered in scruff. Whiskers seem to be “the thing” in several films, especially Hallmark films. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a clean-shaven girl. I can’t imagine a man who doesn’t have an actual beard not shaving before his wedding…or that kind of thing. So I very much appreciated Heath (Ryan) shaving as part of his “dress to impress process”. But how disappointing that he was named after the candy bar instead of Wuthering Heights. Hee hee.

I’ll end with a note about the photography. Whoever they hired to snap those shots was a good choice. They really captured an already-beautiful woman, and made her exquisite. She wasn’t a bad model either! Heath’s favorite picture was the one of her in the pink shirt looking down. That one is gorgeous. I think if I had to pick one, I’d pick one with the pies since it’s her favorite thing to do.

Well, lovelies, the time has come. I hope you’ll come back on Friday, because I’ll be posting another short story! And it might be the last for a while because I like to fill in gaps between seasons with my stories. Make sure you read last Friday’s story first though. Toodooloo!


Hey, everybody! How are you all doing today? After looking at the official Facebook fan page, I can’t help but notice that there is a certain amount of angst (I love that word!) among Hearties regarding a particular man in red serge. I’ve never seen so much panic surrounding one single character in my life…probably because this is the only TV show with which I’m involved on Facebook. That MIGHT have something to do with it. But seriously, I thought this subject was worth addressing, given the amount of Heartie concern there is. It’s definitely something we’re “wondering” about.

Now I admit: amidst my plethora of emotions during Season 4 Episode 7, (the proposal,) my mother and I were speculating on all the possibilities of why Jack/Dan was departing. Was there a family emergency while they were filming, and he had to leave hastily? Was there a scheduling conflict for another project, and he had to go film elsewhere? Then, when we didn’t even see a shot of him on the battlefield, or ANYTHING for the rest of the season, I let my imagination run wild. WAS he leaving the show??? It couldn’t be.

I calmed myself with talking it out logically. There’s no way the writers and producers would be so cruel as to make us wait THAT long for Jack to propose, only to kill him off! That just wouldn’t happen! Hallmark doesn’t work that way! But, it WAS scary, and I wondered if we would see Jack again.

Imagine my relief when I read online this past summer that our beloved Mountie WOULD be back at Christmas. Phew! I could breathe again. And even though I already knew, I had to giggle when I saw an interview, and Dan said in that adorable Aussie accent, “Spoiler alert! I’m back!”

So now, several fans are asking the same questions: Where is Daniel Lissing? Is he leaving the show? Is he coming back? How can he do this to us?

Well for anyone who is still wondering, or you just need extra reassurance, let me be the one, (or one of the ones,) to give it. Daniel Lissing aka Jack Thornton WILL be coming back to Elizabeth, back to Hope Valley, and back to us – his viewers. How do I know this? I could be cute, and say I’m psychic, but I won’t. I have seen photographic evidence that he was there filming Season 5. Dan, Erin, and others have posted MANY pictures and videos on various social media sites that feature Dan in both scenes being filmed and behind-the-scenes “antics”. And many of the scenes seem very normal and calm, not just dramatic plot-twisters.

So rest assured, my friends, Season 5 will not be Jack-less. I confess I don’t know HOW much he’ll be in, given the fact that, after viewing previews, he’s probably not there at the start; but he WILL be there.

Just remember the immortal words of our dear Papa Heartie aka Brian Bird, one of the executive producers: EGBOK. Everything’s Gonna Be OK. So let’s all remember to breathe. Actually it will be more like panting while we wait for mid-February to finally get here. But still, let’s just breathe; and when the time comes, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy watching our favorite show!

And tune in on Friday! I should have another short story ready.


“Kami, what on EARTH are you thinking???” Who thought it? Who said it out loud? Who slipped more colorful words in? 😀 I know this might be quite a controversial post, but I confess, I had to go with it. I got the idea as I was re-watching the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. After years of creating characters in high school and college, I was forced to look at other perspectives, not just the hero’s/heroine’s.

The immediate instinct we have as fans of the show is to vilify Rosemary, then Charles. Jack and Elizabeth are the stars, they are meant for each other, and the other two are trespassing on very touchy territory. How dare they?! Hey, I did the EXACT same thing. But when I took a step back, I realized that if this were a real-life situation, those two would feel terribly jilted.

Think about it: Rosemary had known Jack their WHOLE lives; talk about history! And how could a boring school teacher possibly compete with a glamorous actress? Jack and Rosemary courted, fell in love, and they even became engaged. Back in the 1900’s engagements were very binding, and not as easily broken as they are in more modern times. I suspect that’s one reason Jack waited so long to propose to Elizabeth, (besides suspense and drama to keep us Hearties watching!) Here’s Rosemary’s problem: not only did SHE break things off, (letting Jack know her career was far more important than he was,) she came back, without a word, after TWO YEARS thinking things would be the exact same way. I wouldn’t have wanted Jack to end up with her AT ALL, but I would have felt more sorry for her character if she had demonstrated a fraction of humility, if she’d BEGGED Jack for forgiveness and a second chance. She just assumed WAY too much. But we’re not supposed to like her at first, so it’s all good, right?

Charles and Elizabeth had known each other their whole lives as well.  They grew up together with the same friends, same teachers, and as Jack truthfully put it, “high society, social status.” How dare this Mountie she’s only known a few months even think he has a chance? I suspect Charles was in love with Elizabeth for years. Luckily Elizabeth only thought of him as a friend; at least mostly. But as Jack says so eloquently says again, “A ‘friend’ who would ask for your hand the very second I was out of the picture.” He’s no fool! Here’s the problem with Charles: He, too, assumed too much. He figured he had time. Elizabeth’s post in Coal Valley was only temporary after all, and she would never fall for someone in a filthy coal-mining town. His other difficulty is once he saw “the complication”, he tried to rush ahead and make up for lost time.

Sorry guys, you lose! And every Heartie in the world is happier for it because we LOVE our Jack and Elizabeth! I just want to add a note about them during those turbulent moments. I’ve figured out a single word that would have saved everyone a lot of angst if they would have practiced it: understanding. Having had Billy Hamilton praise and flatter her, I would have thought Elizabeth would understand how lovely it feels having someone pay attention to you when being ragged on by your significant other. Having had Rosemary show up unexpectedly in Coal Valley, and how uncomfortable he was, I think Jack could have understood the situation with Charles a little better; especially with the kiss on the cheek. Jack got so angry when Elizabeth kissed Charles on the cheek to say goodbye in Hope Valley, but Rosemary kissed him on the cheek when she was leaving for San Francisco. Finally, having felt horribly jealous and left behind when Rosemary rode into town, I would think Elizabeth would have understood Jack’s feelings of being pushed aside where Charles was concerned. And if it was okay for her to spend so much time with Charles, why did she go into “spoiled princess mode” when Jack had a happenstance dinner with someone trying to help him keep his brother out of jail? And don’t get me started on Elizabeth thinking the worst of Tom, but insisting Julie was incapable of intentional wrongdoing. All I’m saying is a lot of grief would have been spared everyone with a little understanding. I’m just glad they got it worked out! Good advice for all of us in our real lives. Ta ta everybody!


Good mooooorning, Hearties! How’s everyone doing? Welcome to #WonderWednesday. Today I’m going a bit off the beaten path I usually travel, but not too far since the show is now on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. We’ll be talking about Psych Season 1 Episode 1. Why, you ask? If you haven’t already watched it, let me enlighten you. You are NOT going to believe who guest stars in it! Pascale Hutton… aka Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter! I didn’t remember seeing her, but I found I didn’t remember almost any of the plots from Season 1; I haven’t watched them since they premiered.

As a matter of fact, there is a HUGE collection of WCTH alumni in the series. I’m not even done with Season 1 yet, and I’ve already spotted 4! There’s Pascale, Steve Bacic (Spurlock), Anne Marie DeLuise (Aunt Caroline), and Chelah Horsdal (Cat Montgomery). To add to that, all this time I thought Psych was filmed in California, but SURPRISE! It was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The things we learn, right?

So, back to Pascale. Wow, does she look young! And since I didn’t remember seeing her in Psych, WCTH was the first thing I saw her in, as far as I was concerned. Even though I’ve been acting or into acting my whole life, I still find it startling to see someone I’m so familiar with in such a different setting. And even though she plays a comedic character of sorts in WCTH, she was in a show that has almost no serious moments whatsoever. Quite different. She’s still just as beautiful though. Playing a rich girl, and being costumed in beautiful clothes didn’t hurt either. It was so funny to see the character of Shawn Spencer flirt with her so shamelessly while she’s desperately trying to hold in a laugh; totally out of her league, am I right? How many takes did they need for that scene?

And that beach picture with what Shawn called a “very unfortunate perm”! It’s nice to know even famous people we adore went through awkward teenage years.

Probably the best part reaction-wise was when Shawn was wrong about her being the murderer. He pulls stuff from the big black bag expecting to find ransom money, but out comes her donations to a thrift store. Her reaction is the perfect blend of annoyance and the smug “I was right” mouth.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can write because she isn’t in anymore of the episode. Tragic loss! But it was fun watching her do a completely different character, and see more of her work since I had never seen her in anything else.

Happy Hump Day, Hearties! Here’s hoping you have a lovely rest of your week!