Happy Friday! I bet I know what you’re thinking: “Kami, you PROMISED to deliver #FlashbackFriday!” I know, I know! Things did get busy yesterday, and I’m sorry. But in my defense, I’m only a day late. And besides, with posting one day late, I’m able to include the S7E4 recap with the blog! It was only released this morning. So there’s one good thing.

By the way, I confused someone with my use of episode numbers. So from now on, to dispel any puzzlement, I’m not going to include the Christmas movie in the numbers. It will be strictly the season run, starting with “A Moving Picture” being Episode 1. So hopefully that helps you wonderful readers and listeners follow along better.

So! Welcome to #FlashbackFriday. Since it is the end of Kevin McGarry’s birthday week, my Hooked Heartie tradition is to review his favorite moment of his character. I was lucky enough to be able to ask Kevin what his favorite Nathan moment is thus far. Given the fact that this is only Kevin’s second season on the show, there aren’t as many to choose from. Also, since Nathan’s story has only just started getting deeper, that narrows the field even more. So we’re not flashing back very far, but it’s such a great moment that I don’t think anyone is going to care.

Kevin’s favorite Nathan moment so far is when Nathan is forced to arrest his father at the barbecue in front of the whole town. There are two reasons Kevin mentioned for his choice: 1) The storyline was one he “could really sink [his] teeth into”. 2) That moment was such a powerful one for him to portray; it’s the kind of dramatic moment performers love to act out.



We already talked about this moment in the recap, but this is the perfect time to really delve into Nathan’s thoughts and reasons for his actions. First of all, what a performance! Kevin was fabulous this whole episode. As for this particular moment, can you imagine how much was racing through Nathan’s head? We all saw how angry he was when his father showed up in town, and the great lengths he took to keep Allie away. The Mountie instincts and past history were not exactly a formula for welcoming dear old Dad with open arms. He fought against every effort Archie made, and called him out on every excuse. Only after Allie’s sweet and insistent list of reasons she should meet her grandfather did he relent even the tiniest bit. And even then, Nathan was still hesitant, double checking if his father had TRULY quit. But he did invite Archie to sit with him and Allie at the town picnic, so he was VERY slowly warming up.

Then, just when the sun started breaking through, the thunderclouds roll in with a vengeance! Can you imagine Nathan’s rage? He let his guard down the tiniest bit, and according to Nathan’s feelings, he was betrayed! The fuming in his face is unmistakable. He’s trying to hold his emotions in and remain professional, but without much success. He’s seething as he stomps into the middle of the picnic, and slams Archie’s glass of lemonade down, then hauls him off. Not only is he angry because he thinks his father lied for the umpteenth time, but it pains him to know end that now Allie is involved. Then rub salt into that barely-healing wound when all this drama happens in front of the woman for whom Nathan is falling fast! His heart is broken, and he is livid. He’s on the verge of tears when he tells his father he wants so badly to believe him. And that’s why he’s also angry with himself, almost as much as he is with his father.



Kevin’s performance in this scene really is fantastic, and he pulled us as an audience down the path of discovery with him. Happy birthday week, Kevin! And everyone, we have something to look forward to amidst all the chaos and fear: a return to Hope Valley and Brookfield ! It’s almost worth being cooped up for, and those trips always make us feel better. So I’ll see you Monday for #MondayMusings on When Hope Calls! Then…Friday brings with it another #FaceOffFriday! Exciting!


Icing on the cake: here is the S7E4 recap I promised. Have a blast with it! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!



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Can all of you #Hearties believe it’s been TWO YEARS today? I sure can’t! And SO MUCH has happened in a year! This past year, I conducted my first celebrity print interview (Madison Smith), encountered my first WCTH celebrity face-to-face meeting (Paul Greene), organized my first giveaway (with Elliot Wallach’s help), experienced my first TWO Skype interviews (Laura Bertram and Milo Shandel), got interviewed on the radio for the first time, (Rudy on the Radio), started a novel, (with Sarah Nitsch), and became a podcaster with the Hallmarkies Podcast. And there’s a whole slew of things that happened in between. PHEW! That’s quite a 365-day rotation!

So in honor of this special milestone, here is the link to my latest recap of movies with my latest podcast adventure. And you won’t want to miss Friday, because I’ll have another special surprise to mark the occasion. Remember to copy and paste the link if for some reason you can’t click on it.


Thank you all so much for your support and love! You really are wonderful, and I couldn’t have done it without you! If you feel like giving me an anniversary gift, a click on an ad, and/or doing some of your Christmas shopping through our Amazon links would be perfect. 😉 Can’t wait to see you Friday! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Okay, Hearties, after today, we should be back on track. Thanks for your patience. So, today we’ll do a combination of #MondayMusings and #FlashbackFriday, even though we’re not flashing back very far. 🙂

So, how about that premiere? What did you think? I heard of several fans saying that it didn’t have that “wow factor”. I agree it wasn’t as emotionally charged as several others we’ve seen, but most premieres aren’t. I don’t remember being all that wowed by Season 4’s first episode, and that ended up being one, if not THE best, season yet for me. And if the season preview we saw was any indication of what’s to come, I think this season will reach a very satisfactory level of intensity.

First of all, I want to talk about the before and after. Beforehand, another VERY smart move rearing Love on the Menu right before the episode; get everyone even more excited seeing Kavan, and knowing what’s coming up next. Then we got a complete triple dose of Kavan on Brian “Papa Heartie” Bird’s brand-new Hallmark Podcast. He and Pascale came on together, and as usual, they were hilarious! Pascale actually yelled, “The band is back together!” Kavan chimed in saying the three of them had “silly grins like they’re killing it, and the rest of us have to listen to it.” But Pascale wasn’t about to back down! She was quick to explain that in Season 5, the prop flute was “a bum flute”, that it didn’t work at all. But for Season 6, it was a different flute, and she was able to squeak out a single off-key note. Then when it was time to say goodbye, Brian thanked them for joining him for his first podcast. In true Kavan fashion, without missing a beat, he replied, “We could tell it was your first time, but we’re happy to join in anyway!”

Let’s talk baby! Those twins sure are precious! I’m glad Elizabeth realizes that motherhood is “a lot of work,” but also something that fills you with “profound, joyous, unfettered love”. Fantastic use of adjectives! And how they incorporated Jack in! Oh! So sweet. If you missed it, Elizabeth said that Baby Jack inherited “certain characteristics from his father: the women of Hope Valley thoroughly enjoy his company, and the men want to be his friend.” Brilliant bit of writing, I tell you what! And who else COMPLETELY understood Elizabeth’s difficulty in dragging herself away from her baby to go back to work? When I had my first, I was only working part-time 3 days a week. But I sobbed when my mother put her in her car. Elizabeth did better than that. Nonetheless, didn’t Florence do a fabulous job handling her? I laughed so hard with how quickly she switched from “baby face” to “stern babysitter”. Then to watch Molly comment on how exhausted Elizabeth is?! All I can say is, #TeamFloMo is back!

Watching the tale of Mr. Trevoy wrap up was very satisfying. We haven’t seen him since Season 1, so it would have been very easy to just say he left. But not only did the actor come back instead of disappearing into the Black Hole of Hope Valley, but his past and future absence was explained. I thought it was done very well. I gotta say, it would have been fun to see Henry and Bill try to make a partnership work, but oh well. There are still plenty of opportunities for them to work together.

Speaking of partnerships, we had the star pair in rare form that night. My friend Sarah described it as seeing the full spectrum of their marriage, and seeing why they’re so suited to each other. We see them argue, we see them disagree, and we see them make up, and being totally in love. But more than just making up, they come to an understanding of their course, and work together to make it happen. Good thing Rosemary didn’t see Lee with the telephone though, because I don’t know if she would have let him live it down.

Really quick note on Lee: when he was talking to Henry about a possible partnership, I couldn’t help but remember Lee in Season 2 when he angrily crumpled a piece of paper in his hands, and shouted, “Gowen!” Things are incredibly different now, aren’t they?

I do want to talk about Carson and Faith, but something tells me I’ll have another chance this season. 🙂 So I’m opting to end with Jesse and Clara. Wow, have those two come far! I had to laugh a bit when Jesse said he didn’t want to be one of those guys who “talked big”, but couldn’t deliver on a promise. Funny thing is , that’s exactly what he used to be. Then we find out he’s been paying that store owner $10 a month, and he doesn’t want to get married until the debt is settled ? That man is truly a changed individual! On a much lighter note, when Clara asked why Jesse was so happy, and he said, “I am”; the first thought that popped into my head was “because I have a decent haircut!”

Well, it’s only a couple of days now until we’ll talk again. Have a nice weekend, enjoy the episode, and be sure to wish Ben Rosenbaum and Andrea Brooks a happy birthday on Sunday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hello, Hearties! Six words: school fair, visit in-laws, day trip. That was my Friday and Saturday in a nutshell. Hence the reason Part 2 did not appear yesterday. I do ask your forgiveness. But I’m here now! If you missed it, Part 1 was posted last Friday. So now, for your reading…pleasure (maybe), I give you Crossing Wires Part 2.

Bill scoffed, then went on. “I know what you’re trying to do.”

“And what exactly might that be?” Henry countered. If Bill was going to spout unsolicited advice, Henry was going to make him say every bit of it.

Bill was never one to back down from a challenge, however, and he shot back, “You’re trying to alter yourself to appear as an eligible and appealing bachelor…a bachelor who will catch the eye of a certain lady who happens to hold your former position.” Once again, Bill had twisted everything around, but Henry refused to dignify his accusation with a response.

Bill took the silence as relenting, though, and his eyes were filled with triumph. “Frankly, I don’t know why you think Abigail would want you to court her.”

“What wouldn’t I want, Bill?” Both men’s heads shot up like starter pistols. Abigail had already finished her shopping, and was heading back to her office, her basket bulging with supplies. Bill stumbled over his words momentarily, but recovered quickly, too quickly. “I was just telling Henry here that you would never want to go to court again.”

Abigail visibly shuddered. “Ugh! Two experiences I will never forget, but never want to repeat; not unless it’s absolutely necessary, of course.”

Not only was Henry disappointed that Bill had been able to recover his blunder so quickly, but he also couldn’t help wondering if those two experiences were so unpleasant to her because he was involved. He was just opening his mouth to strike up some pleasant conversation, and leave Bill’s “advice” in the dust, when a voice across Main Street turned Abigail away from him…leaving his mouth gaping to catch the flies.

“Mayor Stanton!” the voice called cheerfully. Henry felt bile rise in his throat as the new “distinguished gentleman” in town met Abigail in the middle of the road.

“Oh, good afternoon!” he heard her call back to…what was his name? It didn’t matter; the bad taste was there all the same. Ever since he’d arrived in Hope Valley, he’d been monopolizing a very large portion of Abigail’s time. “Business,” he’d said, but Henry knew better! How could he not be attracted to her? Henry reluctantly watched as the two walked back to the mayor’s office. He was certain he heard something about plans to meet the following evening, and her laugh echoed in his ears, like the memory of a fantasy.

Henry was yanked back to reality by the very real, and still lingering, presence of Bill, whose smugness was reaching new heights of glory. He winced.

“ You see, Henry? Abigail needs someone stable, someone kind, someone without a record. Trust me when I tell you that you’re better off forgetting all about this little venture. Stick to business.” Bill stood and walked away, seeming very confident that he’d told Henry what’s what. But there was one thing Henry did realize: if he stayed silent, his opportunity may pass him by like the train.

“We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we, Bill?” Henry whispered to himself.

Have a great rest of your weekend! And by the way, I’ll be having a Season 6 premiere party on Monday the 25th, so let me know if you happen to be in the Austin, TX area. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy New Year, Hearties! Did you have a nice Christmas? I must, once again, apologize for my lack of posts. To quote Jessica Lowndes’s character, Layla, in December Bride: “I haven’t had a second to breathe.” Creatures have DEFINITELY been stirring in and out of the house throughout the entire holiday, and it ain’t over yet! So today will be the makeup for yesterday, and hopefully, (fingers crossed!) I will have another post for you tomorrow.

So…The Greatest Christmas Blessing! Wow! What a special! The best part for me is perfectly summed up in a tweet I saw from Papa Heartie, Brian Bird, himself: “Jack will never be forgotten in Hope Valley.” I actually counted the references to our dearly departed man in red serge, verbal and nonverbal. There were 8. In my mind, it was such a lovely balance. They didn’t ignore Jack’s existence, and let him slip into the Black Hole; but they didn’t harp on his absence, and keep us in tears the entire time. Here are my top 3 favorite Jack moments in ascending order:
3) In the very beginning, the first thing we see is an arrangement of photographs of Jack; some alone, some with Elizabeth. The camera pans across them very slowly until Elizabeth appears in the frame reading a story to the baby. It set the tone for the whole show!
2) When Abigail, Rosemary, Florence, and Molly are finished decorating the baby’s room, Elizabeth is overcome with emotion. She is able to talk enough to say that the room is only missing one thing. When she walks away, the women start fretting, wondering what they could have possibly overlooked. She returns with something at her side, but we don’t catch a glimpse until she’s set it down; it’s a picture of Daddy. :’( Then the room is declared perfect.
1) In Benson Hills, after Elizabeth has bought the pram and is waiting for Abigail and Rosemary to pick her up, she sees a father and daughter together. She starts talking to Jack, saying how much she misses him, and all the little things that left with him. Suddenly, the father says, “Take a walk with me?” Elizabeth gasps in surprise, then smiles contentedly. You can tell she received her answer.

Okay, can we talk about Erin for a moment? Lori insisted she needed to be nominated for an Emmy in the final episode of Season 5 because of her amazing performance as the grief-stricken widow. While I agree with that 100%, I think she needs a nomination for Christmas Blessing. She’s never been pregnant a day in her life, and she pulled it off like a pro! I’ve been pregnant 4 times, so I know! I realize the pregnant belly helped, but still! She had the waddle mastered like a champ, the fatigue down to a science, and the aching…well let’s just say I was reaching for my back a lot! And that scene with the pickles and Ned. 😀 I laughed so hard at Elizabeth’s vital decision about whether or not to take the extra jar. As for the birth, let’s leave the labor as is, shall we?

So, Jesse…he’s moving up in the ranks of Hope Valley men, isn’t he? Not only does he pick up the stranded orphans WHILE he’s out cutting down the town’s Wishing Tree, but he’s willing to subject himself to becoming a human puzzle just to go to a BALLET with Clara? What a guy! He used to be out for number 1 and no one else, but he’s really progressed into a wonderful human being. And his hair was amazing to boot! Keep that haircut, Aren! This Heartie is a super fan! But we can’t mention Jesse’s tux without talking about the other men of Hope Valley. In true WCTH fashion, they all pull together to help Jesse go to the big event without being embarrassed. Even though the pants were lent out a bit reluctantly, (poor Mike getting the dirty job of asking Bill!), the puzzle was eventually completed. And Clara! I’ve only got 3 words for her: OOH LA LA! Did she make that dress?

Speaking of Bill, didn’t he and Abigail make quite the team? Say what you like about the characters romantically, but they play off of each other so incredibly. One of the best parts is when Abigail is panicking about the availability of desserts for the Christmas Eve feast, and it is only heightened when Bill says his mother’s figgy pudding is all she needs. When she…”expresses concern”, he gives her such a slow glare, I was momentarily holding my breath.

Well, my extended family just rushed in, so sadly, I must depart before I’m through. If I don’t do Part 2 tomorrow, I promise…to do my best…to do it next week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!