Hey #Hearties. How is everybody? Have we all started breathing normally yet? I know we’re all in different stages of grief. Even though this IS just a TV show, and we DO need to remember that, it is a huge loss for all of us. We’re going to miss Daniel as an actor, and we’re REALLY going to miss Jack as a character! Jack was, in a word, the perfect man, and the screen chemistry between Dan and Erin was unmatchable! It’s definitely not going to be the same watching the show without Jack, but I do think it’s important for us to eventually get past this.

Like most of you, I let out a huge gasp when the funeral came on the screen, I cried my entire way through the episode, and I felt like my emotions had been messed with. Why bother having them get married at all if we couldn’t see them BE married? Why couldn’t Daniel Lissing have held on for ONE MORE YEAR? Then we could have seen them be married for a year, the baby could be born in or near the season finale, and the show could have ended happily.

But you know what? No matter what scenario(s) they would have come up with, somebody would have been unhappy. No engagement or wedding? Be honest, both those episodes brought us so much joy! The character of Jack could not have gone out on a higher note. And be honest, do you really think we could handle watching any other actor play Jack? I certainly couldn’t. I’d constantly be comparing him to Dan.

If you missed the Facebook LIVE event, Dan told us that he was moving on: moving on to other projects in his career, and for “personal reasons”. This is a very real dilemma, especially for someone as talented as Dan. He makes his living as an actor, and sometimes actors have to move on. And that whole “holding on for one more year” thing I mentioned before? Well, that would have been lovely, but contracts are often not for 1 year at a time, but multiple years. And ending after Season 6? Why should the executives and the other actors terminate a perfectly good series when one actor made the choice to pursue other endeavors? That’s not very fair, especially if the show DOES keep chugging along.

 Speaking of which, that part is really up to us. I’ve heard of several fans saying they’re going to boycott the show. But truly, what is that going to prove? If we stop watching, and the ratings go down, and the show goes off the air, then what? We’ve lost a decent, wholesome, family-friendly show; something that is already in short supply. My mom called this situation “biting your nose off to spite your face”. So let’s be good sports, let’s be #HeartieStrong. We have some time to heal and get over the shock and the hurt, then we can start anew at Christmas: the time of hope.  For now, here are some things to help us remember our favorite Mountie.

The beautiful video tribute was created by Megan Mottola, all video clips credit to Crown Media. 

The picture: credit to Crown Media, found on My Devotional Thoughts.

Hey, Hearties! What’s shakin’? Good weekend? I have to be honest, this will probably be a short post. I had a doctor appointment today, and for a while, we thought I might have the baby today. That didn’t happen, but now there’s a possibility of having him next Monday. So if there’s no blog on Monday, you’ll know why! 😛 I also remembered that I didn’t post the answers for the Season 3-4 edition of Name That Line. So, I will have those for all of you on Wednesday.

Well, we have now witnessed an entire episode of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton! It was really sweet, wasn’t it; seeing them so comfortable, yet so in love. When he said, “Good morning, Mrs. Thornton!”, and when the children called her that, it threw me for a loop for a moment each time; I’m so used to “Miss Thatcher”. But of course I loved it! I also loved the recreation of the first date, and the petals on the stairs; if only they could have lasted longer! A little trivia on the stairs: that scene was filmed on Halloween, so there was a picture of a crew member in a Spider-Man costume laying out the petals! And can we talk about how PERFECT the character of Jack is??? “I know you’re there, Elizabeth. I know your perfume.” What man DOES that? The writers just keep making that Mountie look better and better! A woman HAD to have written that line!

And poor Rosemary! Jealous of the fresh and new romance between the newlyweds, trying to be gracious about it, attempting to rekindle the sparks with Lee, and getting ignorantly rejected. I’ll bet several, if not all, of us married and/or attached women have felt like that a time or two. Who, us??? 😉 And even though he was a little slow at first, I was proud of Lee, not only for recognizing the problem, but for taking action! Of course we know that Lee is not the kind of person to sit still! And Rosemary can drive now! She learned!

Did you notice the theme of notes in the episode? Jack and Elizabeth writing notes to each other, Rosemary writing a note to Lee, Lee hiding the tickets in that ruined note, and Laura and Bill solving the case of the mysterious love note to Florence. Who would have thought crusty, grumpy Florence would be loved for her laugh? That was a fabulous reminder for her, and us, to have a positive outlook on life; to look for the silver linings instead of the gray clouds. I think it also emphasizes the power of the written word: a lost art in today’s world. And Bill and Laura working together was so cute.

I was appreciative of the way Frank was handled. We’re all sad to see him go, obviously! But the executives, writers, etc. all recognized that the pastor was a big enough, (and well-loved,) character not to let him slip into the black hole unsung and unrecognized.

I know we were all a little (or a LOT!) surprised that Jack is leaving…AGAIN! Let’s not panic too much…at least not yet. Remember they could have given him some time to travel to Australia for mourning and burying his beloved grandfather. Do I know that’s the reason? No, I don’t. But it is very plausible, and I have every reason to believe he’ll be back on that horizon. And this is a very realistic storyline; Mounties get assignments, and have to go away. So even if Dan is wanting to spread his wings a little as an actor, this will allow him to do both. And maybe they’ll show a little of them honeymooning. 😉

Have a good night, everybody. Just remember what Brian Bird tells us: EGBOK! (Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.)

Oh, Hearties! Pardon me while I faint!……………Okay, that’s better! What a wedding! What an EPISODE! Pretty much everything about it was incredible! My hand is so cramped from the notes I took, (6 pages of them!), I know without a DOUBT that this is going to be 2 parts. So read today, and come back Wednesday!

First thing’s first: the title! My Heart is Yours. I think the fans would have been perfectly happy with a very simple title, such as, oh I don’t know…The Wedding? But they took it a step further, refused to cop out, and gave us a very heartfelt title that meant something! It sums up how they feel about each other so precisely.

Then following that, the first scene made the episode hit the ground running! Not only was Jack’s mock complaining of going through the list SOOOO endearing and adorable, but Elizabeth did something with Abigail that Abigail used to do with her. Did you notice it? Abigail used to “clarify” Elizabeth’s words about Jack; ie she was making own up to her feelings. One example is after the mine in Season 2. Elizabeth was dancing around what she wanted to say: “How much I care about him…”. Then Abigail blurts out, “How much you love him?” Elizabeth than smiles bashfully. Well, now Elizabeth is in a stable relationship, so everything comes full circle. Abigail says she hopes Frank is all right because he hasn’t answered her letters or telegrams. Elizabeth pushes her a step further, and says, “And you MISS him.” Then it’s Abigail’s turn to bashfully admit, “I do.”

Speaking of Elizabeth being stable, she was the LEAST of a bridezilla or a diva that I’ve ever seen, on television or in life! Of course we would expect/ hope for nothing less of sweet Elizabeth, but it still left me gaping a bit. She never lost her cool, or her focus for that matter; not when the kids wanted to decorate instead of learn, not when Jack almost saw her dress, not when Rosemary was bombarding her with crazy marriage advice, and not even when she was walking down the aisle. She even kept her composure with the church AND her dress being burnt past extra crispy. She cared more about the children being safe, AND them not feeling horribly guilty.

A couple more things about the fire: don’t you love the kid logic? “Let’s go into the church/school, WITHOUT permission or supervision, where everything is beautifully decorated, (and flammable!), and practice with fire.” And then, Opal has exactly 2 concerns when she wakes up: 1) Did I miss the wedding? and 2) Can I still be the flower girl? Oye! Once again, how sweet was Elizabeth to say everything possible so they wouldn’t feel guilty. And obviously, even though Mountie Jack didn’t escort the prisoner, they still found a way for him to be a hero. It took my breath away to see him carrying that little girl out of the burning building. Then the irony of Jack’s line, “Here’s to a smooth wedding,” right before the big flame blowout: very funny, writers!

Let’s move to the scene inside Dottie’s Apparel. First of all, I really appreciated how the writers kept the bank problems prevalent without making it the focus. Just keeping it brimming in our minds… And those 3 ladies! The dynamics between them are becoming quite comical. Clara is becoming more and more like Rosemary and Dottie every episode. Hmm…is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Well, it sure was a FUNNY thing when the men came in! They made a bigger deal than Elizabeth! I giggled so helplessly to watch Rosemary try to cover Jack’s eyes; and to see him, with lots of bewilderment, gently try to defend himself. One thing though: how on EARTH do the men, (especially a married Lee,) not know about this custom of not seeing the dress before the wedding??? Well, there was no doubt in their minds with that emphatic “GO!” from the dressmakers, was there?

While I’m on Rosemary and Dottie, they’re getting sweeter by the episode, aren’t they? My favorite line of Dottie’s is, “We specialize in miracles!” What determination she, and everyone, has to see this wedding through. It reminds me of Season 4 Christmas when Abigail says, “All those in favor of saving Christmas, say ‘Aye!’.” The whole town pulls together to make it a happy day. Heck! Rosemary pulls apart her own wedding gown, and gushes about Faith’s needlework; two things she wouldn’t be prone to do. She IS, however, prone to give crazy advice, and to blab about her husband being less than perfect. 😀 All I could do was shake my head, and say, “Oh, Rosemary!” Did you notice that Elizabeth used almost the exact same line talking to them that she said to the kids in Season 1? In Season 1: “I just love you all so much!” And now: “I just love you both so much!” So sweet! But my favorite demonstration of her growing graciousness is when she and Lee are willing to use their own wedding bands for the ceremony…without any hesitation whatsoever.

Okay, Hearties, I think that’s good for tonight. I hope you’ll come back on Wednesday to talk about the really juicy stuff! Ta ta!

I’m going to be British for a moment: ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello! Who read it in a British voice? Or better yet, who read it in Daniel’s voice? 😉 I was growing a little weary of my same ‘ole greetings, so I know all of you must be REALLY tired of them! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the past few months of creating and running a blog, it’s the need to mix things up a little.

Boy, that a DOOZY of an episode, wasn’t it?! I have to share something about it with all of you, actually.  A friend of mine who knows I save the episodes for after Sunday started texting me about 9:05 my time, (so 5 minutes after the episode was over.) This is what she said:

“I hope you aren’t feeling tired tonight! You can’t go to sleep until approximately 12:45. That was an INCREDIBLE episode. And they answered like 3 black hole questions.”

Needless to say, I was QUITE intrigued! My response: “Man! Now I’ll NEVER sleep!”

That only encouraged her: “It was simply amazing. Top 3 episodes ever!”

I swear she was trying to drive me crazy! I did fall asleep, thank goodness, but I woke up around 2:30. Sure enough, I couldn’t fall back to sleep, (oh darn!), and I watched the whole show. It was lovely, wasn’t it? And the preview for next week’s episode looked not only heartwarming, but SO promising…not to mention nostalgic, thrilling, magical. Need I say more?

So, first thing I noticed was Henry’s voice saying, “Previously, on When Calls the Heart…”. Did it mean something, or are they just trying to mix it up? Only time will tell, I guess. And while we’re on Gowen, they did some interesting things with him, didn’t they? For one, his voice slipped into a country twang when he was talking to Abigail about knowing possible investors. His speech has always been so refined! Did Martin Cummins do that on purpose to show how low Henry’s gotten, or that he’s reverting back to his sharecropper roots? Or, was it just a…slip of the tongue? HA HA! I’m so punny, aren’t I?

The other two things I really loved about Gowen’s storyline were his conversation with Jesse, and Jack’s invitation to stay at the bachelor luncheon.  Henry is enough of a shrewd businessman to know that he wasn’t the best man for the job; he was just grousing a little. And by the smile on both his and Jesse’s faces, it almost looked like they set up that confrontation so Clara would realize how much Jesse meant to her. (I admit Jesse’s character is growing on me. He gets more honest and decent every episode.) Then the lunch: how incredible of Jack to be so committed to community that he not only tolerated Gowen’s presence, but he welcomed him to the party with open arms.  And once again, Jesse shows his ever-growing fairness to include him in a game of darts.

While we’re on the bachelor party: SO MANY intricacies and fun interactions! Bill and Lee are so hilarious! I love that Lee offered to help Jack build his house!  He’s a true friend!  And Bill with the chili!  (There is a fettish with chili this season!) He acts all tough, refusing to share the recipe, then declares that he already sees Elizabeth as family. And the toast!  It was perfect: how Jack found the perfect woman, but took forever doing something about it. Then the perfect tie-in to the “Jack and Elizabeth theme”: “Love is patient, luckily for you!” You would think Bill would stop there, but then he continues this “busybody streak” he seems to have picked up from Rosemary when he puts in his two cents about the guard of honor at the wedding.

Now contrast the rustic and masculine bachelor luncheon to the elegant and feminine bridal tea.  Just the difference in the laughing is the perfect transition of scenes to show the contrast. I had never heard of the tradition of giving the bride the 4 “good luck charms” at the bridal shower, but I thought it very sweet!  Abigail’s emotion talking about her own wedding, and her hopes for Elizabeth’s made me downright misty-eyed!  I’m also curious as to whether or not they’re going to continue the “something blue” snafu, and give her something later.  What do you all think?

Rosemary’s need to control the wedding planning and make everything perfect HAS to be exhausting for her! 😉 We know it is for Jack and Elizabeth!  But as my husband pointed out: in a way, all this craziness IS their fault.  After all, they chose to get married in 2 weeks, right?  One aspect of her fussing that shows just how much she’s grown to love Elizabeth is when she says that their wedding should be as wonderful as they are.  She’s showing that love in her own way.  It’s funny to watch though! One thing Daniel remarked on when he was a guest on “Home and Family” is that as much as Lee hated asking Jack about color schemes, Lee knew Rosemary would “kick his butt” if he didn’t glean the information from Jack.

Well, #Hearties, it’s getting late, and I want to make sure I get this out to all of you!  So I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, and save Part 2 of “Open Hearts” for #WonderWednesday.  This episode was just so jammed with amazing content, it can’t be summed up in one blog.  And I have a feeling I might be doing the same next week.  Do you agree? 😉

To finish up, here’s a picture that I think describes the way we’re ALL feeling about…uh…upcoming events.  Take care, and have a great week!    

Photo Credit: Tamara Burks Brewer

Hello Hearties!

Oh, my heartstrings! Oh, my heart RATE! Oh, my tear ducts! Oh, my body from lack of sleep! I couldn’t sleep before I watched at midnight, then I couldn’t sleep after I watched! That episode was INCREDIBLE! I definitely got lots of feels! One thing I thought was I almost, (ALMOST, mind you!) wish I hadn’t known Jack would be back this episode, because that scene with the Mounties was INTENSE!!! I wonder how I, (and we,) would have reacted to that scene had we had no knowledge of his return, or if we had listened to Brian Bird’s pot-stirring attempts. If we hadn’t known Jack was coming, I fear hospitals around the nation, and the world, would have had an alarming amount of patients reporting hyperventilation fits. So maybe it’s a good thing we did have an inkling, AND that we saw through Papa Heartie’s venture to frighten us!

Man, that reunion was AMAZING! That was the kind of coming together I had imagined for the Christmas special. But it’s been done NOW, so I’m totally satisfied! I guess they were saving the “good stuff” for the series. He even twirled her! And those kisses! How do spell fireworks? J-A-C-K-E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H, that’s how!

Okay, first point I have to make is something my dear friend Sarah pointed out, and it made me laugh terribly hard! When Lee and Rosemary say hello to Jack, and Rosemary says he needs fattening up, Elizabeth replies that she’ll be fine. It happens really quickly, but if you’re looking closely, Jack has a split-second look that is hauntingly familiar. It’s almost the same “uh-oh” face he made when he said neither Ma nor Elizabeth could cook. When Sarah told me that was there, I immediately cued it up to see for myself. Yep, it’s there! It’s in the eyes!

Speaking of eyes, probably my favorite line of the episode, besides “I’m home” was, “Eyes are windows to the soul.” Why? Because it has such meaning! Look at Jack’s eyes the WHOLE episode! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “Daniel Lissing is so talented!” His performance was stunning! I loved how subtly he played the struggling soldier who keeps moving and keeps smiling to keep himself from feeling. But his eyes are those windows, and we can all see Jack is trying to not let time catch up with him. Sarah made another observation that I promised I would share here:

She wonders how long they’ve been planning this storyline, because it almost seems like it was set up perfectly in “The New Year’s Wish” when they were in the rowboat. Jack shows his “reluctance” to relive his painful memories, and his “evasive” nature when it comes to questions about said memories

To conclude, I want to talk about that wonderfully romantic scene when Jack invited Elizabeth to dinner “at the sight of their future home”. First of all, I love watching them dance, and that music box was the perfect touch. Secondly, the man can do candles! Brian Bird shared with the Hearties that he made the mistake of showing that scene to his wife, and she grumbled that he had never done anything that romantic for her. He swiftly made his way to Home Depot to pick up some torches. I told him that was a good plan, and now he could quote Lee: “You’re making me look bad, Jack, making me look bad.”

Lastly, did everyone know that poor Erin fell off her horse while filming that scene? I had no idea! I saw Dan’s instastory when they were filming, but all I saw was two women working on Erin’s hair, and she was laughing. I didn’t hear why. But she fell off the horse! That’s twice now, because in Season 2, Dan accidentally threw her OVER the horse when filming the riding lesson scene. 😀 Crazy times! But that’s one of the reasons we love this show!

Okie dokie! That’s all for me for now! See you Wednesday!