Boy, does THAT tagline describe Monday’s show! EVERYONE was taking gambles! Well, welcome to #WonderWednesday/#MondayMusings Part 2, and Happy Hump Day! I think that’s especially fitting now, since we are back on track, and watching again. So now we can count down until we see a new episode! Before I talk about Monday’s episode, I promised someone I would mention a few things. 😉 I’ll start with one here, then save the other for later in the post

Number 1: Similarities. If you’ve been following the blog a while, you know I like to write #FanFictionFriday stories, and sometimes my friend Sarah helps. 😀 (Only kidding, sweetie!) We write in between seasons because we like creating stories that could plausibly happen in the actual plot line. So, often we use interviews, cast spoilers, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, etc. to get ideas, then make up the rest. Well this time around, we were able to knock out two stories during the hiatus. Had to have SOME kind of WCTH in our lives while we waited, right? Even if it WAS just in our heads. (“A Secret Too Well Kept” parts 1&2, and “Romance: Quarantined” parts 1-4 here on the blog under the category #FanFictionFriday, if you’re interested!) Then we see how close we were when the show comes back. Well, turns out that between the two episodes, we had several similarities. And here they are in no particular order:

a) Faith shockingly took Rosemary into her confidence, and asked her to keep the secret. (I was laughing as I wrote that in the story because I thought it was ludicrous to even think it would happen! 🙂 )
b) Rosemary did, in fact, plan a dinner for Faith and Carson
c) Even though Rosemary was exaggerating to justify buying the telephone, she mentioned needing it if Lee needed to warn her about a plague. Our second story was all about an epidemic of diphtheria sweeping the town.
d) (I admit, this one is probably the most inconsequential, but it’s my favorite.) In “Romance: Quarantined”, when Bill is trying to retrieve the anti-toxin for the town, he impatiently says, “We don’t have time for niceties.” When the government official came to offer him a judge’s position, he said about roughing up the other judge, “There was no time for niceties.” 😀 I actually had to rewind it to make sure I’d heard right.

Okay! Let’s talk about “Surprise”, Monday night’s episode. First event of the evening, and the one that got a LOT of attention, (but for very different reasons,) is Jesse striking oil. The potential for a huge fortune, and what is Pascale Hutton, (and the rest of the Hearties, including me,) worried about? The fact that he got black oil all over Clara’s beautiful, and LIGHTLY colored clothing. Good thing they’re “gonna be rich”, because she’s gonna need a new outfit. 😉

Did you notice that the geologist was Stanley, the real estate tycoon from Daniel Lissing’s “December Bride”? He’s in so many movies WITH When Calls the Heart actors, that I was starting to jump to him being one himself. And now, it’s official! 🙂 I just hope he and Henry don’t swindle Jesse and Clara somehow, because then I really WILL be mad. I gotta say, between the interactions in this episode, and what I saw in next week’s preview, I’m a little suspicious.

So, Allie…Allie, Allie, Allie. To quote Elizabeth when talking about Lucas, “I don’t know what to make of [her].” She quite the little fireball! I had to laugh when Bill tried really hard, (and failed miserably!) to exert his authority, and have her call him “Sir.” And she laughed in his face! Then she momentarily transforms into a mini-Rosemary with her over dramatic “Now please, give me this moment.” I immediately thought, “Oh dear! We’ve got another drama queen. And a sneaky one at that!” when she ran off. She really is “ten going on seventeen” as Nathan put it; a delinquent tomboyish seventeen-year-old. But one thing in her favor, she’s proof that Nate has parenting experience, with a child that’s not his own, no less. And even though it was quite reluctantly, the tough new Mountie actually accepted help from Elizabeth. SCORE: Nate-3, Lucas-1.

And that brings me to Lucas. “Not very sporting” is what I’ve noticed is his catchphrase. My goodness, he is a man is a mystery, isn’t he? I gave him one point because he looked at Elizabeth as though he was just as fascinated by her as Nathan was, but for VERY different reasons! Nathan is touched by her sweetness and caring for his niece; Lucas is captivated by her spunk and fiery words, and because she stood up to him. I am curious to find out what his backstory is. They keep giving us these little teasers like “I’ve only cheated once in my life”, and that he likes gambling because of the stakes. Let’s hope he doesn’t take Elizabeth’s sarcastic suggestion, and open a “gambling school for minors”.

Speaking of which, I have to tell you something funny: I was actually LIVE tweeting on Monday, something I don’t ordinarily get to do with WCTH because I don’t watch the episodes until Monday, so this was a treat! When Elizabeth mentioned the school, I tweeted, “Welcome to the gambling school for minors!” Chris McNally retreated me, and added: “The Lucas Bouchard Center for Kids Who Can’t Gamble Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too”. If you’re a fan of the movie “Zoolander”, (which I’ve never seen. Someone had to tell me,) that makes perfect sense, and you should be rolling on the floor right now. 😀

Bill & Lee vs. Elizabeth & Rosemary. This was a fun juxtaposition to watch! For one thing, if you saw the season preview, you know that Bill telling Lee that he’d been offered a judgeship was originally a scene with Abigail. But I thought it was done perfectly, especially since Lee had that same reaction when Bill deputized him. And it made their babysitting scenes all the better!

Oh man! What a day that must have been on set. Being a mother of small children, I imagine Lincoln and Gunner’s mother was either clenching her teeth, ready to catch whichever twin was in front of the camera; or she was sitting back, and laughing her head off! It was hysterical! Them fighting over who was better at caring for Baby Jack, trying to get rid of each other, the shot when they both leaned into frame over the crib at the same time…but nothing can beat when the ladies walk in the door to find all three of them snoozing, (Bill snoring) away! Pascale tweeted a picture of that shot with the remark: “Best acting these two have ever done” 😀

So while they were snoozing away, Rosemary and Elizabeth are not “cramping the guy time”, and getting some much-needed R&R. I took note of the food so the next time I have a ladies’ night, I can copy Rosemary’s menu. Since Season 6 premiered in February, we haven’t seen Elizabeth relax and let go, so it was nice to see her get that chance. The best part was how they were talking about Jack. I loved that they were able to do so fondly and nostalgically, without too much heartbreak; not to mention without any malice, as those two weren’t exactly getting along at that point. Then they move on from Jack, and have that incredibly amusing interaction about all the people who have found love in Hope Valley, including the “terrible liars”.

And that brings us to my grand finale- Number 2 of what I promised to mention: The Doctor’s Bag. Before either of us watched it, Sarah texted me predicting something like that would happen based on a picture we saw. She called it. There, I said it! And I watched before she did, so I texted her, “Three words: you nailed it.” 😀

Most of us had to take a VERY deep breath on Monday night when Carson…dropped his medical bag. <3 Definitely his finest moment of the evening, and he expressed himself in that moment much more smoothly than when he called Faith a “sweaty Pinocchio”. It was perfectly timed too, happening after he’d heard the story of her father, then put her at ease with, “Anybody would be crazy to reject you.” SO ROMANTIC! I tweeted to Andrea Brooks that we’ve reinvented (but rebooted sounds better) “Drop the Mic” for them. And that is………….Drop the Bag, of course! People are going to be talking about that bag drop and the ensuing smooch for weeks to come! Poor Florence though! She can’t seem to catch a break. Everybody is deciding to kiss right in front of her! 🙂 “Quite provocative!”

Well, that wraps up my thoughts…most of them anyway. 😉 So now, we’re back on track for Monday and Wednesday blogs while the season is airing. But next week is Kavan’s birthday spotlight week since Monday was his actual birthday. So we’ll see you next Monday! Enjoy the photos! I didn’t take as many this time because the decorations were the same. Click the link in the comments to see those pictures. The child is my 5-year-old dressed specifically in heart clothes for the night. <3

But I was very proud of that cake. I made plaid pants in honor of the man who made them cool again, and his birthday! 😀 I was totally winging it, though, and pro cake decorator is not on my list of talents. So I was nervous, but it came out alright. If you caught Paul Greene’s FB LIVE yesterday, he challenged us to do something that scares us. Mine’s covered. Any ideas for yours? This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


P.S. If you’d like to see some Austin Hearties singing to Kavan, feel free to check out my tweet. My handle is @kamidramagirl .

We’re baaaaack! Oh Hearties, can we believe it?! And I’ve already seen it 3 times! My 5-year-old woke up crying at 2:00 am, so I got her calmed down, then thought, “Ooh! Officially it’s Monday morning. Well, I’m awake!” And I watched it. Then I watched it a little later while I was working out, and then again with a friend who may or may not make it to my Heartie Party tonight. Yep, I’m having ANOTHER one. When the show returns with a 2-night event AND it’s Kavan Smith’s birthday on the same day??? That calls for celebration! We’re watching last night’s episode, then watching tonight’s all together. I’m excited! It’ll be my first time watching an episode LIVE that isn’t Christmas, and having a party during said episode! I’ll post pictures on Wednesday. Speaking of which, seeing as how we get 2 episodes this week, today is about last night’s, and Wednesday’s blog will be about tonight’s. A bit unusual, I know, but unconventional times…

Well, enough of the business talk. Let’s chat about the episode! What did you think?! I loved it! I usually ask people what their favorite parts are, but I, personally, can’t pick one! I was so impressed with how everything was handled. My friend Sarah and I were talking this morning, (gasp! Shocking, I know!) and we discussed how well humor is used when they introduce a sensitive topic. We’ve got Baby Jack’s first giggle, Rosemary’s shenanigans with the telephone, Jesse’s jealousy, (particularly the scene with Jesse and Henry!), Emily’s disgust with manure, Mountie Nathan’s introduction, even the stagecoach robbery had some humor woven into it.

Let’s start with the Mountie. I don’t know why, but I find it very interesting and very giggle – worthy sneaky that he arrived in town incognito. When Bill threw him and Jesse in jail, (did you see Jesse close the door on himself? 🙂 ) I was dying laughing when Bill said, “Leave the law and order to me.” Then in contrast, a very dramatic shot seeing him say, “I’m your new Mountie” from behind bars.

Elizabeth’s reactions and interactions with Nathan were fantastic! I knew they were going to happen, and I knew they were going to be fantastic, but her shock at the sight of him was chilling! It reminded me of the picture I saw in my head when I was writing my fan fiction story “A New Arrival” (under the category of #FanFictionFriday if you’re interested.) And I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of Elizabeth as I was in that scene when she introduced herself, and put him at ease. It took every ounce of her courage, I’m sure. You can tell because when she walked away, she had to do a very deep exhale.

Nathan, in turn, was very gentle with her, even if he came off as terse with others. He complimented Jack’s memory, he let Elizabeth correct him with the “excellent Mountie vs. excellent man” comment, and he gave her Jack’s pension very quickly. And did you catch this? Because I didn’t, even after 3 times. Bill had very astutely told him, “I come with the desk!”, and Nathan was actually working on the opposite side so as not to step on his toes. Good man! Now if only he had known Jack, that would have been even more perfect! But oh well. I still love it!

Who wanted to give Rosemary a big hug by the end of this episode? Busybody as always, pushing her nose into the budding romance of Carson and Faith, buying a telephone without discussing it with Lee first, (then constantly bothering him with it…). She redeems herself enough to soften Lee toward cutting the line, (“Rosemary’s the one connection I never want to cut”,) then completely melts his heart when she completely squished the rumors about the timid lovebirds. If you’ve seen Kavan’s movie “Love on the Menu”, I’d say he was challenging Nick: i.e. Nick kissed Maggie in front of the customers, and Lee kissed Rosemary in front of the TOWN!

Well, I have a party to prepare, so I better stop there, and go! See you Wednesday with my thoughts on tonight’s episode. Enjoy! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Let me guess, you were chopping onions when that scene popped up too, right? Because I refuse to admit how much it affected me…oh, okay, you twisted my arm! I’ll say it! Oh my goodness! That was so beautiful! Was it in any spoilers, because I hadn’t seen it. I remember thinking, “Huh…they didn’t do ‘time with Jack’ this week.” Then when Bill told Elizabeth that Jack’s hard work in the Northern Territories was paying off, I thought that was how they were doing it this week. When Elizabeth told Baby Jack she had someone special for him to meet, (and I love that she called him “Smiley”,) I was completely clueless. My eyes were glued to the tube, wondering who on earth it could be. I think I even held my breath because when Sergeant came into the frame, I gasped, and didn’t have much air to take in. So we still got our time with Jack, and I sincerely hope we SO many more seasons so we can see little Jack become best friends with his daddy’s horse. And one more note: did you notice that the music playing in the background during her ride was the same cue from the Season 3 memory montage when Jack had pneumonia? I found that very poignant!

Quick little in-between observation I thought was so hilarious: when Florence, Ned, and Molly were clucking like chickens in the street, Florence called Lucas’s music “quite provocative” while simultaneously tugging down on her overcoat. The very mention of said tunes make her feel immodest. Such a perfect gesture loaded with subtext. I was reminded of Scarlett O’Hara saying of Rhett Butler, “He looks as if he knew what I look like without my shimmy.” Then all 4 present quickly look at Abigail, because, of course, it’s up to her to solve the issue. 😀

Carson and Faith: wow, that’s opening a can of worms, isn’t it? I can tell from the posts and comments I saw on the main page. First of all, I guess that crosses Dr. Shepherd off the list of Elizabeth’s potentials, unless the plot line takes a SEVERE turn! Personally, I was never actually gunning for #TeamInfirmary, but I thought they’d be cute if the story went that way. I saw lots of people saying they couldn’t feel the chemistry. No, they may not be electric like Jack and Elizabeth were, but it’s a totally different circumstance. He’s a widower, completely out of practice, and treading very carefully, even in the risk-taking. Faith has had her share of romantic disappointment in the past, and probably not wanting any repeats. They’re also both sweet, quiet, private people, and that’s exactly how I saw them play it out. Besides, give the man some credit. He surprised her with a picnic! Gotta count for something! And them playing out that chemistry gave us some really great scenes. We got poor Hickam caught in the middle of their fishing expedition (for clear communication). Not only was that a hilarious scene with Ben’s flawless facial expressions going back and forth, but it was also an awesomely rare time when we get the birthday twins onscreen together. The other is behind-the-scenes. If you saw this on social media, you’ll know what I mean. Paul made Martin Cummins (Gowen) jump out of his skin at his trailer on his birthday. Martin said of himself, “I have a very long memory.” So he hid behind the infirmary door, and scared Paul half to death while he was filming the scene where Carson asks Faith to take a risk. Classic prank war! 😀

I also saw some say the kiss was too soon. That’s interesting…I hadn’t really thought about it. When I did, here’s what I came up with: things were already turning that direction in Season 5, so it’s not brand new. They’re also a couple in the supporting cast, so there’s not going to be as much buildup. And with the protesters raising their signs that Elizabeth shouldn’t have a new love interest right away, we need SOME fresh romance. Plus, I think we should be happy things are moving quickly with a couple when so many others (who shall remain nameless ) have been dragged through molasses. 😉

I’ll end with Bill. Man, I lost my breath with him too, but for different reasons. I was so surprised when he body slammed that judge against his own bookshelf, but I guess I shouldn’t have been. That’s our Bill: Fighter for Justice and Protector of Hope Valley! Jack Wagner said on Home and Family that he checked with the actor to question him being alright with the shove, especially since he’s older. Apparently, to Jack’s pleasant surprise, he was all in, and very committed to making it a good scene.

Go from being the one in charge to the one the bullets are charging at! That whole interchange was so funny! I’m sure it was funny to Bill as a character, being shot at AFTER announcing his identity. But good for him for taking the time to restore Jeremiah’s confidence in his guiding abilities, especially when he’s in such a rush to catch the gun runners. Hey, those words ended up being instrumental in saving his life! I doubt Jeremiah would have stepped in otherwise. Best line of the episode that he said? “Come on, boys! It’s a long ride to jail!”

Well, I liked it. I hope you did too! Leave a comment, and tell me what you thought. I would truly love to read what you think. I hope this gave you something fun to read on this cloudy and rainy #MondayMusings (at least in Texas). Have a good one, and I’ll see you Wednesday for Part Two. “Of what”, you ask? Come find out! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well Hearties, I don’t know about you, but I was VERY pleased with last night’s episode! Baby Jack, (mine, not Elizabeth’s) was up at 2:00 this morning, so I thought, “Why not?” I was going to be up anyway. And I loved it! Last week’s episode felt slightly stiff; I’d call it introductory, like they were dipping their toes in to test the uncharted waters. But this one felt like a classic WCTH episode, and included everything it should: an impeccable blend of storylines from the town and from the school, highlights on pretty much all the main characters, a new character in town to spice things up, and just the right amount of mystery and intrigue; not to mention a great cliffhanger to keep us craving more. And, there was a lovely little sprinkle of Elizabeth talking to Jack to keep his memory alive. There were also, in my opinion, more in-depth connections between characters. It was, in word, pretty much perfect.

I only had one complaint about the entire thing, and it’s very minor. It’s the “vegetable” of today’s post. I would have preferred that Timmy had said “bicycle” instead of “bike”, but that’s it! Speaking of Timmy, hasn’t he grown! Wow! Amazing what time does! His uncertainty in his abilities reminded me a lot of his struggle in Season 4, when he was scared to play the piano in front of everyone. But once again, Elizabeth worked her magic, and helped him succeed! Very cleverly too, I might add. You know, I think I’ve said this before, so forgive me if I repeat myself. As devastated as I am that we lost Jack, it does actually help the plot historically. If Jack was still alive, it would be harder for Elizabeth to keep her teaching career after Baby Jack was born, especially since Jack was a full-time Mountie. But now, she needs to keep working to support her son. Even if she does have a widow’s pension, she’ll need the money. So it fits, and we can keep having plots like this one.

Since I brought him up, I love our “time with Jack” that we’ve had at the beginning of each episode, even the Christmas special. They’re really doing a fabulous job to make sure Jack is not forgotten, and they’re really reflecting Elizabeth’s healing process. I love it when she says she could remember “the joy in your love” not just the “grief in your passing”. And of course, she’s making sure Baby Jack becomes “a man of honor and integrity, with the capacity for eternal love.” My favorite line of that sequence is “Here you are: part him, part me, all you!” That just about sums up children, doesn’t it?

There was a new title sequence! Oh my gosh! I was completely taken aback! But I liked it. New theme for new beginnings. Also, Abigail is much more attractive when she’s genuinely smiling, and given her matriarchal role in so many areas, I like her being introduced with her hair pinned up. That’s just me though. Now the question is, will it change further on the episode that introduces Mountie Nathan?

Okay, time for the new man! Goodness, he’s a slippery fish; pun intended! He kept us guessing the whole time, didn’t he? Elizabeth’s line rings very true: “I don’t know what to make of him. By the looks of it, neither do you.” Calling himself “a rogue and a scoundrel”, and suggesting “a tar and feathering is in order”; implying he doesn’t speak French to Rosemary, then speaking “impeccable” French to the mysterious female caller from New Orleans; insisting to Bill that his intentions in Hope Valley are “honorable”, but hiding guilty expressions in the shadows and secret money in the ice. Whew! What a roller coaster. And his introductions were all done very well. The first one with the coin and the scoundrel bit, then him basically handing Elizabeth a job on a platter with no knowledge of her, (and sticking his foot in his mouth in the process, then him balking at talk of San Francisco with Fiona, THEN the French with Rosemary. That’s a lot of introductions, and a lot of mystery! I honestly cannot wait to see more!

Speaking of foot in mouth, good for Carson acknowledging and rectifying the situation with Faith. His conversation with Lee was classic “married guy gives advice to guy who’s been single too long.” Lee’s reactions were flawless! His laughter at the “rookie mistakes”, beautiful! Then he shows just how much he knows by saying that “one of the perks of marriage” is getting to eat his wife’s leftovers. 😀

I’ll end with a quick note about Henry and Abigail, and Jesse and Clara. Believe it or not, I actually wish Henry HAD asked Abigail to dance, but his hesitation made for good drama. And Jesse, I think he’s got the Almanzo syndrome from Little House on the Prairie: his pride is hurt because his lady is earning money to help their life get started. He seemed okay with it by the end, but we’ll see…

Well, those are some of the Hooked Heartie’s reflections on last night’s episode. Of course I couldn’t do them all, but that was most of them. Hope you all don’t chew your nails into stubs waiting for the next one. Just remember, we’re in this together! Love to you all! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Okay, Hearties, after today, we should be back on track. Thanks for your patience. So, today we’ll do a combination of #MondayMusings and #FlashbackFriday, even though we’re not flashing back very far. 🙂

So, how about that premiere? What did you think? I heard of several fans saying that it didn’t have that “wow factor”. I agree it wasn’t as emotionally charged as several others we’ve seen, but most premieres aren’t. I don’t remember being all that wowed by Season 4’s first episode, and that ended up being one, if not THE best, season yet for me. And if the season preview we saw was any indication of what’s to come, I think this season will reach a very satisfactory level of intensity.

First of all, I want to talk about the before and after. Beforehand, another VERY smart move rearing Love on the Menu right before the episode; get everyone even more excited seeing Kavan, and knowing what’s coming up next. Then we got a complete triple dose of Kavan on Brian “Papa Heartie” Bird’s brand-new Hallmark Podcast. He and Pascale came on together, and as usual, they were hilarious! Pascale actually yelled, “The band is back together!” Kavan chimed in saying the three of them had “silly grins like they’re killing it, and the rest of us have to listen to it.” But Pascale wasn’t about to back down! She was quick to explain that in Season 5, the prop flute was “a bum flute”, that it didn’t work at all. But for Season 6, it was a different flute, and she was able to squeak out a single off-key note. Then when it was time to say goodbye, Brian thanked them for joining him for his first podcast. In true Kavan fashion, without missing a beat, he replied, “We could tell it was your first time, but we’re happy to join in anyway!”

Let’s talk baby! Those twins sure are precious! I’m glad Elizabeth realizes that motherhood is “a lot of work,” but also something that fills you with “profound, joyous, unfettered love”. Fantastic use of adjectives! And how they incorporated Jack in! Oh! So sweet. If you missed it, Elizabeth said that Baby Jack inherited “certain characteristics from his father: the women of Hope Valley thoroughly enjoy his company, and the men want to be his friend.” Brilliant bit of writing, I tell you what! And who else COMPLETELY understood Elizabeth’s difficulty in dragging herself away from her baby to go back to work? When I had my first, I was only working part-time 3 days a week. But I sobbed when my mother put her in her car. Elizabeth did better than that. Nonetheless, didn’t Florence do a fabulous job handling her? I laughed so hard with how quickly she switched from “baby face” to “stern babysitter”. Then to watch Molly comment on how exhausted Elizabeth is?! All I can say is, #TeamFloMo is back!

Watching the tale of Mr. Trevoy wrap up was very satisfying. We haven’t seen him since Season 1, so it would have been very easy to just say he left. But not only did the actor come back instead of disappearing into the Black Hole of Hope Valley, but his past and future absence was explained. I thought it was done very well. I gotta say, it would have been fun to see Henry and Bill try to make a partnership work, but oh well. There are still plenty of opportunities for them to work together.

Speaking of partnerships, we had the star pair in rare form that night. My friend Sarah described it as seeing the full spectrum of their marriage, and seeing why they’re so suited to each other. We see them argue, we see them disagree, and we see them make up, and being totally in love. But more than just making up, they come to an understanding of their course, and work together to make it happen. Good thing Rosemary didn’t see Lee with the telephone though, because I don’t know if she would have let him live it down.

Really quick note on Lee: when he was talking to Henry about a possible partnership, I couldn’t help but remember Lee in Season 2 when he angrily crumpled a piece of paper in his hands, and shouted, “Gowen!” Things are incredibly different now, aren’t they?

I do want to talk about Carson and Faith, but something tells me I’ll have another chance this season. 🙂 So I’m opting to end with Jesse and Clara. Wow, have those two come far! I had to laugh a bit when Jesse said he didn’t want to be one of those guys who “talked big”, but couldn’t deliver on a promise. Funny thing is , that’s exactly what he used to be. Then we find out he’s been paying that store owner $10 a month, and he doesn’t want to get married until the debt is settled ? That man is truly a changed individual! On a much lighter note, when Clara asked why Jesse was so happy, and he said, “I am”; the first thought that popped into my head was “because I have a decent haircut!”

Well, it’s only a couple of days now until we’ll talk again. Have a nice weekend, enjoy the episode, and be sure to wish Ben Rosenbaum and Andrea Brooks a happy birthday on Sunday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!