Hello, friends! It’s Monday, and it’s time for #MondayMusings. I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why I would be doing that when there’s no new episode to discuss. Well, this week is special; it’s “When Hope Calls” week.

To recap logistics, the first two episodes come to light this Friday on Hallmark Movies Now, and there will be a tweet fest starting at 5:00 PST to commemorate the occasion. Then we’ll have a new episode every Friday all the way through October. I know several of you won’t be able to watch, and that’s okay. I, myself, am only subscribing to the app for 2 months so I can see Season 1, and hopefully I’ll have more of an opportunity next year.

But for now, I thought a Top Ten list might be fun. I was looking through old posts, and I haven’t done one of them in a looooong time! No time like the present to rectify the situation. 🙂 And I got help from some friends on excellent reasons to watch, namely Bobbi, Debi, and Lili. Thanks, ladies!

So here are, in no particular order, ten top reasons to tune in and watch When Hope Calls (WHC).

Let’s face it, 9-10 months out of the year, we’re agonizing about the separation from Hope Valley. It’s ridiculous how much we salivate when we get wind that filming has begun, right? Well, now, we have a wonderful place to escape when we’re not in Hope Valley. My friend Lili brilliantly said it like this: “It’s kind of like we’re just going on a vacation from Hope Valley to visit our new friends Grace and Lillian in Brookfield.”

While we’re searching for something to view during the breaks, let’s be honest; we can’t find too many SHOWS we can watch as a family, or find one where the writers aren’t afraid to incorporate a higher power in the scripts. But now there’s going to be even more media out there that is appropriate. HURRAH!

My favorite part of the “more clean media” is what Debi so eloquently described as more “chaste romance”. I couldn’t have put it better myself! I was going to add this into the above reason, but seriously this subject deserves a reason all its own! (And the fact that this is #8 is proof that these are in no particular order 😀 ) I know that Jack and Elizabeth and their beautiful (sometimes head-butting) love story is what drew so many of into its spell. And we loved it even more because they weren’t rolling all over the ground, (except in the mine when he saved her life) eating each other’s faces off. So now we get even more beautiful (and probably feisty) love stories!

One of the only other reasons that has more pull than romance is watching the adorable faces of children, especially children who are looking to belong somewhere. We just want to shout, “I’ll take you home!” So now we get a whole new set of kiddos to love! And hopefully we’ll see some of the same loveable cherubs we met in “The Greatest Christmas Blessing”

Speaking of stories introduced at Christmas, I was so intrigued by Lillian and Grace’s past. Two sisters who grew up with completely different experiences, and are now coming back together after all these years? Not to mention the fact that they’re setting up shop in Lillian’s old house, something that is completely foreign to Grace. That should make for some interesting interactions!

The set brings me to my next reason: the beautiful background. If you saw the preview special, you saw how gorgeous the surrounding land is! Bobbi is particularly excited that “a ranch is part of the set.” Then there’s the town! It was built FROM SCRATCH for this very series! So it’s fresh and new, and ready to share its inner secrets. The town has yet to receive the modern convenience of a telephone, but Moutie Gabriel Clark gets his own office! LA dee DAH!

Being a spin-off, we already know we’ll be viewing some very familiar faces in Brookfield. Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, and Kevin McGarry have already made very public announcements/appearances, and I think it will be so much fun to see how the worlds of Hope Valley and Brookfield intertwine. WCTH is our favorite show, so how can we not be excited for something that has the same feeling, the same vibe? We can’t .

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that we love the work of a few particular writers/creators/producers. When we hear the names Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr., we are instantly prone to loving it. A smile just magically appears on our faces at the mention of them, doesn’t it? So when we hear these same names in connection with something new, our immediate instinct is to assume we will be seeing some fabulous plots unfold.

Debi described this as “set in a more simple time”. Isn’t it the truth? 1916 was a time of great hardship in the convenience and medical departments, and let’s face it, corsets are NO picnic. But so much of that time period is so much easier, so much simpler, so much more defined. Plus the hair and wardrobe promise to be stunning!

One of them is in UNIFORM too! THAT’S stunning! Now if you’re a male Heartie, this won’t have the same kind of appeal, of course. But seeing as how most of us are women, we can thoroughly enjoy looking at some gorgeous eye candy! But if you’re a married lady, remember to take it easy on the amount of drool you allow to drip onto your chin. (Okay, the women are gorgeous too. There, I said it. 🙂 )


So, did I include your reasons for watching, or do you have one I didn’t mention? Either way, I’d love to hear about it. So please remember to like, share, retweet, and all that jazz, as well as give a little click on the ad to help us keep the blog going. And please do come back Wednesday, because I have a special surprise! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom! 

Well, it’s been quite the roller coaster of a season, hasn’t it? And we’ve coasted to the end of it. I sure am glad we had our seat belts on! Hopefully you didn’t lose your socks on the very long loop we had. But let me tell you, my friends: THIS ride may be over, but jump in line for the Hooked Heartie Spinning Teacups, because June is going to be a HUGE MONTH! So buckle up everybody, and keep your eye on the blog notifications.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL GREENE! (yesterday). Hope it was a fabulous day for him! My friend Kate helped me make the medical bag cake at the bottom. And how fitting that the episode aired on his birthday when Carson beat out Hope Valley’s newest tough guys in the strong man competition. He barely exerted any effort at all! Faith must really enjoy cuddling up to those arms! 😀

On top of being physically appealing, Carson’s great with children too! His interactions with Spencer are so endearing! He made that poor boy feel so comfortable when he first came to town. And then he encourages Spencer to have fun, and be a regular boy. My favorite line is when Carson feels Spencer’s forehead, and says very worriedly, “It’s just as I thought. He’s running way too low on fun.” What a man!

Were Nathan and Lucas on a seesaw the entire night, or what? 🙂 Neither could tear their gaze away when Elizabeth dared talk to the other, and they both sure did their darndest to come out on top where she was concerned. Where should I start? How about Nathan and the plaque??? Was that the sweetest thing ever?! And on so many levels! He made sure he made his own contribution to the library when he had been stopped from helping before, he gave HER a gift out of the goodness of his heart, he showed his talent and invested his time by carving it with his own hands, he remembered Emerson is Elizabeth’s favorite poet, and best of all, he encourages her to stretch herself with the quote. Pretty amazing if you ask me! She was so touched, and I think she couldn’t have asked for a better gift

Also, did you notice the total Jack vibe in that scene? After Nathan gave Elizabeth the plaque, there was that tense, staring moment broken by Baby Jack’s babbling. She giggles, and Nathan lets out a bit of a frustrated chuckle, but good-naturedly says hi to him. Sound familiar? How about a favorite scene of ours in a mine when Jack is just about to kiss Elizabeth? Just as he moves in for the kill, he gets interrupted by Rip barking in the distance, and let’s out the exact same kind of frustrated chuckle.

Nathan seems to have caught Jack’s “foot in mouth” bug too; it must be a Mountie thing, because that “founders would be proud” line was an utter failure! At least he realizes it! But I don’t care how ridiculous he sounded, or how #TeamLucas you are, Nathan holding Baby Jack, and making him laugh just melts the #Hearties heart! In my opinion, things are not over for him, even if he didn’t get asked to dance. That expression of despair on Elizabeth’s face cannot be overlooked! If you missed it, Brian Bird tweeted something to the effect of Lucas getting the dance is like Charles upstaging Jack at first. Hmm…Mr. Pot-stirrer is at it again.

Don’t worry Lucas fans, I haven’t forgotten him. He had some pretty impressive moments. The one in which I felt bad for him was when Rosemary requested assurance, (actually, she delivered a very low blow,) that no bad surprises would come their way where he’s concerned. But he handled it with such grace and poise, I was actually really proud of him. And even though he didn’t have the adorable factor of holding the baby, winning him a teddy bear was pretty cute.

Then there’s the hero factor. I admit that I loved the line he said to Elizabeth so much, I kept rewinding and pausing so I could write it down verbatim. “I wouldn’t have let anything happen to you, without fear and without hesitation. I would’ve done whatever it took to keep you safe. I mean, being a hero…it’s kind of my thing now.” A little cocky at the end, but it obviously left an impression on the “lovely school teacher”. Who wouldn’t take at least a tiny bit of pleasure in hearing she’d be protected at all costs?

Then I just laughed when he joined in the strong man competition. Why yes, I’ll certainly try to win Allie a fishing pole, and I’ll take Elizabeth’s attention as a bonus. 😛 I found out from Twitter that poor Chris actually split pants during a take! 😀 Now THAT’S not very suave OR debonair, is it? But he acts very debonair indeed when he claims the victory of the dance with Elizabeth. You know that no matter how cool he was on the outside, he was bouncing up and down inside.

Well, Henry certainly got caught in a blast from the past, didn’t he? I really like that his coming-to-terms scene is with Elizabeth. I think I can count on one hand the number of scenes they have together. His attitude definitely makes us rethink Season 1; I just don’t know if he was as innocent as it looks way back when. But whatever he was then, he certainly is wracked with torment now. And admitting to Elizabeth that he doesn’t know how to move on helps her do exactly that. It’s amazing what saying something out loud does for the brain, isn’t it? Good girl!

“You touch everyone’s lives.” That’s what Lee said to his “beautiful wife”. They both do, so much! Who would have thought Rosemary would turn out so maternal when she appeared in Season 1 pointing that pistol at those cans. Now she’s kissing boo boos and catching balloons. And Lee is trying to sound much more confident than he feels about the heavy responsibility and “very important job” of being Jack’s guardian. Just keep breathing, Lee!

But their best moment, of course, was the dance! What a classic Coulter moment! I’ve seen some speculations that Pascale adlibbed that moment. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit! I’m just so glad that, adlibbed or scripted, they kept that moment. It was too perfect for words!

Jesse and Clara at the dance was pretty special! It’s only fitting we end the post with the couple who finally get to plan their life together. First of all: YAY! It’s finally happened! Clara really has been “as patient as a saint”. Receiving a promise of “I will never stop trying to deserve your love” makes for quite the payoff! Somebody grab a mop, and help me clean up the puddle of myself! And Jesse acting all surprised that Clara asked him to dance…that was just precious! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

I’ll see you Wednesday, everybody, and it’s going to be quite the day, I promise! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


WHOA! I needed a moment to catch my breath! I was almost as shaken as Lucas was when he got the phone call! SO many happenings, SO much adventure, and a plethora of emotions thrown in! I will admit that even after watching the episode twice, I’m still left with a deer-in-the-headlights gaping expression on my face, so I don’t have the usual opinions or commentary.

One thing is still certain: I’m still #TeamLucasNathan. 😀 I honestly can’t make up my mind. I am among the #Hearties who believe Elizabeth should be able to have love again…I just don’t know who. With Jack, it was easy. He was pretty much the only option, (and not a bad one at all!), then other “inappropriate choices” were introduced later. But it’s harder this time. There are pros to both, there are cons to both, and there is a different type of chemistry with both. Good thing I don’t have to make the choice, either as a character, or as a writer. I get to sit back, and watch the episodes unfold.

So for this one, let’s start with the obvious sweetness. I stopped counting how many references I saw to Baby Jack’s hand on Bill’s arm on Twitter this morning. I was a little busy mopping up the puddle of myself. 😉 So precious! And lovely choices of godparents! I know I’m happy to see Julie again, and I bet you are too! We’ll finally see interactions with Baby Jack and his Hamilton family. Now the thing to ponder is, just Julie, or will more family surprisingly show up? Because I watched that sneak peek; and although there was a very heartfelt conversation with Nathan and Elizabeth, and an absolutely adorable bonding with Nathan and Jack, I saw no Julie. And I’m 99% certain she’s in the finale. So what other surprises await us in the form of characters or storyline?

Question: I’m very curious about the difference between guardians and godparents. We don’t have typical christenings in my faith, it’s done differently. And we don’t typically appoint godparents in the traditional sense. So I’m very curious: What is the difference? Are they usually different people, or was that to include more characters? Any correct answers would be very appreciated. 😀

Michael Hickam…lots evolving there! He walks in wearing a sports coat, (or whatever they called it in 1915!), then calls his boss “Lee”. I never thought he’d be the one to be the deserter. He does have a point, he does need to look out for himself. I just never pictured him permanently joining Henry’s ranks while leaving Lee’s. Luckily, Jesse has Clara to remind him what things in life make him happy, including loyalty. That’s it! That’s Hickam’s dilemma! We need to find him a woman! What’s that line from “Pirates of the Caribbean”? “You need to find yourself a girl, mate!” That would set Mike straight!

On to the dramatic part of the story, the parts that were making fingernail indentations appear in all our hands. Great start with that shot of Nate riding away, then Amos Dickson appearing in the same frame. As I said, I can’t say much about this because it kept me on edge just watching. I do like them showing Lucas’ backstory, so we learn more about him; but I’m curious about what Jeanette really is to him. “Friend” isn’t cutting it.

And then, smart men, figuring out how to save Elizabeth, and get out of that pickle! You gotta be a very intelligent Mountie to get “burglary” and “hostage” from scattered papers, but he did! Then not only do they work together to apprehend the outlaws, but Lucas confides in Nate, even shakes his hand! Definitely was not expecting that!

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day! I’ll see you Wednesday for a very “discussion-worthy” post. Until then, this is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, hello there, lovelies! Um…whoa! I have to quote Ben Rosenbaum’s tweet “What a packed episode”. Between all the happenings in the actual plot, plus that preview for next week??? HOLY COW! Actually, it funny, because I’ve got a video for you. I could have sworn that I heard next week was the season finale. I remember desperately wanting to have videoed myself when Jack proposed to Elizabeth, so when I heard “season finale” I immediately paused it, then got my phone to take a video of myself watching the preview. Well, it turns out it wasn’t the finale, but MAN! I’m glad I did! That has some seriously intense drama in it! I am so antsy for next week now! So be sure to watch the video at the end of me totally shocked at the gripping turn of events.

Now, let’s talk about the current episode. It was definitely “packed” like Ben said. So much was happening, one event right after the other, and it was physical and emotional. But something they always do so well is start things out so calmly, then build up both kinds of tension. Elizabeth recording how much her son delights her? Awwww! It reminds me of when I was a brand new mom. My first daughter always woke up so happy in the morning. I always got smiles instead of fussiness. Then when she laughed for the first time…oh boy! I went nuts! Do you empathize? What are YOUR experiences?

I also reveled in all the talk about love. Hearing Elizabeth’s voice being able to speak about love with a little longing, but no bitterness, was a balm to my soul. And in an episode that showed so many manifestations of different kinds of love, it was beautiful to hear a definition of sorts: “New love blossoms, enduring love grows stronger,” and love gives us “comfort, bliss, and hope in what tomorrow may bring.” It’s a beautiful sentiment, something I hope everyone gets the chance to experience it on some level. You can also tell that Elizabeth misses having romantic love in her life.

Well, she’s beginning to have the opportunity if she wants it. Now, before any of you who are of the opinion that Elizabeth doesn’t need to be “married off”, don’t jump on me yet. I’m not saying she’s there at the moment, but you must admit, both men can’t keep their eyes off of her, and you can almost feel the temperature rising any time she’s with either of them. Lucas actually, (and very forwardly,) admits he’s noticed her beauty, even said the word “fascinated”, which is how I described him in their encounter with the cards. I found that amusing. I also found it ironically amusing, but couldn’t laugh at, her reaction after he walks away. When he approaches, her eyes reflect nervousness, even a bit of fear. My guess is fear that he’s actually interested, and fear that she might want him to be. Then when he nonchalantly goes out, Elizabeth looks completely annoyed, with him for using the smooth words, and probably with herself for almost getting swept into it.

I also found it highly entertaining that Lucas was trying so hard to look good and be helpful to her with the bookshelves, and was a total know-it-all with the dowels. Meanwhile Elizabeth is desperately trying not to laugh at him! Then he totally back peddles, Bouchard fashion, and in his way, asks Allie for help. She’s no dummy, but I think she’ll help him, even if it’s just a little.

I don’t know why, but I found the shot of Elizabeth’s hand taking the key, her wedding ring very visible while doing so, quite significant. And then she gives this surprised smile, as if she’s decided he’s not such a bad guy after all. I don’t know if it’s just me reading a lot into it, or if it might be some kind of symbol; like the first man in her life is still with her even if she’s accepting a very generous gift from another. Like I said, I’m not totally sure what I think about it, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And then there’s Nate. I gotta say, it’s pretty clear, at least to me, that Elizabeth will end up falling in love with Lucas or him, but I truly don’t know who, or who I’d prefer at this moment. Erin has very good chemistry with both of them, and it’s so different with both of them, it just allows me to sit back and enjoy the story. Nate and Elizabeth seem to make a very good team. It occurred to me last week that it’s probably easier for Elizabeth to talk to him because she can focus on him as a parent figure, and not a Mountie. Allie is their icebreaker, their common bond. He definitely trusts her, as seen when he hands her the sling. Elizabeth seems surprised too, that he’s not doing the wrapping, but she does it anyway. He trusts her with his first name too. But there is a bit of a power struggle, though. There seems to be some disagreement as to who should give the literal “go ahead”. And even though Elizabeth consents to him calling her by HER first name, you can see the discomfort and the reluctance. It probably brings back memories from the time she gave another Mountie permission to call her Elizabeth.

Speaking of which, did you feel the total Season 1 vibe? Nathan, the Mountie, warning the beautiful damsel to stay away from the charming man who seems too good to be true. Things are different now, however. In Season 1, she got angry and defensive. This time, you can tell she’s mad, but she’s much more mature. She describes him how Bill described himself last season: “Your job makes you believe the worst in people.” But even though it makes her angry, it does make her think twice, and she questions Lucas outright.

Carson and Faith…oh boy! What’s going to happen to them now, now that she has to go away? I guess it’s just something we have to wait to see! But they had some adorable moments! Carson really is one amazing man to have in your corner. He immediately notices, AND ASKS if something’s bothering Faith, he reassures her that he wants to spend every minute possible with her, he agrees to go meet her family, (a very scary prospect for a new relationship,) and he literally drops everything when he hears her father is ill, and immediately tells her to go. But the best part? The goodbye. Sad concept, but what a send-off! He kisses her goodbye so sweetly, puts her in the stagecoach, but then he can’t let her go without the glorious manifestation of the famous stagecoach kiss. One last touch to say farewell before they’re parted. Hopefully not for too long.

We’ll close with Lee and Rosemary. (We’ll save Bill’s hysterically casual courtroom for another time.) Last week, Andrea hit it out of the park with her performance at the telephone. Today, the homerun award goes to Kavan and Pascale. They were incredible! We’ve never seen Rosemary that somber, that downtrodden, that choked on her tears. She was certain she had let Lee down, that it was her fault they weren’t parents. I was so proud of Lee! He knows what’s bothering Rosemary, but he helps her get it out, knowing it will haunt her if she doesn’t voice it. And he doesn’t lie. He admits he wants a child, but then he turns it into something beautiful by saying that he wants a child, but all he NEEDS is her. He says he’s the luckiest man in the world because her face is the first thing he sees every morning. And then, my personal favorite: instead of saying, “I love you, too”, which to me sounds more like an afterthought, he says, “I love you more!”

Have a lovely night, and a great day tomorrow. I’ll see you Wednesday, but I’m not telling you for what. 😀 Please remember to share and retweet, and spare a few moments to click on an add, so we can keep it coming. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Ooh, things are heating up in Hope Valley, aren’t they?! And the fire was lit by oil. This is going to be a big thing, I can tell. Is it still called civil war if it’s in a town? Because that’s what if feels like it’s working up to be. And Henry’s right at the heart of it. I haven’t entirely made up my mind about him. It’s true that he didn’t keep it a secret what he planned to do with the land he’d purchased, and everything seemed to be on the up and up. He even gave Robert’s father $5 more than originally offered in that pathetic attempt at “negotiations”. What WAS that man thinking, going up against Henry Gowen in price haggling? Anyway, it seemed honest enough, I’m just not sure he hasn’t regressed to his old scheming. And his words are still pretty cutthroat, especially when talking about Kurt Lawson. However, when I watched it a second time, (and it wasn’t 1:00 am,) I noticed that Henry DID pay Richard Wolf the $205, (I had thought he didn’t pay him at all!), he just isn’t going to pay him any more because he’s not drilling on Wolf’s land. So now who’s scheming and acting like a child?

Well, Jesse, for one. I saw a tweet from Aren Buchholz this morning that describes the character perfectly. It was a GIF of a toddler pouting with tears in his eyes. He captioned it, “Jesse this episode”. That does seem to be very fitting. He did take the deal, and Henry paid him for his land, fair and square. I can definitely see how he would be upset, and feel cheated. He lost out on a far greater amount of money. Luckily, Clara is not materialistic, and reminds him that they have enough money for their needs, and each other. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Let’s move to Rosemary. That poor dear! Before she got married, all she could say about children was that they’re “sticky”. Now her heart aches to be a mother. Pascale did a fabulous job with her performance of experiencing a loss she didn’t even know she felt. Thank goodness Carson was kind enough to give her a “healthy dose of communication” as a “recommendation as [her] physician and [her] friend.” But before she could do as the doctor ordered, she was trying so hard to be a supportive wife, and listen to Lee vent about his day, when she’s practically dying inside. Lee’s stress level must be at 11, because he’s usually such a wonderful listener, and supportive husband. It’s rare that he doesn’t sense and ease her distress. THAT is something that I’m REALLY looking forward to for next week!

So! Allie is exceptional at equations, is she? I loved her reaction to the class grumbling at math; she was downright excited about the subject. (And it was VERY cute that Anna piped up that she wanted to do the figuring for horses, reminding us of the debate.) I was also very impressed with how Elizabeth handles the whole scenario. She could have just been so impressed with Allie’s work, and let everything else slide. But she didn’t do that. She’s quick to compliment the girl, but she’s just as quick to remind her of the importance of following directions, and working as a team. She reminds a certain uncle of the same concept. It was a sweet moment when Elizabeth provided insight into a young lady’s mind about pushing people away. This was the first episode of Season 6 that Jack isn’t mentioned by name. But we still got our “time with Jack” in Elizabeth’s eyes and the background music at the mere mention of losing sooneone. She knows what it’s like to worry AND to lose someone, and I think her emotion and emphasis helped hit it home with Nathan. HIS eyes said as much.

Speaking of emotion, Carson’s telephone call, and Faith’s! Oh my goodness! I watched Home and Family with Paul Greene, so I had already seen his telephone scene. Debbie said it too, but I loved how the camera moved in on him as he spoke with Faith’s father. You could feel the importance of this connection, and how much it meant to him that he do this for the woman becoming more and more important to him! Andrea’s performance of the shock, the fear, the determination, the love, the relief, the sadness, the joy…all in one scene…she hit it out of the park! The moment was flawless! And Carson stayed by her side the entire time, being the strong and silent support and reassurance she needed to make it through such a difficult step. I truly do like what I see with them. We’re witnessing so many different aspects of their relationship, they’re becoming a very well rounded couple.

And then there’s that telephone! Specifically the person sitting in front of it for the first several times. My first thought was, “Don’t hire Florence as a telephone operator!” I felt very justified in my thinking when she blew up the switchboard with her tea, and when Lee said, “ Florence, you rang my office,” with a call for Rosemary. But Fiona, bless her heart, didn’t let her quit, and we saw so much deeper into Florence’s heart than just the town gossip. Toward the end, I couldn’t tell if Florence was more touched by Faith speaking to her father, or by the fact that she’d gotten everything right. 😉

And with that, it’s time for me to leave you. If I may add a quick personal note: please remember to share this blog with any of your friends you think may enjoy this. The more eyes that see this, the longer I get to keep going. And I really DO want to keep going! Also, when you’ve finished reading each post, please take a quick moment to click on the ads; or if you’re planning on doing ANY shopping on Amazon, you can click on the link at the bottom. Doing either, (nor even better, both,) of these things helps to support the site, and keep it running. Clicking on the ads, I promise, does not obligate you to do anything, but it does send a little money our way. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to keep bringing you all the enjoyment of episode discussions, interviews, movie reviews, and especially fan fiction stories that I possibly can! By the way, you don’t need to purchase the item you click on from Amazon. Just clicking on it will take you to the site, and anything you buy from going through us helps send us a commission. Thank you for continuing to read and support the little blogger that tried. 😀 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!