Surprise! Hello, everybody! I know I never do this; I never post on a Tuesday. But I thought, given the occasion, it was warranted. So I’m bringing you a special Tuesday edition of #MondayMusings. I was going to try to do an early blog, but something occurred to me: “I’m throwing a Heartie Party tonight! I need to share my photos with everyone for my first blog of the season.” So I waited a bit, and…here we are now! And here we go!


First off, if you can’t fix it, feature it! My diaper corner is not exactly something to brag about, so I spruced it up! Nothing that a little red won’t fix. It’s just a visual of a modern-day Baby Jack area. Yeah, that’s what I’ll keep tell myself!



Keeping with the theme of kids, this door is all art done by my girls. It’s very convenient that When Calls the Heart premieres after Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s decorations are still up, and the heart assignments have been sent home for the express purpose of adorning my garage door. 😉



I have never created a Hearties bingo game before, but my friend Kaycee did. So thanks to her, I had an activity for my guests; I bought prizes and everything! And it was a blast! I even got a bingo!



What Heartie Party is complete without food? None! This Heartie Pound Cake is a recipe Erin Krakow did with Debbie Matenopoulos on Home and Family when we were all gearing up for the Season 4 finale. I still have the recording on my TV, and I bake it for every Heartie Party I throw! It’s yummy!



Personal adornment is crucial to accessorize oneself for a When Calls the Heart party. What better nail polish to wear than hearts! My dear friend Sarah introduced me to Color Street Nails, so I treated myself to this set for Valentine’s Day and this occasion. Daily wear and tear and lots of hand-washing has made a casualty of most of my other nails, but this one still survived.



What good is a get together if you can’t get cozy? So we have our thematically appropriate pillows and blanket. Funny story: I competed as part of a team in a virtual summer camp called Camp Hearties in 2018. Ben Rosenbaum was a judge, and Erin Krakow and Andrea Brooks were both guest judges at one point. Our group was called the Coal Valley Cuties, and we won first place! But life circumstances held off us getting our prize until yesterday afternoon. So all the pillows for me and my Texas teammates arrived just in time to transform my couch into the perfect décor! Then the yellow object is my handy dandy notebook, just in case I feel the need to jot something down.



The watching station itself, decked out in all its glory, complete with water tower and schoolhouse ornaments. And as you can see, we have a little bit of the nostalgic past just across from the hopeful future.



My piano is something of which I’m particularly proud! My editing talents are all but naught, but this idea made me giggle so much that I had to bring it about, albeit a little unskillfully. So we have a ring, our two competitors prepared to duke it out for their ideal; the precious princess on her pedestal, overseeing the events. Oh, and the teddy bear’s name is Heartie.




Finally, ANY party is meaningless without the people who attend. We had several last minute dropouts due to sickness and family circumstances, but it was a sweet and happy time! My short arms don’t do well with group selfies, but from left to right, it’s: Lissette, me, my mother, Jami, and Nancy. Nancy, I met at our local library, where I just happened to be wearing on of my Hearties shirt, and she stopped me! 😀




And finally, the pièce de résistance! The first podcast recap of the season! Enjoy the When Calls the Hallmarkies Heart to Heart. Hear what we think, how we feel, and what made us gasp! You’re in for a good laugh! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


When Calls the Heart images: Edify Films and Crown Media

Photos and Edits: Me! 

Happy HAPPY Monday, everyone! At least, I hope it’s happy. Did you have to go to work today? I didn’t technically go to a job; but it’s just me here, housesitting my in-laws’ place with the four crazy kids while hubby’s working. But it’s good; we’ve just been both chilling and bustling around, trying to retain the feeling of merry and bright. 😉 No, that’s not the movie I’m reviewing, we’ve already done that. But we ARE talking about one of the earlier films of the season. It aired in November, and it stars a very prominent WCTH actor with whom many Hearties are infatuated. POstables will love him too from “From Paris With Love” where he played Joey the restaurant owner; that’s the first time I ever saw him. He’s also Mitch on “Heartland”, another big hit with many Hearties; and he’s even appeared as a very distinguished guest star on “When Hope Calls”. The ONE! The ONLY! KEVIN MCGARRY, starring in “Christmas Scavenger Hunt”.

This movie was not my favorite one of the lineup this year, but I thought it had it’s own special charm that was undeniable. I did appreciate the very different premise of the storyline; we’ve never had a holiday hunt before. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a scavenger hunt of this caliber in any of the films on Hallmark until now. So that was fun! This is just the kind of activity that I think would be perfect to bring in some Christmas cheer. And even though they called a clue “hard” when it was anything but, the clues as a whole were cute, and clever, and very well-worded. I was just surprised that so many people had the day off work so they could participate. 😀
Speaking of surprises, I had absolutely NO IDEA that Tom Arnold was going to star in this movie! It caught me completely off guard. I haven’t seen him in a Hallmark Christmas feature since “Moonlight and Mistletoe” in 2008, when he portrayed Candice Cameron Bure’s father, Nick. What a firecracker Carl was in this one though! First he assumes Belinda has broken up with Logan, so he gleefully blurts out: “You dumped him!” Then, when that idea doesn’t stick, dear old Dad becomes a sly dog by teaming up Dustin with Belinda, instead of the originally intended Susan Shultz. And Belinda wasn’t even intending to join; she was thrown into the lions’ den by her best friend, Faith. Those two HAD to be in cahoots! That’s the ONLY explanation as to why it was pulled off so seamlessly.

Let’s move to characterization. Kevin played a very confident, almost cocky-in-a-good-way character, which is so different from Nathan in Hope Valley, at least currently. Gotta especially love the little details like Dustin’s immense love for rivers of gravy, and his terror at admitting he’d gone out for one coffee with Belinda’s arch rival from high school before, in his words, “I came to my senses.” He also does a great job with not being angry with her when he finds out what’s going on with the mill. I was sure he was going to blow up at her, but he was so sweet and understanding! That’s how all reactions should be, right?

Kim Shaw portrayed the conflicted businesswoman very well. She had a job to do, but she still cared about the town, and her reaction to finding out about Dustin’s dad was right on point! You can see the change in her feelings without her saying a word once she knows the truth. You can also see her about to combust until she’s able to confide in Faith.

The funniest line from the movie, at least in an awkward sense…well, there’s two. One has to be when their music teacher very generously gives Belinda the snow globe that just happens to contain the word LOVE inside. The tension could be cut with a knife! The only words Dustin can manage to push out are, “Nice birds,” obviously trying to skirt around the gargantuan elephant in the room. The other is closer to the beginning when Belinda claims Dustin acted like a baby every time he lost a track meet. Then boom! Who’s hand appears on the counter? And Belinda’s reaction is PRICELESS! The shock, the embarrassment, and just a tinge of anger are perfectly combined when she accusingly asks, “What are you doing here?!” Of course there’s a very innocent and simple explanation of “the pipes”.

The funniest line as far as comic timing and delivery is another of Kevin’s. He just has great skills! It’s when Dustin, Belinda, and third wheel Logan are baking cookies, (which is the WRONG place for a silk tie in the first place!), and butter spatters on said tie. Logan says he’s going to try to wash it off, and Belinda is trying to assure him it’ll come out of the delicate fabric. The moment he’s out of earshot, Dustin whispers, “You know it’s BUTTER, right?”

That brings me to the chemistry. I think they had it! I’m a big sucker for history, so I couldn’t help but giggle when they talked about memory lane having “a few potholes”, including the hunt victories, and the yeti prank. They weren’t afraid to talk about the past, which some former couples can’t do. But they had no qualms about digging up the past. My favorite tidbit has to be that he’s the only one who has a nickname for her. Everyone, even her father, calls her “Belinda”. But even 10 years after the breakup, Dustin is still calling her “Bel”. It was endearing! And it made the moment of the kiss all the better! First he smiles when she says she still loves him, then totally interrupts her monologue by gently charging and laying a big one on her. Then what do we hear? “I missed you, Bel!” No, there was no mistletoe, but it was definitely worthy of it.

Let’s end by backing up a bit, to the big revelation as to why Dustin broke Bel’s heart. He did the noble, but incredibly stupid thing, not telling her his father lost his job. He “didn’t want to hold her back”, which I think is a ridiculous reason to not be honest with someone, but putting that aside… Did you hear what he said? He said, and I quote, “Take a walk with me.” I couldn’t believe it! I seriously wondered if it was done on purpose, as a kind of Easter egg to #Hearties, and giving us a hint about the show, or if it was pure coincidence. I guess time alone will tell.

Well, everyone, next time I talk to you, it’ll be next year! Be sure to tune in for my last #WisemanWednesday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Howdy, howdy, Hearties! Welcome to a big milestone: Hooked Heartie’s very first “Podcast Week”. I thought this would be a fun way to finish up the fall season! Every post this week, (and there will be three!), will contain a podcast that I’ve been involved with in the last little while. I just can’t believe I’ve had the chance to be in enough to fill a week! New and exciting experience!


Today: Television. You’ll hear about the season finale of When Hope Calls, hopes for a season 2, gearing up for seaon 7 of When Calls the Heart, and thoughts about the 2019 Hallmark Channel TV run in general.

And if you watch closely, you’ll see:

1) A special guest arrive on the scene. 😀

2) My hysterical reaction to a much-anticipated happening 😉


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Hello to Monday! Happy Columbus Day here in the US, and Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian Hearties! We are winding down on When Hope Calls, then we really WILL have to wait a while before we see anything close to When Calls the Heart…unless you go back and watch reruns for the zillionth time like I am. But I’m watching with a brand new Heartie friend, so I have an excuse. 😉

So here is the link to the podcast audio for Episode 8: About a Girl. I’ll put the YouTube link in the comments. We’ve been having some trouble with the website, so please comment on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook if you’re having trouble, and I’ll get my tech guy (aka my hubby) on it right 




And here are the clues for this week’s mystery guest. Sadly, I didn’t get an interview with this person, but he/she is a favorite. Of course, all will become clear on Wednesday. 😉

1. This person eloped to Hawaii when they married their spouse.
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Hello Hearties, and hello Monday! Those of you who were privileged to attend the Hearties Family Reunion, how was it??? Silly question, I know; no doubt you had the time of your lives! For anyone who doesn’t know, the Hearties Family Reunion, or HFR, is basically the Comicon of When Calls the Heart. The cast even comes up for an event on Saturday, and a tour of the set is thrown into the trip! I have yet to attend; it’s a dream of mine to travel there one day. This is the fifth one, and hopefully there will be many more! Those of you traveling home today, I hope this gives you something fun to watch or listen to as you make your way.

So here is the Hallmarkies Podcast for When Hope Calls Episode 7, entitled “Surprise!” And boy, were there a bunch of surprises surrounding this episode! As most of you know, Daniel Lissing’s birthday was on Friday, the 4th. But check this out! Not only was it Dan’s special day, but it was RJ Hatanaka’s as well! Two Mounties with the same birthday! And, icing on the cake, (pun intended!), this episode surrounds a birthday party. What are the odds? Have a listen, or a watch. One link is just below, and the other is in the comments. And below this link, you’ll find the clues for my first mystery guest of the month, who will be revealed on Wednesday.




1. This person loves to go out for sushi with cast.
2. This person has been involved with June Weddings, Fall Harvest, and Miracles of Christmas
3. This person is a Hallmark director

Cheerio for now! I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday for the answer, and ensuing post. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!