Hello, Hearties! Welcome to a chilly #MomentMonday. I don’t know what your weather has been like, but ours has been crazy down here in Texas! We might even get snow tomorrow, then watch! It’ll be 70 on Wednesday! “If you don’t like Texas weather, wait 5 minutes.” My friend in Idaho told me the temperature is up to 55; something unheard of in January. I know; I went to school there for 5 years. Craziness, isn’t it?

Before I get into the topic of the day, I have to tell you the most hilarious thing that happened last night. My oldest daughter was getting ready for the night, and I was sitting on her bed with her. Out of nowhere, she said to me, “Mommy, say: ‘There’s a spider on your shoulder.’” I thought she was playing one of her make-believe games, so I quickly complied. She immediately flung herself at me with pretend surprise and horror. I realized she was re-enacting the rowboat scene in Season 1 when Jack removes the spider from Elizabeth’s shoulder. I laughed for 5 minutes straight! When I finally calmed down, both my girls wanted to do Rosemary’s “Fairest Katie” scene. They even got the right intonation for Rosemary’s “Hmm!” Call me Bill, because I was in stitches! (You should get that joke if you’ve recently re-watched Season 1.) One day I’ll get a video; it’s worth watching. My husband’s comment was, “You’ve corrupted our girls well.” Yes, darling, I certainly have! And I’m darn proud of it!

Okay, now I can talk about today’s moment! It comes from the wonderfully wise words of Mrs. Abigail Stanton. In Season 1 Episode 9, a shocked and brokenhearted Elizabeth finds out that a very regretful Jack has received new orders. When “venting” to Abigail, like we women all need to do in these situations, she calls herself nothing more than a “diversion” for him. Now, we ALL know OUR JACK would never do something like that! But when we’re hurt and disappointed, we form illogical opinions, especially about men. Don’t we?

Abigail’s soothing yet firm response is the solution to a problem so many Hallmark movies use as drama between the couple: “You are correct when you say he had no plans to stay or fall in love, but he DID!” And that’s it in a nutshell. More times than I can count, one of the main characters overhears an opinion their significant other had at the beginning of the movie when NEITHER OF THEM liked each other.

The best illustration of this scenario I can think of is Harvest Moon. Wrong season, I know, but it has 3 WCTH stars, and it’s the first and best example I could think of. In case you need a memory refresher:

  1. The stars are:
    • Lynda Boyd (Mrs. Thatcher in WCTH, Lou the farmhand in HM),
    • Hrothgar Mathews (Ned Yost in WCTH, Phil the farmhand in HM)
    • Lilah Fitzgerald (Jolene in WCTH, Abby in HM)
  2. Basic plot: Rich girl’s family goes bankrupt, she finds out she owns a pumpkin farm, she goes out to the country to sell it. She ends up staying for a while; the man who runs the place gives her menial and difficult tasks, hoping she’ll give up, and he’ll be able to buy the farm back for his family. That stops when he falls for her. Later her friend overhears the family cousin saying she feels bad about the tedious jobs. She tattles, rich girl’s feelings are hurt, he says it only started that way, she leaves anyway. They eventually make up, of course, because it’s Hallmark. 😀

So you see, of course he tried to get rid of her in the beginning. She trespassed onto his territory, she tried to swipe away his livelihood and his family’s legacy, and she’d never worked a day in her life. If I were him, I don’t know that I’d like her either. He doesn’t feel that way anymore once they start working together and becoming friendly. When she finds out, she immediately forgets how far they’ve come, or that SHE didn’t like him at first either.

That’s the part that bothers me, and Abigail nips it in the bud immediately. She won’t let Elizabeth think for one moment that Jack wants to leave, or that he played with her. Elizabeth has to be reminded that Jack was angry at first, and with good reason. He had just been booted from his dream job to babysit a rich girl, and he wanted to leave. But slowly, he “made…peace with this place.” He never expected to fall in love with his assignment, or grow to love that sleepy little town; BUT HE DID! And that’s what Abigail helps Elizabeth comprehend: that things change. Circumstances change, people change. And we shouldn’t judge others on former feelings or circumstances.

So there you have it: #MomentMonday. I hope you enjoyed it. Please don’t forget to leave comments; I love feedback. And if you’re planning on doing online shopping, clicking on any of our links will really help with keeping the site going; and you’ll get shopping done too.

One final note: in the very near future, I’ll be writing a post about “clever lines”. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Farewell!


The perfect illustration of where Lee and Rosemary are in their relationship in the Season 3 New Year’s special! That, and “My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to say ‘no’ to that woman!”

Well, Happy New Year, everybody! It’s 2018! I hope everyone had a fun and safe night last night! Anybody emulate Florence, and go to sleep by 10:00? My 3-year-old made it until about 10:30, then the 6-year-old made it until 11:15. I managed to keep shaking my husband awake so I could get a kiss at midnight, then we promptly went to bed. But in the spirit of the “Wishing Tree” Christmas special, (for those who have seen it already,) we went to see “The Greatest Showman”. And while we were gone, my mother did some post-Christmas baking with my daughters and nieces. I’ve included a picture of what the original cookies look like, as well as my niece’s personal creation. And on top of that, my daughter said, “Oh! Hooked Heartie! I get it!” Do you get it?

 So, let’s move on to the #MomentMonday portion of today’s blog, the portion with the fireworks! Actually, there are SO MANY incredible moments, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pick just one. So sorry you’ll have to suffer! “Let’s start at the very beginning: a very good place to start.” Jack’s revelation that he saw Charles propose. Arg! One thing I was really glad of is at least it was brought out in the open at the very beginning; Jack didn’t putter around in a bad mood for half the episode without telling Elizabeth why. But the moment that gets me the most is when Elizabeth says, “Then let me convince you,” and tries to kiss him. The tensing muscles in his neck are so visible, they almost pop out. You can tell it’s a very real internal battle for Jack; he wants to kiss her SO badly, but doesn’t feel he can. Then the dejected look of total rejection on Elizabeth’s face makes you want to burst into tears! Thank heavens he later reassures her with, “And Elizabeth, you were very convincing before.” Ooh la LA!

As my friend Sarah pointed out, this seems to be when Lee and Rosemary really reach a turning point. So my next moment is theirs. “Lee Coulter, you take that back!” “No!” He reached his resolution. That’s when Rosemary knows she’s met her match, and he won’t let her get away with whatever “inspires” her at the moment. We also see, as an audience, that Lee knows how to handle her; and they’re going to be okay.

One moment I really love is when Jack and Elizabeth talk about her resolutions inspired by 1st Corinthians. Not only do they quote the Bible, but they reference it in the season finale too. I always love when they bring things back like that. I bet that’s why we loved the proposal even more than we would have. I also love that you feel each of them take an internal sigh of relief. They know, and we know, things are resolved.

The last moment I’ll mention is, of course, the final moment when the fireworks go off; literal and figurative. I have a soft spot for fireworks, so I loved watching the characters watch them with such delight. Then our hearts shoot off fireworks when Jack makes New Year’s Eve even “more perfect”. It’s the perfect conclusion after Jack’s refusal to kiss her in the beginning; and they’re both at peace, and blissfully in love!