Good morning, #Hearties! I can say that phrase confidently this morning since I’m writing this at 7:40 in the morning my time, so I’m certain I’ll get it posted before the morning is officially over in any US time zone. 😉 Here’s hoping!

Can you believe it? This is the second to last recap and review of When Hope Calls for Season 1! So, what’s happening? Take a listen to Rachel and me discuss housewarming parties, family history baggage, budding romances, and drama queens. If for some reason the link doesn’t work, try copy and paste, or I’ll post it on Twitter and my Hooked Heartie Facebook page.


And now, the clues for the final mystery guest of October, to be revealed on Wednesday…and yes, you will hear things in his/her own words. This person was my second Skype interview.

1. This person toured with Mamma Mia for 6 years.
2. This person was once covered in honey and Rice Krispies, all in the name of the art of acting.
3. I’ll bet you $10 you’ve been saying this person’s name wrong all along.


For the last time this month, happy figuring! If you’d like to message me your guesses, I’d love to hear them. But I won’t answer until the post on Wednesday. 🙂 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy Monday, Hearties! It is ESPECIALLY happy, as it is a holiday, and some of us had the day off. No, I don’t mean me; my daughter had her birthday party this morning, so it’s been busy, busy, busy! But it was the party that inspired today’s post. Since I didn’t get a chance to post last week for #FlashbackFriday, I thought a #MomentMonday would be in order. And that highlighted moment is Dr. Carson Shepherd’s birthday party. Fitting, huh?

First of all, this is just sweet! I don’t have a strong opinion as to whether or not Faith and Carson belong together. He is much older than she is, but that was typical back then. If nothing happens between them, I won’t bark; but if some sparks are ignited, I wouldn’t mind that either.

But whether or not these two become a couple, I love that Faith throws Carson a surprise birthday party! If nothing else, this shows Faith’s sweet and caring personality to do something thoughtful for a boss she cares for and respects.

Do you react with the characters as you watch? Maybe it’s the actress in me, but I do; I really do! So when Faith is in the mercantile discussing party plans with Ned and Florence, and in walks the good doctor…I think I gasped louder than Faith did. Then I snickered behind my hand so hard I couldn’t breathe until he left, and all present heaved a simultaneous sigh of relief.

The joke sure was on everyone when Carson walked into the saloon unannounced after having to double as a veterinarian. But in true Hope Valley fashion, they go with the flow, stop taking down decorations, and spontaneously yell, “Surprise!” And let’s not forget sweet and adorable Cody and Robert making up for dropping the birthday cake by spending their own money to make that hideous one; not to mention everyone brave enough to try it. Then the “icing on the cake”, (ha ha!) is Rosemary actually NOT taking credit for the party, and giving the glory to Faith. The delight on Carson’s face is immediately evident. A man who once was all alone and running from his past now has gifts more priceless than whatever Elizabeth left on her desk. He has friends; he has a home!

Well, my friends, I shall bid you good evening, or rather, good night by now. There sure is a lot to choose from for Wednesday: TWO brand new Winterfest movies, with BOTH brand new WCTH leading men, in ONE weekend? I’m telling you: brilliant move! So the question is, which one would you like me to do? A Winter Princess or Winter Love Story? Be sure to leave me your vote, either here or on Facebook. Until then, dear ones. This is HookedHeartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Less than 2 weeks to go! Let’s kick off THIS week with a little atypical sentimentality. If you tuned in last week, (you’re welcome to go back if you missed it,) I went over my personal choices of Bill’s Top 11 Tough Guy Moments; 11 so I wouldn’t be stereotypical. And if you remember correctly, I promised a post that featured the opposite. So here are my personal choices for Bill’s Top 5 Softie Moments, (I decided to make it a more classic number this time). You’ll notice I didn’t put anything about Abigail, Nora, or Dottie. No, I’m not ignoring those moments, or the romance. I just want to focus more on the teddy bear moments rather than the Don Juan ones; especially when he’s got the reputation of the muscle in town

  1. Bill plays Dr. Phil to Dr. Shepherd. You’d expect the great Inspector Avery to stand up for, or pull a gun out for someone in town. What might come as a surprise is that he sits down, and has a heart to heart with a struggling soul. But Bill takes the time to soothe Carson’s troubled heart, telling him he did everything he could for Cody, and expresses confidence in his medical abilities.


  1. Sticking up for Timmy and performing in the talent show. Did you ever think you’d see the same man who barked, “ Give me a reason to pull the trigger,” singing “This Little Light of Mine”? It’s absolutely precious and so endearing to see him reassure Timmy that music is, indeed, NOT for babies, then take it a step further by singing with a whole group of children.


  1. Teaching Cody to throw a baseball. Poor Cody! He’s trying so hard to live life without his only family (Becky), he’s trying to fit in and make friends, and he’s trying to impress those boys with no help. Luckily, Bill is observant enough to see that Cody needs a little boost, and he does it himself. Good thing Bill knows baseball, and can pass on said wisdom.


  1. Talking Robert out of running away. This one almost got the number one slot since it is so adorable. I love how Bill not only takes the time to talk to him, but he gives him life examples, and his own experience to illustrate the point. At that point, we hadn’t seen Robert’s father, so it’s nice to witness someone teaching a little boy how to be a man.


  1. Can you guess! “Now that is a sight I never thought I’d see.” BILL AS SANTA! Is there any other softer way to show you’re a pushover than by bringing happiness to children dressed as the jolly old man himself? Good thing the “tough guy reputation” had been solidified, or he’d be in big trouble!

 Have a great week! See you on Wednesday! 


Hello, Hearties! How was the weekend? Do anything exciting? I finally finished my WCTH marathon, from the pilot to “The Wishing Tree”, so I’m officially ready for Season 5. But, it only took me about a month, and for a mother of 3 kids who love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that’s GOT to be some kind of record!

So on to today’s topic! I thought it might be fun to break out of the box a little bit. And Jack Wagner needs a turn. On a side note, does anybody else find it hilarious that he basically talks to himself every time he calls Jack’s name? Buh dum ch!

Anyway, I recently watched an interview with Jack Wagner, and he called Bill “the James Bond of Hope Valley”. That is a very interesting way to put it, and one I never would have thought of. Thank goodness none of James Bond’s behavior of indiscretions is present in the series, right?! Whether or not you think of Bill as Bond, we all know he’s the resident tough guy….besides Jack. So here are Kami’s personal choices for Bill Avery’s Top 11 Tough Guy Moments, (nope! No cliché Top 10 here!)

  1. This one is a “softie tough guy” moment since he’s standing up for a child. Any guesses? Season 3, when Bill dares Robert to have a problem with him being a musician. That sure gave Timmy confidence!
  1. This one doesn’t last long, but it teaches people new to town that you don’t mess with Bill. Season 4, when Dr. Strohm accuses him of favoring Carson after breaking up their fight. His reply: “You accusing me of not doing my job?” That line said with those eyes staring you down…the good doctor made the right call.
  1. Since we’ve never seen Bill in the uniform, we sometimes forget, (at least I do,) that Bill was a Mountie. But we are very soon reminded of that fact with Bill’s quick reactions when the Tate boys tried to rob the bank of the railroad payroll in Season 4. And that demanding voice insisting, “Drop it!” would intimidate any criminal.
  1. This involves different scenarios, but all centered on the same theme: Inspector Houston. There are a lot of different moments when Bill went head to head with Houston in Season 2, so I’ve put them all together. Houston thought he was so smart and sneaky. He should have known better than to go up against the dynamic duo of Hope Valley. My favorite line that illustrates Bill’s attitude toward Houston is: “We both know who’s guilty.” Menacing and gravely voice!
  1. Whenever there’s revenge or a vendetta to achieve, get out of the way! And when that involves a man’s best friend and the late husband of a woman that man is trying to impress, run and HIDE! That was Bill being a huge tough guy when he caught Garrison in Season 3. Thank goodness Jack stopped him from being an even bigger tough guy, and spending the rest of his life behind bars.
  1. All undercover agents have to be tough guys; it’s part of the job description. Bill embodies this perfectly when he goes under cover as a counterfeiter in Season 2. He never lets his face flinch for a moment. I have to admit, I had no idea whether Bill was a hero or a villain at that point. Talk about tough!
  1. This one is quite amusing, but there’s no denying that Bill is very intimidating here. You’ve heard the expression “Kiss the cook”? That is NOT likely to happen when Bill is wearing the apron, or holding a rolling pin. Because as we know from Season 4, Bill gets “really steamed” when his cooking gets criticized. I feel sorry for those poor men who didn’t have a clue as to who they were dealing with.
  1. Villains always need to be challenged; things need to be shaken up for the bad guy. They need to be reminded who is in charge. Gowen gets served in Season 1 after he sends his goons to beat Bill up. Bill shows Henry just how much of a tough guy he is by telling him, in so many words, that he was going down! “I like worms; good for fishing.”
  1. Speaking of villains, have you noticed that lots of them are wealthy and greedy? In Season 2, we see an example of how low a wealthy man will go to have power over someone. And Clara was the victim. What does Bill do? He insists on handling the case, even though Abigail wants nothing to do with him. Then he swoops in and gets Clara out with his razor-sharp eyes, low voice, and very convincing words. Total tough guy.
  1. It was hard to not give this one the #1 slot. Season 4, and two words: AJ Foster. ALL his dealings with AJ scream “tough guy”, she even calls him that. And boy, does she need it; she just doesn’t learn her lesson.
  1. OK, here’s the #1 Tough Guy Moment. Watching this scene is actually how I got the idea to do this list. It’s a very serious moment; very intense and menacing, and frightens the crook out of his boots. Want to guess before I reveal? (Theme from Jeopardy playing.) Season 3, getting Dottie’s money back from that thief of an insurance agent. It’s the perfect blend: he’s menacing but not violent, he knows exactly what to say concerning legal matters, and Dottie gets her money. It’s perfect!

 Tune in next Monday for the next edition of this series.


I’ve gone back and re-watched all the seasons before, but lately, it’s just been a favorite episode here and there. I forgot how much FUN it is to watch the whole series from start to finish. There is SO MUCH that I’d forgotten, or that I’d forgotten I wanted to watch again. And I’ve gotten so many ideas for this blog too! One thing I noticed in particular is how often Jack sticks his foot in his mouth, and how adorable he looks while doing it! Most of it happens in Season 1 too, right in front of Elizabeth; and he’s trying so hard to be authoritative, and make a good impression. Poor man! So here are my personal Top 6 “foot-eating” episodes from Seasons 1-3. I know it’s customary to do the Top 5, but what a cliché! And besides, there were too many good ones!

6) S3 E3: A Time to Speak. Here is this Mountie trying to do a good deed by taking the boys on their almost-cancelled camping trip, and the girls come marching in. Jack handles that pretty well, but then Elizabeth totally shows him up by singing songs with the girls instead of telling ghost stories like he did, and all the boys end up terrified in his tent. It only lasts a few moments, and he’s able to laugh at himself, but he definitely eats a little crow.

5) S1 E10: Love Comes First. This one doesn’t happen WITH Elizabeth, but it definitely involves her. Jack leaves to take his new assignment in Cape Fullerton. He pulls out his paper with Elizabeth’s picture marking his place in the book, and attempts to write her a letter. The way he tries to sound cheerful and casual, then throws it on the fire…Aww!!!

4) S2 E10: With All My Heart. I went back and forth on including this one since Jack doesn’t actually say much, but the panic in his face was too good to pass up. What am I talking about? “It’s the other knee.” He’s just put his hands all over forbidden territory, then finds out that X didn’t mark that spot; and he’s absolutely terrified! Perfect and classic moment, not to mention a favorite of all of ours.

3) S1 E11: Rules of Engagement. What is a surefire way to make a man stumble over his own tongue? Put his former fiancée directly in front of his current girlfriend with him in the middle. AWKWARD! And he loses his words lots of times in that episode. My two favorite are when Rosemary first arrives, and when he’s standing below Elizabeth’s window.

2) S3 E9: Hearts in Question. What could possibly be worse than being caught between two girlfriends? Being caught between your girlfriend and your mother! Then on top of that, tell them both they can’t cook. Salt and pepper, or ketchup and mustard with that foot, Jack?


And the #1 choice is…………….drum roll please……………………….

1) S1 E7: Second Chances. It was REALLY hard picking the order for the top 3, but I just HAD to pick this as the top choice. The biggest reason is he bumbles 3 different times in just this 1 episode. This is just after the scoundrel, Billy Hamilton, got caught. At first, he calls her spellbound, a fool, and desperate, all in 30 seconds, (not to mention he called her a goat in the episode before!) He loves baseball, right? That’s good, because 3 strikes and he’s OUT! He tries to make amends by asking her to dinner, but that doesn’t quite work out either, does it? He’s going to look like a cow with a jaw full of leather! Then if that wasn’t enough, he couldn’t pay Elizabeth a real compliment. Luckily, he was able to pick up the mess after that one.

Until Wednesday, everybody!