Hello, all you WCTH blog followers! Welcome to our very first #MeetYouMonday Bridal Edition! I am SO excited to explore the more romantic side of REAL life in this, the month of love and weddings.  


Before I introduce our spotlighted Heartie for the week, how was everyone’s weekend? Did you watch “Marrying Mr. Darcy”? Did you watch “Unleashing Mr. Darcy” beforehand, and make a night of it? Not that I did, or anything…ahem! Did you attend church? Have a family outing? With summer closing in, plans are going to start taking off! It’ll be exciting to hear what all of you are up to.

Well, let’s get this thing started, shall we? Our first brave Heartie to enter Kami’s June Romance Interrogation is Lizzy Wittig. She’s been married a whopping 8 months! 😀 Be prepared to join in a collective sigh when you hear who her husband is! I sure did! Take it away, Lizzy! And I may or may not have added in some commentary. 😉

  1. Where are you from?
  • Central Illinois. I have always lived here. (Yeah for the North!)


  1. Tell us about your family.
  • I am newly married to my high school sweetheart. (Collective sigh NOW!) The rest of my family includes, my Mom and Dad, a brother, and a sister.


  1. What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
  • I homeschooled. I love to read, cook, garden, and camp. (She’d fit right in with Elizabeth! She is “Lizzy”, after all! But I bet Lizzy is the better cook!)


  1. How did you find/discover WCTH?
  • My Mom raised us loving Janette Oke, so when we heard about the TV show, it was just natural. (Of course! What Janette Oke fan wouldn’t jump at the chance!)


  1. What is your favorite episode? Season?
  • It is hard to pick just one, but one of my favorites is the episode with Billy Hamilton, and seeing Jack so jealous. (Who doesn’t?) I also love the first episode, the wedding, and the engagement. The first season is my favorite. (Sounds like Lizzy has a dilemma most of us have.)


  1. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
  • Rosemary, Lee, Jack, Elizabeth (As I said…)


  1. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
  • It is a blessing to have a fun, clean romance that my whole family can enjoy. Even my dad and husband! (Lucky girl! My husband would rather have a tooth drilled!)


  1. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
  • Although the series strays from the books, we love seeing Janette Oke’s influence, especially in the earlier seasons. (She is such a gifted writer! I’m sure we’re all glad her essence is still woven into the storylines.)

Thank you SO MUCH, Lizzy! Congratulations on your marriage, and may you have many, MANY happy years together! If he likes to watch WCTH, I’d say the odds are ever in your favor! Oops! Wrong series! And you married your high school sweetheart! I used to fantasize about that happening to me when I was in high school. You’ll have so many amazing stories to tell future generations!

Well, Hearties, I must fly. I hope you enjoyed our first post of Hooked Heartie: Bridal Edition. Tune in on Wednesday for chitchat about “Marrying Mr. Darcy”. Hooked Heartie, signing off!    

Happy June, Hearties! How are you??? I had a big milestone happen to me today: my oldest graduated from 1st grade! Ah!!! So now, we’re diving head first into summer!

Speaking of which, I am SO excited for this month! If you read Wednesday’s post, you know I’m wanting to move forward with the blog. So if you haven’t done so, please read Wednesday’s blog, and send me your feedback.

Now for the exciting part! This month is my first fully-themed month. I know that doesn’t sound like the adrenaline should be racing, but it’s my next big step, so that had me pretty happy! Since it’s June…you guessed it! We’re having a wedding theme! Every Monday we’ll meet a different bride and/or groom, in all different walks of life; every Wednesday we’ll review one of the four brand new June Wedding original movies, (all four of them have WCTH actors in them!). Fridays will bring something a little different. What is it? Well, what else is the month of June famous for? Father’s Day, of course! For each #FlashbackFriday this month, we will explore a different fatherly moment.

And that brings me to today. I thought I’d start with a bang: Elizabeth and HER father, the morning of her wedding. I have a huge soft spot for this scene! One small detail I adore is that she calls him “Father”. Not only does it demonstrate the more refined language of the 1900’s, it shows the wealthy formality in which she grew up. But she says the word with such affection, that it’s obvious there was love in the home, despite the fact that he was a busy “shipping tycoon”.

Giving her the circlet to wear is obviously something the mother should do, but they handle it with such grace! Mr. Thatcher talks about how his wife wore that simple yet beautiful adornment on their wedding day, then can’t help himself but to say how much of her he sees in Elizabeth. She tells him how much that means to her, but I think how much that means to so many of us when we get married. Most of us are striving to be like our mothers or mother figures, and hearing those words are the highest praise.

There are two moments that are my favorite; it’s really hard to pick between them. The first is when Father tells Elizabeth not to be nervous because she’s marrying a good man who is devoted to her. You can see her look so relieved, as if the burden of her world’s society has finally been lifted from her shoulders, once and for all. Few things give Daddy’s little girl greater satisfaction than their pride and approval.

And speaking of Daddy’s little girl, that’s the other moment I love: him reliving her childhood in his head. I love the fond look in his eyes as he reminisces about holding her in his arms, and I love the nostalgia in HER eyes as she cuddled up to him. But the best part of this moment is what happens right before the hug: her words. She says she will always be his little girl. So often, so many daughters are in such a hurry to get out of the house and be independent, that they are very quick to remind their parents of their advanced age. But even though Elizabeth is very independent, especially by this time, it’s obvious she has not left her family behind in her mind, or her heart.

Have a lovely weekend, all! See you Monday for our first bridal #MeetYouMonday of the month! And don’t miss “Marrying Mr. Darcy”, (sequel to “Unleashing Mr. Darcy”,) that stars Cindy Busby, who guest starred as Marliese, Carson’s vengeful sister-in-law. Something tells me she’ll be much sweeter in this role. Toot-a-loo!

Good morning, Hearties! Happy Memorial Day to all of us in the U.S.A! I hope you are doing something fun with the day, and taking time to remember those that gave their lives for us, in all our countries.

As it is Memorial Day, I wanted to do something special. Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen warriors. Since I cannot spotlight any of them, I thought the next best thing would be to get to know a Heartie currently or formerly in the military; and I also missed Veterans’ Day in 2017 because I started the blog the week of Thanksgiving. In my search for the right candidate, I found a remarkable story of not 1, but 2! Two sisters, both in the military! And what a story they had to tell! But I will let them say it to you themselves, in their own words. Introducing Laura Driessen and Sami Lynn Miller!

  1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?
  • L: I live in Emporia Kansas, but I’m from Missouri/Louisiana. I was adopted when I was 7 in Missouri. When I was 9, we moved to Louisiana, as my adopted mom’s mom (Granny) had cancer. When I turned 18, I signed up for the Air Force. We moved to Missouri in 2007 after I graduated High School. The following year, 2008, I worked at a daycare after my 19th birthday. I joined the Air Force June 25, 2008, when I would turn 20 that year.
  • S: I’m from Alaska, but stationed in Tennessee.


  1. Tell us about your family.
  • L: In my adopted family, I am third generation military. I have an older sister, married to a Navy man, an older brother, Air Force Reserve, and then me. In my biological family, I am first generation military.  I have my older sister, myself, my younger sister who is active duty Army, (you’ll get to read about her,) and my younger brother, who tried to serve but was medically discharged.  I got married in 2011 to a wonderful man; we have a 5-year-old, and a 3-year-old. My 5-year-old just graduated Kindergarten, and will be in first grade next year. She is a #Heartie as well. She turns 6 the DAY (Aug 20) school starts. My youngest will be 4 in Nov.
  • S: I come from a family of 17 kids. I’m adopted, and have 5 siblings on my biological side.


  1. What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
  • L: My hobbies include: reading, horseback riding, writing, WCTH (duh! lol), Girl Scouts, and crocheting. I am going back to school this fall to begin my BSN-RN Journey. I have previously studied Certified Nurse Aide and Certified Medication Aide.
  • S: My hobbies are: I design wedding dresses and write books. I went to school for acting and modeling, and I currently own my own acting and modeling studio.


  1. How did you find/discover WCTH?
  • L: My discovery of When Calls the Heart is actually kind of funny. I was flipping through channels the year before last on my TV. I caught an episode, but wasn’t “that into it”. I got on Netflix, and found a show called “When Calls the Heart”; and my thought was “Elizabeth and Wynn”. So I binge watched Seasons 1-3 before realizing it WAS NOT Elizabeth and Wynn…But another Elizabeth: her niece. Then last year I watched Season 4 and became a #HookedHeartie.
  • S: I happened upon WCTH on accident. I love Little House on the Prairie, Dr. Quinn, Love Comes Softly, Emma, and Ever After…etc…so this fit right in.


  1. What is your favorite episode? Season?
  • L: This one is very hard for me to answer. Season 5 is very hard on military or prior military families. My favorite episode, I’d have to say, is a toss up between the Wedding of the Century, AND the last episode. Erin’s acting was so…poignant, so real and relatable.  But the wedding was breathtaking! I was able to watch ALMOST every episode with my #Heartielittlegirl and #HeartiesisterSamiLynnMiller.
  • S: My favorite episode and season is 1 and 1. I know how it feels to move to a new town, to not know anyone, and be judged.


  1. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
  • L: Elizabeth and Erin Krakow hands down. But Ava Grace Cooper (Opal) would be my FAVORITE child.
  • S: My favorite charater on the show is Rosemary. I’m a lot like her in life, so I can relate the most to her.


  1. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
  • L: I am a Heartie because I can relate to a lot of the characters. I have been there for the ups and downs of Jack and Elizabeth’s romance. I have been there through Rosemary trying to take him, and through Charles trying to take her.  When Calls the Heart GAVE me something to believe in.  Then S5 hit…and it reminded me WHY I love When Calls the Heart. It’s the community of Hope Valley. It’s the call to follow the Calling of your heart; which I am proud to say I have done this year. It’s the cultivation of the desire to follow your dreams. And my dream, my bio mom’s dream, was to be a nurse. I have answered the call to go back to school and I am following that dream.
  • S: I am a Heartie because it’s great to have people around who like the same stuff as me, and who support each other. And I like relating to the characters like me. In my agency, we are a sisterhood, so here as #Hearties, we are a family. I love the show because I feel like it gives a good sense of family and friendship atmosphere.


  1. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
  • L: The Season 5 Finale was very hard on me because I lost my mom in October. I had seen Hope Valley as that…a place of hope in the midst of despair. And when I first saw that episode…It transported me back to the phone call with my aunt. The day my mom died, I felt my heart rip open again. And like Elizabeth with her beloved, I felt “cheated”. I was taken away when I was VERY young (3). I was in foster care until I was 6. My biological mom and I started talking when I was 18.   We didn’t start to get super close until 2 years ago. Then she had gastric bypass surgery, and was in ICU on life support for 3 months. She came out, and I thought, “Ok great. We can continue to bond”. Then my aunt called me, and my heart just plummeted.  I wish I had more time, I wish I had spoken my heart.  My mom’s wish was to become an RN. She NEVER got to see that dream come true. I am living it for her. For my husband and my kids.
  • S: I’m a pretty laid back person. I recently got discovered thru my agency for an acting job, but I unfortunately had to turn it down since it didn’t work with my military career. I’m hoping someday soon to be able to get another chance. I would love to meet Papa Heartie and the rest of the cast in a sit down, and just have some good laughs and talk about acting…
Laura Driessen
Sami Lynn Miller

Thank you, SO MUCH, ladies!  It was wonderful to hear your stories, and we are all deeply grateful for your service.  Well, everyone, time for me to push off.  Have a fabulous rest of your holiday weekend, and please remember to give a thought to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to enable us to enjoy our freedoms.  See you Wednesday! (I’m getting the hang of this four-children thing now! 😉 ) So long!


Happy Monday, Hearties! Hopefully that’s not just optimistic thinking, and you truly ARE having a good day! How was the weekend? I saw several pictures and posts telling about Hearties’ experiences watching the blessed event, so I’m assuming many of you tuned in. I watched most of it, and I also turned on a lot of the Royal Movie Marathon, so that was fun.

I thought, since the wedding just happened Saturday, it might be fun keeping with the “Princess Theme.” So for today’s #MeetYouMonday, I chose to interview MY own personal princess: my oldest daughter, Kyrah, (pronounced but NOT named after Keira Knightley). She’s a 7-year-old 1st grader, and a riot, and she LOVES “When Calls the Heart”. I’ll let her say the rest for herself.    

  1. Where are you from? Pflugerville Texas


Kyrah and Lydia
  1. Tell us about your family. I love them so much; best family ever. We just had a new baby brother, and I love rocking him.  My daddy doesn’t like chocolate. I have another  brother and a sister too. My sister and I love to look for fireflies together.
  1. What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? Watching TV. Favorite subject is art. I like reading with my mom, and playing. I’m taking piano lessons from my mom, and I help her take care of the baby
Kyrah and Liam
  1. How did you discover WCTH? Mommy showed it to me.


  1. What’s your favorite episode? When Jack and Elizabeth get married!
Kyrah and Jack
  1. Who are your favorite characters? Jack and Elizabeth


  1. Why do you like WCTH? Mommy says I liked it at first because of the horses. Now I love it because of Jack and Elizabeth. I also like watching Abigail help people, and she’s so responsible.
Kyrah and Mommy
  1. Anything else you want to share?  I love acting out scenes. The first one Mommy and I did was from Tangled. Now I especially love doing scenes with Rosemary. My favorites are “Fairest Katie” and when Elizabeth is trying to do the wedding name cards. I do that one when I make my spelling flashcards. My favorite time with Daddy is when we have root beer together when I finish practicing my piano for the week.   


I hope some childlike innocence could brighten your day! I’ve got more royal plans for Wednesday, so I order you to return! As for now, to quote another princess, (Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”), “You have my permission to withdraw…” After you watch this video of Kyrah’s Emmy worthy performance.


Good morning, Hearties!  Look at me, getting the blog out in the morning, for a change!  I want to just take a moment, and express my heartfelt thanks for all of you who sent prayers and well wishes my way.  So many of you sent kind words on the main fan page that the admins had to turn of the comments.  That’s never happened to me before, and I was feeling the Heartie love.  As you can probably guess, the surgery went off without a hitch.  I’m home, I’m healing, and it shouldn’t be too long before I’m fully recovered.  So to all of you: your prayers have been felt, and I send you my deepest thanks

Now then!  Enough of all that sentimental junk!  Wait a minute, that’s the REASON we watch this show, and have this blog! 😀  For today’s #MeetYouMonday, I want to introduce you to a very special lady.  Once again, I’ve never met her in person, but I still feel like I know her.  We’ve had lots of conversations away from the fan page, and she has a heart of gold!  She’s also very enthusiastic about the fan fiction I’ve published, and she actually thinks I’m funny!  She’s very forbearing! 😉  May I present Sarah Vrieze!


  1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?
  • I’m originally from Menomonie, Wisconsin. I moved to Richfield, Minnesota and grew up there. I now live in Eden Prairie.


  1. Tell us about your family.
  • I’m the third of 3 kids. I have an older brother, David, and an older sister, Sue. Everyone lives close by. David in Burnsville, and Sue in Minneapolis. My parents were wonderful singers; they actually met in their college choir. Dad always said, “She chased me until I caught her.”  They were so cute together! They were married for 59 years before my Dad passed away. We had a lot of music in our home; everyone sang while I played the piano. We even had 4 part harmony! Dad and Mom also built a camper and we camped throughout the United States.


  1. What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
  • Hobbies! Yikes! Do you have an hour and a half?? Let’s see…I have been stitching since I was 6, and knitting since I was 7, and I love quilting on top of that.  I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING!  I have been a scrapbooker since the age of 4, and I’ve been reminding Kami that she needs to scrapbook pictures of her adorable kids.  I’ve also started documenting my family history.  I’m also a bit of a collector.  I collect sheet music from WWI and WWII that I love to play.  I have my mother to thank for this!  She saw me as a creative person, and got me started early on doing fun things. Thanks, Mom!  I’m hardly ever bored! 


  • In the field of school and studies, I kind of a jack of all trades. I didn’t study theatre, but I did do some acting in college.  I studied elementary education, psychology and biology; I had wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. Upon graduation, there were very few teaching jobs, so I received the gift of being able to teach on a Native American reservation in South Dakota. I taught kindergarten, and sometimes subbed for music.  After a time, I felt I should come home, so I started working with medical students at the University of Minnesota. That led to a career as a medical transcriptionist.  But I wasn’t a homebody!  I’ve traveled to 12 different countries.


  1. How did you find/discover WCTH?
  • I actually found WCTH when I was channel surfing, of all things! It’s funny; I don’t usually like period dramas, but I thought why not?  I’ll give it a shot. Shockingly, I didn’t like it at first, GASP!  But I came back again, and then…I was lost!  I became totally addicted.


  1. What is your favorite episode? Season?
  • My favorite episode would have to be in season 1 when Jack asked Elizabeth out the first time, and said, “Elizabeth, please do consider this an act of courtship.” Don’t tell Kami I told you, but she squealed like a schoolgirl when I told her because that’s one of her favorites too!


  1. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
  • I took to Jack right away because he reminded me so much of an old flame of mine. He was/will always be my favorite.


  1. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
  • I’m a Heartie because I love the Hearties community. I live alone, and most of my friends have passed on. (I’m old, in my 60’s). It’s wonderful to have made friends who are like-minded, and are always there for me. I know we’ve had troubles lately, but I will always be a Heartie.  Of COURSE I will keep watching the show…even with Jack gone. I just have to adjust my thinking a bit, and not be such a sourpuss about it!


  1. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
  • I had a bit of a life-changing experience. I developed advanced colon cancer at the age of 55. It then went into my liver, and didn’t look good. I thought God had deserted me, and I lost a lot of hope.  But then, I saw what I did have: I had the best oncologist, wonderful nurses, and people came out of the woodwork to support me. I’ve been free from cancer 11 years now.  The best part is I have reconnected with God; I finally realized He was there for me all the time. I’m just so grateful to be alive! Life is good.