Happy Friday, #Hearties! Well, here we are at the end of another week, and at the end of another month! Phew! It’s a strange feeling when a month has passed so quickly, yet the last week or 2 seem to drag on and on. Have you ever felt that? Well, I have a feeling that time is going to start flying REALLY quickly as we do a landslide into the holidays; and I’m including Halloween!

So as the month closes out, so does our spotlight week on Laura Bertram. I still can’t thank her enough for taking time out of her busy mom and acting schedule to give us fans of hers these fun little details about her and her life. She was a true pleasure to get to know.

Now! Her favorite Mary moment on When Calls the Heart! Any guesses? It’s actually not one you would think of: it’s not when Mary met DeWitt, or the dance. It’s not when Caleb brings DeWitt home for pie, the announcement of their engagement, or even the wedding. No, she picked a very little moment that proved to have a lot of depth in it! Here are her words:

“DeWitt fell in the tug of war, and Caleb went off another way. It felt like it was a crossroads for Mary. DeWitt was her future, and Caleb was…not necessarily her past because he’s her future too. But he’s what her life had been. So she had to make the choice, ‘Who do I follow?’ That moment really illustrated her inner turmoil.”

Blink, and you just might miss it, but it’s there! In S1E6, “These Games”, Caleb cheers, “Come on, red!” Mary is obviously perturbed by those words, because she vehemently claps louder, and shouts, “Come on, blue!” Then Caleb runs off. Mary’s head snaps to the side to see him go, but she makes her choice, and stands firm. The point is only enhanced further when Mary runs to DeWitt’s side, asking if he’s hurt after the fall, then reprimanding her son for speaking disrespectfully to him. Right before the scene fades to black, we see the aftermath of that decision. Caleb has walked away. Although it looks like Mary’s following after her son, her course is heading in a slightly different direction; illustrating the very tight rope she is walking. And of course, even if we don’t cognitively grasp all of this while watching, we feel the essence of the tension. That’s thanks to Laura’s amazing talent!

As I said last Friday, good thing we know everything turns out alright in the end.

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Well, that’s a wrap, Hearties! Have a fabulous weekend! Don’t forget the When Hope Calls tweet fest tonight at 5:00 PST, as well as the encore presentation of All of My Heart: The Wedding to see the line-up of #FallHarvest movies. Then there’s Ruby Herring Mysteries: Her Last Breath on Sunday. I wonder if I’ll be able to review them; we’ll have to see if a WCTH or WHC member makes an appearance. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

It’s Friyay, Hearties! That means another episode of When Hope Calls! I confess, I’ve already watched the episode because I thought I had an event tonight. The event got canceled, but can’t be too careful, right? Let me just say, YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Now, on to #FlashbackFriday! I’ve mentioned that I made a new friend, Lara, when she answered my “cattle call” to watch WCTH from the beginning. Well, as I suspected, she’s “hooked”, of course! And instead of watching it on her own, she wants to witness the unfolding of events with me! So I have a perfectly legitimate excuse to watch the entire series over again, and watch the happenings transpire with fresh eyes.

We recently watched S1E5 “The Dance”, and I was struck anew by the scene when Mary Dunbar asks Elizabeth if she can borrow a dress. First off, it becomes readily apparent just how much this evening with DeWitt means to Mary – she is not the type to ask such a favor on a whim. You can see in her body language when she approaches the row house just how hesitant she is. But her desire to look beautiful and make it a special night wins over her pride.

We see a new kind of hesitation when Elizabeth brings her gowns out of the closet for inspection – Mary is completely overwhelmed! In her little world, nothing this fine has ever existed. She illustrates that shock when she cradles the dress like it’s made of porcelain, and declares, “I’ve never worn anything like this in my whole life!” She probably hasn’t seen anything like it either, judging by her reaction.

Then Elizabeth reluctantly brings up the subject of Caleb’s discomfort, and we get one of (in my opinion,) the most beautiful performances that Laura Bertram gave in her time on the show. The tears in her eyes, the tremor in her voice, it’s all so honest and deeply felt. Nothing surface about it! It brings me to tears every time I watch. Mary is such a quiet, private, reserved person, that the fact that she is opening up at all is mind-blowing. But she is, and she reveals just how amazed she is, (and how emotional she feels,) that any man is attracted to her again since her. She also manages to voice her fear that a chance like this probably won’t come around again, and she needs to secure Caleb’s future; she believes she’d be a fool not to.

But when one is set on a path, it’s hard to hear words of caution…from anyone. And even though Elizabeth is an objective voice in this matter, and has heard Caleb’s side of the story, Mary knows he’s “too young to see the whole picture.” Therefore, she has to convince herself that she’s doing the right thing for all concerned, and Elizabeth’s words of warning get in the way. It would be a pretty hard pill to swallow, borrowing a dress from someone with whom you’d had a disagreement, no matter how gorgeous. So Mary puts on her mask of pride again, and informs Miss Thatcher, “I’ll make one of my own work.” And she did.

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We all know that everything turns out okay, but the uncertainty both of them portray in this scene is just one of the reasons I love this show. They deal with issues, big and small, and aren’t afraid to express honest emotions dealing with those issues.

Well, time to go, and get ready for the When Hope Calls tweet fest. Have a wonderful weekend, and come back on Monday for the episode review podcast. And be sure to keep coming back, because the surprises aren’t over! Love to you all! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy #FlashbackFriday, #Hearties! Are you all ready for another episode of When Hope Calls? Who’s already watched it? I have yet to watch it myself, so no spoilers! But I’ll be here on Monday with the recap and review podcast for you to enjoy!

Before we get to that, though, we have a very important loose end to tie up, don’t we? We need to find out what Carter’s favorite Cody moment is, and finish out his very special birthday week; he’s a teenager now! So, does anyone want to venture a guess as to which moment, out of SO many, that he chose? Well, here is a direct quote from the interview:


What is your favorite Cody moment? Why?
-My favorite Cody moment is when all the kids come in the saloon with Mrs. Thornton and I get up on a chair and start talking about how a promise should be kept about building the railroad and how promises are important and I want the little town of Hope Valley to prosper. It was great to have such an important monologue.



I thought this was a great choice! One of my biggest reasons that I personally like this one is because this was the episode in Season 5 right before #JackIsBack. We were all so antsy for Jack to ride into town the returned hero, that this episode got a little looked over. So it was a great opportunity for me to go back, and take a more objective look at it, and watch it through Cody‘s eyes.

Cody is definitely worked up about the whole railroad business. He even starts a shoving match with his best friend over the matter. Thanks to Elizabeth, it didn’t come to a head with blows, but it might have. He’s very defensive of Abigail and her standing in the town; he has a mother again, and he’s determined to protect his little family to the best of his ability; no matter what.

Elizabeth is very sensitive to the fact that Cody, and all the other children for that matter, have taken this situation to heart. Adults, then AND now, tend to have a “it doesn’t concern them” attitude; that they’re “too young to understand”. In some cases, that’s true, but I’m of the opinion that warning is better than mending. And Elizabeth handles the situation so well: she gathers the children together so they’re not by themselves at home, she does activities to keep them busy, she takes the children to the meeting when they prove just HOW concerned they are, and she asks Mr. Weston to consider the children: not a popular concept in that day.

Then the clincher: Cody stands on the table. Given his earlier emotions, he could have gotten much angrier. But just as his mother taught him to use his words and not his fists, she taught him by example that being calm and composed can have a profound effect on an audience.

Now, let’s be honest: in real life, business negotiations like this probably would not have worked out as favorably as they did in the episode; my husband was very quick to point that out. 😛 A decision like reneging on a contract more than likely would not have been swayed by a speech from a 12-year-old. But who cares? The message Cody conveys is one that SHOULD be used in more business matters: solve things with your word, and your word means everything. I also think it a wonderful turn of events that we find out Mr. Weston was an orphan. He knows, firsthand, what it means to be let down, and alone. He’s probably experienced adults breaking promises to him as well. So to take him back in time to his life experience, and to have him realize how life-altering it is “to have a loving hand to help show you the way”, I think that shoots straight to the heart much more than realism.

And if you watch the faces of the two women in Cody’s life, what do you see? You see a mother overcome with pride, seeing she must have done something right, and loving that boy even more. Then you see a teacher: completely blown away, overwhelmed that a child’s words could be so sure, so strong, so…mature. All those lessons on “doing the right thing” have sunk in.

Carter, you were right. That IS an important monologue, and on so many levels: emotionally, dramatically, morally. Good job! And happy birthday week! Everyone else, have a fabulous weekend! I’ll see you next week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy Friday & Saturday, wonderful Hearties! Sorry for the delay. It was a very booked day yesterday, and I made an executive decision that my family needed to come before the blog. Hope you can forgive the tardiness, especially since this network is all about family, right? (Hint, hint) 😉 Also, my second watch party was this morning, so I thought today would be a great opportunity to share the pictures.

How was your week? Full disclosure: I composed part of this while sitting at the dentist’s office. 😀 Daniel Lissing’s Hallmark Channel Christmas movie “A December Bride” comes to mind – “Your dentist knows you better than that guy!” There’s your speck of humor for the day. You can now say that you at least laughed once today…or smiled…half…okay, barely smiled ruefully, but I’m counting it if the corners of your mouth twitched up the slightest bit!

Thursday: what a busy day! First of all, this little guy turned 3!


There are so many fun things about this happening, beyond the fact that he’s cute. We named him William Lee; so without meaning to, we named him after two WCTH characters! 😀 (That’s especially gratifying because my husband is not what you’d call “the show’s biggest fan”, and he chose both names.) The other fun fact is I was pregnant with him when I first FOUND this series, and his birthday coincidentally lands on Erin Krakow’s birthday. How fun is that?!

And that brings me to today. Time to finish out Erin’s birthday spotlight week with #FlashbackFriday. This choice of flashback may come as a surprise to many, especially at the end of a birthday week. But I felt so drawn to this moment, to explore it more fully. I think I gravitated toward this moment because of all the birthday tweets I saw; all of the comments about how kind and caring Erin is, how unselfish. So I thought, would highlight an Elizabeth moment when she showed the most selflessness: comforting Opal during her own time of ultimate grief.

We don’t need to be reminded as to why Elizabeth is grieving; we all know. And it’s the most heartbreaking time EVER! She’s completely beside herself…and so is Opal. The problem is, no one can figure out the problem with HER. Rosemary doesn’t know where or to whom she can turn…except Elizabeth. You hear Rosemary’s hesitation to even approach Elizabeth, but ever the serving one, Elizabeth beckons her in, and tells her to just get to the point and ask. She even asks who’s watching the children, something she’d been too numb to ask on the first visit, and she’s downright shocked to hear it’s Henry Gowen.

This scene is done so well, because it shows transition. Elizabeth isn’t wearing black, which implies she’s feeling a little more life-like, so her manner and speech are still very subdued. Then she asks about the children, even though she hadn’t been ready to go back on her first attempt. The best part though, is she reaches down, and thinks outside herself, even as she is blanketed with grief. She becomes immediately worried at the thought that something has happened to “dear little Opal”, and recalls in her memory, almost instantly, what she knows of Opal’s behavior. Then in the biggest act of unselfishness, she agrees to talk to the poor little girl. She just has to take a deep breath to gear herself up for the conversation.

At first I wondered why a scene as serious as this would take place in a “frivolous” place like the dress shop; it didn’t seem appropriate. But then I realized, maybe they were trying to meet on neutral ground; making it appear like a chance meeting so Opal wouldn’t suspect anything, and thereby, help her be more open.

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At last we have it, the scene that shows us the first big leap in Elizabeth’s healing process: helping someone else heal. She gently encourages Opal to talk without pushing her, and you can see the relief in her face at the discovery of the child’s inner turmoil. Because as a teacher, once Elizabeth knows what the problem is, she can fix it. And she does. Not only does she soothe Opal’s worry that Jack knew how grateful she was that he saved her life, but she shares a deeply personal experience to show Opal the commonality between them. She even has a small smile for the nostalgic occurrence. My favorite part of this scene, besides Elizabeth sharing her romantic memory of Jack saving her, is at the very end. It’s barely audible, but Opal sighs when she hugs Elizabeth. She is comforted knowing that her burden has been lifted, Jack knew of her gratitude, and she will forever have something in common with her beloved teacher.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Here is the picture of the birthday cake I made to celebrate our lovely lady’s birthday. Do you think she liked it? Enjoy! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, it’s #FlashbackFriday, a regular one this time. But to quote “Mary Poppins”: “something is brewing, about to begin.” That something is the long-anticipated spin-off series “When Hope Calls”. I know many of you won’t be able to watch it; heck, I almost had to miss it myself because of funds. I do get the chance now, so we’ll see. But since it doesn’t interfere with the broadcasting schedule of “When Calls the Heart”, Mondays from September 2nd through October 28th will be #MondayMusings for “When Hope Calls”.

We’ll talk about that more on Wednesday, but for now, which flashback moment do you think we’re going to talk about? I’ll say this about it, this point in WCTH history got named more than any other when I asked Hearties what their favorite moment was. You’ve probably already guessed from the title, but it is that hysterical, yet infuriating moment WAY back in the very first episode when Jack is proving his detective skills to Elizabeth…by insulting her.

Elizabeth dishes it out too, though. She calls him a second-rate Mountie, lectures him on the need to investigate the church fire and mine explosion, but then defames HIM by insinuating that he hasn’t the capability to “deduce all sorts of facts that everyone else has missed”. So I don’t feel completely sorry for the very stubborn teacher when Jack very pointedly lists the imperfections in her wardrobe; my mouth just dropped open simultaneously with her at his impertinence.

This is only their second scene alone together; the end of the third time they’ve laid eyes on each other. And as so many of you well know, the proprietary in that time was key! So he struts his stuff like the early 20th century “Psych” with his “inquisitive” nature and the part of himself that “gathers information”. I just can’t believe he was so bold as to look at her waist, then declare it!

Then, none of us can help but let out an appalled chuckle when that smug little smile creeps onto Constable Thornton’s when he boasts his victory, “That was just a guess,” because Elizabeth revealed too much information about her sentiments. Frankly, I was shocked she said THAT much!

You can’t blame Jack too much. The post of his dreams was finally assigned to him, one full of adventure, danger, and the fulfilling feeling of bringing criminals to justice in Cape Fullerton. But all that is taken away in one fell swoop because “William Thatcher’s princess [arrived] in a town she had no business coming to.” And on top of that, he thinks he’s lost out on a potential courtship, because how could he even think of being attracted to the woman he’s supposed to babysit? 😉

Their first conversation and this one really set the tone for the fire that sweeps through both these people, as individuals and as a couple. We see a foreshadowing of events that will eventually cause Jack to say, “We’ll argue about that later.” They give them depth, and put a little salt on things to ensure they’re not TOO sickly sweet.

And with that, I leave you to have a marvelous weekend! I hope you don’t hurt yourselves, because you’ll have to take care of your own stubbed toes, thank you very much. 😀 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!