Hello, hello! Phew! We’ve made it to Friday! Did you ever think we would? This is a particular Friday for me. Not only are we celebrating Jaiven’s birthday this week, TODAY is someone’s special day: my little girl! Problem is, she’s not so little anymore. She turned 9 this morning! Hard to believe! But it’s super fun that we both still love When Calls the Heart, and now she’s getting old enough to enjoy it for more reasons than just spotting horses and identifying colors. 😀 Happy birthday, Kyrah girl!

As you know, for the Friday of a WCTH actor’s birthday week, we look at his or her favorite moment in the form of a #FlashbackFriday. Well, we’re lucky! We got TWO favorite moments, and some backstory to the filming. Plus, I get to add in my own thoughts. 😉 So here are Jaiven’s words first.

Q: What is your favorite Robert moment? Why?
A: Oh I have a few…I’d have to say the fainting scene was super fun! I’ve never done anything like that, so it’s really cool. Paul is alsoSUPER fun to work with. And the bear scene was great!

Q: What scene/episode challenged you the most, either in a good way or a hard way?
A: I’d definitely say the bear scene in Season 4 was the most challenging. I actually worked with the director, Peter, to really get into my emotions; to feel the scene, and what I was trying to get the audience to see from Robert. He felt bad about lying and tricking his friends…and teacher.

Poor Robert, getting completely crushed by his conscience. Frankly, I don’t know why Opal was ignoring Miss Thatcher in the first place. So out of character! But it gave lots of people a chance to do something good.

That’s what I really loved about this storyline. Here are my thoughts. Not only did one of the school kids get a chance in the spotlight as a focus of the episode, but it affected so many people around him. Robert himself learned the importance of telling the truth, and how one choice can involve so many people; not to mention how to look ahead to the future. Elizabeth got the chance to prove her philosophy to Jack about children coming to their teacher, and Jack took the opportunity to trust Elizabeth and her methods. Most of all, Bill seized the moment to reach out to a child; something he hadn’t done much of up to that point. He became a mentor figure the kids can now come to, someone they can trust. Plus, all the adults were able to enjoy a good laugh at Robert’s terror at the prospect of being arrested. So look at all the good you did with a lie, Robert!

Well, that wraps it up! Happy birthday again, Jaiven! Much love from the Hearties. And my love to you all! I’m off to my daughter’s birthday dinner. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hello Hearties! Welcome to our first #FlashbackFriday of the year! So sorry it’s taken me so long to get something new up; scheduling and kid conflicts, back to school, etc. I’m excited though. This idea just popped in my head, so I got a little giddy. Warning you now, this is not my typical kind of post, so brace yourselves.

We’re flashing back to several moments today. I was actually inspired to write this post after watching Home for Christmas, and seeing some of the interviews introducing Season 7. I really do have to say, while I still am not completely sold to #TeamNathan as of yet, he scored some MAJOR points in that lovely little film. There were lots of fabulous and heart-fluttering moments that really seemed to connect them. But Kevin McGarry said himself in an interview with ET that Nathan needs to “read a book” on how to talk to women. Admittedly, yeah, he’s right.

Then if you saw “When Hope Calls”, you know that Kevin made a guest appearance as the character of Nathan, and in more than one episode. So, what is the answer to the question in the title? The answer is…both. It was so funny to see such a stark contrast in the same man. I know there are two sides to every person, but I believe the difference in personality was so noticeable because it happened on different programs, and around different characters. Careful now! If you haven’t watched “When Hope Calls”, and you don’t like spoilers, I wouldn’t read any further until you have seen it. 🙂

In Brookfield, Constable Grant is akin to Superman. He speaks with authority and confidence concerning the train robber, he efficiently and carefully conducts a search of the sisters’ guest cottage to look for a suspect, and he very much acts like the more experienced Mountie with Gabe; although at the same time, he listens and collaborates creatively with Constable Kinslow to apprehend the thief. He has no qualms about putting his feet up on Gabe’s desk, or calling himself “the best tracker in the territory”, or reminding the younger man that he wired HIM for help. He even survived a dynamite blast, and regains consciousness just in time to save Gabriel’s life when the perpetrator is about to shoot. And there’s nothing timid about the way he handles the bearded man once he’s in custody, or how he tells Gabe he’s doing a very dangerous deed risking his life to get Sinclair arrested. The only time I saw him falter even a little bit was when he regrettably admitted he had lost the train thief three days prior.

But every superhero has some kind of weakness, and it appears that Nathan’s kryptonite is females in Hope Valley. It’s obvious that while he raises Allie with a firm hand, he has a total soft spot for his niece. He tries so hard to make things easier and enjoyable for her, that he almost comes off as nervous around her.

Where does the REAL nervousness appear? In a forcefield around Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton. It’s almost as if she pushes the “on” switch whenever she walks toward him, and the great Constable Grant is rendered useless. The man’s up for an inspector’s promotion, for heaven sake, but the only thing he can think to say is, “The founders would be proud.” Now I will acknowledge that there have only been two times we’ve gotten to see him be a “real” Mountie in Hope : 1) catching the stagecoach robbers, and 2) rescuing Lucas and Elizabeth from Amos Dixon. Good thing the kryptonite was defective at that point, or Elizabeth wouldn’t have lived through the experience! But that is one thing I hope changes in Season 7. We always see Nathan as serious, nervous, edgy, trying to look good in front of Elizabeth, or trying to get a laugh from Allie with bad jokes. I hope we see Nathan really use his ingenuity and shine at his job. There are so many dangers he can save Hope Valley from if given the chance.

So that’s my take on the two sides of our new Mountie. One more insight into Nathan’s head comes from the man himself. The video below was posted on Twitter by Super Channel Heart and Home, and it comes from HFR#5. Enjoy, and LAUGH!

One more thing before I sign off: don’t forget to wish Jaiven Natt a happy birthday today! He just keeps getting older somehow. And if you’re all good little readers, maybe I’ll have something special regarding our curly–topped teen next week. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy New Year, Hearties! Welcome to the final #FaLaLaLaFriday of the season! It might have been a possibility for me to do another one a week from today, depending on content and airing schedules, except for one thing: my niece is getting married! So my Friday is a little booked up. 😉 I’m not making any promises after the crazy month we’ve had in the #HookedHeartie household, but I don’t FORESEE any roadblocks to posting something on Monday and Wednesday.

Wow, I still can’t believe Christmas is already done! Once again, I do wholeheartedly apologize for all the spaces between blogs; so much popped up that I was not expecting. Then the holiday blew in in full swing, and pretty much every minute, even on Christmas Day, was full scheduled. Things should slow down, and be a bit more regular in the coming weeks. Let’s just hope the content has some of our wonderful actors in it so I have something to post. 😀

So?????? What did you think? I’ve seen several differing opinions on lots of levels, but I personally thought it was well done. I especially enjoyed how level the playing field was kept; Elizabeth had moments with Nathan, and moments with Lucas. Who do I think won this time around? Well, I guess you’ll just have to listen to the podcast to find out! 😀 Here’s the link:



By the way, all you #TeamHenry Hearties and Michael Hickam enthusiasts out there, be sure you give a listen. I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that you felt the joy of the season. I also hope you still carry those feelings with you throughout the New Year. Take care, all of you! Here’s hoping I see you for #MistletoeMonday ! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, as the tagline reads, “I am SO late!” I haven’t posted a real, honest-to-goodness blog in quite some time. I probably don’t have to tell any of you how very busy and harried the whole past week has been. Between the podcast and my family, there has barely been a moment. Every time I sat down to compose a brilliant piece of work, something would come up; be it shopping, baking, or just crazy kids! 🙂 But I can finally come to you for #FaLaLaLaFriday, the first REAL one of the season since Thanksgiving is officially over. 😀 So here’s what we’re going to do today! I’m going to give you a review of a great movie from last year, then I’ll include the link to the podcast for its sequel. That movie is A Gift to Remember. Ali Liebert is our WCTH alumni, who portrayed Rosemary’s old friend Sophia in Season 4

In my humble opinion, this film contains one of the more original storylines, which admittedly, can be difficult to find. There have been several Hallmark movies that involve amnesia; but usually the woman is the patient, and the man is the rescuer. But this time, there’s a clever twist. Not only is the man the afflicted one, but his future love is the one who hits him!

Of course the phone AND wallet wash down the gutter, and everything points to a completely different identity than his own. I laughed so hard, and simultaneously felt horrible for Aiden. The medical advice was to surround him with familiar things and faces, and everything thrust at him had nothing to do with his life! But there was someone constantly present that he very much wants in his future. And the lengths that certain someone goes to to help him remember his identity is quite extensive. Granted, part of that aid is given from a sense of guilt; but more than that, she’s drawn to him. There’s a connection of goodness between these two characters. They share a love of Christmas, a desire to help others, and a pull to do the right thing.

I think that’s what I liked most about them: they’re both so serving and kind, always there for others, including each other, even when in less than ideal circumstances themselves. Take, for example, when Darcy and Aiden find out his real name. Number one, Peter Porte brilliantly performs memories coming back in bits and pieces: the frustration, enthusiasm, and enlightenment are so deeply felt, you’re experiencing the journey with him. It’s especially good when he remembers his college winter formal, and picks Darcy up straight away to dance with her. But I digress. When the pair discovers a part of who he really is, Darcy sacrifices her happiness to release Aiden to explore his newly-found memories. That’s love. Luckily, hers is rewarded with him returning to her, and finally bestowing upon her their first kiss on a magical Christmas Eve. Doesn’t get much better than that!

One more thing I’ll share before signing off, and that’s my favorite non-romantic part of the movie. When Darcy is awakened by a certain phone call that sends her into a chaotic flurry, the conversation is PERFECT! I love how well her coworkers know her. She sleepily answers, and without even a “hello”, Josh says, “You fell asleep in your comfy chair.”

Gasp! “I fell asleep in my comfy chair.”

“You forgot to set your alarm.”

“I forgot to set my alarm.”

“You are so late.”

“I am so late!”

It’s the perfect kind of relationship that Darcy describes as “a surrogate family”, and in very few words, establishes the loving, familiar, and comfortable relationship these friends have connected with each other. Besides being humorous, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Well, it’s almost Saturday, but it’s still Friday. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Here’s the link to the podcast that aired on Thanksgiving that contains the recap of A Gift to Remember 2. Love you all! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!



Goooooood evening, #Hearties! Welcome to our first Friday post of the holiday season, which I have dubbed #FaLaLaLaFriday. I won’t spend a lot of time introducing, so you can get right to it. But this is the #Hallmarkies Podcast review of Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas, Picture a Perfect Christmas, Holiday for Heroes, and The Mistletoe Secret. These were fun to talk about because of my personal connection with one of them, (you’ll have to listen to find out which,) and we showcase two lesser-known WCTH actors: Jill Teed, (Gretta) was in Blue Ridge, and Terence Kelly, (Sam Bailey) was in Picture. Fun fact though: Terence is NINETY-SEVEN YEARS OLD! Not only is he still acting, but he looks fantastic! Copy and paste the link.


Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!