Happy Friday, Hearties! Sorry I didn’t post on Wednesday, but I did warn you that the blog would be in and out while I’m recovering. And Wednesday was a take-it-easy day. Quick update on that: I’m getting better little by little. Having a C-section then hernia surgery in a month’s time, and only about 6 inches away from each other, definitely takes a toll. I still have some pain, and I tire VERY easily. But I actually went down the stairs today for the first time since the operation, so there is progress day by day. I’m continually humbled and grateful to all of you who have been thinking and praying for me and my family. That is most welcome, and it IS helping! So thank you!

Now! Let’s move on. I can’t deliver more #FanFictionFriday yet; not enough time has passed, and my brain has been…a little muddled as of late. 😉 So today is a #FlashbackFriday, but a little different. I’m going to teach you a theatrical term amidst all this WCTH talk. I’ve seen many, MANY posts on Heartie Facebook pages bemoaning the fact that we as fans weren’t given advance warning of Dan’s departure. I went through this emotion as well, in between my shock and despair. Why were we not prepared for this very sudden and very DRAMATIC turn of events? I stayed away for a while; it was too painful. But I mustered up the courage, and recently watched a few select episodes from Season 5 again, including: Jack’s return, the wedding, and the “honeymoon”. Knowing what I did, I scrutinized their performances. I smiled when I saw a post just this morning about a Heartie who had done the same. She said that she felt Jack had an inkling of his time running out, and that’s why he rushed to get things moving. And she applauded their performances. I agreed to an extent, but I also found the opposite. I’ll explain 😀

Here’s where the term comes in. I learned it my freshman year of college from my very first theater professor there. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a real term, or something he made up. It’s called, “playing the end”. He insisted it was something young actors did far too often, and he was always reminding us not to do it. “Playing the end” means acting out a scene with the end of the play in mind. For example: a production of “Titanic”. We all know what happens: the boat sinks, and far too many people drown. But the characters don’t know that at the beginning of the play, and first class especially hasn’t a care in the world. Even after the iceberg hits, the characters don’t know who lives and who dies, and most fight to live. So actors have to be careful to not get sad or give up etc. prematurely. Before every performance of every show, this professor would say, “All of this is happening for the first time, you’ve never heard any of these words before.” It really helped!

This is something I think the cast and crew of WCTH did very well. They knew Jack was going to die, but we didn’t, and they didn’t want to spoil our joy and enjoyment. Be honest! Would you have adored the proposal or the wedding NEARLY as much if you’d known Jack would soon be gone? I know I would not have. I would have been too downtrodden.

I listened to Jack talk about his plans for their home, and to Elizabeth persuading Jack to build a crib for their first baby. The whole scene when Lee gives Jack the boards for the new home, then offering to help him build: none of these beautiful moments would have happened if they had been “playing the end”. Heck, the wedding itself wouldn’t have happened if they’d played the end!

What are some other moments we would have missed had they played the end? Some that come to my mind are:

1. When the two of them whisper “Finally!” at their reception

2. The rose petals on the stairs

3. Elizabeth showing her flexibility and endurance by going on a very impromptu and unglamorous honeymoon

4. Rosemary, Dottie, and Clara keeping Jack from seeing Elizabeth’s dress

5. Jack opening up to Elizabeth about the Northern Territories

Many people have accused the writers and executives of being deceitful. I think their purpose was higher. There were legal reasons they couldn’t say anything, but I’d also like to think that they wanted to keep us delighted for as long as possible when they had to deal with a sad and inevitable situation. We can’t blame the writers for this unavoidable sadness. Maybe that’s seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, or being a Pollyanna. But is that so bad? “Ignorance is bliss,” they say. And we were certainly blissful as we watched all these serene moments.

Have a wonderful night, Hearties, and a fantastic weekend! Maybe go back and relive some of your favorite WCTH moments, if you feel up to it. But whatever you do, feel happy! See you Monday! And yes, I can promise this one! Toot-a-loo!

Happy Good Friday, Hearties! Who has big plans for Easter besides tuning in to another episode without Jack? I know it’ll be hard to watch more episodes without our hero in red serge, but I have faith that Jack will come back before the end of the season. No, I don’t know that for sure, but it’s a feeling. There wasn’t the desperation of him going off to war; he’ll merely be an instructor. And we have to remember, (but I’ll say it once more,) that it’s very possible Dan missed an episode or 2 so he could go back to Australia to mourn and bury his grandfather. He said himself on Home and Family that he made it through the vows/wedding with a few tears shed, then he took the time to grieve properly. There’s no better way to “grieve properly” than to go back home. So we’ll see what happens.   

So let’s get to today’s #FlashbackFriday. I’ll give you a hint as to what the topic is.  Look what my sister-in-law made for dinner when we were invited to Sunday dinner 6 days ago.

Any guesses as to what it is? That dish is none other than Shepherd’s Pie. When I was spooning a helping onto my plate, I quipped, “Your mother put lard in my shepherd’s pie.” I was met with blank stares, even from MY mother! That’s when I decided to mention this scenario somewhere where it would be more appreciated.  So let’s talk about Charlotte’s and Elizabeth’s specialty, my fellow fans! To start off, here’s a reminder of their meeting:

Photo Credit: Crown Media
Edit: Mary Schmidt

What a pistol! Rosemary was definitely correct when she commented that God “broke the mold” when He made that woman! (Fun trivia side note: in that scene with ROSEMARY, Elizabeth has gold roses etched into her lace collar. Go watch!)  That’s when we found out where Jack’s fire came from. But poor Jack, indeed! That fire came back to bite him in the nose when Ma and lady friend had him surrounded. And he sure needed lard to go with his foot every time he stuck it in his mouth!

Now for the food. I remember watching the sneak peek in the middle of the week, and being certain that Charlotte was sabotaging Elizabeth. There was NO WAY that Elizabeth didn’t know Jack liked pepper after all this time of cooking for and eating with him. Then when I saw the episode, I wondered if she was so oblivious, that she just cooked with pepper (and a lot of it!) all the time, and assumed both her boys liked it. Then of course, there’s the secret ingredient that “makes it stick to the shepherd’s ribs.” LARD instead of love! By the way Jack described dinner as “filling”, (aka “gross!”), was it the lard, the pepper, or both? And Elizabeth’s face when Charlotte dumped that huge wad of lard into the pan! It’s the same smile she used when dealing with Rosemary in the beginning, so you know she was struggling to bite her tongue. You also know all’s well in the end when Charlotte actually ASKS Elizabeth for her shepherd’s pie recipe.

I hope all’s well with YOU this weekend! Have a very happy Easter! And in case you don’t remember, there’s a very big possibility I will have my baby on Monday; so if I don’t post, you’ll know why. If it happens, I promise pictures, and the not-too-gruesome details.

Happy Friday, my very impatient #Hearties! I am, at least! I can’t believe that the wedding, the event we’ve wanted to see for at least 3 or 4 seasons now, is finally happening!!! I know I asked this about Jack’s return, but who is having another party for the wedding? I’m not having a formal party, but I’ve told the members of my Austin Facebook group that they’re welcome to come over on Monday and watch with me. If YOU’RE going to be around Austin, TX on Monday, let me know, and you can join us! I’m just SO EXCITED! The pictures Papa Heartie has leaked have made me practically rabid! Probably not the healthiest situation for my pregnancy. 😀

Well, it’s #FlashbackFriday, and I promised all of you more “Name That Line”. So first of all, here are the answers for the Season 2 edition. Remember to grade yourself honestly. 😉

1. Elizabeth, Jack (probably one of my favorite conversations in Season 2!)
2. Elizabeth, Rosemary
3. Rosemary
4. Rosemary
5. Elizabeth, Jack
6. Rosemary, Lee (their FIRST conversation!)
7. Lee
8. Lee, Rosemary
9. Abigail (after Clara spilled coffee INSIDE Jack’s hat!)
10. Jack, Charles (one of my other favorite conversations of Season 2! SO CLEVER!)
11. Abigail (sock it to her!)
12. Tom, Faith
13. Rosemary
14. Abigail (sock it to HIM!)

So, how did you do? I know, most of them are super easy; but like I said, they were just so clever, I just couldn’t pass them up! So now, we’ll go to the final installment: a collection of clever lines from Seasons 3 and 4 combined. It’s frustrating for me that the most clever lines I found are also not hard to guess AT ALL, but they’re fun. Plus I think, (at least, I hope!) it’s more entertaining for all of you that I not just tell you; adds a little spice, right?

1. ‘Keep your man busy, and he won’t be in a tizzy.’ I read [it] too! (2 answers. Bonus point for “where” this is contained.)

2. Men and sport. I’ll never understand!

3. -Isn’t this the part where you say I’ll make a great dad?
   -I don’t know if that’s true.
   -Oh, you don’t?
   -I’ve never tried your shepherd’s pie

4. -If you’re interested, don’t take too long.
   -Buy the house, or start the family?

5. -Looks like you’ve been stood up.
   -Mmm…I have.
   -Well, I know they’re big shoes to fill, but may I?

6. -He’s…solicitous.
   -Isn’t that a fancy word for ‘he gets on people’s nerves’?
(Bonus point for who they’re talking about)

7. -Have you ever wanted something so much that you thought your heart would simply stop beating if you didn’t get it?
   -Like some peace and quiet?

8. -We don’t want our wedding to be ‘fine’, we want our wedding to be ‘fantastic’!
   -Well, let’s just hope we have some friends LEFT to attend our ‘fantastic wedding’.

9. -If I were a man, I could take you in a fight.
   -If you were a man, I would have shot you by now!

10. -What has Rosemary got in here, lead?
    -Like the Statue of Liberty?

11. -So you’re a man of honor?
    -Well, I wouldn’t go that far!

12. -I don’t want to play if I can’t pitch.
    -You could be the next Ty Cobb!
    -Ty Cobb’s the best!
    -And he never pitched!

13. -I thought there was something between us.
    -There is. They’re called ‘bars’.

14. -Do you have any idea how infuriating you can be?
     -All’s fair in love and war.
     -Which is this?
     -A little of both.

15. -Is Constable Thornton going to put me in jail?
    -Not this time.

16. You don’t get to decide who lives and dies, my friend. That’s up to a higher power.

Alright, friends. This is my final sign-off before we witness the wedding of the century! Just think! Next time we “talk”, they’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton! I’m quivering with anticipation, and I bet you are too! So until Monday, and you better just expect a two-part post on Monday and Wednesday. There will be TOO much to write about for just one blog. Okay…signing off! 😉

Happy Friday, my darlings! It’s been quite a week, I’m sure; so why don’t you  take this time to just sit back, take a deep breath, (in through the nose and out through the mouth! 😀 ), and let Hope Valley take your troubles away for a little while.

Did you catch Daniel Lissing on Home and Family this morning? He was great, wasn’t he? I’m trying to decide what part was my favorite! It’s a toss-up between his complimenting Erin “on LIVE TV”, talking about his mom, or suggesting that Jack purposefully put the spider on Elizabeth’s shoulder in Season 1 to get her to hug him. 😀 It was great seeing him present in the promotion of the show, and he didn’t look too shabby either, did he? 😉


Well, if you remember last #FlashbackFriday, we played a game of “Who’s Line is it Anyway”, better described as “Name That Line” with Season 1. I promised answers, and I am here to deliver!
1. Jack, Elizabeth
2. Pretty obvious. 🙂  
3. Abigail, Henry
4. Henry, Abigail
5. Rosemary, Jack
6. Elizabeth, Abigail
7. Abigail, Bill
8. Henry, Bill
9. Rosemary, Jack


How did you do? I bet if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Heartie, you aced it! I’ll bet you did pretty well even if you’re not die hard. To be honest, there were several more, but I just ran out of time to include them all. Two of my favorites actually include Abigail and Jack. They really have some great moments between them! They are: the whole conversation about honey and vinegar, and the whole “sly” (yeah right!) conversation about a deer, bear, and skunk!

Now we’ll go to the next segment: a selection of clever lines from Season 2. Yes, some of them are obvious, but they’re just so funny, or so well written! As we know, this is where Lee shows up, so things REALLY start getting interesting! There are a few more than Season 1, so brace yourself. 😉

1. -Wait, how many women have you kissed?
   -Not too many, five maybe? Did I say five? I meant two, you and my mother.

2. -Maybe you should keep a list?
   -I suppose it would start with Jack.
   -Too bad it won’t end with him.

3. I’m not sure Elizabeth’s [dish] can be identified; although Mr. Avery IS a forensics expert.

4. If it’s true what they say, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then you could be accused of attempted murder!

5. -Her family’s been around forever.
   -Oh, like the plague?

6. -Well, I’ve never seen a vehicle like this one.
   -That’s funny, you’re not looking at the vehicle.
   -I have excellent peripheral vision!

7. You may be selling, young man, but I’m not buying.

8. -Just curious…
   -Curiosity killed the cat
   -Ah, but this cat has 9 lives!

9. Would you like cream and sugar with that? (After coffee spilled somewhere)

10. An entire conversation about “fishing”.

11. If you want to judge the purity of someone’s character, you’d do well to start with your own.

12. -The food here is terrible!
    -We’re famous for it.

13. Why is it everyone who can hold a pencil thinks they’re a writer?

14. If that’s a threat, Mr. Gowen, I suggest you don’t cross the people who prepare your food!


Well, that about does it, Hearties. I hope this helped put a smile on your face, and some warmth in your heart. Have so much fun watching the brand new episode. I can’t wait to see how Jack is going to handle all his inner turmoil. As Daniel said on Home and Family, a lot of it is “the love of a good woman”!

See you Monday for #MondayMusings!

Hey, hey, ladies! And gentlemen, if there are any who read my blog. In the words of Home and Family, (Hallmark Channel’s morning talk show!) “It’s Friyay!” And I foresee it being a VERY exciting weekend for a lot of us! After all, I’m having a baby shower. 😉 No, a much TALLER handsome guy will be making an appearance this weekend. But I am suspicious that there WILL be some WCTH-themed elements at the shower. If there are, I promise to post pictures.

But seriously, tell the truth, who’s making a bigger deal out of this coming episode than the premiere? Anyone having another party? I wish I could, but sadly it’s not in the cards! I’m definitely A LOT MORE EXCITED about this chapter of the story. I watch the episodes on Monday mornings, and I have a feeling that if pregnancy insomnia plagues me past midnight, I’ll…uh…“pass the time” with Jack and Elizabeth!

I thought I’d do something a little different for today’s #FlashbackFriday, (and the next 3.) We’ll flashback to several moments. Let’s play a game! I’ve compiled a list of what I think are clever lines said by cast members in Season 1. See if you can identify who said what, and put your answers in the comments. (Try not to cheat, huh?) If there are two or more people speaking, I’ll separate the lines with dashes. Have fun! I’ll post the answers next Friday with the lines from Season 2.

1. -Got those bags packed yet?
   -Why, you had your fill of coal dust already?

2. I didn’t go to drama school, Jack; I went to teacher college. (I’ll give
you this one. It’s Elizabeth. It’s clever because Erin Krakow went to
Juilliard, probably THE most famous theatre school in the USA!)

3. -You’re bluffing!
   -This isn’t a poker game.
   -Then you won’t be surprised if I don’t fold

4. -Did you do something different with your hair? It’s very        becoming.
   -And you should be going!

5. -That must be lonely…
   -I have a dog!

6. -Halley doesn’t stand a chance against Rosemary’s Comet!
    -Don’t comets burn out?
    -Not before setting fire to everything in their path.

7. -I think you might need some stitches.
   -The lengths I’ll go to to get you to make a fuss over me!

8. -That’ll open up a whole can of worms.
   -I like worms. Good for fishing; ‘cause I feel like I’m about to catch
something pretty big!

9. -Would a true relationship be so easily sidetracked by my presence?
   -Your presence could sidetrack an army!

This is a bonus one I’ll give you. I find it clever because of the connection between Season 1 and Season 4.

Rosemary: Do you doubt my words?
Jack: Well, you’ve always been a talented actress.

Jack: On Christmas morning… you will act surprised and delighted.
Rosemary: Surprised and delighted?
Jack: You’re a very talented actress!
Rosemary: It’ll be the performance of a lifetime!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, #Hearties! It promises to be a truly rewarding one! I’ll be back on Monday for #MondayMusings of the thrilling and heartwarming episode we’re all anticipating so much. Ta ta!