Well, I think it’s been a good birthday week for Dan. I saw SO MANY pictures and messages wishing him a happy day. I’m sure he felt the love! I hope you’ll still feel some love for me after I tell you that I don’t have the next installment of the #FanFictionFriday story ready. I’m so sorry. Baby Jack hasn’t been sleeping well the past few nights, my daughter needed lots of help with school stuff, my husband got sick…the usual excuses. But they are legitimate, so pleeeeease forgive me?

The good news is I do have something for you to laugh at for #FlashbackFriday. I mean, we’ve got to finish up Daniel Lissing’s birthday week properly, don’t we? Oh, you should have seen me wracking my brain for the right Jack moment. There are certainly plenty to pick from, huh? Once again, my friend Sarah and I put our heads together. Seeing as how it’s Halloween time, I wanted to do something “mysterious”, and so I chose when Jack comes right out and calls himself a “man of mystery”. Can you name it? If you guessed when Jack is trying to buy Clem Besser’s land, you’re right!

It’s a funny situation. Jack is already a little more cryptic than usual because he’s unnerved by Wade. Elizabeth has finally learned to accept that Jack can’t share everything about his job, so she immediately (and readily) assumes it’s serious Mountie business. Then HE has to throw a spoke in the wheel, and only reveal that it’s “private”; just enough of a bone to get her salivating. You can see the quick switch in her eyes from concern to intrigue. And Jack just walks off, leaving her in the street. Then the ultimate cliffhanger: the window shade pulled in poor Elizabeth’s face. If you haven’t seen the bloopers for Season 3, poor Dan can’t get the shade to stay down. So it rolls up just in time for the camera to glimpse Erin making faces in the window.

It’s a short one tonight, but easy to get through, right? Before I close up for the night, I want to send a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to my partner in crime, Sarah Nitsch. I couldn’t do so much of this without you! Happy birthday tomorrow! 

Have a lovely weekend! Tune in on Monday to find out who we’ll be celebrating next! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Well, everybody, we’ve reached the end of Erin Krakow Week here at hookedheartie.com. And it looked like she had quite the birthday from the pictures I saw on Twitter. Pascale apparently had her over, and her boys helped Erin blow out her candles. Plus I know she got a million birthday wishes all over social media, so I’d say 34 is treating her pretty well so far.

This is a milestone for us here at the site; we get #FlashbackFriday AND #FanFictionFriday all in one post! I couldn’t let Erin Krakow Week go by without discussing an Elizabeth moment, could I? And then I promised all of you part 2 of my story, so I could NOT let you down! So you get both!

The moment for #FlashbackFriday dates all the way back to Season 1, right at the beginning of Elizabeth’s teaching career. If you remember, she had to give herself the pep talk about how she graduated from college, but all the education in the world couldn’t prepare her for the kids of a coal mining town. Abigail helps out with the advice of offering “levity” in the classroom, but it doesn’t quite stick until the lesson on gravity. Yes, she did it partly to show up Jack, but I think this is the moment when everything really clicks. Her eyes show the wheels turning in her head, then the light bulb goes on when she climbs up on the desk. Elizabeth actually talks TO the children instead of AT them. She uses her education AND Abigail’s words to school them. They’re engaged, they’re learning, they’re having fun…and not breaking anything. THAT’S when, in my opinion, Elizabeth truly becomes a teacher…and Jack’s eyes shine in her direction for the very first time.

Now for #FanFictionFriday, so on to Part 2 of The New Arrival. If you missed the previous installment, it was posted last Friday. I can’t wait to hear what you think!



“Can I help ya?” said a voice behind a newspaper. The corner folded down, then the older gentleman hastily put the periodical aside. “Ah! Welcome, Mountie!” The man who was obviously the sheriff stood, and albeit a little reluctantly, offered his hand. Nate shook it a bit more firmly than he usually would, and the man gestured to a chair. “Constable…?”

“Uh, Grant. Nathan Grant,” he replied as he took a seat. “But you can call me Nate.”

“Good to meet you, Nate,” the man also sat back down. “Bill Avery, acting sheriff.”

“Well, I have a letter from headquarters about that.” Nate took the paper from his pocket, and handed it over. Bill read it, but his only reactions were a couple of grunts here and there. Finally, he put it aside, but wouldn’t respond. He only took his weapon from the desk drawer; then casually, but deliberately began to load it. Nate’s first instinct was to reach for his own pistol holstered at his side, but he resisted the urge. Easy now, Nate’s head reminded him. He’s testing you. Show him you’re no coward. He discreetly removed his right hand from his waist, then slowly folded both hands in his lap.

After what felt like an hour, but was only an excruciating few minutes, Bill eyed Nate over the top of his gun as he did the “final inspection”. Nate guessed that Sheriff Avery had decided he’d gotten enough intimidation, and was quite proud of himself for holding his ground with such a seasoned officer.

“I’m glad you made it a little early. I promised the sheriff in the next town I’d help him with a stake out, and I really don’t want to appoint another acting sheriff…not after last time.”

Ah, thought Nate. Hence the loading of his weapon. Clever! “Glad I made it then too. Uh, last time?” Bill’s look said “forget about it”, so Nate moved on. “So, what do I need to know before you head out?”

“You need to know that this town suffered a tragedy not too long ago,” Bill snapped gruffly; but as Nate looked closer, he could see moisture glistening in the sheriff’s eye. The Mountie could empathize, as he was struggling to make sure he didn’t get emotional.

“I’m aware of that, Sheriff,” Nate responded soberly. “And I intend to treat Constable Thornton’s post with every respect and dignity. I promise.”

Bill looked surprised, then his face took on a look of approval…almost. “You knew him? You knew Jack?”

Nate chuckled ruefully, and with very little humor. That was the understatement of the year. “I knew him.” Better to leave it at that.

That seemed acceptable to Mr. Avery. “Well, good,” Bill said briskly, as he stood and stretched his hand out to Nate once more. He certainly seemed more friendly all of a sudden. “Then you’ll do well here. Just remember, all of us here in town are still reeling a bit, so your being here may be a little difficult.”

“Sure. Anything else?”

“Yeah. Watch out for those railroad boys in the saloon on Saturday nights. The place just got a new owner, and after a long week’s work, things can get…a little wild.”

“Will do,” Nate said, and followed Bill outside. The sheriff gave the Mountie half a smile before trudging down the stairs, and riding away on his horse. Nate sighed deeply. That was over with; now came the hard part.



I hope you have a great weekend, Hearties! Remember to turn in tomorrow night for Pascale’s new movie, Wedding of Dreams, the sequel to Summer of Dreams. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Happy Friday! Wow, that phrase means a WHOLE lot more now! 😀 Here we are at the final day of Back to School Week, our #FlashbackFriday. Well, my girl got through her first day alright, and I got SO MUCH done! For kindergarten and 1st grade she was in a half-day school, so this all-day thing is tripping me out. I think we’re going to make it through though. How have you parents and teachers made out? For those of you to whom the start of school doesn’t apply, I formally apologize for the spike in traffic.

So, as I was saying, welcome to #FlashbackFriday. Let’s celebrate the end of a crazy week with a sweet back to school moment. Any guesses? As far as I know, there’s only one episode when it’s the official first day of school, and that is “Heart of the Family” in Season 2. If you’re unsure which episode that is, that would be the one on the homestead. It also shows Frank just starting out as the town’s preacher, and giving his first school tribute. And of course, we have Jack and the cowbell! The whole scene just fills you with a sweet, peaceful feeling, full of hope for the future.

I love Frank’s words. He’s not a flashy or uppity pastor; he’s simple, I’d even say slightly gritty. So it fits that his words to begin the school term would be short and sweet, and not full of flourish. He gives great advice to kids nowadays too: “Keep your eyes on your books, not out the window.” It’s as if he’s a grown up kid himself. And he even covers possible smart remarks when he reminds the children, “This may be God’s house on Sunday, but it’s Miss Thatcher’s house during the week.” Although those smart remarks are highly unlikely, since Frank already knows Elizabeth’s reputation: “I’ve heard that NO ONE messes with Miss Thatcher!”

Then the bell! How can something so clunky be so romantic? Probably has something to do with the people handling it. 😉 They set the tone so well! Elizabeth gets that dreamy look on her face before Jack even appears on the screen. And then she does this adorable little swing back and forth like she’s a student herself. Part of me wishes they had gone on to get her an actual school bell since Jack says he ordered one, but I can’t deny that the cowbell is poignant, then becomes very special. But the look on Elizabeth’s face when she opens then rings it…PRICELESS! By the way, I’m seriously starting to suspect that Jack put Nellie and Patrick up to changing Gertrude’s name to Lizzy! He takes way too much mischievous joy in the revelation to be innocent!

Enjoy your weekend, Hearties! And remember: May your heart let your hope blossom!



Well, we have reached the end of another week! How did it go for you? I’ve heard many schools around the country, (this one anyway) have already begun! Wow! That seems incredibly soon! I remember my old elementary school picture calendars had September with the back-to-school illustrations. Now August has them, and September has autumn pictures, even though we’re still in the pool in the afternoons.

So that being the case, I thought it might be fun to do a school-related #FlashbackFriday. THAT is the theme of the month. So…which one to do this week? Tick, tock, tick, tock…well, since MY daughter hasn’t started school yet, (that’s next week! Ah! My last weekend!) I cannot do a first day of school, etc. No, my choice is the absolute very beginning of Season 2, the 1st words spoken, in fact. Do you recall what they are?

It’s a group of children: Pockets/Albert, Rachel, Emily, and Ephrim (Carla’s son). They greet each other, spot Elizabeth, and run up to her. She inquires if they’re enjoying their break, they say yes, but then here’s the clincher: the children are impatient to get back to school, and desperately want to know when it’s time to resume.

This encounter is quite brief, but I think there is a lot of power behind its simplicity. There are 2 things I really love about this interaction. The first centers on the children. They have truly come to love their Miss Thatcher. They’ve bonded. And who can help but love that beautiful smile, friendly voice, and compassionate demeanor? But more than that, they enjoy her teaching methods, and now have a thirst for knowledge. Before Elizabeth arrived in town, it was the humdrum, day after day, bleak and coal-dusted future ahead of them. Then add another log, actually several logs, on the fire with most of their fathers being taken from them. Talk about hopeless! Now they have choices, and they don’t want to stop learning. “When can we go back to school?!”

My second reason for connecting with this #FlashbackFriday is Elizabeth herself. As we are all WELL aware, (you may not call yourself a Heartie until you are,) Elizabeth is making her way down the street to have her first riding lesson with Jack. They just recently had their first kiss, and she is undoubtedly more than eager to have some alone time with the handsome Mountie. But Elizabeth doesn’t shoo the children away with a brusque “I’m busy; we’ll talk later,” does she? No.

They say, “Once a teacher, always a teacher.” I’ve also heard “Teaching isn’t a job, it’s the calling.” I was a substitute teacher for 5 years. I was also a performance and voice teacher for 5 years; I’m still a piano teacher, and the children’s music teacher at my church. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about children in general, they LOVE interacting with their teachers outside the classroom; it humanizes them, makes them real. I remember being with my mother at Sam’s Club, and coming upon my kindergarten teacher. I never fathomed the idea that she went grocery shopping! Then she stopped to chat for a minute, which made me feel very important. That’s what Elizabeth does for her students here. Of course, it’s a lot easier running into a teacher on a daily basis in Hope Valley, but all the same: she takes the time to talk, and have a real conversation with them. In fact, they say goodbye first, and the whole group skips away all the happier. Then and only then does she become love struck, doe-eyed Elizabeth, and turn her full attention to Jack.

If you’re a teacher or parent who’s already started back, keep breathing! If you start next week like we do, good luck! And if you start later than that, or you don’t have to deal with situation at present, the odds were definitely in your favor! 😀 See you Monday! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off!



Hey, Hearties! Sorry, this is going to have to be a quick one today; I’m getting ready for a big family reunion on my husband’s side this weekend; first one with the whole family in years! Pretty exciting.

Speaking of exciting, have I got a surprise for you! If you’re standing up, you might want to find a seat because you’re knees are about to go weak. You ready? Well, today just happens to be a big day for my baby Jack. It’s his 4-month mark today. So let’s just say, “I’m going to call you Rip, as in Rip van Winkle.”



Isn’t he precious?! I admit, I’m a little on the proud side. I found that stuffed dog at a church lost and found that was about to be cleaned out, and I begged them to let me have it. It didn’t take too much convincing since no one had claimed it; the ladies were happy to let me have it. It just completes the whole ensemble, doesn’t it? As Rosemary would say, “And to think, you owe it all to that silly old dog of yours.”

And that brings me to the topic of today’s #FlashbackFriday. We’re rewinding back to Season 2: Rosemary’s self-inflicted falling out with Lee, actually her journey back to him. The first step, of course, is jealousy. Kudos to Molly for going along with Lee’s scheme, and so willingly. Pascale really does an amazing job with her nonverbal reactions in the saloon when Rosemary conveniently “eavesdrops” on Molly’s big news that Lee asked her to the dance. First, her smile is huge! She’s so pleased to be overhearing the latest piece of town relationship gossip. Then Lee’s name enters the mix, and her expression fades to the green-eyed monster. And then my favorite! She continues to type her advice column with a 180 degree flipped tone. She all but growls “scoundrel”.

Then Lee steps in under the guise of wanting to talk to the “relationship expert”, only to emotionally drop her like a stone, and say he arranged for her to write an exposé on Gowen. Watching her hopeful face melt to shock, then listening to her stammer…it’s downright hilarious! Of course, it all works out in the end with a big bouquet of flowers.

I recently watched the behind the scenes interviews from Season 2 for the first time, (found it at my library!) Pascale said what we’ve said all along: Lee knows how to handle Rosemary, and how to give her a run for her money. Yes, he does!

I also found out a fun piece of trivia. Pascale was pregnant during Season 2 filming. I never would have known! She went on and on about how supportive the costume designers were to work with her “growing belly”, and how the directors were so willing to work the blocking so it wouldn’t be noticeable. There’s a tribute to her acting skills! She had to do some very energetic scenes in Season 2.

Well, that’s all from me for now. Everybody have a wonderful weekend!