Hey, Hearties! I’m back! WOW! I cannot believe it’s been an entire WEEK since I’ve actually…blogged. All of you who are bored during this quarantine, you are MORE than welcome to come to my house. You will not suffer from monotony in the slightest! 😉 But school is finally winding down for us, so my laptop will no longer be commandeered by my girls for their schoolwork.

Well, this is a big day! Not only am I back for the first time in a week, but I am debuting my first music video! If you love Hallmark, (which I suspect you do since you’re reading this,) and/or you’re feeling a little trapped by current circumstances, this video is for you! But first, let’s talk Nathan. (The reason for this discussion is in the video, but you’ll have to watch it to find out 😛 )

So, let’s get the “vegetables” out of the way first, poor Nathan’s flirting misfires. First of all, thank you to everyone who weighed in. That really did help me a great deal, and saved me a whole lot of time. Truthfully, I like Nathan’s flirtation failures. They make him human and relatable, and they make us smile. I’m inclined to believe that even diehard Lucas fans have a soft spot somewhere for the Mountie. But we can’t deny that these romantic mishaps cause us to react like Allie: palm our foreheads and shake our heads, but we’re still smiling. So here are, in the Hooked Heartie’s opinion, the Top 5 Nathan Flirting Failures.


5) The “Great” Triangle. When Elizabeth catches up to Nathan to try and engage him in conversion about Allie’s Queen Victoria book report, he misses a big opportunity to flirt. Instead he gives answers that are a couple words long. Then things get super awkward when Lucas approaches, thus the “great triangle”.

4) Dinner Invitation in the Stables. This is an interesting one. There isn’t an actual person interrupting them like in the school, and Elizabeth is geared up to say yes. So pull her outside, and finish your sentence, my friend!

3) “Just Getting Warmed Up”. Oh Nathan. You started out with such pure intentions: winning your niece a fishing rod at the strong-man competition. And you accepted the loss until the pretty teacher walked up eating popcorn. Then you had to show off. And it backfired. Good thing Lucas bombed too, or else it could have been REALLY embarrassing.

2) The Wave at the Party. Oh my gosh! How do you spell awkward? W-A-V-E. And the way Nathan tried to backpedal by putting his hand on his neck…you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor guy. At least Elizabeth smiled at Nathan first. We can say that much.


1) “The Founders Would Be Proud”. I don’t think this one needs explanation. Elizabeth and Allie’s faces say it all. Nathan even admits it “just came out”.


Okay enough of that! Let’s skip to dessert: Nathan’s flirtatious advances that make us shout “Bullseye!” Or some kind of equivalent. 😀 He may have plenty of flirting failures, being the shy and tongue-tied man that he is, but in these instances, he hits the nail on the head.

5) Hands Brush. I put this one last because it’s semi-unintentional; a happy accident, if you will. When the library shelves collapse, and Nathan helps Elizabeth pick up the fallen books, their hands brush, and there’s definitely electricity. Didn’t hurt that in the moment before, he had very sincerely complimented her with, “You’re quite the teacher.”

4) “You Matter to Me”. I know what some of you diehard #TeamNathan fans are saying right now: “How could that be #4, not #1???? I promise to reveal my reasons momentarily…one of them right now. I love that actual feelings in the form of words pushed their way out of his mouth; we all know how difficult that is for him. I remember gasping, and yelling, “He said it, he said it!” I just think the moment ended abruptly. So while the emotion is genuine, and we all held our breath, there are other moments that play out more fully.

3) Invitation to Dinner. He finally got the words out. We were all so proud of him! He probably felt the urgency to ask since he was leaving to transfer the prisoner, Elias, and he didn’t want that loose end to remain untied. So good for him for taking a deep breath, and seizing the moment by the throat. Now we can only hope we get to see that dinner at the café in Season 8.

2) Holding Jack/Funny Faces. Okay, guys, I STRUGGLED with this one. Should it be 1? Should it be 2? I even asked my husband and my best friend to weigh in on it; that’s how stuck I was. This moment melted me into a puddle, and my heart was pounding with joy at those hilarious faces. Rarely is there any gesture more endearing than a man holding and playing with a baby. What it came down to was that this scene showed more of his good character, and why he might make a good choice for a stepfather. Number One, however, shows more of Nathan’s personal intent toward Elizabeth.

                                                                   AND NUMBER ONE IS…………………………………………

1) The Engraved Wooden Plaque. There are so many levels to this gift that some write off, or dismiss as “simple”. First, Nathan remembered that Emerson was her Elizabeth’s favorite poet. Then he took the time to choose a quote appropriate for her; which with Emerson, that is no easy task. But he doesn’t write it down. He becomes a craftsman, carving it into a beautiful wooden plaque with his own hands. He doesn’t have the means to match the generous gift of the library that Lucas can afford to do, but he offers what he can to the cause.

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the first exclusive look at my first music video project, “Do You Wanna Watch TV With Me.” I had the great honor of singing this song I created for Kristoffer Polaha in his Friday night Instagram Live video: The Polaha Chautauqua. First thing he asked was if I had put it on YouTube. Well, I finally did! But I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without my husband and cameraman, Will, my dear friend Jess who edited, my piano player Shaleen Wilding, and yes, my children, who loved playing themselves on camera. Enjoy! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!


Okay, everyone, we have some HUGE news for you today! This is BIG! Thanks to all of you wonderful, supportive people, (and maybe even thanks to the quarantine for making so many of you bored enough!), Hooked Heartie now has 100 FOLLOWERS! Actually, the total is 103! What a milestone! I remember how excited I was when we hit 50, and now it’s more than doubled! Thank you all SO MUCH for your laughter, your tears, your indulgence, your patience when I miss a day or am late, and your SUPPORT! I can’t begin to show you enough gratitude!!!

But I’m going to try! I’ve got something special for you today! Call it a #FlashbackFriday and a #FaceOffFriday mashup! And in celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, it’s something VERY appealing to all you ladies out there, as well as something everyone’s favorite WCTH mom Elizabeth gets to experience: the best of Mr. Lucas Bouchard and Constable Nathan Grant.

There’s got to be a moment when you decided which team you were on, something special one of the men did to steal your heart. Or did one of them do something that made you conflicted? What was the one moment when one man or the other sealed the deal for you, or made it harder to decide? Well, what I’ve done today is present the two moments I think made each man the most desirable; when each of them really hit a homer for me. It leaves poor Elizabeth with quite the conflict, but she’s a mom. She’ll make the right decision for her and for her son. So here we go!

Nathan Moment #2:
This is more of a fun thing, but it makes Nathan very appealing: chopping wood. Any fan of Hallmark knows there are few things more attractive in a Hallmark man than watching him succeed at the chopping block. Why is that? I don’t know exactly. It’s one of those “you had to be there” things. When I started making a huge deal about it, my very practical husband said, “Sweetie, I’ve chopped wood.” It’s not that sexy…and those logs are pre-split.” I know THAT, of course! But there is just something about a man splitting logs (on TV at least) that shows off an old-fashioned display of strength and masculinity. A girl knows a man that strong can protect her, and a good look at those arms makes her want to feel them around her!

Lucas Moment #2:
This moment is quite small, especially compared to the grand “not a date” on which he takes Elizabeth. All of that is INCREDIBLE, of course! But there is one point where he becomes the most desirable, mostly because he’s not trying. When the desk clerk at the hotel calls Elizabeth “Mrs. Bouchard”, there’s no playing along, no moment of teasing, not even a smirk. Lucas IMMEDIATELY corrects him, and clearly calls her “Mrs. Thornton”. Then add some icing on the cake: he booked her an entire SUITE, while only booking a single room for himself. No appearance of impropriety, AND gives her the royal treatment. That makes him pretty desirable!

Lucas Moment #1:
Yes, I’m doing this order on purpose. Lucas has a moment that I’m sure everyone, even #TeamNathan fans, must admit makes Lucas a very desirable man. I have a feeling Elizabeth had a very hard time not melting into a puddle at this great act of kindness, generosity, and yes, affection. That moment, in my opinion, is when Lucas gave Elizabeth the library. We all know how dear literature is to Elizabeth’s heart, as is the drive to use it to inspire her students’ minds. But “more important” town matters, as well as the town’s unwillingness to pay, leaves the town without a library. I wonder if that’s part of the reason he gave it to her: his noise-making ruckus pushed back the library discussion at the town meeting. Regardless, giving Elizabeth the means to fulfill her dream of a town library, and at no additionally cost… that definitely bumped Lucas up several points on my scale.


Nathan’s Moment #1:
Turn around IS fair play. Although Lucas made several strides, especially in Season 7, there is a very significant step in which he is lacking. And who voluntarily picked up that slack? Our mild-mannered Mountie. Can you guess what step that might be? It’s the one moment that made Nathan everybody’s main man, even #TeamLucas fans. And that moment happens the instant Nathan took Baby Jack into his arms, and melted our hearts with those amazing goofy faces. Any time a man voluntarily holds a baby, he instantly wins brownie points. And when he’s as handsome as Kevin McGarry, he becomes the most attractive man in the room! Then if that wasn’t enough, he pulls out the tactics, AND makes the baby laugh. Sorry, Lucas, but you have yet to even hold Elizabeth’s little man.


So, do you agree with my picks? What are YOUR top moments that make each man the most desirable? Think about it, and keep the picture in your head this whole weekend. Have a Happy Mother’s Day all you mommies out there! And YAHOO! OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!!! Please keep ‘em coming, and please keep clicking ads, sharing, retweeting, and shopping on Amazon through our site. It helps so much! Thank you SO MUCH! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off. May your heart let your hope blossom!



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Well, #Hearties, I can hardly believe it’s all over! Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry! At least we know that it’s not going away forever. It WILL be back; the future may be a bit uncertain concerning filming, but it is returning. So that is one thing to look forward to. Also, I know I’m a day late, but once again, I have a great excuse! At the bottom of this very post is not one but TWO podcasts! Not only do you get our recap of the very dramatic season finale, you also get a Round Robin conversation about the entire season with the King and Queen of Heartie podcasting: James Lott Jr. and Marisa Serafini! And that one didn’t drop until today, so I couldn’t share it with you until now.

So with that in mind, please put your hands together for…………THE FINAL SHOWDOWN OF SEASON SEVEN! Who will get the most points today? Will that be enough to win overall? Shall we find out? LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!



+1 Long glance on the street
+1 Cookies are “delicious but not necessary”.
+1 Graciously accepts anyway
+1 Got her an autograph
+1 Bound the book in the leather
+1 Loaned her binoculars
+1 Came and got Elizabeth after finding Lee

+1 Tipped his hat and said hello on the street
-1 Cold shoulder with “How far you going?”
+1 Cute wave through binoculars
+1 “Elizabeth is up there with the kids”
+1 Wanted to keep her safe with the kids
+1 “I’ll get Emily!”
+1 Found Emily and Elizabeth and guided them back to the cabin
+1 Making sure Elizabeth isn’t hurt
+1 “You both could have died!” (He cares that much!)
+1 “You put both our lives in jeopardy” (Some may argue this point with me, but if we want to get technical, Elizabeth disobeyed an officer of the law. She needed to hear what he said, even if she didn’t want to.)
-1 “My focus is on 2 things” (Even though anger is justified, that’s a low blow)
+1 He tries to apologize before Florence interrupts

+1 Telling Elizabeth his mother’s compliment of her writing
-1 Sent in the chapters without asking
-1 Negating her feelings of not being ready
+1 Gave her an opportunity (Once again, I’ll probably get pushback for this, but a writer never thinks their work is ready. He helped her take a leap)
-1 Elizabeth wonders if she can trust him
+1 He profusely apologizes
+1 He was out of line and has learned his lesson
+1 Asking Elizabeth to stay and sit with him
+1 His excitement at her saying yes

-1 In denial: “I’m not shutting you out”
-1 Refusing to talk to Elizabeth
+1 Humble acknowledgement to “He asked”
+ 1 Apologized for lashing out at her
+1 “I overreacted”
+1 Appreciates her courage and that she follows her instincts
+1 “I want you to be safe”
+2 “You matter to me” (First true spoken declaration of his feelings)

+1 He came to get Elizabeth to call the publisher
+1 Grabs her coat, “Shall we?”
+1 Helps her relax for the call
+1 “I’ve read your work”
+1 “Did I write those chapters?”
+1 “Make a grand entrance for when you’re famous”
-1 Pulled out of the company
+1 Trying to keep things afloat from his own pocket
+1 “I can’t fault you for caring”
+1 Confiding in Elizabeth about Henry
+1 Inviting Elizabeth to celebrate at the library
+2 CANDLES! (2 points for being so Jack-like, but no more because it could have been hazardous! 😀 )
+1 Takes her jacket
+1 Pulls out her chair
+1 Brushes her hand
+1 Holds her gaze
+1 His vulnerability at seeing Elizabeth hug Nathan. He really showed that he truly cares for her, and it’s not just for show or the thrill the chase

+1 He’s so happy to hear the news of Elizabeth’s book deal
+1 “I’ll see you at school in a bit.”
+1 Calling both Elizabeth and Allie talented writers
+1 Tried to ask her to dinner before Allie interrupted
+1 Complimented her on her strong mind, i.e. no cobwebs
+1 Unsaddles Sargeant for her because he doesn’t want the “famous writer hurting her hands”
+1 Happy the publisher realized how special she is
+1 “He’s not the only one.”
+1 He tried asking her out again
+1 “Standing guard” banter
+2 Finally got it out that he wants to take her to dinner at the CAFÉ (NOT the saloon! 😉 )
+1 Tells Elizabeth she can think about it
+1 Elizabeth’s reaction hearing he might be dead
+10 HE GOT THE HUG! Very emotionally charged, and no wandering eyes toward Lucas

LUCAS – 26, NATHAN – 34

Well! Nathan pulls ahead in this final round! The strong, “silent” man got his day. But will it be enough for the entire seasonal win? Or will Lucas in all his suave charm prevail?

FINAL ACCUMULATED TOTAL: (Drum roll please………………………………………………………………….)

LUCAS – 90, NATHAN – 88

Oh man! He did it! He maintained his lead to the end for the win! On paper, Lucas is a very desirable choice. Now we’ll just have to see if the feelings match up. I know this disappoints several people, but when you think about it, I will admit that Lucas took more chances, and made more moves. We never saw Elizabeth’s reaction to Nathan’s flowers, they didn’t actually GO on that dinner date, and there were no words spoken there at the end of the finale. So Lucas does deserve this win. But we’ve heard what Brian Bird has said about The Tortoise and the Hare. 😉 We’ll just have to observe if it applies here.

Have a great rest of your weekend, Hearties. I’ll be back, I promise. It may not be until Wednesday, but I’ll do everything I can to keep you entertained! Be safe, be sane, be HAPPY! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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Happy Good Friday, all! If you’re celebrating the day, I hope current circumstances don’t keep you from doing a little something. How are you all holding up? Everyone okay? I know a blog post about our friendly rivalry between Lucas and Nathan won’t make anything go away, but I hope it can break up the day… maybe even put a little smile on your face.

Okay, let’s be real here! Given the fact that we’ve all watched the episode “Heart of a Writer”, the name of the winner will probably come as no surprise. And I know members of a certain team will be “heartily” disappointed (ha ha!), but one never knows what future episodes will hold. And also remember it’s all in good fun. So just have a good time with it. And as you go through the list, you can excitedly or ruefully and begrudgingly agree with the leap someone took! So even though it’s not much of a match, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!





+1 Talking like a “hopeful romantic”
+1 Helped Elizabeth with her coat
+1 Put books away for Elizabeth
+1 Moment directly following
+1 Shook hands with Jack
+1 Worked WITH Nathan to help Elizabeth decorate for the wedding
+1 The looks at Elizabeth during the wedding
+1 The reaction to the bouquet
+1 Lucas and Nathan standing together and SMILING!


+1 Catching up to Elizabeth to speak more privately
+1 Asking a direct question about the flowers
+2 Won’t “shy away from competition”
+1 Readily willing to help with Robert
+1 His reaction to Elizabeth saying a Mountie is “a noble profession”
+1 Was a hero and tackled the fugitive. (No this didn’t happen in front of Elizabeth, but Robert told her)
+1 Tipped his hat and smiled at Elizabeth even when he was so mad his jaw was “clenched”
+1 Was listening enough to finish her sentence, and jumped to help at the pond
+1 Worked WITH Lucas to help Elizabeth decorate for the wedding
+1 The looks at Elizabeth during the wedding
+1 Approached by Elizabeth to thank him for help with Robert
+1 Took the photograph with Elizabeth
+1 The reaction to the bouquet
+1 Lucas and Nathan standing together and SMILING!




+1 Actually asked her out
+1 Backed off and apologized for springing it on her at her hesitancy
+1 Gave her time to think
+1 Hooked her with “Women in Publishing”
+1 Laughed at Elizabeth’s lame joke
+1 Said he would escort her however made her feel comfortable
+1 Gentlemanly behavior – took her suitcase and opened the car door
+1 Talked to Jack before leaving
+1 Brought a picnic
-1 Called her eccentric. I know it was meant to compliment her talent, but it did NOT work
+1 Went to a lot of trouble to get the tickets
+1 Immediately clarified that she was Mrs. Thornton, not Mrs. Bouchard
+2 He booked her a SUITE, and only a single room for myself. That deserves extra!
+1 The look and telling her she looked beautiful
+1 Helped her with her cloak
+1 His “Shall we?” was very sweet
+1 Opened up and was very honest with her
+2 Bought tickets JUST for her
+4 Made it very clear that he’s patient, and in it for the long haul to win her heart


+1 Brought her the gift of the apple
+1 Compliment: “Allie’s favorite teacher”
+1 Played along with the bribe line
+3 THE MAN CHOPPED WOOD!!! It didn’t happen in front of Elizabeth, but it’s the mark of a true Hallmark Hunk! If it had happened in front of Elizabeth, it would have been between 5-10!


WOW, SHOCKER! Lucas wins this round. Who would have thunk it. 😉 I will say this though, this Sunday’s episode looks very promising for Nathan and his followers. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope the day bring you love and hope! And until then, here’s the recap for episode 7. We go pretty crazy, so have fun! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy Friday, #Hearties! It is Friday, right? I’m losing my sense of days here! I gotta say though, I am so glad everything was all set and ready to go for our series before this broke out. This is “the little show that could, but it’s been through enough! It’s high time it had a break.

But anyway, with time escaping me, I still remembered that it’s Friday so I can do round two of Season 7’s #FaceOffFriday. I tell you though, it is getting harder and harder to rate and score these men on their interactions with Elizabeth! In Season 6, they were so separate. Now they converse with each other so often, and Elizabeth has interchanges with them at the same time quite a bit. But once again, I’ve done my darndest. So…LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!



E4: SWEET AND SOUR (By the way, STILL can’t get over the timing of this episode!)


+1 Continually reading her chapters & returning them
+1 Trying to share excitement about character dynamics
+1 Very patient with constant interruptions
+1 Elizabeth got flustered and made sure she said goodbye
+1 Offer to help Nathan spread the word. (This was edgy since he did it to look good, but he saw it thru)
+1 Asking after Baby Jack’s health
+1 “You deserve nothing less.”


+1 Brought Allie to school to see Elizabeth
+1 Elizabeth got flustered and made sure she said goodbye
+1 Took her suggestion to warn elderly quickly and eagerly
+1 Accepted Lucas’s help even though he was clearly annoyed
+1 “Despite our mutual feelings for the town, I appreciate the help.” (I know Elizabeth isn’t here in this, but it’s all about her, he lays it all out on the table, and it was REALLY big of him!)
+1 Elizabeth called him back, obviously wants him to stay and chat
+1 Her excitement at Nathan helping Gowen and his admiration for her sticking by him.
+1 His compliment about her loyalty to her friends
+1 He doesn’t add a “but” even when she gives him the opportunity




+1 “Two of my favorite people”
+1 Marveling so sincerely about Jack’s growth
-1 Threw Nathan under the bus and let him embarrass himself in front of Elizabeth
+2 Wave to Elizabeth and he waved first
+1 Showing the magic trick
+1 Teaching Elizabeth the trick
+1 Playing darts with Elizabeth
+1 Elizabeth “admits” to having feelings for him
+1 Brought her flowers
+1 Told her to enjoy them and she deserved them


+1 Saying how much his horse likes Jack
+1 Shaking Jack’s hand
+1 Acknowledging her hard work
+1 Saying he’ll do something nice for her
+1 Small smile and gaze at Elizabeth
+1 Bigger smile when she smiles at him
+1 Wave
+1 Got Lucas away from Elizabeth (Honestly, I was going to dock him for lying, but he’s been so mousy that I admired him stepping up)
+1 Pulled the “show me” play
+1 Elizabeth “admits” to having feelings for him
+1 Brought her flowers


Lucas – 16, Nathan – 17

Lucas – 33, Nathan – 33.


Whoa! This is seriously eerie! That about sums up how I’m feeling at the present moment! I think they really are neck-in-neck. And funny thing, last time we did this, the scores were the exact same numbers, just switched. Boy! These people sure know how to keep us on the edge! I guess we’ll just have to wait a couple days and see who gets the advantage this time. And in the meantime, here are a couple things for you to enjoy. First, the recap of episode 5!


And secondly, check out this awesome shot I just happened to get because I randomly paused the TV at a lucky moment. Talk about neck-in-neck!


Okay, I’ll see you Monday! Stay healthy! Stay sane! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


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