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“I have to know how all this happened. I got the official report from Mountie Headquarters, of course, but details were so scarce. Please…tell me everything.” Elizabeth’s eyes were pleading.

“Everything?” Nate asked warily.

“Everything,” she insisted. “My imagination is driving me crazy, even causing me nightmares. I need to know exactly what happened to my husband.”

“I don’t know if that’s more difficult to ask or answer, Mrs. Thornton. But if you can ask it, I’ll do my very best to answer. If I may, I’ll start with a little bit of my own history?”

Elizabeth indicated the need to keep walking, but also interest in what Nate had to say. So they talked as they walked. Nate was glad that the townsfolk had taken to staring from afar. He didn’t think he could bear eavesdroppers as his words got more personal. He was going to have a hard enough time getting them out to his audience of one.

“I grew up in the East; my family owns a very fine mercantile. We worked hard, and we had some rough times, but our lives were comfortable. We had it easier than most. When I was eight, I started working there with my father and brother after school; he’s two years older, you see. And by the time I was fifteen, I was working there full time. I had no other ambition for my life, so I just stayed on. I was always restless though, wanting to do something with my time. But it sure did make my father happy to see his sons running the family business together before he died.”

They had reached the schoolhouse, and gone inside. Elizabeth motioned for Nate to take a seat, then sat down in the desk in front of him. “Oh, I’m so sorry! How long since you’re father passed?”

“Two and a half years; right after my younger sister got married. At least he made it to the ceremony. Oh, she made a beautiful bride! And Joshua looked so sharp in his uniform.”


Nate reluctantly met her gaze. “My brother-in-law was a Mountie.”

Elizabeth’s voice filled with sad enlightenment. “Oh no…‘was’?”

“He was…he was killed in the line of duty…in the Northern Territories.”

Elizabeth hid her tearful gasp behind her hand. Nate almost hated to continue, but she’d asked for everything. “We got the telegram a month after Cynthia announced she was expecting.”

“Oh dear!” Elizabeth said, making a futile attempt to wipe her tears. “That’s why you were so affected by my pregnancy.”

Nate nodded. “That’s when I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to fight against those gangs, and others like them; to get justice for my family, and to make our world a safer place. So I joined up, along with a bunch of kids.”

“I thought you looked older than the average recruit,” Elizabeth commented as she offered a small smile.

“Yeah, just a little.” Nate smiled self-consciously, stalling the next bit of the story. Blowing out another forceful exhale, Nate leaned on his forearms on the desk, his tone reverent. “This is the difficult part: what happened to Cons-“ No need to be formal now, “to Jack.” Elizabeth imitated his deep breath, obviously preparing to hear details that every wife dreads hearing, but can’t live without knowing. For this reason, Nate chose his words carefully.

“You were right when you said he trusted me a great deal. Even though he was my superior officer, we formed a kind of kinship, given my age and all. When we were out on marches, we would often talk by the fire after we made camp. He even allowed me to call him Jack…in private, of course!” he hurried to add.

“Of course.”

Nate swallowed the lump forming in his throat. “Truth be told, I don’t remember everything that happened. A lot of it has been told to me. We were on a March in the mountains, on our way back to Fort Clay. I don’t know why it happened; maybe because Jack was shouting orders, maybe all the noise from our marching. Whatever the reason, a landslide started. I remember looking at the man next to me, Jacobs was his name, then we both looked at Jack just in front of us. Before either of us had time to react, I saw Jack come at us, then I felt a hard shove. I must have hit my shoulder pretty hard when I fell against a boulder, because I blacked out for a few seconds. When I came to, they were trying to dig him out. We eventually got him free, but by then it was…too late. I could tell he was bleeding on the inside. That’s when he told me where to find the picture, right next to his heart.”

Elizabeth put a hand to her heart as tears started to form again. But Nate pressed on.

“He made me promise to find you, and give you that drawing. He wanted you to know he loved you so much, and his last words to me were, “Tell her ‘Eternity’.” Does that mean anything in particular to you, ma’am?”

“A great deal,” Elizabeth replied quietly through her tears. “It was part of our wedding vows.”

At this, the tears Nate had been holding in couldn’t be held back any longer. They streamed down his cheeks as he whispered, “I’m so sorry! I’m ever so sorry!” He hung his head, and finally released the emotion stored in his soul since the incident. Elizabeth placed a comforting hand on his arm, and they sat together in a tearful and reverent silence. For Nate, it was a strange, yet peaceful relief to not have to grieve alone.

Finally, Elizabeth broke the spell, and asked the final piece of the puzzle. “So, how did you come to receive orders to this post?”

Nate shoved the moisture away from his eyes with the heel of his hand, and continued the story. “When we got back to Headquarters and gave our report, I knew I had to find my way here. So I put in an official request for the position then and there. The officer I handed it to said I had no hope in…well, suffice it to say, my chances were not very high. I tried to explain the situation, but he wouldn’t budge. Then Superintendent Collins came out. Apparently, he’d heard the whole thing, including my extenuating circumstances. He also told me how fond he was of Jack. He agreed that because of my age, I was probably capable of handling a town like Hope Valley on my own; but with my lack of experience, he thought a trial run was in order. He wrote a letter to Sheriff Avery telling him that I would be acting as his deputy, then gradually take over. It seemed the best way to do my job, and keep my promises.”

“Indeed it is. Indeed it is.” Elizabeth seemed lost in thought for a moment, then she shook herself, and stood. “Well, I really do need to prepare for my class tomorrow.” Nate followed suit, and Elizabeth warmly shook his hand. As much as it appears to the contrary, I do so appreciate everything you’ve told me today.”

“I’m just grateful I got to do it myself. I owed Jack at least that much. Thank you for being so gracious and understanding, Mrs. Thornton.”

Elizabeth put her other hand over their two clasped hands. “Constable Grant, with what Jack meant to you, and after all you’ve shared with me, I insist you call me Elizabeth.”

“Then please call me Nate. Goodbye, Elizabeth.”

“Goodbye, Nate.”

Their hands parted, and Nate put his hat on as he stepped down the stairs.

“Nate!” Elizabeth called, and he turned. “From everything I’ve heard, I believe Jack put his faith in the right man. It seems Hope Valley will be in very good hands.” She gave him a small but sincere smile, then walked back inside. Nate couldn’t help but smile as he made his way back to the jail. The town looked the same as when he first arrived, but the air felt different now. He offered up a quick prayer of gratitude that everything had gone as smoothly as it had, and that his spirit no longer bore that heavy burden.

Rusty was waiting for Nate right where he’d left him. Nate patted his back affectionately, and Rusty nickered happily, as if sensing the success of the venture. “Well, boy, you still haven’t lost your magic touch.” Nate sighed in relief. Maybe he could make it here after all.



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Hi, everyone! Sorry, i know it’s late, but to be very frank with you, it’s taken me most of the day to get this right. I want to warn you now: in this installment, Nate revisits memories of his last moments with Jack, and it IS emotional. So please prepare yourself before you read, because I was crying while I was writing. 

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Nate felt the pain screaming from his shoulder before anything else. He reached for it before he could even open his eyes. What happened? Nate groaned and slowly shook his head, trying to sweep the cobwebs free. As his mind cleared and his eyes began to slit open, he heard something behind him: men’s voices. Men’s voices clamoring! “Dig! Dig! Get him out! Keep trying!” they all yelled at once! Nate’s memory returned in waves, his eyes popped open with sudden alertness. Jack! The landslide! He’d pushed Nate out of the way! Nate turned his head to see his fellow Mounties crawling over the rocks and boulders like an army of ants, trying to remove them from a particular spot. That must be where Jack was! Nate stood, steadied himself, then hurried to be part of the effort. He elbowed and shoved his way to the spot itself, just in time to see Jack’s head and shoulders be uncovered. He touched two fingers to Jack’s neck just as Jack moaned in pain. “He’s alive!” Nate shouted.

They lifted and pushed, scratched and dug for the better part of an hour before Jack was finally pulled free. Nate grabbed his feet while Cooper took his wrists, and they hoisted him away from the rubble. They laid him in one of the few clear spots to be found. Nate knelt beside Jack while Anderson appeared with a blanket to cover him. “Are there any doctors here?” Nate demanded. Silence. “Anybody?!” The Mounties just looked at each other sorrowfully. Not in this company. Everyone had the same amount of First Aid training Nate had…not enough knowledge for a situation as dire as this. And the others had looked to him as a leader, given his age…and the fact that Jack had appointed him his unofficial second in command.

Nate turned his attention back to Jack, and desperately tried to think. Jack had plenty of cuts and abrasions, but none looked too serious. Then Nate felt Jack’s cold, sweaty skin, and saw massive amounts of bruising on the exposed flesh. When he felt for broken bones, and Jack cried out in pain at every touch, he knew. These symptoms could only mean one thing- bleeding on the inside.

Nate stopped devising a plan of action, and started trying to accept that he was kneeling beside a dying man. He took Jack’s hand, and as gently as possible, tried to rouse him. The other recruits felt the change. They huddled in groups a short distance away, giving Nate a little privacy, but still there offering support. Jack’s eyes fluttered open, and he dazedly looked around him. His gaze settled on Nate, but he seemed confused. Finally, there was some semblance of recognition, and Nate didn’t wait another moment to speak. “You saved my life, Jack!” Nate said as tears pooled in his eyes.

“Had to.” Jack spoke with labored, wheezing breaths. “You’re my friend, Nate.” Suddenly, a sense of urgency overtook Jack. He tried to move, but his eyes widened, and he groaned loudly with the pain. “Quick…my pocket…take it.” Nate searched three of them before he discovered a piece of paper in Jack’s left breast pocket, next to his heart. Jack exerted all his remaining energy to reach his other hand up to Nate. Nate took it. “Find my wife…find…Elizabeth…give that…to her…please…” Jack pleaded.

“Calm down, Jack. Save your strength. Of course I’ll find her. I promise.”

Jack started choking on air. “Tell her I-I love her…so much. Tell her…t-tell her…”

“What, Jack? Tell her what?”


Nate startled himself back to the present. Elizabeth had just asked him something. “Pardon me?”

Elizabeth’s eyes were wistful as she answered. “The baby…how did he know?” She met his gaze again. “I’m expecting.”

Only then did Nate notice the little bump barely showing beneath her coat. He sucked in his breath as his thoughts were flooded with images of his sister, another pregnant widow who lost her husband in the line of duty. He took Elizabeth’s hand, still holding the paper in both of his as he would have his sweet sister’s. “I want you to know, I’ll help you in any way I can.”

Elizabeth nodded her thanks with an emotional smile, and pulled her hand back to continue looking at the treasure she’d just been given. It wasn’t a letter, but a drawing. Nate could study it in his mind’s eye as Elizabeth looked, as Jack had shown it to him so many times. It was a depiction of Elizabeth holding a baby wrapped in a crocheted blanket. Jack was just above her and to the side, his left hand on her shoulder, his wedding ring visible; and they were both smiling down at their little bundle of joy. At the top read simply “My Eternity”. Then he remembered to answer her.

“I don’t think he did know ma’am, at least not the way he talked. But he was always talking about his dreams of the future with you, and that included lots of children. I guess this is what he wanted when he…when he came home.”

“This means more to me than I can say. He must have trusted you a great deal to leave this in your hands.” Elizabeth folded the paper, and lovingly placed it inside the cover of one of her books. Then she locked eyes with Nate, and asked in a very somber tone. “May I ask you one more favor?”

“Name it.”



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Elizabeth’s left hand cupped her mouth as she gasped, and tears sprang to her eyes. Nate saw a glint of sunlight reflecting off her wedding band, and squeezed his eyes shut with self-loathing. For a moment, he wished he HAD died in that accident. He would have given anything to have traded places that day so Jack could be here in Hope Valley, with Elizabeth where he belonged. But sadly, things didn’t turn out that way.

When Nate looked at Elizabeth again, he was sorry he had. She was crying quietly behind her hand, tears streaming down her cheeks. He wondered if she might slap him. He certainly wouldn’t have blamed her; in fact, it would have made him feel better. But what did happen was something he never expected. Elizabeth regained her composure: took a few deep breaths, wiped her tears, then gently placed her hand on his forearm. Nate stared in shock, but Elizabeth offered a small, empathizing smile. “This must have been very difficult for you, Constable Grant.”

Nate stammered, completely taken aback. “Y-yes ma’am, it certainly was!” he finally admitted, then felt like one of those rocks had been lifted from his shoulders. “I didn’t know what you’d think of me, what you’d say. I know you probably resent me, Mrs. Thornton, but believe me when I say that I would have switched places with Ja- Constable Thornton in a heartbeat!”

“I’m sure you would have, Constable Grant,” said Elizabeth, taking her hand back, and readjusting her books in her arms. “And let me assure you, that while I never imagined coming face to face with one of you, I promise I don’t hate you. My husband was a very duty-bound and protective man. If it hadn’t been you, it would have been someone else.”

“That’s true enough, ma’am.” Then Nate genuinely smiled for the first time since he got to town. “He loved you so much, Mrs. Thornton. He was always talking about you, and he showed me a picture of you. That’s how I knew who you were. Elizabeth bashfully smiled at the ground, and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. “And there’s more…” Nate’s face turned serious again as he held a folded and ashy-looking paper out to her. “He asked me to give this to you before he died.”

Elizabeth looked almost nervous as she unfolded the page, and rubbed her fingers together to rid them of the dust. One glance, and her eyes widened in shock. “How did he know?!”



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That “hard part” sailed into town with a gust of wind and a swirl of leaves. When the dust had settled and Nate had brushed the debris from his jacket, he looked up, and there she was! That HAD to be Elizabeth! My goodness! Nate’s mind exclaimed. The photograph Jack had shown him hadn’t done her justice! Her hair was long and soft, with just a touch of curl, and it flowed gracefully behind her shoulders as the breeze played with it. Her pink coat was feminine and delicate, but her step was sure and confident. A smile came easily to her lips as she greeted her friends and neighbors with enthusiasm. And her eyes! Her eyes were just as Nate had imagined: carrying the burden of grief, but still holding onto that spark of fire. She was just lovely!

Then those eyes found Nate. He panicked like a boy snitching candy, since he’d been caught staring, but Elizabeth was staring back. She just…stood there…watching him, as if time was standing still. Suddenly, the spell was broken. Elizabeth shook herself, gave Nate a look of regretful sadness and embarrassed horror, then dashed toward a white building he presumed was the schoolhouse. Nate only hesitated a moment or two before he hurried to catch up with her. This WAS what he’d wanted.

“Ma’am?” She hesitated slightly, then hurried on. “Excuse me…Mrs. Thornton?”

Elizabeth halted abruptly, and spun around, looking like she’d seen a ghost – Jack’s ghost. Now I’ve done it, Nate thought. “How do you know my name?” Elizabeth’s trembling voice inquired.

Here we go… “I apologize for surprising you, ma’am. M-my name is Nathan Grant. I’m the new constable of Hope Valley?”

“Clearly,” Elizabeth responded with a bit of a sarcastic smile, eyeing his uniform.

Nate looked down, and let out a self-conscious chuckle as he once again removed his hat, and nervously tapped his fingers against the brim. Then they sobered almost simultaneously. It was as if Elizabeth could feel the importance of his message. She looked at him expectantly.

Nate took a deep breath, and continued. “Mrs. Thornton,…I-I was trained at Fort Clay. Your husband, he…he was my commanding officer, and he…” Oh boy! Nate’s foreboding thoughts said. He gathered his courage, and looked her square in the eye. “He saved my life, ma’am.” Elizabeth’s eyes widened as she caught his meaning. “I’m alive today because Constable Thornton pushed me away from that rock slide.”



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This is a milestone for us here at the site; we get #FlashbackFriday AND #FanFictionFriday all in one post! I couldn’t let Erin Krakow Week go by without discussing an Elizabeth moment, could I? And then I promised all of you part 2 of my story, so I could NOT let you down! So you get both!

The moment for #FlashbackFriday dates all the way back to Season 1, right at the beginning of Elizabeth’s teaching career. If you remember, she had to give herself the pep talk about how she graduated from college, but all the education in the world couldn’t prepare her for the kids of a coal mining town. Abigail helps out with the advice of offering “levity” in the classroom, but it doesn’t quite stick until the lesson on gravity. Yes, she did it partly to show up Jack, but I think this is the moment when everything really clicks. Her eyes show the wheels turning in her head, then the light bulb goes on when she climbs up on the desk. Elizabeth actually talks TO the children instead of AT them. She uses her education AND Abigail’s words to school them. They’re engaged, they’re learning, they’re having fun…and not breaking anything. THAT’S when, in my opinion, Elizabeth truly becomes a teacher…and Jack’s eyes shine in her direction for the very first time.

Now for #FanFictionFriday, so on to Part 2 of The New Arrival. If you missed the previous installment, it was posted last Friday. I can’t wait to hear what you think!



“Can I help ya?” said a voice behind a newspaper. The corner folded down, then the older gentleman hastily put the periodical aside. “Ah! Welcome, Mountie!” The man who was obviously the sheriff stood, and albeit a little reluctantly, offered his hand. Nate shook it a bit more firmly than he usually would, and the man gestured to a chair. “Constable…?”

“Uh, Grant. Nathan Grant,” he replied as he took a seat. “But you can call me Nate.”

“Good to meet you, Nate,” the man also sat back down. “Bill Avery, acting sheriff.”

“Well, I have a letter from headquarters about that.” Nate took the paper from his pocket, and handed it over. Bill read it, but his only reactions were a couple of grunts here and there. Finally, he put it aside, but wouldn’t respond. He only took his weapon from the desk drawer; then casually, but deliberately began to load it. Nate’s first instinct was to reach for his own pistol holstered at his side, but he resisted the urge. Easy now, Nate’s head reminded him. He’s testing you. Show him you’re no coward. He discreetly removed his right hand from his waist, then slowly folded both hands in his lap.

After what felt like an hour, but was only an excruciating few minutes, Bill eyed Nate over the top of his gun as he did the “final inspection”. Nate guessed that Sheriff Avery had decided he’d gotten enough intimidation, and was quite proud of himself for holding his ground with such a seasoned officer.

“I’m glad you made it a little early. I promised the sheriff in the next town I’d help him with a stake out, and I really don’t want to appoint another acting sheriff…not after last time.”

Ah, thought Nate. Hence the loading of his weapon. Clever! “Glad I made it then too. Uh, last time?” Bill’s look said “forget about it”, so Nate moved on. “So, what do I need to know before you head out?”

“You need to know that this town suffered a tragedy not too long ago,” Bill snapped gruffly; but as Nate looked closer, he could see moisture glistening in the sheriff’s eye. The Mountie could empathize, as he was struggling to make sure he didn’t get emotional.

“I’m aware of that, Sheriff,” Nate responded soberly. “And I intend to treat Constable Thornton’s post with every respect and dignity. I promise.”

Bill looked surprised, then his face took on a look of approval…almost. “You knew him? You knew Jack?”

Nate chuckled ruefully, and with very little humor. That was the understatement of the year. “I knew him.” Better to leave it at that.

That seemed acceptable to Mr. Avery. “Well, good,” Bill said briskly, as he stood and stretched his hand out to Nate once more. He certainly seemed more friendly all of a sudden. “Then you’ll do well here. Just remember, all of us here in town are still reeling a bit, so your being here may be a little difficult.”

“Sure. Anything else?”

“Yeah. Watch out for those railroad boys in the saloon on Saturday nights. The place just got a new owner, and after a long week’s work, things can get…a little wild.”

“Will do,” Nate said, and followed Bill outside. The sheriff gave the Mountie half a smile before trudging down the stairs, and riding away on his horse. Nate sighed deeply. That was over with; now came the hard part.



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