Well, here comes another week, eh Hearties? How are you doing so far? I hope you’ve had a good morning. And while you’re running around at work or bustling around while working at home, maybe you’d like to fill the empty space with this week’s podcast. We’re discussing the fourth episode of When Hope Calls, “Lost and Found”. We may or may not have digressed, and told a few “extra stories”, but we DO talk about the episode. 🙂 Have fun! And if you’d rather watch the video, and see us make each other crack up, the link is in the comments 




I’ll see you Wednesday with an all-new movie review. But im not telling you which one! You’ll just have to come back and see! Hugs to all of you! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Happy #FlashbackFriday, #Hearties! Are you all ready for another episode of When Hope Calls? Who’s already watched it? I have yet to watch it myself, so no spoilers! But I’ll be here on Monday with the recap and review podcast for you to enjoy!

Before we get to that, though, we have a very important loose end to tie up, don’t we? We need to find out what Carter’s favorite Cody moment is, and finish out his very special birthday week; he’s a teenager now! So, does anyone want to venture a guess as to which moment, out of SO many, that he chose? Well, here is a direct quote from the interview:


What is your favorite Cody moment? Why?
-My favorite Cody moment is when all the kids come in the saloon with Mrs. Thornton and I get up on a chair and start talking about how a promise should be kept about building the railroad and how promises are important and I want the little town of Hope Valley to prosper. It was great to have such an important monologue.



I thought this was a great choice! One of my biggest reasons that I personally like this one is because this was the episode in Season 5 right before #JackIsBack. We were all so antsy for Jack to ride into town the returned hero, that this episode got a little looked over. So it was a great opportunity for me to go back, and take a more objective look at it, and watch it through Cody‘s eyes.

Cody is definitely worked up about the whole railroad business. He even starts a shoving match with his best friend over the matter. Thanks to Elizabeth, it didn’t come to a head with blows, but it might have. He’s very defensive of Abigail and her standing in the town; he has a mother again, and he’s determined to protect his little family to the best of his ability; no matter what.

Elizabeth is very sensitive to the fact that Cody, and all the other children for that matter, have taken this situation to heart. Adults, then AND now, tend to have a “it doesn’t concern them” attitude; that they’re “too young to understand”. In some cases, that’s true, but I’m of the opinion that warning is better than mending. And Elizabeth handles the situation so well: she gathers the children together so they’re not by themselves at home, she does activities to keep them busy, she takes the children to the meeting when they prove just HOW concerned they are, and she asks Mr. Weston to consider the children: not a popular concept in that day.

Then the clincher: Cody stands on the table. Given his earlier emotions, he could have gotten much angrier. But just as his mother taught him to use his words and not his fists, she taught him by example that being calm and composed can have a profound effect on an audience.

Now, let’s be honest: in real life, business negotiations like this probably would not have worked out as favorably as they did in the episode; my husband was very quick to point that out. 😛 A decision like reneging on a contract more than likely would not have been swayed by a speech from a 12-year-old. But who cares? The message Cody conveys is one that SHOULD be used in more business matters: solve things with your word, and your word means everything. I also think it a wonderful turn of events that we find out Mr. Weston was an orphan. He knows, firsthand, what it means to be let down, and alone. He’s probably experienced adults breaking promises to him as well. So to take him back in time to his life experience, and to have him realize how life-altering it is “to have a loving hand to help show you the way”, I think that shoots straight to the heart much more than realism.

And if you watch the faces of the two women in Cody’s life, what do you see? You see a mother overcome with pride, seeing she must have done something right, and loving that boy even more. Then you see a teacher: completely blown away, overwhelmed that a child’s words could be so sure, so strong, so…mature. All those lessons on “doing the right thing” have sunk in.

Carter, you were right. That IS an important monologue, and on so many levels: emotionally, dramatically, morally. Good job! And happy birthday week! Everyone else, have a fabulous weekend! I’ll see you next week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hello, hello, hello! How are all of you doing? First of all, I want to take a moment to acknowledge and commemorate today, September 11th. It has great significance to so many, especially in the United States, and we as a country are so grateful to those who have made sacrifices because of the events of this day.


  Well, the day has come when I reveal one of those “big things” I promised was coming.


Okay, I won’t keep you waiting and wondering…too much. Have you guessed who I had the honor of speaking with for this post? I’ll tell you this, he just celebrated a birthday. Yes, that probably gave it away, but that’s the whole reason for the interview: to celebrate his special day ALL week. So without further ado, here’s our favorite toeheaded teen, Carter Evancic!

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Hey, Carter! This is great of you to do this!

Thanks for this opportunity to talk with you! 


1. Where were you born? Do you still call the same city home?
I was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. I have lived in Port Coquitlam in the same house all my life.

2. Tell us about your family.
I have a sister, Vanessa and we have always been real close. She is currently in University of Alberta for her 1st year. My parents are great, Carol and Dorlyn. My dad works at an office in Oil and Gas industry and my mom stays home and does so much for our family. She manages my acting career and is there for me in everything we do.

3. What is your absolute favorite place to go out to eat, and what dish would you get there?
My favorite place to go out and eat is Cactus Club. They have really good steaks and mashed potatoes with asparagus and a nice root beer (but not as good as A&W’s).

4. I understand that you started doing commercials at less than a year old. Tell us about that.
I only did one commercial when I was one year old. It was a different commercial and was funny.

5. How much historical research did you have to do to prep to play Cody? Were you given lots of direction on his character, or given free rein? Somewhere in the middle?
My parents and I watched Season 1 of WCTH on Netflix and got an idea of the show for my prep. During the audition I was given some direction, but usually the person who gets the role for a character is like the character so maybe I booked Cody because I was something like him. It has been the best character for me and I have grown for 4 years on the show.

6. What scene/episode challenged you the most, either in a good way or a hard way?
The scene that challenged me the most was one of the scenes when Cody was with Abigail in his room and he was crying about something and Abigail comforted him. I remember why I was crying to get me in the scene and many of the crew and my mom had tears. It was very memorable. Peter DeLuise was the best director and taught me how to make it real for me for the scene.

8. I remember your mother commenting on the fan site once that the trick Carson taught Cody with multiplication was one you used for a long time afterwards. What other lessons or tricks, big or small, have you learned from your time on the show? And who put that trick in the script? Do you know?
I had never used that method of multiplication that Carson was teaching Cody before; I have used a different method which uses mental math because that’s what I’m good at. The writers were great and they must have done some research on math multiplication methods. It was fun to use, and works.

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9. Tell us about your candle business. What inspired you to start it? Is it doing well? Where do you sell them? Do you have a website? What different scents do you have? Tell us all about it. Spare no details.
I did the candles for my school Entrepreneur Fair and when we posted it on social media I had a bunch of people encourage me to start my candle business so I did. It is on Etsy. (etsy.com/ca/shop/CartersCandleShop). It was doing pretty well as a little business, but since summer I haven’t had any sales. The scents I have are Lavender (Purple), Apple Cinnamon (Green), and Pumpkin Spice(Orange). I plan on putting some new scents on there for the Fall / Winter.

10. Do you have any other hidden talents the Hearties might not know about?
Magic tricks, I recently took up a bit of magic because it’s fun seeing people’s reactions to the tricks, and it’s just something to do in my spare time. I recently had a private lesson with Leon Etienne on board the cruise to Alaska and I learned some amazxig tricks. I still practice tricks for family and friends.

11. What kind of fan interaction experiences have you had, especially from HFR? Any stories stand out?
There was one time that I had a really big fan, a girl maybe 2 years younger than me at HFR6 and the head photographer for Crown Media, Ricardo Hubbs noticed it. He talked to my mom and me and thought it would be a nice idea for me to have a picture with her so they set up it up in front of the stage and took lots of pictures. We talked for a few minutes and it was great. Another story was a mom of one of the kids on WCTH who was there for just a couple episodes was a huge fan and when I gave her a signed calendar she couldn’t believe it and cried… we talked and she was so nice. Fans are very special and I am so grateful to have these new friends.

12. What is your favorite non-WCTH role you’ve done?
I was in my first acting role and played Ash on Her Infidelity. It was a Lead role and Rachel Hunter played my mom and Lane Edwards played my dad. Clayton Chitty was the school teacher and I had fun with everyone. It was a great experience and is what started my acting career at 7 yrs old.

13. Has your filming schedule ever bled into the school year? How do you balance school with work? Give us the perspective of one of the school kids on a long-running TV show?
Yes, my filming schedule always interferes with school but I tutor on set. It’s fun doing tutoring. My teachers at school are always good about it and I always get my work done. I pick up school work when I get back to school or we get the work online or through emails. I do my tests when I get back to class or sometimes my tutor will do them for me. I like doing tutoring and then being back in school, best of both worlds.

14. We’ve seen you post pictures of you and the other young actors from WCTH, on and off set. You all seem to get along well. What do you like to do together when you’re not working? How have you passed the time on set when you have to sit and wait, alone or together?
We get along really well with each other on and off set. When we’re not working, we usually go get some food and then go back to a portable and just talk, about anything.
Usually I pass time on set by either looking at my instagram, or going to tutoring to get my schoolwork done. When I have some free time we always like to go to crafty for snacks but basically like to chill and talk and have fun. When I’m not on set filming I like to play basketball, lacrosse, I do breakdance and hang out with my friends. I like to do all the activities at school.

Photo credit: Carter’s Twitter 

15. Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes stories you can share?
A fun behind the scenes story I have is when it was nighttime on set in Abigail’s café. Half of the lights were on and the other half off. Carson (Paul Greene) went into the dark half of the café where it was pitch black and hid while he said to come find him and he wouldn’t scare us. WELL… I wanted to go in but I wanted someone to go with me, so what I did was get my mom in front of me and just started pushing her into the darkness. And then Paul jumped out and scared us (mainly my mom though… (haha)) and then he was laughing ‘till he couldn’t breathe while my mom and I were frightened to death.

Photo credit: Carter’s Twitter  

16. If you could play any character currently in existence, who would that be?
I would choose Will Byers on Stranger Things because I auditioned for that role and it seems like a really cool role to play, it’s a real popular show which would be fun to be on.

17. Who would you love to work with someday?
Someday I would like to work with the Duffer Brothers because they work on films like Stranger Things and I like those type of movies, TV series’ because they’re so interesting and look really cool to film.

18. Did you have any fun birthday plans?
I went on a hike around Buntzen Lake with my friends, and then back to my house to cut my cake, and have a sleepover party with games and a movie. It was a blast and my buddy Jaiven Natt “Robert” got to meet my friends from my new school.

19. Anything else you’d like to share? Maybe any future projects you’re allowed to share, or things happening in your own life that are special to you?
So far I’m not working on any other films at the moment but I will hopefully be working on something soon. In my own life, school just started up and I’m planning on being on all the school sports teams, so far I am in Soccer, Volleyball, and Cross Country.


Cool, huh? I’ll be the first to say that I think Carter is an active, smart, sweet, extremely down-to-earth, and level-headed young man. He’s even thought of future plans as an entrepreneur! The only business I was thinking about at his age was homework. What a great kid! And to find out what Carter’s favorite “Cody Moment” is…you’ll have to wait two days until #FlashbackFriday. So, I will see all of you Friday! Thanks again, Carter! And all of you out there, have a fabulous rest of your week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!   


Hey, hey, all you lovely people! We’ve begun another week! How is yours starting out? Well, I have a little something special to get your day off on the right foot, and hopefully your week. Drum roll please!

Here is the Hallmarkies Podcast I’ve been privileged to be a part of, recapping and reviewing “When Hope Calls”, Season 1 Episode 3: “Out of the Past” with Rachel Wagner. Enjoy, and please remember to help us keep the blog running by liking, sharing, and retweeting.




And if you’re thinking you need to call me out on missing Carter Evancic’s birthday, worry not! The rest of this week will be Carter and Cody Week, with some very special features, so stay tuned! Have a lovely day, and I will see YOU on Wednesday! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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Happy Friday & Saturday, wonderful Hearties! Sorry for the delay. It was a very booked day yesterday, and I made an executive decision that my family needed to come before the blog. Hope you can forgive the tardiness, especially since this network is all about family, right? (Hint, hint) 😉 Also, my second watch party was this morning, so I thought today would be a great opportunity to share the pictures.

How was your week? Full disclosure: I composed part of this while sitting at the dentist’s office. 😀 Daniel Lissing’s Hallmark Channel Christmas movie “A December Bride” comes to mind – “Your dentist knows you better than that guy!” There’s your speck of humor for the day. You can now say that you at least laughed once today…or smiled…half…okay, barely smiled ruefully, but I’m counting it if the corners of your mouth twitched up the slightest bit!

Thursday: what a busy day! First of all, this little guy turned 3!


There are so many fun things about this happening, beyond the fact that he’s cute. We named him William Lee; so without meaning to, we named him after two WCTH characters! 😀 (That’s especially gratifying because my husband is not what you’d call “the show’s biggest fan”, and he chose both names.) The other fun fact is I was pregnant with him when I first FOUND this series, and his birthday coincidentally lands on Erin Krakow’s birthday. How fun is that?!

And that brings me to today. Time to finish out Erin’s birthday spotlight week with #FlashbackFriday. This choice of flashback may come as a surprise to many, especially at the end of a birthday week. But I felt so drawn to this moment, to explore it more fully. I think I gravitated toward this moment because of all the birthday tweets I saw; all of the comments about how kind and caring Erin is, how unselfish. So I thought, would highlight an Elizabeth moment when she showed the most selflessness: comforting Opal during her own time of ultimate grief.

We don’t need to be reminded as to why Elizabeth is grieving; we all know. And it’s the most heartbreaking time EVER! She’s completely beside herself…and so is Opal. The problem is, no one can figure out the problem with HER. Rosemary doesn’t know where or to whom she can turn…except Elizabeth. You hear Rosemary’s hesitation to even approach Elizabeth, but ever the serving one, Elizabeth beckons her in, and tells her to just get to the point and ask. She even asks who’s watching the children, something she’d been too numb to ask on the first visit, and she’s downright shocked to hear it’s Henry Gowen.

This scene is done so well, because it shows transition. Elizabeth isn’t wearing black, which implies she’s feeling a little more life-like, so her manner and speech are still very subdued. Then she asks about the children, even though she hadn’t been ready to go back on her first attempt. The best part though, is she reaches down, and thinks outside herself, even as she is blanketed with grief. She becomes immediately worried at the thought that something has happened to “dear little Opal”, and recalls in her memory, almost instantly, what she knows of Opal’s behavior. Then in the biggest act of unselfishness, she agrees to talk to the poor little girl. She just has to take a deep breath to gear herself up for the conversation.

At first I wondered why a scene as serious as this would take place in a “frivolous” place like the dress shop; it didn’t seem appropriate. But then I realized, maybe they were trying to meet on neutral ground; making it appear like a chance meeting so Opal wouldn’t suspect anything, and thereby, help her be more open.

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At last we have it, the scene that shows us the first big leap in Elizabeth’s healing process: helping someone else heal. She gently encourages Opal to talk without pushing her, and you can see the relief in her face at the discovery of the child’s inner turmoil. Because as a teacher, once Elizabeth knows what the problem is, she can fix it. And she does. Not only does she soothe Opal’s worry that Jack knew how grateful she was that he saved her life, but she shares a deeply personal experience to show Opal the commonality between them. She even has a small smile for the nostalgic occurrence. My favorite part of this scene, besides Elizabeth sharing her romantic memory of Jack saving her, is at the very end. It’s barely audible, but Opal sighs when she hugs Elizabeth. She is comforted knowing that her burden has been lifted, Jack knew of her gratitude, and she will forever have something in common with her beloved teacher.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Here is the picture of the birthday cake I made to celebrate our lovely lady’s birthday. Do you think she liked it? Enjoy! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!