Good afternoon, my lovely Hearties! Welcome to #MeetYouMonday! With all the birthdays, movie reviews, etc., we haven’t had one of these in a while. I think these kinds of posts are so amazing because we get to know one another beyond the kind of font we use, (thank you, Elliott Wallach!), as well as seeing the different walks of life Hearties come from. And yet, despite how varied we are, we are so similar in so many ways. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce Mrs. Pam Hyer!


1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?
* I’m an Ohio Heartie, and have lived in the same area for all of my life so far!


2. Tell us about your family.
* My family is just me and my husband Ray. My parents live nearby and I have a younger brother and his family are nearby as well.


3. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
* For my job I screen drivers for the Salvation Army in the Central Territory. I kinda have just one hobby. I play the clarinet, sax and flute in our church orchestra and flute choir. I kinda like doing stuff at the gym as well.


4. How did you find/discover WCTH?
* I was an occasional Hallmark fan for their movies before WCTH began, and saw that a new series was starting…I thought I’d check it out. I guess I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but it took me a few years to find the massive online community that we have.



5. What is your favorite episode? Season?
* The first one that comes to mind would be when Jack and Elizabeth got engaged. So Season 4 was a really good one.


6. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
* My favorite character I think is Elizabeth. She has grown so much since the beginning. While I loved her and Jack together like pretty much everyone, I would like to see her find a new love. I will trust whatever direction the writers take us. Both of our new men on the show are pretty attractive. Okay, I was really leaning towards #TeamLucas and while she did dance with him, the new Mountie has his charm too. I don’t think that women in 1916 dated around much though.


7. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
*I think I’m a Heartie these days because of all the friends I’ve made because of this show! I met some at HFR3, some are Ohio Hearties and I just attended a When God Calls the Heart retreat recently. What a special time! Hearties are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met whether in person or online. For those who might be traveling alone to HFR this year they should not be too worried! They will make friends that might be lifelong.

(Pam at the WGodCTH retreat)

“Kinda just one hobby?” Playing THREE instruments at an orchestra level sounds pretty talented to me! Boy, is she right, or what? Interviews like this remind me of how special this group of people really is, a singular band of individuals who can really become like family. Pam is one of those endearing people I met on the fan page. She started commenting on my blog posts, and now we’re friends despite the fact that we’ve never met in person. It really is amazing to me how many people have come into my life because of the #Hearties, who I never would have met without our show.

And on that note, I leave you to enjoy your Monday. Before I sign off, a question to ponder AND ANSWER (please? 😀 ) If you could pick your favorite moment from WCTH that you believe NOBODY else would think of, which moment would that be?

This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hi, Hearties! Sorry this is so late. We had an impromptu family day, so I’ve been preparing for and attending a huge picnic. It was busy and tiring, but we had fun. That’s what’s important, right?

Well, we’ve come to the end of yet another birthday spotlight week. Loretta, it is this blogger’s hope that you had a marvelous birthday a few weeks ago, and that you approve of the week that in which we highlighted your charming self, and your prickly yet loveable character, Florence.

Which is the perfect description of Florence in our #FlashbackFriday today. I’m telling you, Season 6 must have been pretty good, despite the hiccups, because I keep coming back to it for moments to delve into. If you’re a real Heartie, you’ve probably already figured out which moment I’m going to review; or you have a sneaking suspicion.

As we all know, Florence has quite a breakthrough in a…certain episode; a few actually. When Fiona first shows her the new-fangled machine, it “sounds a little too modern” for Florence’s taste, (and notice the narrow-eyed glance down at Fiona’s scandalously high hemline on “modern”). But when she’s told it’s a great way to, in a nutshell, gossip about someone behind their back, she’s suddenly very eager for a lesson on how it works. Then she takes it a step further, and gets a job WORKING said equipment!

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But as we know, it doesn’t go well. She tries so hard to act professional and competent, but the poor thing keeps coming up short. First it’s too much glee and excitement, followed by sharing a little too much information on the line when she’s on duty, then literally crossing wires, and incorrectly connecting calls. And then, the big BOOM!

I’d run out with embarrassment too. The thing is, I think this is quite a development for Florence. I don’t believe she’s faced with things that are hard for her very often, except the occasional substitute job for Elizabeth. 😉 And we all have seen how she’s handled that in the past. 😀 But on a regular basis, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t come up against things she does badly. But working with something so modern, AND having her first job outside her home, that presents her with several challenges simultaneously, and it all takes its toll.

What is it about looking vulnerable that makes moments so appealing? Because when Florence is on the verge of tears, hair mussed up, eyes wide with terror from the sparks, and voice high and timid, we go from laughing at her misfortune, to sympathizing with plight. This is big for a woman like Florence. She’s doing her best to step into the ever-changing, modern world, even though her sensibilities are VERY comfortable in the past. She’s trying to better herself, and improve her life, and she’s afraid of failure because it’s hard to change.

But instead of clamming up and stubbornly getting angry, she opens up to Fiona. Not only that, she lets a voice that’s younger, but more experienced in the field, comfort and reassure her. That alone makes her character grow in leaps and bounds. And in my opinion, we’re going to love her even more next season.

Have a great rest of your weekend! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

We’re at #WonderWednesday, Loretta style! If you missed Monday, we are celebrating Loretta Walsh’s birthday a little belatedly since we were smack dab in the middle of Christmas in July when July 9th occurred. 🙂 We also talked about much Loretta loves the theatre. While I adore her for that, (I majored in Theatre in college,) I admit it gave me a challenge to overcome. The #WonderWednesday installment of a person’s spotlight week reviews one of their non-WCTH projects. With her, that is a little difficult because, well, I can’t just fly to Vancouver to write a review of one of her productions. And her roles on camera are a little limited. But I FOUND one!

You know, when I was little, I watched bits of pieces of the movie “Big” with my “big” brothers. From that day on, and for the LONGEST time, Tom Hanks was “the guy from ‘Big’” for me. While I have somewhat outgrown that, and I’m old enough to look up names now, there’s still that little giggle of delight that unconsciously escapes my mouth when I see a cast member from WCTH on another show. I just love seeing them play different roles.

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And on that subject, I have to add how proud it made me to watch Loretta in this program. I was watching “Night at the Museum” with the audio commentary once, (a resulting action from lots of down time, zero energy, no cable, and consistently full hands after my oldest was born,) and something struck me. The director, Shawn Levy, talked about the attitudes of actors he’s met with. Some, he said, get a guest spot on “Gilmore Girls” (just an example, not an actual experience with one of them,) then declare “I don’t do auditions”. Obviously, that was very distasteful to Shawn. Then, in walks Bill Cobb, Mickey Rooney, and Dick van Dyke. These three actors have been in SO much, two of them in some of the most iconic films in American history! If anyone had a right to demand skipping the audition process, it’s them. And they came into that audition fully prepared, no favors expected, and ready to put their best foot forward.

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That’s how I picture actors like Loretta. “When Calls the Heart” may be Hallmark Channel, but it’s got a HUGE following and fan base. Loretta’s character is not exactly small either. And here she is, not the least bit afraid to appear in a kids’ show. It’s fabulous! The show is called “Project MC2”. (Funny enough, her partner in crime, Johannah Newmarch played a villain in this same series. I rest my case on BOTH of their team – playing attitudes. Amazing, in a word.)

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It’s actually a very cute show; helpful, educational, and very clever and entertaining. Another Hallmark favorite, Danica McKellar helped create it to help young girls see how much fun STEM can be (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). My daughter also happens to love it, so it made for good quality family time. If you have a daughter between the ages of 8-13, or somewhere there abouts, I highly recommend it.

The basic premise is five teenage girls make up a juvenile secret agent team, and use STEM to solve their dilemmas. Danica plays the agent they report to. Loretta is in the final season, including the series finale. Coincidental part is Jay Hindle, (Nigel, Viola’s fiancé in WCTH Season 2) shows up as one of the girl’s long-lost father. Who’s thinking “it’s a small world” right about now?

So Loretta plays Charlotte Adele, a dairy farmer who is very…enthusiastic about the environment, and protests the huge water purifying company that came to town. That being the case, she becomes the girls’ prime suspect when a bomb fueled by fertilizer almost goes off at the huge water bottling plant.

In order to test Charlotte’s fertilizer against a sample of the fertilizer from the bomb, the girls devise a rather sneaky plan. 😉 Adrie’s family, (the team member from Spain,) owns a business called Café Atoms. Catchy, huh? So, they tell her she’s won an all-you-can-eat buffet; two of the girls serve her, two go test the fertilizer, and the last one is doing something else mission-related. So Charlotte sits at a table, hand on hip, eyeing the menu critically. Apparently, “I can’t decide” is her problem, not because of lack of appropriate choices, but her insatiable appetite, and her glee at finally winning something. She laments with a pinched, sour face, and a total Southern farmer accent: “Only thing I ever won in my life was a ham, and I had to give it back. I’m a vegetarian. The idea of hurting another creature, makes me wanna cry.”

Well, the problem isn’t in the lack of choices, but in the lack of food. Charlotte is so taken with the “culinary chemist” Adrie, that she cleans her out. There’s a really well done, and disgusting-looking shot of stack after stack of filthy dishes, then the camera pans to Loretta, eyes closed, savoring the last bite of her latest dish. The two teenagers gape in shock and horror, and Adrie whispers in exasperation, “How can a person THAT size eat the ENTIRE contents of a walk-in fridge???” Well, if nothing else, it’s a compliment to Loretta’s girlish figure.

The last thing we hear from Loretta is the title of today’s post. We find out the big businessman is the big bad wolf masquerading as a sheep. He’d been stealing the town’s water supply, causing a drought, then bottling it, and selling it as HIS water with brain-enhancing minerals. As Adrie would say, “No bueno.” So the girls ask Charlotte if they can use her farm equipment to take the water back. Since she never knew she was a suspect, and Adrie brings along a little dessert for her, she readily agrees. And after hearing what happened, Charlotte curbs her tongue, and calls the bad guy a “son of a rooster”! 😀

I hope you enjoyed more proof of how versatile Loretta is. I still have a hard time understanding how any Australian could make their accent completely disappear; that was always the accent I had the hardest time with. Have a great evening, and we’ll see you Friday for a Flo moment. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Hi there, everyone! Welcome to a new week here at #HookedHeartie. Christmas in July may be over, but we’ve got other events to celebrate; namely, birthdays. While we were distracted by colorful twinkle lights in the burning hot sun, 😉 some cast birthdays have come up. And we’re not in the habit of ignoring birthdays, are we? 😀 On July 9th, a very special lady had the anniversary of her life beginning. That lady is none other than Loretta Walsh, our lovely and FEISTY Florence Blakely. And it’s about time she got her own spotlight week!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the talented Ms. Walsh out there; in fact, there’s even less than I’ve found on others in the past. But with it, and thanks to a few friends, (thank you, Nicole and Edify Films!), I’ve been able to scrape together a short, but fun post telling us a little about dear Flo.

By now, most of us know that Daniel Lissing isn’t the only Australian who’s been on the show who can flawlessly hide their accent. Loretta was also born an Aussie. She lives in Vancouver now. She is quite the princess of the theatre! She has a great love for it, (a woman after my own heart!), so she shares that love by teaching at Haven Studio in Vancouver. She also performs on the stage quite a bit, I understand. And in all the spare time she apparently has, 😀 she also “acts” as Artistic Producer of a theatre company called Kindred Entertainment. I can’t help but wonder if that was inspired by “kindred spirits” in “Anne of Green Gables”.

Edify Films has done a couple of interviews with Loretta, maybe you’ve seen them online or in your DVD bonus features. I bring it up because when they asked what one of her most thrilling moments is, she answered going to New York every year, and seeing productions. Once again, girl after my own heart! I’ve only ever been to New York City once in my life. It was my senior year of high school, and I was on a choir trip. There was NOTHING like watching the stage come alive with the start of “The Lion King”! Holy moly!

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But let’s get back to Loretta’s most thrilling moments. She had two others that she mentioned: 1) “jumping out of a plane”. Yes, the woman we watched describe Lucas Bouchard’s music as “quite provocative” has been skydiving. She described it as “terrifying and thrilling all at the same time”. I don’t know about you, but she’s a braver person than I, because I would never have the nerve!

And the final “personally” exhilarating moment she described was holding her daughter for the first time. Anyone who’s been a first-time mother can appreciate that sentiment.

I’m afraid that’s where my knowledge of her family ends. But I have lots of fun facts you might enjoy. There are those she thinks of like family. I know she’s very close friends with Laura Bertram (Mary Dunbar), Jill Morrison (Carla Noonan), and we all know she’s thick as thieves with Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan). I fact, she herself coined the phrase “Marvelous Molly”. Isn’t she sweet?!

Last year for her birthday, I was able to, (with help from my friend, Sarah, because Twitter was NOT my strength,) get in touch with her to ask what her favorite Florence moment was. So, as of last year, Loretta’s favorite Flo scene is when Laura returns Florence’s old coat to her, along with that sweet old love letter from her late husband, Paul.

Here’s our last little tidbit of the evening. And I had NO clue about this, so boy, was I happy when I was told! Loretta will be appearing in a movie later this year called “Over the Moon With Love” that stars Wes Brown and Jessica Lowndes. Isn’t that exciting?! Besides “When Calls the Heart” we don’t get the opportunity to see her onscreen very often; probably because of all the time she devotes to the stage. So I, for one, am very anxious to see it.

Well, good night, all. I’ll see you for the #WonderWednesday installment of Loretta’s birthday spotlight week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

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Well, my friends, we have arrived! Today is the final day of the Hooked Heartie Christmas in July celebration. It’s been fun, huh? I’m not ready to put my tree up, by any means, but I’m happy we did this. Never hurts to combat the summer blues (like wrangling children all day everyday, or coming home from vacation, right?) by infusing life with a little Christmas spirit. So, here we are at our last step.

Step 4: Experience a little Christmas magic, and make a big announcement that will make someone squeal!


Paul Greene tweeted a few days ago, “It’s #paulgreene day over on the @hallmarkchannel check out the moving pictures.” No joke! Hallmark Channel aired a rebroadcast of both “The Christmas Detour” and “A Wish for Christmas” in one day! And not too distant from them, there was “Christmas in Angel Falls” too! It was awesome, especially because I seem to be having a “Paul Greene Summer”. I’ve covered other subjects, of course, and other people; and not all the movies I’ve reviewed have starred him. But then the wheel turns, and up he pops again…and I’m not complaining one bit!


It was a tough decision, choosing which film to review, but I finally settled on “A Wish for Christmas” for two reasons: 1) I’m a sucker for Christmas magic, real and imaginary, and 2) there are three WCTH actors in it, instead of just two. 😉 We obviously have Paul, then also Laura Bertram, and Andrea Brooks. I’d forgotten that Paul and Andrea had done a project together outside of WCTH, and even though I’m an actor, it still felt weird seeing them as “not a couple”. Did it for you too?


Her character drove me nuts in the beginning! She was so flaky and manipulative, then she’d turn around and say something sweet and supportive. It was frustrating! It made me crazy how Molly would sympathize with Sarah about her being walked all over, then she’d turn around, and expect her to do all her work! Grr! But after Sarah gets her Christmas wish of courage from Santa at the company party, nothing gets her down, including Molly!


It was funny, because Molly does another contradictory move right here: Sarah walks up to her superior, Dirk, to finally tell him off for stealing all her ideas to impress their boss, Peter (Paul). At first, Molly is frantically whispering, “No, Sarah, NO!” to keep her back. But once Sarah starts talking, Molly is right beside her, giving Dirk the stink eye, and providing examples of how Dirk had used her. Brownie points for being supportive in public!


But what I really like is Molly’s moment of truth. After Sarah takes a breath from the Dirk incident, she goes off on Molly, privately, which is good. But Sarah makes Molly realize that she’s missing an element in being a true friend: not taking advantage. Too often, Molly guilts or bugs Sarah into doing her work, which is just like everyone else around her. But Molly realizes it, accepts responsibility for her behavior, and promises things will be different. Good girl! 


Then we have the lovely Lacey Chabert, not of the WCTH series, but fits in with them seamlessly. I think all of us, at some point in life, no matter how brief, have been Sarah: walked on, passed over, and taken advantage of. And it’s NOT fun! But Lacey embodies that shy, submissive, hard-working girl to a T. Then with the signal of a boom and a magical tinkling, the Christmas wish overtakes her. Lacey does a really great physical change when this happens, so it makes it all the more believable.


The best part is, she doesn’t just use this gift to help herself. Her unselfish nature crosses over to the wish. You see the change come over her when she convinces a car rental clerk to spare some wheels for a mother (Laura) and her little girl to make it home so Santa can find them, and that causes the mom to be a wonderful Christmas Good Samaritan as well, and give them a lift.


But my favorite selfless act is when she’s desperately trying to do her part of healing a rift between Peter and his dad. There’s absolutely nothing in it for her, she just wants her boss to be fond of Christmas again, and have a happy family.


The other best part is after the wish ends. Sarah was warned that it would only last 48 hours, and she was scared she would lose all her confidence, and mess up the “Christmas 365” business pitch Peter had brought her to present to a client. Well, that client is incredibly rude and disrespectful, and her last act WITH the wish is telling him off. Obviously, that causes some bad feelings between Sarah and Peter, and he leaves her at the airport to travel home alone. But Sarah doesn’t go home yet. She goes back, and finds Mr. Wilson Taylor getting into his limo; she climbs in right after him. But she’s very apologetic, and asks if they can “talk, just you and me.” The sound effects are different. There’s no boom, and the tinkling is different. You get the feeling Sara has found the magic in herself. And when she gets home, and goes to the office to tell Peter, she doesn’t make a huge announcement, or stand on ceremony. She quietly hands him an envelope, and wishes him Merry Christmas. It’s beautiful!


Well, we can’t talk about this movie without mentioning Paul, can we? He was great here. I’m noticing that he likes playing slightly cynical guys who are running away from Christmas. 🙂 But his arc and his journey are really well done. He goes from being the tough and business-like CEO who makes some employees work on Christmas; to the lost and prodigal son afraid of facing his estranged father; to a guy reluctantly crushing on a colleague, and being backed into a corner by his mom and aunt; to an angry executive who didn’t get an account; to a cheerful boss who’s made peace with his dad, fallen in love, and provides holiday pay and Christmas dinner for his employees.


Okay, Part 2 of Step 4: The Big Announcement. You’ll have to watch the video to find out! 😀 And will the winner please message me her address! Good night, #Hearties! Merry Christmas in July, and I’ll see you Monday! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!