Well, well, well! I always knew that if you want something said, tell the Hearties, but WOW! I got so many responses to my posts about who’s on #TeamLucas and who’s on #TeamNathan! You guys are great! I’m a little late because I got LOTS of information and opinions, which means we better get started. I won’t be able to do all of them, but I’ll do my darndest!

I thought this a very appropriate topic given the buzz it’s receiving. On top of that, let’s be honest: this story is going to be the main plot line right behind the christening. I took it upon myself to carry out the heavy burden of rewatching Season 6 to seek out these two men’s characteristics. Huge sacrifice, I know, but someone had to do it. 😀

So who will Elizabeth eventually choose? I watched Erin this morning on Home & Family, and she was very adamant that Elizabeth isn’t jumping into anything prematurely. But she was also pretty certain that by next season, enough time will have passed that Elizabeth will be ready to open her heart again. And “she has some pretty good options when she’s ready.”

Let’s start with what these guys share, then we’ll move on to differences. The most important trait of all: they care about people, and are very protective of the people they care about. I’d say that’s vital in a man! They also can’t stand seeing women/widows bullied, and they do what they can to fix those circumstances. They both have a strong sense of fairness, they’re both brave, they’re both very handsome, they both give her “the look”, and they both have an amazing amount of chemistry with our “lovely school teacher”. They also both know how to give a compliment, and they are both very nice to children.

That last one being said, Nathan does have a lot more experience with children. He knows what it is to be a single parent, and with a child who is not his own. On top of that, SPOILER ALERT! In the season finale sneak peek, Nathan is seen not only holding Baby Jack, but also making silly faces, and causing him to laugh! Just saying…

I got a lot of response about Nathan’s morals, integrity, and character. Many think he’s much more mature, that he’s figured out his life’s purpose. He’s the strong, silent type: gentle, even-tempered, and a shoulder to lean on. He has the Jack-like character traits worthy of Elizabeth, and she is drawn to that kind of upstanding hero. Nathan’s sincere, honest, and always keeps his word. He’s duty-bound, takes risks when necessary, and knows how to keep a cool head. He also has a heart of gold, and a deep admiration for who Elizabeth is. He admires her for her nurturing nature. One Heartie said he acts as if he thinks, “I’m the luckiest man in the world to be in her presence.”

I also have to add what a smart investigator he is, but he’s also wise enough, and HUMBLE enough to accept help. He’s a team player, very accommodating and willing to forgive. He also doesn’t let his past control him, and there’s something about a man with a clean-shaven face that a beard just can’t pull off.

Alright, let’s talk about Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome Man of Mystery. Even though he had a head start on the show, he’s a big underdog in Hope Valley. It’s harder for the community to accept him. Not the fans, though! Several Hearties are thinking the chemistry and passionate looks run deeper between these two. I’m not going to deny that there is DEFINITELY something about a man gliding toward you, his voice of silk quoting literature and praising you at the same time, in just the right lighting…I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t incredibly effective. That smooth voice also knows how to pay compliments, say very friendly and polite words, speak French, and give him the air of confidence; but he’s not snobbish about it. Not only that, but he and Elizabeth argue well. He admires her spunk, and they have quite a few moments of fun banter.

He’s elegant and refined, yet he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, or injured, when there’s work to be done. He would definitely appeal to Elizabeth’s more sophisticated side that she hasn’t explored in ages. They both know the difficulty of fitting in with locals, but he fights for his position, just like she did.

While he’s not as good or experienced with children, he is kind to them, which counts for something. He’s generous with his time and money, employing several people, giving a library to the town…there’s nothing wrong with sacrifice and struggle, but there’s also nothing wrong with being a smart businessman of means. He’d definitely be able to provide a good life for them. And while we’re on sacrifice, he was willing to give everything he had to save Elizabeth. And I know very few, if any of you, missed that Jack-like tiger glare when Amos Dixon DARED hurt her. Once again, just saying…

Even if he DOES have a beard, one thing is definitely working for him: he asked her out first. Even though he downplayed it by saying it was “to discuss library business”, and she turned him down, he made the first move. Elizabeth felt it because she even “confronted” him about having feelings for her.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that after reviewing all the evidence, rewatching episodes, and writing the post…I still have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who I would pick. If anything, I think this proves there’s a strong case for both of them. So let’s sit back, relax, and watch what happens in the finale. And I might even squeeze in some #FanFictionFriday stories for both sides in the off season. For now, I’ll see you next week, and join me for Paul Greene’s birthday spotlight week. His birthday is this Sunday. So long for now! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

WHOA! I needed a moment to catch my breath! I was almost as shaken as Lucas was when he got the phone call! SO many happenings, SO much adventure, and a plethora of emotions thrown in! I will admit that even after watching the episode twice, I’m still left with a deer-in-the-headlights gaping expression on my face, so I don’t have the usual opinions or commentary.

One thing is still certain: I’m still #TeamLucasNathan. 😀 I honestly can’t make up my mind. I am among the #Hearties who believe Elizabeth should be able to have love again…I just don’t know who. With Jack, it was easy. He was pretty much the only option, (and not a bad one at all!), then other “inappropriate choices” were introduced later. But it’s harder this time. There are pros to both, there are cons to both, and there is a different type of chemistry with both. Good thing I don’t have to make the choice, either as a character, or as a writer. I get to sit back, and watch the episodes unfold.

So for this one, let’s start with the obvious sweetness. I stopped counting how many references I saw to Baby Jack’s hand on Bill’s arm on Twitter this morning. I was a little busy mopping up the puddle of myself. 😉 So precious! And lovely choices of godparents! I know I’m happy to see Julie again, and I bet you are too! We’ll finally see interactions with Baby Jack and his Hamilton family. Now the thing to ponder is, just Julie, or will more family surprisingly show up? Because I watched that sneak peek; and although there was a very heartfelt conversation with Nathan and Elizabeth, and an absolutely adorable bonding with Nathan and Jack, I saw no Julie. And I’m 99% certain she’s in the finale. So what other surprises await us in the form of characters or storyline?

Question: I’m very curious about the difference between guardians and godparents. We don’t have typical christenings in my faith, it’s done differently. And we don’t typically appoint godparents in the traditional sense. So I’m very curious: What is the difference? Are they usually different people, or was that to include more characters? Any correct answers would be very appreciated. 😀

Michael Hickam…lots evolving there! He walks in wearing a sports coat, (or whatever they called it in 1915!), then calls his boss “Lee”. I never thought he’d be the one to be the deserter. He does have a point, he does need to look out for himself. I just never pictured him permanently joining Henry’s ranks while leaving Lee’s. Luckily, Jesse has Clara to remind him what things in life make him happy, including loyalty. That’s it! That’s Hickam’s dilemma! We need to find him a woman! What’s that line from “Pirates of the Caribbean”? “You need to find yourself a girl, mate!” That would set Mike straight!

On to the dramatic part of the story, the parts that were making fingernail indentations appear in all our hands. Great start with that shot of Nate riding away, then Amos Dickson appearing in the same frame. As I said, I can’t say much about this because it kept me on edge just watching. I do like them showing Lucas’ backstory, so we learn more about him; but I’m curious about what Jeanette really is to him. “Friend” isn’t cutting it.

And then, smart men, figuring out how to save Elizabeth, and get out of that pickle! You gotta be a very intelligent Mountie to get “burglary” and “hostage” from scattered papers, but he did! Then not only do they work together to apprehend the outlaws, but Lucas confides in Nate, even shakes his hand! Definitely was not expecting that!

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day! I’ll see you Wednesday for a very “discussion-worthy” post. Until then, this is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, we’re halfway to discovering the outcome of the very intense episode we got a sneak peek of via the preview. We’re finally going to find out more about Lucas! Those scenes they showed are STILL “haunting” me! I don’t know HOW I’m going to make it until Monday morning. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

And speaking of the tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious Mr. Bouchard, Chris McNally is on a bit of a hot streak, wouldn’t you say? He was the star of a beautiful movie on Saturday, then he was very prominently featured in the last episode, and now appears to be the focus of the episode coming up. The man is on a roll. So I thought, what could be more appropriate than to review Sailing Into Love, capitalizing on his run of popularity? 😀 Plus I had to feature the nickname Chris is going to have AT LEAST until the end of the summer, if not longer. 😉

First off, I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes stories I heard Chris McNally and Leah Renee tell, in case you haven’t heard them. You may remember Leah from movies such as A Snow Capped Christmas with Niall Matter, or Hallmark’s Love by the Book. But she’s been MIA for quite a while. Well, now we know why. She took a break to have her children. Her son, Wyatt, was born in the summer of 2016, and her daughter, Lennon, was born in the fall of 2018. And this is her first movie back. Yeah for her!

Chris had some rather entertaining stories! Being the great actor that he is, he did research before filming; he watched other movies filmed on the water to get a feel for it. Unfortunately, he watched Adrift, which is about being shipwrecked; so then he was terrified.

If that wasn’t enough, the poor man was playing hurt, or sick, rather. That scene when he’s dangling up high painting or repairing the mast? If you listen closely, you can hear his voice go a little gravelly. He said he was, “pretty sick that day”. But he pulled it off amazingly well. He’s a trooper!

One thing they both talked about was how they got to film on an actual boat. While that creates an amazing effect, it comes with several challenges. Chris described the one we should all know, but don’t really think about. In scenes with just the pair of them on the boat, all we see is the two of them. But behind the camera is a ton of equipment and about 30 crew members trying not to fall off. 🙂 That must be the reason why any time Christine’s entire wedding party was shown on the boat, it was a drone shot. Only way everyone could stay on board.

Now for the plot: I loved the first meeting! I admit to not always adoring every move Hallmark makes plot wise, but the meetings are always SPOT ON in EVERY movie for me! My personal favorite is Christmas in Love, with Daniel Lissing slipping on the ice, then getting face planted by a car door. But Claire grabbing Captain Handsome to keep him from falling off the dock, only to have a bucket of fishing bait dumped all over her…Kodak moment right there!

This one kind of broke some molds, in a good way. I usually am a fan when that happens, and this time was no exception. First of all, there were, count ‘em: 1, 2, 3 “falls” when they end up close together, and they happened at different points in the story, so it very clearly illustrated the stage in their relationship. The first one ended in fish guts when they first met, so neither one of them enjoyed it much. The second was essentially the first time they went out alone together, so it was awkward, but slightly enjoyable. Then the third was when they were working together to pull one of Claire’s students out of the water, (whose name is Jack, by the way,) and she once again keeps him from falling in the water. This time it’s full-on smiles.

This isn’t a mold, but it’s a great scripting technique. Did you catch it? Her friends keep calling Tom “your captain”, and she keeps insisting, “He’s not my captain.” She does it about 3 times. Then finally, her friend Christine says, (when Tom is standing before them in his naval uniform,) “You’re captain really is handsome!” There’s no refuting!

Next mold: this film is not what my friend Sarah and I have dubbed a #OneKissWonder . Any time the couple kiss in the middle of the movie, it automatically goes up 10 points on the Hooked Heartie meter.

Probably the best mold that was broken: lack of miscommunication and folding under. Tom comes right out and asks Claire several clarifying questions to make sure things are going the way they should. When he senses something IS wrong, he kindly, and without nagging, won’t stop until he knows the problem. There was a point when he wondered if he should step aside for the ex-boyfriend, but luckily, his first mate, Mick, encourages him to fight for her. He doesn’t know how, but knows he should. Appearing in full uniform was a great way to do it! And then, when Tom witnesses what he thinks is Claire making up with Jason (the ex), he does not walk away dejected and pouting. He walks right up to her, and says, “Don’t do it…Don’t get back together with Jason. It saved a lot of time, and a lot of heartache! It turns out it wasn’t necessary because she had already rejected Jason, but it was an amazing move by Tom nonetheless!

Well, as usual, I have about fifty other things I’d love to say about this movie, but I must go. So I take my leave with the promise of returning on Monday with an overview of that much – anticipated episode. Until then, my dear friends! Please keep sharing, retweeting, clicking on those ads, and doing your Amazon shopping through the link at the bottom so we can keep having our lovely times together. I so appreciate your support! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, hello there, lovelies! Um…whoa! I have to quote Ben Rosenbaum’s tweet “What a packed episode”. Between all the happenings in the actual plot, plus that preview for next week??? HOLY COW! Actually, it funny, because I’ve got a video for you. I could have sworn that I heard next week was the season finale. I remember desperately wanting to have videoed myself when Jack proposed to Elizabeth, so when I heard “season finale” I immediately paused it, then got my phone to take a video of myself watching the preview. Well, it turns out it wasn’t the finale, but MAN! I’m glad I did! That has some seriously intense drama in it! I am so antsy for next week now! So be sure to watch the video at the end of me totally shocked at the gripping turn of events.

Now, let’s talk about the current episode. It was definitely “packed” like Ben said. So much was happening, one event right after the other, and it was physical and emotional. But something they always do so well is start things out so calmly, then build up both kinds of tension. Elizabeth recording how much her son delights her? Awwww! It reminds me of when I was a brand new mom. My first daughter always woke up so happy in the morning. I always got smiles instead of fussiness. Then when she laughed for the first time…oh boy! I went nuts! Do you empathize? What are YOUR experiences?

I also reveled in all the talk about love. Hearing Elizabeth’s voice being able to speak about love with a little longing, but no bitterness, was a balm to my soul. And in an episode that showed so many manifestations of different kinds of love, it was beautiful to hear a definition of sorts: “New love blossoms, enduring love grows stronger,” and love gives us “comfort, bliss, and hope in what tomorrow may bring.” It’s a beautiful sentiment, something I hope everyone gets the chance to experience it on some level. You can also tell that Elizabeth misses having romantic love in her life.

Well, she’s beginning to have the opportunity if she wants it. Now, before any of you who are of the opinion that Elizabeth doesn’t need to be “married off”, don’t jump on me yet. I’m not saying she’s there at the moment, but you must admit, both men can’t keep their eyes off of her, and you can almost feel the temperature rising any time she’s with either of them. Lucas actually, (and very forwardly,) admits he’s noticed her beauty, even said the word “fascinated”, which is how I described him in their encounter with the cards. I found that amusing. I also found it ironically amusing, but couldn’t laugh at, her reaction after he walks away. When he approaches, her eyes reflect nervousness, even a bit of fear. My guess is fear that he’s actually interested, and fear that she might want him to be. Then when he nonchalantly goes out, Elizabeth looks completely annoyed, with him for using the smooth words, and probably with herself for almost getting swept into it.

I also found it highly entertaining that Lucas was trying so hard to look good and be helpful to her with the bookshelves, and was a total know-it-all with the dowels. Meanwhile Elizabeth is desperately trying not to laugh at him! Then he totally back peddles, Bouchard fashion, and in his way, asks Allie for help. She’s no dummy, but I think she’ll help him, even if it’s just a little.

I don’t know why, but I found the shot of Elizabeth’s hand taking the key, her wedding ring very visible while doing so, quite significant. And then she gives this surprised smile, as if she’s decided he’s not such a bad guy after all. I don’t know if it’s just me reading a lot into it, or if it might be some kind of symbol; like the first man in her life is still with her even if she’s accepting a very generous gift from another. Like I said, I’m not totally sure what I think about it, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And then there’s Nate. I gotta say, it’s pretty clear, at least to me, that Elizabeth will end up falling in love with Lucas or him, but I truly don’t know who, or who I’d prefer at this moment. Erin has very good chemistry with both of them, and it’s so different with both of them, it just allows me to sit back and enjoy the story. Nate and Elizabeth seem to make a very good team. It occurred to me last week that it’s probably easier for Elizabeth to talk to him because she can focus on him as a parent figure, and not a Mountie. Allie is their icebreaker, their common bond. He definitely trusts her, as seen when he hands her the sling. Elizabeth seems surprised too, that he’s not doing the wrapping, but she does it anyway. He trusts her with his first name too. But there is a bit of a power struggle, though. There seems to be some disagreement as to who should give the literal “go ahead”. And even though Elizabeth consents to him calling her by HER first name, you can see the discomfort and the reluctance. It probably brings back memories from the time she gave another Mountie permission to call her Elizabeth.

Speaking of which, did you feel the total Season 1 vibe? Nathan, the Mountie, warning the beautiful damsel to stay away from the charming man who seems too good to be true. Things are different now, however. In Season 1, she got angry and defensive. This time, you can tell she’s mad, but she’s much more mature. She describes him how Bill described himself last season: “Your job makes you believe the worst in people.” But even though it makes her angry, it does make her think twice, and she questions Lucas outright.

Carson and Faith…oh boy! What’s going to happen to them now, now that she has to go away? I guess it’s just something we have to wait to see! But they had some adorable moments! Carson really is one amazing man to have in your corner. He immediately notices, AND ASKS if something’s bothering Faith, he reassures her that he wants to spend every minute possible with her, he agrees to go meet her family, (a very scary prospect for a new relationship,) and he literally drops everything when he hears her father is ill, and immediately tells her to go. But the best part? The goodbye. Sad concept, but what a send-off! He kisses her goodbye so sweetly, puts her in the stagecoach, but then he can’t let her go without the glorious manifestation of the famous stagecoach kiss. One last touch to say farewell before they’re parted. Hopefully not for too long.

We’ll close with Lee and Rosemary. (We’ll save Bill’s hysterically casual courtroom for another time.) Last week, Andrea hit it out of the park with her performance at the telephone. Today, the homerun award goes to Kavan and Pascale. They were incredible! We’ve never seen Rosemary that somber, that downtrodden, that choked on her tears. She was certain she had let Lee down, that it was her fault they weren’t parents. I was so proud of Lee! He knows what’s bothering Rosemary, but he helps her get it out, knowing it will haunt her if she doesn’t voice it. And he doesn’t lie. He admits he wants a child, but then he turns it into something beautiful by saying that he wants a child, but all he NEEDS is her. He says he’s the luckiest man in the world because her face is the first thing he sees every morning. And then, my personal favorite: instead of saying, “I love you, too”, which to me sounds more like an afterthought, he says, “I love you more!”

Have a lovely night, and a great day tomorrow. I’ll see you Wednesday, but I’m not telling you for what. 😀 Please remember to share and retweet, and spare a few moments to click on an add, so we can keep it coming. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, we have arrived at the end of Kavan Smith’s birthday spotlight week, #FlashbackFriday. I’ve noticed that, coincidentally, several of our #FlashbackFriday segments have come from Season 3. And for good reason! It’s a fabulous one! So many sweet and exciting moments.

The moment I’m choosing? Lee’s proposal. I know that might seem a little cliché, but we mostly see it from Rosemary’s perspective. We don’t see his thought process. Was it a spontaneous move, or did he go search for her in order TO propose? I guess we’ll never really know without some insider information, (hint, hint! 😉 ), but it’s such a beautiful moment!

Something I like to do is watch Lee’s reactions throughout the episode. When Rosemary comes into the office to tell him her “amazing news”, Lee is still dealing with shutting down the mill. Rosemary takes a moment to show sympathy, but she can’t help herself. She reveals that she is replacing the star Mary Medford in the locally-shot picture “The Reluctant Bride”. Obviously troubled, Lee still puts it aside, and in Rosemary’s words, knows “exactly what to say”. He puts on his charm, and tells her to “get out there, and show them how talented you really are”.

When the ball keeps rolling, and Rosemary’s asked to go to Hollywood, you can tell Lee is heartbroken. It’s incredibly funny to me when she says, “I’m not getting any younger”. You can see the wheels turning in Lee’s head, taking in her words, wondering how to respond. He tells her to go, but not very sincerely. My favorite lines are when she says, “You’re not making this any easier.” He could have said anything. He could have gotten angry or defensive, he could have gotten emotional, (but that’s not really his style,) or he could have demanded that she not go. But he quietly accepts it, even tells her to leave him behind, and not come back between pictures. Instead of making a fuss, or declaring his devotion, Lee respects her decision, and doesn’t “make it any harder”.

Even when he comes to find her at the church, he approaches her very casually. When you think about it, the stalwart Lee Coulter was probably shaking in his loafers. It could have gone either way. There had been no “I love you” declaration, no talk of plans, (except those for a theater,) and there was only one kiss, (that we saw). She probably pushed things forward for him when she made the very bold statement, (especially for a woman back then,) that her future was there with him.

I’m a theater person. I started acting at age 4, acted all four years in high school, and majored in it in college. It’s my first love after my faith and my family. So the writing here positively tickles me! Lee even uses an actor’s jargon in his proposal to Rosemary because he knows how well the point will come across. “There is another role I think you’d be perfect for.” Then with the perfect amount of aforementioned “emotion”, he asks her to be his wife, and makes both of their dreams come true! And gives her the role of a lifetime! 

Happy birthday spotlight week, Kavan! I hope your birthday was everything you hoped it would be. And I hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe you’re enjoying “A Very Merry Mix Up” right now. Be sure to tune in, and watch Chris McNally in “Sailing into Love” tomorrow. And of course, I’ll see you Monday for another #MondayMusings about Sunday’s episode. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Photo credit: Me! 😉 This is my plaid pants birthday cake I made for my #HeartieParty on Monday, May 6th.