Happy Friyay, Hearties! I’ve got a special treat for you today. With the unprecedented scheduling of the hiatus, I’ve had to be a little unorthodox about scheduling my posts. So this is the Hooked Heartie’s promise: until the break is over, I will post twice a week. I can’t say if it will be on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, but it will be on two of those days each week.


Now, for the treat! As most of you know, my friend Sarah Nitsch and I love to write WCTH fan fiction. When Season 4 ended, we got on the bandwagon of predicting what Jack’s return would be like in Season 5, and we were told we needed to post it in the Fan Fiction area. So then we decided to really write stories. That’s one of the ways we became such good friends, and what inspired us to start writing a novel together. We usually save them for the time in between the seasons. To us, there seemed to be little point in trying to come up with something creative only to have it disproven the next week…and it gave us something to do, (and you something to read,) while we waited for the next season. 


So when Sarah told me she had a fabulous idea for a #FanFictionFriday story, I said that was great, and let’s see if we could still write it to fit where the plot left off when Season 6 ended. Then the show went off the air. At first, we just cried! Then we were talking about the turn of events, and it hit me! We could use the time to write those stories Sarah had thought of. So, I now present for your reading pleasure, A Secret Too Well Kept. You all know the characters so well, you could probably watch a video of this story in your head; and it’ll be just as good as watching the show…okay, no it won’t, not even close; but at least it’s SOMETHING. 😉 Enjoy!



The bell on the door of Dottie’s Fine Apparel rang as Faith slipped inside. She almost called out, but then she heard Rosemary in the back. “I’ll go, Clara. You keep hemming. We’ll be here most of the night as it is,” she instructed just before appearing from behind the curtain. “Oh, Faith!” Rosemary pleasantly greeted her. “What can I do for you?”

Faith squeezed her hands together, and rocked back onto her heels with a moment’s uncertainty before admitting, “Well…I’d like to buy a dress.”

Rosemary gave a single clap of delight. “Oh, that’s wonderful! Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.” She held up a finger, signaling Faith to wait there a moment, then flew into action removing a gown from a mannequin. “Let me just…” she mumbled to herself as she unfastened the last button, and lifted the cloud of fabric off the frame.

“How do you like this one?” she asked. “I actually thought of you when I was working on it.” Rosemary held the gown to Faith’s shoulders from behind so she could see herself in the full-length mirror.

“I, uh…I heard you talking to Clara,” Faith stalled, not wanting to make a decision. “What did you mean you’ll be ‘hemming all night’?”

“Oh! It’s actually very exciting. We’ve been getting several orders for alterations to make hemlines shorter on existing dresses, as well as making new ones with higher skirts. Apparently, Fiona has started a trend!” Rosemary almost squeaked the last few words in her enthusiasm, but then shook her head to get back to business. “Faith, you’re digressing. What about the dress?”

Faith sighed, and tilted her head to the side. “I don’t know, Rosemary. The hemline might be a little too daring for me.”

“Oh pish posh! It’s fine. And, if it really means that much too you, I can let it out an inch or two. Now, what about the dress?”

Faith squinted slightly to study her appearance with a critical eye. The sleeves went to the elbow with a slight puff, the lines were simple but tasteful, and the skirt was ruffled all along the edge. It was a very attractive dress, with just one little problem…

“It’s quite nice…” Faith said hesitantly.

“‘Quite nice’?” Rosemary tried not to sound offended. “You don’t like it? But it matches your eyes.”

“Oh, yes, it does, and it’s very pretty. It’s just that…Well, I wear blue everyday.”

Rosemary made a sound of enlightenment. “Ah! Well, yes, that’s true. I know that for myself, if I had to wear that same tired, plain, drab uniform…” Faith raised her eyebrows, indicating Rosemary might have used a few too many adjectives. “Oh! Not you, you still look…lovely. The point is, if I had to wear it all day, everyday, I would tire of blue as well. So, let’s just take this…” Rosemary swept the blue gown away, and went to put it back. She then gestured to the other dresses on the mannequins, all standing at attention for their Corporal Coulter. “Do any of these strike your fancy?”

Before Faith could think to stop herself, her gaze fell upon one in particular, and her eyes began to glow. Rosemary was quick to notice. “Which one is it?” Rosemary smiled.

“Oh, Rosemary, I don’t want to trouble you. You have so much work already…”

“Faith, these are the dresses we are going to hem anyway so we have some to put in the window. So…” Rosemary drawled, “which one should I alter first?”

“Well…” Faith said in the same tone as she reached a hand toward her favorite, “this one is quite lovely. I’ve always been partial to all shades of purple, but especially light purple. I guess that’s because my favorite flower is lavender. Although, lavender is technically an herb, not a flower…”

Rosemary held up a hand. Obviously, she was the only one allowed to give a monologue on a subject. “Uh, Faith? Let’s save the medical lesson for another time, shall we? Now, this color is a shade or two darker than the color lavender, but it will look lovely against your blonde hair. And, the pattern is the same as the blue, so it will be very flattering on your figure.”

Faith blushed, and Rosemary giggled. “So, do you need a new dress for something special? A certain…occasion, perhaps?” she asked with a knowing look in her eyes.

Faith’s pretty blush was instantly replaced with the red flush of nervous guilt. “Oh! No. No, no special occasion. Just your average, everyday…” her tone took on one of utter discouragement, “ordinary purchase.”

“What are you talking about, dear?” Rosemary demanded.

Faith sighed heavily. “There don’t seem to be any special occasions to prepare for,” she declared glumly. “Not a one,” she added, looking away.

Rosemary was mortified, and started stammering in a panicked whine. “But, but, but last week, you said…you told me you two had a picnic that went so well. Well, ‘very nicely’, I think was the phrase you used; but I couldn’t have wiped that smile off your face with chloroform! What on earth happened?!”

Faith sighed another heavy sigh, but with more sadness. “Rosemary, what I’m about to tell you, it cannot become public knowledge.”

Rosemary gasped. “Oh, Faith! Of course I wouldn’t…”

Faith’s stare became unwavering. “No, Rosemary! I mean it! You can’t say this to any of the ladies; you can’t even tell Lee!”

Rosemary was a little taken aback, and shockingly, slightly intimidated by Faith’s sudden intensity. Her face took on an unusually solemn expression, filled with sympathy. She took Faith’s hand, leaned forward slightly, and looked straight back in her eyes. “I give you my word, I will be the soul of discretion. Why don’t we sit down?”

Faith took a relieved breath, then moved to sit in one of the waiting chairs in the corner, trying not to cry. Rosemary turned the “Open” sign on the door to “Closed”, then took the seat next to her. “Now, what’s happened?”

“Nothing…” Rosemary looked at her, puzzled. “No, I mean, nothing’s happened. Everyday I go to work, and Carson is ‘business as usual’. Actually, he’s worse than usual.”

“‘Worse than usual’? How can that be? Has he been unkind to you?”

“Oh no! He’s very kind and…polite. But he only talks about the patients or the supplies we need, that sort of thing.

“That’s peculiar. What on earth could have gotten into that man?”

Faith wiped a stray tear as she tried to explain, knowing she’d never hear the end of it until she did. “At our picnic, we both managed to say how we feel about each other. We even…kissed,” she added timidly. Rosemary gasped again, this time with glee. Faith raised both her hands to stay any outbursts. “But…we didn’t want the town putting us under a microscope…scrutinizing us,” Faith clarified at Rosemary’s confused look. “We wanted to move at our own pace without all the speculations. So, we decided to keep it a secret. The first few days,” Faith’s voice began to get wistful, “were so wonderful! He’d kiss my cheek or my forehead after making sure no one was around, or take my hand when he was walking me home. But then, people were around us more and more…I guess he just got…out of the habit? Because now, it’s as if nothing happened at all. He probably changed his mind, but doesn’t know how to tell me.” Faith grew more and more emotional. “I’ll just have to swallow my own feelings, and move on!”

Rosemary was distressed! Her perfect plan, and Faith’s heart, were unraveling before her eyes. “But, Faith!” she protested.

Faith stood, and headed for the door. “No Rosemary! If I push him, it could ruin our relationship; it could ruin my career! I can’t give up nursing, and I don’t want to give up Hope Valley. I need to go. The gowns are beautiful.” With that, Faith rushed out of the dress shop, leaving Rosemary sitting there looking very perplexed. But not for long. “Well! We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?”

Rosemary was walking arm in arm with Lee a few days later, still trying to figure out a way to remedy Faith’s situation. The poor girl looked more downtrodden than someone thrown from a saddle.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Lee asked. “We just passed Elizabeth by the mercantile, and you didn’t even say hello.”

“What? Oh! I’m sorry, Lee, my mind is just very occup…Oh, Carson! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

Lee rolled his eyes as Rosemary dropped his arm to run and catch up with the good doctor. “Apparently, her mind isn’t too occupied for Carson,” he mumbled, and hurried to join them.

“What’s wrong, Rosemary?” Carson asked. “You’re not feeling sick, are you?”

Rosemary gave him a baffled look. “Why would I be talking to you if I was sick? No, the reason is quite simple, really. I ordered a roast, but two got delivered by mistake. They said I could keep the extra. Well, we can’t eat that much…” Lee cleared his throat, suggesting he could, and Rosemary nudged him into silence, “…and I hate to waste good food. I thought maybe you’d like to take it, and make a delicious dinner…for someone?” Nothing. “Faith, perhaps?”

Carson tried to cover his surprise, but failed miserably. “Oh! Um…well, I’m not sure I should…wait! How did you…?” His eyes shifted back and forth between the Coulters, searching for the answer to his unasked question.

Lee just shrugged. “I stopped asking how she knows things a long time ago; saves me a lot of time.”

Carson sighed, frustrated at Lee’s lack of advice when he’d been so helpful in the past. Then he pasted his “cheerfully polite” expression on his face, and turned to Rosemary. “Thank you, very much, for the thought, Rosemary, but I don’t know that dinner is the right…the right…” The “right” words were escaping him, along with his calm composure, not to mention his pride.

It didn’t matter, though, as Rosemary just waved her hand to dismiss his comments anyway. “Oh, nonsense! Of course it’s ‘right’. Now as far as timing being right, well that all depends, now doesn’t it?”

“Depends on what?” Carson and Lee asked simultaneously, both completely lost in Rosemary’s web of words.

“Oh, men!” Rosemary groaned in exasperation. “It depends on what you want for your future, of course! Do you want to maintain a professional relationship with your lovely nurse, and remain alone for the rest of your life? Or do you want to take the chance that you might just find a little happiness with her, which is more important than any job.” Nothing again. “If you decide on the latter, you know where to find me. I’ll arrange everything!” And with that, Rosemary sauntered away, rubbing her hands together, and looking very pleased with herself. One would think she’d solved the world’s problems in one fell swoop.

Carson and Lee could only stand in the middle of the street and stare at each other, both completely confounded. Finally, Lee clapped Carson twice on the shoulder, and said, “Just something to think about,” Then caught up to his wife.

Carson was left alone, feeling rather stunned. That’s usually what happens after an encounter with Rosemary, he thought, and chuckled to himself. I think I need to sit down. He looked up to see that he was close to the infirmary, and figured his desk was as good a place as any for some contemplation. Once seated, he picked up some paperwork to look busy; but truthfully, he just stared out the open door. What was his dilemma? What was stopping him? It’s true neither one of them wanted the town staring and speculating, but their friends and neighbors were bound to find out sooner or later; especially if Rosemary had anything to do with it. Part of it had to be that things had been progressing so gradually between them for so long; and then in the past few weeks, the wave of romance came crashing in, throwing them together, and changing practically everything. That certainly was reason enough to question the situation, he reasoned.

Then there was the matter of giving Faith the space she needed to process this change. She had been so scared to risk her job and her heart; she seemed to need that. Carson shook his head. Even in his head, he was stalling, avoiding the true heart of the challenge. What he really didn’t want to admit, even to himself, was how much Faith’s job was impacting his feelings for her. The fact that she was a nurse, just like Amber had been…it frightened him. A horrible vision of history repeating itself flashed before Carson’s eyes. Losing his wife had nearly broken him! How could he possibly live through losing Faith too?

Just then, Carson caught sight of Faith walking hand in hand with Opal. Her whole face lit up when she laughed, her head tilted to the sky in her delight. Carson couldn’t help but smile. Elizabeth told him once that Faith didn’t consider herself good with children. Well, she had obviously acquired the talent over time. His smile widened as he watched Faith bend down to Opal’s level, talking to her with big eyes, and tapping her playfully on the nose.

As Carson continued to observe her discreetly, Molly approached, and Faith pleasantly greeted her . He was struck with the beauty of her smile and her genuine care for others when she gingerly touched Molly’s left arm, obviously asking about the gash they’d treated her for a few days ago. He heard his name mentioned; Molly must have asked how he was doing. A brief, but obvious look of disappointment crossed Faith’s lovely complexion, but she was quick to cover it. The pain in her face, as short-lived as it was, made Carson wince. Look at her, he marveled. I’ve practically been ignoring her, and she’s still trying to protect my reputation! What an amazing woman!

Then suddenly, he knew. There were no fireworks, no lightning bolts, although his heart was certainly thundering in his chest. But he just knew. He knew Faith was the one who had patched the hole in his heart that losing Amber had left behind. He knew the petty little worries of society and careers were nothing in the grand scheme of things. He knew that she loved him as he loved her. Most of all, he knew what he had to do, and he knew how he had to do it.



Join me next Friday for Part 2. 😀 We’ll see you next week,  either on Monday or Wednesday. We’ll leave it to mystery. 😉 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom! 

Hey, Hearties! How’s your Monday going? I know we’re all still a little forlorn with the absence of the show, but I’m determined to do my part to make the hiatus as painless as possible. I have some help from several people, and couple tricks up my sleeve. One of those tricks is bringing back an old idea that I haven’t had the chance to do in a while. And that is #MeetYouMonday. I had so much fun meeting and learning about so many #Hearties from so many places. The interesting thing is there were so many from so many different walks of life, but so many answers sounded almost identical when it came down to questions like “Why are you a Heartie?” and “Why do you love the show?”

So here is another darling Heartie who jumped to volunteer when I asked if she’d like to help with the blog. I know you’ll find her as dear as I did. Presenting the lovely Lili Yogini!


1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?

I was born and raised in the beautiful beach community of Huntington Beach, California. Nine years ago we moved to get out of “the rat race” of Southern California, to the small town of Lebanon, Oregon. This town is the sort of place we see in the Hallmark Christmas movies, and I love it!


2. Tell us about your family.

My husband, Joe, is the Supervising Electrician for an international hi-tech manufacturing company, he travels abroad a lot so I have lots of opportunity to miss him! We each came into our 17 year marriage with a child. My Marley is 23, he works as an English as a Second Language teacher with mostly Arab adults from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. My step-daughter Amanda, is 21 and a student at Cal State Long Beach in California. She is studying to be an elementary teacher, like Elizabeth! I have two most beloved puppies, they are half toy poodle and half dachshunds, so they have long curly bodies and only weigh 4 pounds, my cat Bella will be upset if I don’t mention her too! The three fur-babies watch WCTH with me every Sunday!


3. What do you do for a living?

I teach Pilates and Yoga at our local hospital and at the community college! It’s a fantastic way to bring in some spending money while helping people heal and grow. When the kids were younger, I was a stay at home mom and homeschooled them both. What are your hobbies? I love working in my gardening growing food and flowers, exercise, reading period romance, and I volunteer at the food pantry. What are you studying/did you study in school? I studied business in College 25 years ago, and have owned two successful businesses with my husband, but I am back in school to become a Christian women’s marriage counselor! I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes me with that!


4. How did you find/discover WCTH?

I don’t watch any television except for Hallmark, their the only brand I trust to deliver viewing that won’t offend my spirit! I enjoy all of their original series, so when WCTH was being advertised, it was a no-brainer to tune in! There was added appeal in that it’s a period romance show….my favorite!


5. What is your favorite episode?

Oh goodness! That is a very difficult question! I’m going to have to go with the obvious, Jack & Elizabeth’s wedding! The excitement, the fire, the community rallying together, and of course, the wedding itself. So beautiful! Season? I’m going to have to say Season 2. Nothing more beautiful than watching people fall in love, especially when those two people are Jack and Elizabeth! I really enjoyed the character development in that season, and introduction of new characters.


6. Who is your favorite character?
Am I allowed to still say Jack? He was the man we all dreamt about when we were little girls, right? But, since he’s gone, I’m going to say Rosemary. She’s so much fun to watch, and I’m really enjoying her softer, more heartfelt, side being exposed as the story unfolds. Plus, she’s pretty relatable to me, with her silly antics and need for her husband to put her in her place sometimes 😉 Star of the show? Okay, here’s the truth….I have a bit of a huge crush on Paul Greene! I saw him on Home & Family a couple years ago, he sang a very sweet song he wrote about a good friend of his. Ever since then, my heart goes a flutter when he’s on screen. It’s okay, my husband understands the crush, he has a man crush on Bill Avery, as he grew up watching Jack Wagner as Frisco Jones in General Hospital 😂


7. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
I’m a brand new Heartie! I’ve seen the Hearties, again on Home & Family, and have heard about you in interviews with the cast, but didn’t know who, what, or where you were. I am so excited to have found the group and to be able to talk about the show with someone other than the puppies! Why do I love the show? I love anything to do with romance! I enjoy the costumes and storylines, but I feel like it’s an escape to a simpler time, where most people were in agreement of Christian and family values, and where community truly took care of each other. (The town where I live is a pretty good example of that too). Finally, I rest in knowing that, with this show, I never have to worry about protecting my eyes or ears from the vileness that’s so common on TV now.


8. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
I was very disheartened when we started seeing less of our Mountie in season 4 & 5, and while I was broken-hearted that Jack passed, I can’t say I was surprised. I figured Daniel was making an exit. At first, I didn’t feel like the show would hold my heart without the Jack & Elizabeth romance. With time, I grew to understand that these writers are not going to let us down! Season 6 is going to be extra special, because they are so keenly aware of the Hearties sensitivities, and now we have baby Jack! I have no expectations for the season, other than to fully enjoy it!


Thank you so MUCH , Lili! I can already tell what a beautiful soul you have! Yes, you can still say Jack. He’s still my favorite! And to the rest of you beautiful souls, have a fantastic day and a good start to your week! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Photos: Lili with her husband, Lili’s fur babies 


So sorry, everybody! Long day, long meeting at the end of the day, then I fell asleep! 😀 So here is what should have been yesterday’s post:



Hey, Hearties! I’m back to bring you today’s #WonderWednesday featuring Kevin McGarry for his birthday week. The actual big day was yesterday; did you remember to send him a birthday message? 😉 That’s okay. You can leave a comment below, and hopefully he’ll see it. 😀 Now remember, as we have yet to see him onscreen as Constable Grant, there’s nothing to “remember”, so a #FlashbackFriday post won’t be occurring for Kevin this year. But I’ll be back on Monday!

Now, onto Kevin’s spotlighted project. This is actually the very first thing I ever saw with him in it. When I was a little girl, I saw bits and pieces of the movie “Big”; for YEARS I referred to Tom Hanks as “the guy from ‘Big’ “. I managed to not say it out loud, but I admit to thinking, “There’s the guy from ‘Signed Sealed Delivered” the first several times I saw him after that. I also distinctly remember seeing him come into frame on my television, and saying, “Hello! Man, he’s good looking!”

And that reveals it! “Signed Sealed Delivered: From Paris with Love”. This is the first movie (besides the Christmas special) to come after the TV series, so I know they wanted it to be a hit. In case you’re unfamiliar with this very special show, it’s the story of four sweet and quirky-in-their-own-way postal workers who work in the Denver Dead Letter Office. They’re given a special “task force” status to use the means necessary to restore dead letters to their owners; the call themselves “The Postables”. Shane, the tech savvy and street wise newcomer, calls Oliver, the “human antique” of a department head, a “singing detective, philosopher, poet”. He is, what you’d call, extremely formal. And photographic memory Rita and Norman, who Shane gives “5 minutes to be weird”, somehow “always make sense” to each other.

So every story has a letter they’re trying to deliver, and Martha Williamson has an incredible knack for weaving said stories to mirror, or compliment, what’s going down in the Postables’ lives. Here, Kevin plays Joey, a restaurant owner who accidentally mails his wife divorce papers when he thinks she’s being unfaithful; he drops them in the box when he impulsively runs off to help a carjacking victim. They got lost in the mail, but our persistent postal detectives find them anyway. Problem is, Joey doesn’t want the divorce anymore, and desperately tries to persuade “Mr. Stickler for the Rules” Oliver not to deliver the filthy and dreaded manila envelope.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s “free spirited”, (aka flighty, wishy-washy, and not so bright,) estranged wife returns from Paris after a two-year absence. The especially awkward thing about the situation is Oliver has been reluctantly falling in love with Shane over the course of the series, and wants her back as little as she wants to commit to the sacred vow they made. And then there’s Shane: witty, child-like and playful without being childish, thoughtful, wise, and AWARE! There are some amazing examples! First of all, Shane is the first one to discover Holly in the DLO (Dead Letter Office); she’s walking around like she owns the place as if nothing has happened, while Shane stands there dumbfounded. When Oliver enters, the camera’s on him mumbling a very shocked, “Hi.” It cuts to Holly saying “Hi” in an attempt to sound seductive, then the frame expands to include Shane with a very uncomfortable and terrified “Hi”. Obviously, Holly is oblivious to the goings on.

The other example is more verbal. Early on, Holly says to Oliver, “I’ve always been a poet, I just didn’t know it.” Oliver chuckles, and asks her if she did that on purpose. She has NO IDEA what he’s talking about, even AFTER he explains it to her! Shane, on the other hand, soothes his troubled soul after an evening with Holly. She assures him there’s nothing wrong with him; he’s just a man “who believes in spring and doing the right thing.” She then, ON HER OWN, says, “Hm. Spring, thing.”

Now for the scenes with Kevin. Once again, Martha’s writing is flawless. She covers all the stages of marriage except old age in just a few minutes; she does the same with the phases of a fight, and there’s nothing unnatural or rushed about it. There’s the introduction and initial flirtation, the wedding day, the high of the new marriage, the hard times and miscommunications, everything coming to a head and blowing up, the explanation, and then the reconciliation. Not only is the writing fabulous, but the actors pull it off so naturally. Kevin especially had a great look on his face that expressed painful memories of the past, but he’s still in love with his wife. You can also see his ego get knocked down a few pegs when he thought he was right…but he wasn’t. And when he realizes just how wrong he is, the regret in his eyes in almost palpable.

The problem with these movies is I wrote down almost every line as witty, clever, poignant, and/or worthy of review. Not only that, but the dialogue is so good at bringing things up from before to bring the plot full circle The tagline was one of the particularly powerful ones, but you really have to see it yourself, as there’s no way I could do it enough justice. So check it out, and enjoy our new Mountie in a restaurant owner role. 😀 This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!

Well, I’m back! Couldn’t stay away, even if I tried. 🙂 But this is an important post; it’s a special #MeetYouMonday. I found out a few days ago that tomorrow is Kevin McGarry’s birthday. Even though we haven’t officially seen Mountie Nate on our TV screens, we hopefully will sooner rather than later, and he deserves a proper #Hearties birthday celebration. And birthdays #HookedHeartie style get a #MeetYouMonday introduction! Now unfortunately, I don’t know a whole lot about the man besides the facts that he is VERY attractive, and he’s a great actor. But I’ll tell you what I found out.

Kevin was born in Ontario, Canada in 1985, so he’ll be 34 tomorrow. He’s a whopping 6’3”, so it’s up in the air as to whether or not my husband could take him. 😉 He studied Creative Writing at George Brown College, emphasizing in Screen Writing. Gossip says he’s dating a lovely lady named Alexandra (Alex) Herzog, an actress and a dancer, and the two look very cute together. But I can’t verify it.

Something I definitely CAN verify, (because I heard it from his own mouth,) is he really can ride a horse. He actually can ride pretty well. How did he learn? On “Heartland”! If you’re a fan of that show, you know he plays Mitch, who is a cowboy through and through. He admits to lying in the audition process, saying, “Of course I can ride!” But he couldn’t. He learned fast, though, because “Heartland” is centered on horses. But that put him in a great position for taking the role of a Mountie.

As far as how he’s enjoying the show, that’s a little trickier to find out, but I’ve heard a few things. Apparently the cast was very welcoming, and he was glad that he came on with Chris and Kayla, because coming on was a little “intimidating”. But speaking of “intimidating”, it sounds as though he becomes so in his costume. He commented that putting on the red serge “makes you stand up straighter”. He also likes the amount of detail that goes into the set.

He’s also very relieved at the majority of the #Hearties reaction. He’s very glad that so many have reached out to him favorably, and he hopes Nathan “brings joy to them” since “the town needs a new Mountie”. I can only imagine the nerves he must have endured knowing he was coming on to replace such a beIoved character. Breathe, Kevin, breathe! We’re all anxious to meet Constable Grant. We were so disappointed it couldn’t happen this week, but hopefully it will happen soon. And happy birthday tomorrow!

Well, everyone, that’s it for me. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! And I think we need this last part more than ever. May your heart let your hope blossom!

(Photo credit: Phillip Faraone/WireImage. Posted on Getty Images

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Due to the fact that there won’t be a new episode airing on Sunday, and that it’s Spring Break, I probably won’t be posting anything on Monday, or it will be super short. But like I said on Wednesday, let’s be cautiously optimistic, and distract ourselves. Go have some fun, get some sunshine, watch a good movie cuddled in a cozy blanket, do whatever you need to do to bring you a little happiness.

And speaking of happiness, I found out that it’s someone’s birthday today, someone who brings a LOT of happiness to us #Hearties. I posted about it on the main fan page, but in case you missed it, it’s Elliott Wallach’s birthday today. Elliott, who is the president of Edify Films, and brings us so many amazing products for our enjoyment. He doubles as a comedian, entertaining everyone he talks to with his quick wit and thoughtful words. Okay, so it’s not an ACTUAL job, but with his proficiency at it, it SHOULD be! 😀 So Happy Birthday Elliott! We #Hearties love you, and all the swag you provide!

Speaking of birthdays, we have a little bit of unfinished business to tie up, don’t we? Last Friday, we celebrated #FlashbackFriday with a Hickam Highlight. 😉 But it was someone else’s birthday last week too! So now it’s Faith’s turn! Time to feature Andrea’s lovely talent!

Let’s flash back to Season 3, when Faith splashes onto the scene, and makes her first appearance in Hope Valley. She certainly caused a stir! Everyone sees her as the competition. Elizabeth just can’t “trust her with Jack”, and Rosemary seems to think her incapable of caring for Lee’s injured foot.

Then Faith shows us not only her spunk, but her creativity and ingenuity. She’s there to do a job, and she’s very committed to her work, not to mention competent. However, someone quite…persistent is in the way; someone who “played a nurse on the stage”, but thinks she knows more about treating patients. But Faith out foxes her, and in such a way that everyone, except Rosemary, can’t get mad at her. Lee is so delighted for a break from her “helicopter nursing” that he laughs out loud! And Faith, at least for a moment, makes Rosemary feel very clever with wanting to test the bell. But to quote the old 1982 British Jane Seymour classic “The Scarlet Pimpernel”: “Alas, a moment was all I could spare.” That’s all Faith could spare before locking her out of the room so Lee’s foot could be properly treated. Well played, Nurse Carter!

Well Hearties, time for me to jet! Spring Break has begun, and I promised my kids some fun! By the way, my Facebook account was NOT working properly on Wednesday, so I wasn’t able to share the second half of the Ben and Andrea interview in as many places. So be sure to go to Wednesday’s post after you finish reading. And as for my signature farewell, I think we need it now more than ever. So, this is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!