Happy Halloween, Hearties! Everyone have a fun-filled night? Well to help you get into the spirit of things, I’ve got a great little post for you! I bet I know what you’re thinking! “So, what movie will you be reviewing today, and what WCTH stars are in it?” Well, SURPRISE! There’s no movie for this #WonderWednesday. I’ve been kind of focused on that particular theme for the past several months, but if you remember, #WonderWednesday is supposed to be when we can talk about theories, other events the cast and crew are involved in, and any other fun WCTH-related things that don’t directly involve the show. And in a constant effort to keep things fresh, and keep my readers satisfied, (because I love all of you SO MUCH,) I’m mixing things up a bit. So let’s start with the best part: COSTUMES!

You don’t know what a triumph this was to get my entire family to dress up like characters from…none other than our series! My husband, as you all know, does NOT like WCTH, and he was very resistant to the idea. But I begged with puppy dog eyes, and he caved! It also didn’t hurt that I mentioned it would be good for the blog, and this was probably the last time the Mountie costume would fit little Jack. Score, baby!

Costume 1: Pre-mayor Abigail


I had originally planned on being Faith. I was going to be all clever and do modern scrubs and put a name tag that said “Faith” on it; but I ran out of time. So I had to think fast, and luckily, I had a white apron. Save!

Costume 2: Lee


This one was pretty easy. We just used his Sunday suit. But isn’t he precious??? So dapper, just like Kavan.

Costume 3: Opal


You can’t tell, but her hair IS in pigtails. She just has really short hair; it almost didn’t go into the elastics. The dress is her big sister’s, so it was long enough to be a frontier girl’s dress, and it looked very Opal-like. The teddy bear’s name is Chocolate because it smells like chocolate. But we’ve used it as Brownie so many times, I think the girls are going to make the change permanent.

Costume 4: Rosemary


One thing you should know: Kyrah HATES having her hair curled, but when I showed her the sparkling red dress in her closet and told her she could be Rosemary, she jumped at the chance…even went through the curling iron torture. She didn’t sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” though.

Costumes 5&6: Ray Wyatt and Jack


Ray was also easy, my husband wore HIS Sunday suit; he just wasn’t wearing his coat at the moment. I told Will he could be Lee too since he’s Will’s favorite character, but he was insistent on being the notorious villain. Don’t ask me why! He had planned on being Carson, but we couldn’t find the lab coat he was supposed to wear. So we went with the next best thing: available clothes and being the bad guy. 😀

Then of course, we have our beloved Jack. I still can’t believe the uniform still fits, but if you notice, the sleeves are about halfway up his arms. But I didn’t think we’d make it to Halloween when Jonathan was born in April, so I’m ecstatic it made it this far! I don’t think we ever saw Jack on Ray’s knee though. 😉

And then, I owe you some information, don’t I? If you were here for #MysteryMeetYouMonday, you saw clues for the identity of a mystery person. By the way, thank you to all of you who figured it out but didn’t post the answer on Facebook. That makes it much more fun! If you still want to play, stop readgo to Monday’s post, and see how far down the list you go before you figure out who it is. For everyone else, drum roooolllll please!

The answer is none other than….












our own Papa Heartie, Brian Bird.


Photo credit: amazon.com


So now that the answer is revealed, comment on whether or not you got it right, (if you didn’t I’m VERY curious as to who you guessed,) and how far down the list you had to go. No skipping clues. I purposely put the more obvious ones at the bottom. The lowest number wins. Right now you only win bragging rights, but we’re “practicing” for when I get to run a real contest! 😀

Well, I hope you had a great and spooky night. 😉 See you Friday for the first November post; you won’t want to miss it! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Good morning, Hearties! Welcome welcome to a special edition of #MeetYouMonday which as you see, is entitled #MysteryMeetYouMonday. I may have already said this, but if you haven’t joined us for a few posts…as it is the week of Halloween, I thought it most appropriate to add a little mystery to our blog lives. So here’s how this works: I’m going to give some statement clues about this person I’m spotlighting. I want you to see how few clues it takes you to figure it out. NO researching! That was my job! YOU have to guess on your own wits! And PLEASE don’t post the answer; even though you might figure it out quickly, let’s have fun with it anyway. I’ll post the answer on Wednesday, Halloween Day. Fitting, isn’t Comment your guesses, and how far down the list you had to go. Whoever guessed it right with the fewest clues wins. Unfortunately at this point, all you win is bragging rights, but it’s good practice for when we have REAL contests and ACTUAL prizes as the blog becomes more widespread. So here we go!



1. This person is a Heartie. 😀 (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)




2. This person is originally from Illinois




3. This person graduated from California State University at Fullerton




4. This person’s degree was in journalism




5. This person was a staff reporter for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune




6. This person previously worked on the show Step by Step




7. Two companies this person has done projects with is Believe Pictures and Footprint Films




8. One of this person’s many credits is Touched by an Angel




9. This person’s religion is Christian, and he/she is a member of the Saddleback Church




10. This person worked as Director of Public Relations for the humanitarian effort World Vision




11. This person wrote for Christianity Today magazine




12. A quote from this person is, “Love is what makes life real. Family is what makes life real.”




13. This person is not a member of the WCTH cast




14. This person is seen as a parent figure




15. This person has been married for over 30 years




16. This person has 5 children, 2 of which were adopted internationally.


Okay, there you go! Happy puzzling everyone! See you on Halloween! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


I got my Season 5 collection yesterday! Yahoo! I can neither confirm or deny that I watched the bonus features…almost immediately.

Well, we’ve come to the end of our last birthday week of the month. Wow, that was a LOT of birthdays! And I found out there are even more birthdays to highlight next year! Did Hallmark hire EVERY actor born in October? Just about, it seems. 😉

So what Bill Avery memory did I pick for the Jack Wagner edition of #FlashbackFriday? One that’s not as “flashback” as many other amazing Bill moments: taking off for “boring town business” in Jack’s place with the impending wedding only days away.

We all know Bill’s a tough cookie; he’s seen his share of action, and he’s got a stare that could freeze lava. But the man is SUCH a marshmallow! It doesn’t matter how scary he acts! If you remember back a few months, I posted 2 self-gathered lists: Bill’s Top Tough Guy Moments and Bill’s Top Softie Moments. Funny how so many of his tough moments are soon followed by the softie moments, or how many involve someone he cares about. I don’t think this was in the list, but one of my personal favorites happens in the Season 4 Christmas special. You know the scene. Jack asks Bill to take over the home repairs for him for an hour or so. Bill thinks it’s Mountie business, but Jack confesses it’s so he and Elizabeth can go get Christmas tree. Bill grumbles, but acquiesces. “Go ahead. Consider it an early Christmas present…actually consider it your only Christmas present.” But you can tell he doesn’t really mind.

Well in this instance, he takes it a step further. When Ned brings the telegram, Bill makes an instant decision to handle everything himself. But he intimidates poor Mr. Yost enough to get him to stop being nosy with his stern, “I’ll see that he gets it.”

My favorite line has to be when Abigail reads the telegram asking for assistance in escorting a criminal to Cape Fullerton. She notices that the telegram is addressed to Jack, and Bill immediately jumps on it: “Jack’s not going to be escorting anyone but Elizabeth down the aisle. Now even though Jack is supposed to WAIT for Elizabeth at the END of the aisle, it’s still a lovely and sentimental gesture.

It’s hysterical when Jack inadvertently sneaks up on them, and they get jittery and nervous trying to keep the “boring town business” hidden from him. Does it strike anyone else as ironic that Jack threatens to “hunt down” Bill if he doesn’t show to the wedding, then Bill gets caught in a shootout? Funny, I only thought about that today after doing some…ahem…watching.

And speaking of said watching, I found a little golden nugget in the deleted scenes that shows even more of Bill’s sucker side. When the Mountie and Bill are waiting for nightfall, that poor rookie asks if Bill has anything to eat. He gives him a “are you out of your mind” look and demands, “What?!” But when the poor Mountie reiterates “I’m starving,” Bill slips ever so slightly. He still thinks this kid is way too green, but he reaches in his pocket, and says, “I’ve got some jerky.”

Well, Jack Wagner, we love you! Thanks for being “the James Bond of Hope Valley,” (his words, not mine! 😀 ), and we hope you enjoyed Jack Wagner Week in celebration of your birthday!

Have a great weekend everyone! Next week is Halloween, so I hope you’ll join me for a little mystery. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Wow! We are halfway through Jack Wagner’s birthday week, which means the month is almost over! Whoa baby! Where did October go? And next month will mark an official full year of the blog hookedheartie.com being up and running! Hooray for milestones!

Now, back to celebrating the man of the hour…uh week…even though his birthday already passed. Hee hee. And welcome to that man’s special edition of #WonderWednesday. You are NEVER going to guess which project I decided on. If you guessed one of the Wedding March movies…BEEP! Wrong! Thank you for playing. Actually, believe it or not, it isn’t a Hallmark movie; although it is something that currently airs on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. And that is the series Monk. Remember him? Everyone’s favorite obsessive-compulsive defective detective? Did you know/remember that Jack guest starred on an episode? I didn’t until I had watched WCTH, then went back and watched reruns. It was one of those “point at the TV and mouth falls open” moments. So fun when that happens.

Jack is in the episode called Mr. Monk and Sharona in the final season. If you don’t know the story, Sharona was Adrian Monk’s assistant from 2002-2004, then she moved back to New Jersey and remarried her ex-husband. So, in the final season, Sharona comes back to San Francisco to settle the lawsuit of her uncle’s “accidental” death on the golf course of his country club. She knocks on Adrian’s door just as vacuum dust shoots in his face. So being the neat freak he is, Adrian starts screaming! Sharona comes in, quickly assesses the situation, and helps him wash out his eyes at the sink. This is the funny part. When his eyes are clean, he blinks, and looks at Sharona. Obviously she’s not his assistant Natalie. He washes his eyes again, while she’s giggling to herself at his antics. When he finishes, she simply says, “Hello, Adrian.” There are a MILLION things he could have said, but he goes with, “What year is this?” SO FUNNY!

Here’s where Jack comes in. He plays Perry Walsh, the uncle’s golfing buddy, and one of the witnesses to his fall, but guess what! He actually killed him! He’s the murderer! It was a little strange seeing Jack as the villain, but he sure did an excellent job of it! The plan is frighteningly brilliant. They run a con on the country club, and Uncle Howie pretends to trip on a step that’s actually broken. Perry and his caddie run to go help him. Gary the caddie tries to call 911, but his phone is dead. (Turns out Perry switched the battery.) So when Gary runs for help, Perry kills Howie for having a thing with his wife.

When the trio asks him about it, I had to laugh. To the question that maybe Howie had faked his fall, Perry answers, “I don’t know if he’s that good of an actor.” I always love hearing actors (their characters) talk about acting; makes it almost ironic. But Adrian figures everything out in true Monk fashion: visiting both apartments, and noticing that a missing novel in a series Carolyn Walsh is reading is at Uncle Howie’s place. Problem is, Sharona wants to know what happened, and she foolishly won’t wait until they’re out of the Walsh residence. Perry discovers them in the closet, overhears almost everything, throws them out, and lawyers up. Needless to say, the Captain was not happy!

He warns Monk in the beginning that having Sharona and Natalie around each other was a dangerous idea. He uses a strange analogy: “they’re like bourbon and vodka. I love them both, but they don’t mix…they will tear you apart like saltwater taffy.” They almost do because they’re both trying to mark their territory, trying to show who knows the better way to take care of Mr. Monk. But they finally decide to act like adults, and work together instead of compete against each other. And here’s the clincher: THEY take Perry Walsh down. The one incriminating bit of evidence that lawyers couldn’t make go away is Perry’s fingerprints on the phone battery. So Perry’s running to get the cellphone from the unsuspecting Gary, and Natalie and Sharona chase him down in a golf cart. I am woman, hear me ROAR!

The most fun part is the golfing. You know from Monday, (unless you knew before,) that Jack is an AVID golfer. And remember that he won at least one competition at the professional level. So when Monk and the ladies walk into Perry’s office, there is a sea of golfing trophies. I laughed out loud! It’s so fun when they put little Easter eggs like that in actors’ projects. I’m betting many of those trophies were actually his!

Well, now that we’ve explored this “other side” of Jack Wagner, we can go back to talking about him as a protagonist. Whew! THAT’S over! 😉 Good night, everybody. I shall see you on Friday. This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


I know this is super late. Crazy, yet typical day in the life of a mother of 4.

Moving on: Well, hello Hearties! Welcome back from Canada! And how was that amazing trip for all you lucky Hope Valley go-ers? Oh, I’m so envious! One day, I’ll go to a Hearties Family Reunion. Let’s just hope that by that time, they’re still happening. 😉 When I told my mom it was happening, she asked, “What’s that?” Oh, so sad! When I described it as “comic con for WCTH” she wasn’t very impressed. Obviously I have some schooling to do! Anyway, from the videos and pictures I saw, it looked like you all had an outstanding adventure! I especially enjoyed listening to Kavan and Pascale talk about the “temperamental” motorcycle which Kavan described as a “bicycle with a sewing machine engine”. 😀

The guy we’re focusing on this week was there too! In fact, I saw a video of him singing for a husband back home. It wasn’t as weird as it sounds; just sending a message to someone back home. 😉 Any guesses? If you guessed Jack Wagner, ding ding ding ding! If you remember, Jack’s birthday is October 3rd, but the first week of October was…well, previously booked. So it’s later, but Jack needs his own week, wouldn’t you say? I say yes!

First thing I learned is his name isn’t really Jack. His first name isn’t even John. His full given name is Peter John Wagner II. Does that throw you for a loop, because it sure did me! Let’s get to know good ole Jack. He was born in the year 1959, (which makes him 59 years old,) in Washington, Missouri. But as we all have probably guessed by now, he lives in Los Angeles, California.

Jack was married to Kristina Wagner, whom we know as Nora on WCTH. But just like Bill and Nora, Jack and Kristina are divorced. However, it’s apparently remained very amicable. They have 2 sons named Peter and Harrison. And here’s something! In 2011, Jack met a daughter he had never known. She was 23 at the time! Thank heaven for large miracles!

Jack was raised a Catholic, and went to Catholic school. Apparently he was quite the athlete; he played football and basketball. Did you know he was a musician? I didn’t until several months ago. Of course, I was born in the 1980’s, and that’s when his music was the most famous. His biggest hit was “All I Need” in 1984. Of course he’s been an actor for a long time, and been in several projects, way too many to name here. His most famous role is was Frisco Jones on General Hospital. He and Kristina were quite the steamy power couple, I hear. He also appeared as a contestant for Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars.

But here’s a little tidbit you may or may not know: he’s QUITE the golfer; very avid too. For college, he went to the University of Arizona, where he tried out for the golf team and the drama department. (That was after a year at the University of Missouri.) The drama department gave him a full scholarship, but he never forgot golfing. He is currently a leading celebrity golfer, and he’s the only non-professional to win the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic. Good going, Jack!

One little nugget of golden information that I hadn’t known beforehand is he had quite a stage career. In the late 80’s he was on national tours for both West Side Story and Grease, (he played Tony in West Side Story,) but what he describes as his “most fulfilling professional experience” is playing the title role in Jekyll and Hyde. If you’ve never seen the show, that character is one of the most taxing and complicated I’ve ever seen. And I’m told he did it very well.

I better call it a night. As always, I’ll have more for you later this week. Have a good one! This is Hooked Heartie, signing off! May your heart let your hope blossom!


Photo credit: michaelfairmantv.com