Hey, hey all you WCTH lovers! How’s the start of the week going? Mine has been SO productive! That MIGHT have something to do with the fact that 3 out of my 4 kids are visiting their grandparents… (YAHOO!) I now have a chance to get so many things done, and get in a little R&R too.

So, we’re more than halfway through the month, which means we’ve come to another #MeetYouMonday: Bridal Edition. Let’s recap! A fresh start to the month started off with a fresh start to a marriage with Lizzy, a brand-new bride of 8 months. Last week, I was crazy enough to share my wacky story that began my 10-year marriage, (as of Wednesday!) Today, let’s meet someone who has really seen the ups and downs of marriage. May I present a silver-plated bride, Vicki Chambers-Christy, who has been married 25 years! (25 years is the silver anniversary, if you didn’t know.) Let’s get to know her!

  1. Where are you from? If you’re living elsewhere, where are you living now?
  • I’m from Michigan, born and raised; and I still live in MI! My husband was born and raised in West Virginia and obviously now lives in MI.


  1. Tell us about your family.
  • There’s my husband and myself. We have a 24-yr-old son, (25 in October) Nick, and a 22-year-old daughter, Morgan. They both work full time, and basically have their own lives…but still both live at home. Great kids that love and respect their mom and dad!



  1. What are your hobbies? What are you studying/did you study in school?
  • My hobbies: I love to read, and really enjoy walking, especially outside. I enjoy spending time with my family, and watching Hallmark Channel.  My greatest is I love the Lord.


  1. How did you find/discover WCTH?
  • I discovered WCTH through TV commercials… I started watching with the 2016 Christmas Special.


  1. What is your favorite episode? Season?
  • My favorite episode… I think that would be S3: the campfire episode, or even S2: the mine episode.


  1. Who is your favorite character? Star of the show?
  • Jack and Elizabeth/ Daniel Lissing & Erin Krakow, but I do love them all.


  1. Why are you a Heartie? Why do you love the show?
  • Im a Heartie because I absolutely love WCTH. I love the show because so many people can relate to so many things on the show. Everything from health, money, jobs, loss of a loved one! It encourages us all to put our FAITH in GOD.  It’s a family show that even the youngest member of the family can watch, it’s that wholesome.


  1. Anything else you enjoy, or anything you’d like to add?
  • WCTH-related: I just can’t wait to see what S6 has in store for HV!
  • Kami asked me to share a little bit about my experiences after being married almost 25 years, (will be 25 on July 23rd). I love that we love each other despite our faults; and believe me, we both have them!  We support each other through the good, the bad, and everything else.  We are so comfortable with each other, that we don’t have to look perfect. We can speak our minds, or say what’s in our hearts.  I’ve personally learned that If I’m angry, I need to calm down before I say anything, (that was a tough one for me to learn, trust me).   I like the fact that I know who I’m going home with, and going home to.  We have had our trials, but through it all, here we are 25 years later. I know who I’m going home with, and who I’m going home to! ❤😊

Thanks so much, Vicki! It’s so inspirational for us to look ahead to someone who has been through so much; it gives us newbies the hope and advice we need to keep on the path. Well, that’s it for me too. Join me on Wednesday, (my anniversary!) for our next #JuneWeddings movie review! Toot-a-loo!

It’s Friyay! YAY! And not only is it Friday, it’s 2 days until Father’s Day. I’m not going to say what the kids and I are giving Will in case he decides to be nosy in the name of “checking on the blog”. Any excuse, right, ladies? You know what I’m talking about!

For today’s #FlashbackFriday, and in honor of Niall Matter’s new #JuneWeddings movie Love at First Dance premiering tomorrow, can you guess what Fatherly Moment we’ll be talking about today? If you’re thinking DeWitt Graves and Caleb Dunbar, you would be…DEAD WRONG! We’re talking about Shane and Phillip Cantrell.

I don’t know any fan of the show that doesn’t think Phillip is the most adorable kid ever! (Okay, besides the ones in their own family!) But isn’t he precious? I’ll never forget his little face when he looked up at Elizabeth and said, “ But what if we can’t live without you?!”, or his awful fear of having her taken away from him after she got married. He’s just so endearing. Too bad his father is such a tough nut to crack in the beginning.

At first, Shane and Phillip have a typical single father and son relationship, especially for back then. Shane isn’t indifferent to his son, but his existence is a little painful since his wife was lost in childbirth. And his attitude about work is not exactly rare. Many fathers are workaholics today. In those days, it was more about survival, always trying to stay ahead of the next disaster. He doesn’t remember how much quality time means to a child. I love how Phillip gently reminds Shane of what his priorities should be when he remarks, “I don’t mind this tent.” Shane is so focused on making more money, on providing for his son; but then realizes how much more content Phillip would be just with more of him around. It was so sweet that Shane made it to the carnival just in time to see his son win the 3-legged race. He even showed the enthusiasm he should by whistling for him. Then they go get the candy apples Phillip wanted so much.

I really like that the relationship didn’t get fixed with that one instance. And Elizabeth is a heroine in bringing them together even more. Men back then weren’t exactly famous for being emotional, which is why Jack is such a gem! And Shane’s personality is very no-nonsense to boot. Then losing his wife in childbirth on top of that emotional block is a recipe for cuddle disaster! The worst part is Shane didn’t even realize he was shutting Phillip out, pushing him away. Of course, staying out of their business is out of the question for Elizabeth. She gives it straight to Shane that he needs to hug his boy, and often. I find it very moving that she tells him details about Phillip that he should be telling her: his favorite book, how he drinks all his milk before his sandwich, and that he pronounces it “sangwich”.

The result? Did you see the smile on Shane’s face when he hugged Phillip inside the school? Not only did he look happy, he looked relieved; as if he was exhausted from holding back all that affection. He even comes to the point when he jokes with his son, even confides in him; as demonstrated when Phillip blurts out that his father kissed Nurse Faith. Now that’s what a father/son pair should look like!

Have a wonderful weekend, Hearties! Do something nice for your husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend…whoever might be a father figure in your life. And all of you very secure men brave enough to read a blog about what’s considered a girly series, Happy Father’s Day!

Okay, I absolutely adored this movie! First of all, it was a stroke of genius on Hallmark’s part to have Kavan and Pascale host #JuneWeddings because of their ever-increasing popularity; not to mention their chemistry and ease together on the screen. Then they used that same chemistry to produce a complete  romantic hit. I commented on the main fan page that Kavan and Pascale were “dynamite”. I got over 500 reactions and comments! Apparently many of you agreed with me! And so many of your comments mentioned how natural they are together. In a tweet, Kavan all but admitted that there was a lot of adlibbing. But even the scripted lines don’t sound the least bit rehearsed. I can’t think of any negative criticism to say about this film, except MAYBE some wardrobe choices I didn’t care for. So let’s talk about the things I (and you, I bet!) loved about it.

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!” (Sound of Music, if you’re giving me a deer-in-headlights look.) It grabbed me from the start! My mom called it! We watched it together, and she immediately blurted, “I thought she took that to the pawn shop!” I hadn’t even recognized the gown as the one from her first wedding! I did once I took a closer look, thought a moment, then responded, “It’s a flashback!” And speaking about that flashback, what a loser! How could Steven POSSIBLY think it was a good idea to let Molly found out he was a coward when she was literally walking down the aisle? My mom commented, “That’s when you consider murder!” Only joking, of course! Although I will say, we usually see the man left at the altar; it was an interesting twist to see the other perspective.

So let’s move to the knight in shining armor: Nick.  Could that proposal have been any more romantic…outside of the 1900’s, of course! 😉 In fact, he did the modern version of Jack’s candle spread, don’t you think? What a sly dog, going as far as pretending he didn’t even remember the significance of where they were! And how adorable was that smile and nod when Molly asked if it was really happening! But my FAVORITE part was when they both say “I love you” at the end of that scene. This is going to sound silly, and it’s my own personal thing; but I personally don’t like when people say “I love you too.” To me, it sounds like an afterthought, or a I-said-it-because-you-said-it phrase. So the fact that nobody said “too” made it totally ideal for me. Then they sealed it with a kiss!

About those kisses: WHOA! They were amazing! I admit that in the past, I’ve wondered about Kavan’s technique. His head stays still, and just his lips move forward; makes my neck hurt! Now I’m told, and I can’t verify this, but I’m told that a certain kind of kissing is in his and Pascale’s contracts. Since their both married, they don’t want to do any total make out scenes. If this is true, I TOTALLY respect that! That would also explain why Lee and Rosemary are always kissing each other on the cheek. My mom, once again, spit it out frankly: “I bet somebody said something!” 🙂 My friend Sarah and I joked that their SPOUSES said they weren’t convincing enough. And their families seem to hang out together a lot, so maybe they all decided it would be okay. But whatever the case was, their kisses made my heart smile, and my composure melt! Nothing stilted about them!

Easter egg time! There were SO MANY from WCTH and other movies alike! We’ll do non-WCTH first. First one that’s the most obvious is names. Kavan was in another #JuneWeddings movie with Danica McKellar. The title was Wedding Bells, and their names were Molly and Nick! He played a chef in that one. Most of you know how good of a chef Kavan is in real life, so it made me smile when he was cooking in this movie too. Then seeing him dance himself in a circle was the icing on the cake! And speaking of cake, that’s the other one! If you’ve been watching #JuneWeddings this year, you’ve seen Marrying Mr. Darcy. If you were listening closely, you heard that red velvet and white chocolate  were the two favorite flavors at the cake tasting. Guess what the two favorites were here? You guessed it! Somebody must really like those cakes!

Now for the fun stuff Hearties recognized! First of all, the marching band. What did Rosemary want for her big New Year’s Eve celebration? Indeed, yes! And did you notice that the characters did a complete flip flop when it came to a wedding that was “fine”? Molly was calm and cool trying not to be a bridezilla, and Nick was getting tense not wanting to settle. Bet they giggled a ton at that switch! Did you hear their middle names? Elizabeth and Theodore! I cracked up so hard! In case you need a reminder, Theodore was the Mountie Elizabeth wrote about in her story. Then in their farewell after the movie, Pascale and Kavan laughed about how they can’t escape WCTH when they realized they were filming on Coulter Crescent. 🙂

The most subtle one, and probably not even done on purpose, was the fact that the friend Brendan was IN PLAID! 😀 Can I just add that I think that actor needs to have a starring role in his own movie. He’s been in EVERYTHING, but only as a supporting character. He’s paid his dues: give him the lead!

While I’m on Brendan, I’ll just mention my favorite scene with him in it. Actually, it’s one of my favorite lines from the movie. I smiled really big with the silver lining deal, how Nick totally interrupts himself when Elizabeth grabs the card. Just one more example of how talented and natural he is!

Okay, back to Nick and Molly! I can’t say ENOUGH how much I love their maturity and lack of drama! They communicate well: for instance Nick doesn’t just find out about Steven, she tells him…after looks from her sister. 🙂 The wedding doesn’t get called off, he doesn’t shout that it’s off, she doesn’t give back the ring, and they don’t stop speaking. There’s no petty drama, not even when he hears her admit she’s scared he’ll cancel. He just reassures her that he’d NEVER do that! That’s a valid fear for someone in her situation. I was so glad that they kept the wedding! Everything was pretty much done anyway, and they both still wanted to get married, (which I loved!) I actually really like that they didn’t get the band. So many times, the man gives up most of his wants, so I liked seeing him get what he wanted; and he got to involve his brother. Then they wrap up all that compromise perfectly by mentioning all her class lessons with the rings, and dancing to the same song from #1.  Can you say precious?!

Well, I could go on all night, but I better quit now and post, or none of you will get to read it! 😉 Good night, lovelies…even if you’re a man! 😀

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday to you! So I guess you’re wondering who could possibly be our spotlight for today. As you know, I’m interviewing brides in honor of #JuneWeddings. I thought it might be fun to meet brides who are all in different stages of their marriages. If you remember, last week we met Lizzy, a fresh newlywed of 8 months married to her high school sweetheart. Today we’re going to meet someone who is a little more veteran, but still has a lot to learn…

It’s ME! This is my wedding portrait with my wonderful husband, taken by my very talented sister-in-law. Shelly, if you’re reading this, my compliment check is in the mail, right? 😉

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, or since the beginning, or you’ve looked at the FAQ’s, etc., you know a few things about my family. You know this blog was my husband’s idea, and we run it together. You know Will is NOT a fan of WCTH, but he accepts it because it makes me happy. You also know we’ve been married for 10 years, and we now have 4 beautiful children.

What you might not know is next week is our anniversary! We’ll hit that 10-year mark next Wednesday! So since we’re celebrating weddings, and mine was in June, I  thought I’d share a little of our story. If you want to know my answers to the spotlight questions, just look at the FAQ’s and my first post. 🙂 And if I left something out that you’re DYING to know, please don’t hesitate to ask. I welcome questions.

Will and I have a story, (I’m a little embarrassed to say,) that could belong in a romance novel; which is ironic because outside of the theatre and the screen, I don’t care much for relationship drama. I actually considered writing my favorite romantic author to see if it interested her. Then I slapped myself, and my brain cleared. 🙂

We met the summer of 2006 at church, a singles’ congregation, to be exact. 😀 I had just returned home after graduating college, and he had just finished his 2-year missionary service in Latvia. We met by the water fountain. I bet you’re thinking, “And?” Well, Will’s mom always told him that all (most of) the Biblical prophets met their wives at the well, so always hang out at “the well”, she told him.

There was a slight complication, however. I was head-over-heels for another guy who was one year into HIS 2-year missionary service, and I was determined to marry him when he got home a year later.

Our first date was very… unconventional. I was setting up a group activity with Will when a mutual friend of ours walked right up, and said, “Why don’t you guys just make it a date?” Awkward! But Will eagerly agreed, so what could I do? We went out for lunch, then played most of the day at the city park. Then we finished the day with “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” at the park’s outdoor theater.

To make a long story short, (and to spare you some drama,) I’ll give you the nutshell version. We went out a few more times, then I told him about the other guy. He wasn’t phased. His way of thinking was, “I’ve got a year to change her mind.” He even told me once that when the other guy got home, I’d like him better. Yes, he was right, but it perturbed me to no end at the time.

At one point, I told Will I wasn’t comfortable stringing him along when I had no intention of marrying him, so I asked him to keep his distance. He was pretty heartbroken, and he stayed away for a while. Then he made himself an invaluable friend. He would stop by my studio to help me set up for my classes, he’d help me run errands, even brought me orange juice and strawberries when I was sick.

When “the other guy” came home, he dumped me almost immediately; he wouldn’t even give us a chance. I was crushed, and who was there to soak up all the tears with his shoulder? Will! I warned him that I needed time because I wasn’t going to date him on a rebound. He agreed, but still stayed close enough to always be available. One day I was mulling things over in my head while setting up my studio. It was as though a 2×4 hit me in the head. DUH! Who had been there for an entire year, never giving up on me, and being my best friend? None other!

When I told Will I was ready to give our relationship a real chance, I’d never seen him smile bigger! And he kissed me as soon as we were alone. We dated for 6 months (as an official couple), then he asked me to marry him at the ideal time for me: Christmastime! He even did it when I took him out to dinner for his birthday so I wouldn’t suspect anything, the sly dog. We were married 6 months later in… JUNE! 🙂 And the rest is history.

Life hasn’t always been easy, and neither of us has stars in our eyes ALL the time, but we love each other, and we’re committed to giving our kids and one another the best life possible.

Have a lovely night, Hearties! May you find joy in the big events as well as in the small moments. See you Wednesday when we talk about….PERFECT BRIDE!

Hello, hello all of you wonderful people! (I was going to say “ladies”, but I have seen a man or two on here before. 🙂 Well, it’s the end of another week; I hope everyone survived. Are you enjoying #JuneWeddings so far? I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that we’re all pretty ecstatic for “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells” to air on Saturday? I know I’m greatly anticipating watching Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith in action together again; and I’m very curious to see their characters as an established couple, not just a budding one. Exciting times!

And speaking of which, that brings me to my Fatherly Moment for the week! Can any of you guess, given my previous words, and the premiere this weekend? If you guessed Lee and Cody, you’re correct! Those have got to be some of the most endearing moments in Season 5…that don’t involve Jack and Elizabeth, of course. But moments involving children are in a class by themselves, aren’t they?

I think one of the best parts about their interactions is Lee is funny and playful with Cody without being patronizing. Let’s face it, he really could have been when Cody was mimicking his every grunt and gesture. Instead, he teaches Cody all about ledgers, and how to sign checks. And he does it on his level, with “a little levity”, as Abigail would say. He explains credits and debits, and in his hilarious way: “Credit, money in; debit, money out. Money in: good, money out: bad”. He’s also secure enough to admit: “Yeah, you’re right, it’s pretty boring.”

I think Lee recognizes how much Cody misses Jack, and the times they spent together. And Abigail and Elizabeth come right out and say how much Cody needs a man in his life to spend some time with him. He sure does that, all right! He invites Cody to eat lunch with him, and probably pays for it too! He even uses the VERY grownup phrase, “Let’s do lunch!”, right? 😉  But I think everyone’s favorite is when Lee shows up at their door to play catch with Cody. He handles it so well too. Instead of acknowledging out loud that he’s making a kid’s day, he makes Cody feel like he needs his help for the sawmill’s baseball game. What a guy!

I believe this is good for Lee too. You can see how flattered he is by the attention when he drops Cody off at school, (in plaid pants!). His smile is so big as he says, “Oh that’s nice,” and puts his arm around the boy. But I think it’s more than that. There’s a hole in his life, even if he didn’t realize it. And Lee’s had a soft spot for Cody for a while. After all, he brought him that autographed baseball after his honeymoon, (not a time when a man in thinking about some random kid from town!), and he gave Cody his late brother’s copy of “Tom Sawyer”. I think we can all agree that that was Lee’s best dramatic character moment as he emotionally recalled the similarities between Cody and Patrick, and it brought out those fatherly feelings. He’ll make a great father one day.

I promised you a surprise, didn’t I? Well, in honor of this fatherly moment, I’ll share a fatherly moment of my husband’s. His littlest son, Jack, turned 2 months on Sunday. I was going to do a special post then, but it seemed appropriate to share now. He’s such a great daddy, especially letting his son be dressed like this when he doesn’t really like the show. But, if he had to choose, his favorite character is…Lee. Fitting, isn’t it? 😀 Happy Friday, all! Enjoy Perfect Bride 2!