Happy Good Friday, Hearties! Who has big plans for Easter besides tuning in to another episode without Jack? I know it’ll be hard to watch more episodes without our hero in red serge, but I have faith that Jack will come back before the end of the season. No, I don’t know that for sure, but it’s a feeling. There wasn’t the desperation of him going off to war; he’ll merely be an instructor. And we have to remember, (but I’ll say it once more,) that it’s very possible Dan missed an episode or 2 so he could go back to Australia to mourn and bury his grandfather. He said himself on Home and Family that he made it through the vows/wedding with a few tears shed, then he took the time to grieve properly. There’s no better way to “grieve properly” than to go back home. So we’ll see what happens.   

So let’s get to today’s #FlashbackFriday. I’ll give you a hint as to what the topic is.  Look what my sister-in-law made for dinner when we were invited to Sunday dinner 6 days ago.

Any guesses as to what it is? That dish is none other than Shepherd’s Pie. When I was spooning a helping onto my plate, I quipped, “Your mother put lard in my shepherd’s pie.” I was met with blank stares, even from MY mother! That’s when I decided to mention this scenario somewhere where it would be more appreciated.  So let’s talk about Charlotte’s and Elizabeth’s specialty, my fellow fans! To start off, here’s a reminder of their meeting:

Photo Credit: Crown Media
Edit: Mary Schmidt

What a pistol! Rosemary was definitely correct when she commented that God “broke the mold” when He made that woman! (Fun trivia side note: in that scene with ROSEMARY, Elizabeth has gold roses etched into her lace collar. Go watch!)  That’s when we found out where Jack’s fire came from. But poor Jack, indeed! That fire came back to bite him in the nose when Ma and lady friend had him surrounded. And he sure needed lard to go with his foot every time he stuck it in his mouth!

Now for the food. I remember watching the sneak peek in the middle of the week, and being certain that Charlotte was sabotaging Elizabeth. There was NO WAY that Elizabeth didn’t know Jack liked pepper after all this time of cooking for and eating with him. Then when I saw the episode, I wondered if she was so oblivious, that she just cooked with pepper (and a lot of it!) all the time, and assumed both her boys liked it. Then of course, there’s the secret ingredient that “makes it stick to the shepherd’s ribs.” LARD instead of love! By the way Jack described dinner as “filling”, (aka “gross!”), was it the lard, the pepper, or both? And Elizabeth’s face when Charlotte dumped that huge wad of lard into the pan! It’s the same smile she used when dealing with Rosemary in the beginning, so you know she was struggling to bite her tongue. You also know all’s well in the end when Charlotte actually ASKS Elizabeth for her shepherd’s pie recipe.

I hope all’s well with YOU this weekend! Have a very happy Easter! And in case you don’t remember, there’s a very big possibility I will have my baby on Monday; so if I don’t post, you’ll know why. If it happens, I promise pictures, and the not-too-gruesome details.


Gooooooood moooooooorning, Heeeeeeaaaartiiiiiiiies! I know it’s not morning anymore by the time I post this, or when you read it. But who can resist such a jovial introduction?! I was s recently watching another series, (PLEASE forgive me!) and one of the characters said this: “Writing’s like putting a message in a bottle, and tossing it out into the ocean. You don’t know where it’s gonna end up. But when somebody picks it up, and it has meaning for them, there’s nothing like that feeling. It’s very powerful! I didn’t know how powerful.” I have to tell you, I really didn’t know how powerful writing could be when I was doing the writing. I thought that was for other people. But all of you, coming back here day after day, week after week, thinking what I have to say is important enough to read; I’m overwhelmed. So many of you have left encouraging and touching comments, saying how the posts have made your day or touched your heart. I just wanted you to know the impact it’s had on me, and I’m grateful!

We’re going to do something different with today’s #WonderWednesday, actually a few different things. We’ll spice things up. I know I say that a lot; just trying to keep my readers interested! 😉 So first of all, here are those long-awaited (yeah, right!) answers to the Season 3-4 “Whose Line is it Anyway”; the final edition…for now at least.


  1. Rosemary and/or Jack. Bonus is Rosemary’s column “Ask Mary Rose”
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Jack, Elizabeth
  4. Clem Besser, Jack
  5. Jack, Elizabeth
  6. Elizabeth, Jack
  7. Rosemary, Mr. Pope
  8. Rosemary, Lee
  9. AJ Foster, Bill
  10. Jack, Lee
  11. AJ, Bill
  12. Cody, Cyrus
  13. AJ, Bill
  14. Elizabeth, Jack
  15. Robert, Jack

Did you do better or worse this time? I know there was a lot of Jack and Elizabeth, but their lines were really good this time around; I couldn’t pass them up.

The second different thing I want to try is telling you about a special event: the South Texas Hearties Tea. I was privileged to get to spend a few hours with some very sweet ladies. The best part was how varied we were in backgrounds, current life situations, and ages; yet we were all drawn together by this wonderful program. I had never met any of them before; yet I was greeted with smiles and hugs. We chatted comfortably, getting to know each other, and ate at a beautifully set table. The admin of the group made us heart magnets, and another member had assembled small care packages of cookies and teas. I told her I would make good use of the herbal tea she had given. We each brought a teacup that had a story behind it, so we shared the different histories. They even let me read one of my stories out loud at the end of our visit. It was truly a rewarding experience, and I was so happy I was able to attend such a delightful event before my baby came.

The other thing I thought would be fun today is cover Kavan’s interview on Home and Family. I’ve included interviews before in other posts, but never really made them the focus. And this is a funny one to use as a first. Mark and Debbie, (and Kavan!) sure did use a lot of adjectives for Lee, and Kavan himself: handsome, dapper, talented, funny, “the town dandy”, splash of color. Between the character and his own personality, he deserved every one of them. I’ve noticed this before, of course, because I’m an actor as well. But it really struck me how different Kavan is from Lee. He really does create a new personality for the character; one more testament to his talent! And on a side note, they played a game where the teams are given clues, and have to name the proper super models. I thought he was dead meat, but he utterly shocked me, and held his own! I never dreamed Kavan Smith would be so knowledgeable about the wide world of fashion!

I loved his commentary on the clip and the show. He’s so funny! “Slamming the pants!”, “She’s been wearing the pants since day one!”, being forced into colorful clothing, and all that talk about being in competition with Pascale and the laughter! And if you missed it, Kavan talked about how he has a Twitter account, but the Twitter page of “Lee Coulter’s Plaid Pants” has more followers than HE does. He called it “an ego smack!” I don’t blame him; that really is a little sad!

I also really enjoyed him breaking down the work he does as “pretend to do stuff”. He didn’t think he’d be a professional chef (if he weren’t an actor,) because “the job is too hard. I’m an actor for a reason.” Those of us who have followed him outside of WCTH know that he played a chef in Hallmark’s Wedding Bells. (Maybe I’ll do that movie next Wednesday.) So I, for one, found that whole conversation hysterical!

 Did you know he could REALLY cook? I didn’t! But apparently he can! He grew up with a Thai nanny, (since he was 5,) and she exposed him to cooking. It’s even a tradition for him to cook for the cast at the end of every season. Debbie said he posts pictures of “beautiful food” that he’s made on Twitter, and he even cooked a Red-eye Gravy Ham and Grits on the show. My favorite part was when Kavan twirled the tongs. The rest of the cast was very impressed with the pistol-twirling action, that they asked him to do it again.    

Well, Hearties, it’s DEFINITELY not morning anymore. Hope you don’t mind. Did you like the change of pace? Well, come back on Friday, and see what’s in store! Good night!

Hey, Hearties! What’s shakin’? Good weekend? I have to be honest, this will probably be a short post. I had a doctor appointment today, and for a while, we thought I might have the baby today. That didn’t happen, but now there’s a possibility of having him next Monday. So if there’s no blog on Monday, you’ll know why! 😛 I also remembered that I didn’t post the answers for the Season 3-4 edition of Name That Line. So, I will have those for all of you on Wednesday.

Well, we have now witnessed an entire episode of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton! It was really sweet, wasn’t it; seeing them so comfortable, yet so in love. When he said, “Good morning, Mrs. Thornton!”, and when the children called her that, it threw me for a loop for a moment each time; I’m so used to “Miss Thatcher”. But of course I loved it! I also loved the recreation of the first date, and the petals on the stairs; if only they could have lasted longer! A little trivia on the stairs: that scene was filmed on Halloween, so there was a picture of a crew member in a Spider-Man costume laying out the petals! And can we talk about how PERFECT the character of Jack is??? “I know you’re there, Elizabeth. I know your perfume.” What man DOES that? The writers just keep making that Mountie look better and better! A woman HAD to have written that line!

And poor Rosemary! Jealous of the fresh and new romance between the newlyweds, trying to be gracious about it, attempting to rekindle the sparks with Lee, and getting ignorantly rejected. I’ll bet several, if not all, of us married and/or attached women have felt like that a time or two. Who, us??? 😉 And even though he was a little slow at first, I was proud of Lee, not only for recognizing the problem, but for taking action! Of course we know that Lee is not the kind of person to sit still! And Rosemary can drive now! She learned!

Did you notice the theme of notes in the episode? Jack and Elizabeth writing notes to each other, Rosemary writing a note to Lee, Lee hiding the tickets in that ruined note, and Laura and Bill solving the case of the mysterious love note to Florence. Who would have thought crusty, grumpy Florence would be loved for her laugh? That was a fabulous reminder for her, and us, to have a positive outlook on life; to look for the silver linings instead of the gray clouds. I think it also emphasizes the power of the written word: a lost art in today’s world. And Bill and Laura working together was so cute.

I was appreciative of the way Frank was handled. We’re all sad to see him go, obviously! But the executives, writers, etc. all recognized that the pastor was a big enough, (and well-loved,) character not to let him slip into the black hole unsung and unrecognized.

I know we were all a little (or a LOT!) surprised that Jack is leaving…AGAIN! Let’s not panic too much…at least not yet. Remember they could have given him some time to travel to Australia for mourning and burying his beloved grandfather. Do I know that’s the reason? No, I don’t. But it is very plausible, and I have every reason to believe he’ll be back on that horizon. And this is a very realistic storyline; Mounties get assignments, and have to go away. So even if Dan is wanting to spread his wings a little as an actor, this will allow him to do both. And maybe they’ll show a little of them honeymooning. 😉

Have a good night, everybody. Just remember what Brian Bird tells us: EGBOK! (Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.)


Hey, all! Long time, no see! 😉 For #FlashbackFriday today, I wanted to do something special. Let’s think back to this last episode. I’m sure that while watching the reception, it didn’t escape your notice that the father/daughter dance was…well, a little snappy, short-lived. It was the one thing I didn’t like about the episode. I understand WHY they did it – time constraints – it was just a little disappointing. I would have liked to see her dance with both men a little longer. That being said, and this might make me sound contradictory, I like the WAY they did it. Why, you ask? Because Jack used what I call his “signature line”, and he hasn’t said it in a VERY LONG TIME! As a matter of fact, it has not been uttered since the middle of Season 3. What is that line? It’s “May I?” He’s so polite, isn’t he? So here are the 8 times Jack uses his manners so adorably with these 2 simple words.
-Season 1 Episode 2: Cease & Desist. The first time Jack ever says it to Elizabeth. She is struggling to bring in the wooden boxes of books her father sent her.
-Season 1 Episode 8: Perils of the Soloist. Jack offers to help Elizabeth sew costumes for Founder’s Day
-Season 1 Episode 9: Change of Heart. This episode has 2 instances if you’re okay with fudging the rules a bit. They’re also the 2 most romantic instances! Jack asks “Your hand, may I have it?” when asking Elizabeth to dinner. It’s more than the two words, but the sentiment is the same. But we’re back to the pure form when Jack asks permission to pin the corsage on Elizabeth’s shoulder.
-Season 1 Episode 12: Prelude to a Kiss. This is when Jack is trying to change the subject and lighten the mood. He asks if he can turn her “squid” into a comet.
-Season 2 Episode 10: With All My Heart. This is my favorite happening of the signature phrase. I bet it’s yours too. Jack asks Elizabeth’s permission to examine her knee!
-Season 3 Episode 5: A Gentle Heart. Jack asks Elizabeth to dance after she’s “stood up” by Cody at the Kindness Week dance.
-Season 3 Episode 6: Forever in My Heart. This one isn’t to Elizabeth, but it’s full of compassion and friendliness. It’s to Edith, asking to see Roy’s picture in her locket.
-Season 5 Episode 6: My Heart is Yours. The one we just witnessed, when Jack requests the opportunity to dance with…his wife!

Well, that’s it. I hope the writers continue using this phrase. I find it simple, but poignant. And as I said, for a while, it was Jack’s signature line. I’m excited to see what will happen this next episode. I’ve watched some sneak peeks, and the episode looks very promising! It’s also good to see them not back down on storyline simply because Jack and Elizabeth are married now. I foresee lots of good drama in the future! See you Monday, when I’ll review that very episode!


Happy Thursday, Hearties! Thanks for your patience yesterday! Time for The Wedding Part 2! Here’s where we get more of the show, as well as some behind-the-scenes trivia.

First thing I want to say is how glad I am that they addressed the black holes; especially Jack’s mother, and what happened between Tom and Julie. Obviously, Brooke Shields didn’t want to, or couldn’t, come back. They could have ignored her absence, but they didn’t. I think they knew “Where was Charlotte?” would be splashed all over social media. We Hearties are a force of nature, after all! 🙂

Tom and Julie were well handled too. I confess, I don’t know why Julie bothered going home, or why she arrived separately from their father, but I’m glad she was there. I’m glad Tom was there too. Jack has such a little family, we had to have SOMEONE from his side there! It was apparent that the former lovebirds hadn’t seen each other since Season 2, and that they’d both done a little growing up. I couldn’t get over Tom being in a suit! And how did he get that AMAZING job with the tire company? I had to laugh when Jack said he’d buy him a drink; then after one look at his wheels, decided Tom could buy him one! I was also very intrigued when Julie brought up her art show, and asked him to come. He all but agreed, albeit a little awkwardly. Is there a future for them after all? Are we being teased? Did Papa Heartie put the writers up to his old pot-stirring tricks? Who knows?! And WHY would Tom bring a date to the wedding when he’s been on the road? Even traveling from Hamilton seems like quite a long distance to bring someone who’s just a date. Silly Julie!

One more thing about Tom. I’ve heard several people speculate why there was no conversation/confrontation with him and Mr. Thatcher. I thought about that too, and then I noticed they carried that wood in together. Since this episode (sadly!) was only an hour long, I’m thinking that was a quick way to show a conversation happened previously, and them carrying wood together was a symbol that they were at least at peace with each other.

Which brings me to Daddy! My first thought was how gracious he was trying to be with his… less than affluent surroundings. But he WAS gracious! I just recently watched part of Season 2 with a friend, and the difference in attitude is overwhelming! I love how surprised he was with volunteers fixing the church, and then he jumped right in! He’s probably not the sort of man who’s used to manual labor. And then there’s Elizabeth’s home. I lost my father about 7 years ago, so that was an especially touching scene. He does survey her dwellings with a bit of a critical eye, but then follows up with, “You’re marrying a good man.” I can’t imagine how much that must have meant to her. But the best part about that scene: “I may be grown, but I will ALWAYS be your little girl!” Usually, grown children say the exact opposite: “I’m not a child anymore!” How refreshing to hear a bride reassure her father instead of expecting vice versa.   

Ordinarily, this would be the part where we would talk about the bride and groom; nope! Not happening! I’m saving them for last! We’re going to Bill. I think the funniest thing about his “predicament” is he looks more panicked about the rings not being at the ceremony than he does about being shot at by outlaws. He handles both situations with his savviness. He’s so smart, isn’t he? And at the same time that he’s upholding the law, he’s teaching that very green Mountie a thing or two about strategy. And that poor Mountie! It’s obvious he’s practically brand new, and yet he’s trying to act tough. This will be an adventure the character, and the actor, will always remember! Jack Wagner said on Home and Family that that one scene of having the windows shot out was a 15-hour day! When the guest host, Allie (spelling?), asked if he liked it, he instantly replied, “A guy with a gun and a horse…a dream come true for an actor!” Guess the long day was worth it!

Two more things I loved about Bill’s involvement. He tries so hard to be tough and gritty, but we all know he’s one big softy! How kind, and very thoughtful, of him to take care of the Mountie business for Jack. What’s also interesting is I almost expected Jack to get upset when he found out Bill did the assignment for him; he’s usually very protective of his work. That shows just how dedicated Jack is to this wedding, and how desperately he wants to marry Elizabeth. I also adored how Bill showed up smelling like the root cellar. Kavan and Daniel had fantastic reactions; especially Daniel because he had no lines. It was all non-verbal. That’s some of the best acting a performer can display.

Okay, okay! We can talk about the happy couple now! Where do we start?! Let’s start with the line that made all Heartie hearts go pitter-pat: “I wanted to kiss Miss Elizabeth Thatcher before she became Mrs. Jack Thornton.” The man can even make a name sound romantic! Compare that serenity to the complete trepidation on his face at the thought of only 14 hours until Elizabeth becomes his wife. He went from “not really” nervous, to “maybe a few” nerves, to “shaking in my boots” in a matter of seconds. Poor man!

But let’s talk about the crowning event: that beautiful wedding! The decorations alone were so elegant, that they would cover the fire damage.  And then, there’s that sweet blue pillow. I thought it was charming to make the ring pillow the “something blue”; not to mention Julie was in blue too. But, of course, Elizabeth’s exquisite dress stole the show! Hallmark Channel is actually giving away the dress in a sweepstakes. Wouldn’t that be some prize?!

Did you just want to faint at the sight of him seeing her? Daniel Lissing said on Home and Family that he purposefully didn’t look at Erin before the cameras rolled so he could have a more genuine reaction. Well, it worked! It was perfect! Once again, his eyes work magic! And their words! I’m sure you know by now that Daniel and Erin wrote the vows for their characters. They were flawless! What you may not know is that 10 minutes before the cameras rolled on the vows, Daniel got the call from his mother that his grandfather had passed away. And he still went on with the scene! But the emotion was so raw and genuine. Put that together with those beautiful words they wrote, and it was magical! “From chalk dust to eternity…I’m yours!”

Did you notice how Jack tightened his grip on Elizabeth’s hands when Frank pronounced them man and wife? He just got so excited! And that kiss! Ooooooh, that kiss!!! Filled with all the passion of a newly married man who’s been eager to marry his love, and his wedding ring plainly visible! And their foreheads briefly touched after they kissed too; one of their signature moves! It was pretty close to perfection!

Try not to swoon too much, everyone, there’s still more story to see. Much love, and I’ll see you tomorrow!