It’s Hump Day, Hearties! And you know what that means! We’re halfway through the week, which brings us THAT MUCH closer to the episode, (one of them anyway,) we’ve all been waiting for! #JackisBack! Who’s excited??? No one reading this, I’m certain.

For today’s #WonderWednesday, I’ve got a bit of a treat, at least it is to me. It’s an oldie (2014), but a goodie! On Monday night, something came on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and it delighted me! Anyone want to guess. “Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?” Okay, I’ll tell you. It was Garage Sale Mystery: All that Glitters. Why, you ask? Well, if you haven’t seen it, there is a WHOLE SLEW of WCTH actors in it! And because of the Season 5 premiere, we have yet another actor from this particular GSM movie who’s been in WCTH. I’ll list everyone with both roles so you can get the feel of how many we’re talking about here. I don’t think I’ve seen another movie that had so many of them at once.

1. Lori Loughlin (Abigail Stanton, Jennifer Shannon)
2. Steve Bacic (Mr. Spurlock, Jason Shannon)
3. Kavan Smith (Lee Coulter, Alan Bernard/Derrick Brooks–BAD GUY!)
4. Karin Konoval (Aunt Agatha, Louise)
5. Jennifer Copping (Beau’s Mother, Maryanne)
6. Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan, Sally Lynwood)
7. Marcus Rosner (Charles, Tim)
8. Kevin O’Grady (Archie Reed, Det. Frank Lynwood) – the newest addition!

The funniest part where I laughed the hardest was the Shannon’s dinner party. Jen’s best friend and business partner, Danielle (Sarah Strange), is on a date with Alan. To make things more comfortable, (except that Alan and Dani are the only ones not married…Awkward?) they all have dinner outside on the Shannon’s patio, and invite the Lynwoods as well. So every single actor sitting at that table, except one, has been a part of WCTH. (Hint to WCTH Casting: hire Sarah Strange for a guest appearance.) That was making me giggle hard enough. Then, Jennifer’s son, Logan, shows up covered in dirt and mud. The first thing out of Alan’s (Kavan’s) mouth: “I didn’t know your son was a coal miner!!!” By that time, I was holding my stomach so hard, trying to keep it from popping out of me!

There’s only one thing that would have made it funnier: in later GSM movies, Eva Bourne and Connor Stanhope, (Clara and Beau in WCTH), play the Shannon kids, Hannah and Logan. Sadly, Hannah isn’t in this chapter, and Logan is played by a different actor. If they had been in here too, and in that scene, that would have made us all crazy with laughter! Connections on the Hallmark channels are just so much fun to make! To top it off, there was a WCTH commercial during the movie; I found that an amusing chunk of icing on the cake.

Now that we’ve established all the connections, I’ll actually talk about the movie. GASP! I know! What a concept! To start it off, as I said above, Kavan Smith is the villian! That is a little difficult to wrap your head around, huh? I’ve seen him play “the other man”, and not the lead love interest; that was hard enough! But the murderer?! Once again, we find out more depth to his talent, because he was fabulous! There was evil, greed, and murder in his eyes; truly frightening! But his flip side was as charming as ever!

Here’s the basic story: a man named Derrick Brooks masterminds a diamond robbery, kills his partners, hides the diamonds in a storage unit, fakes his death, and goes to Costa Rica. He comes back with a different name to find his unit auctioned off, (to Jen and Dani,) and tracks them down. Dani had given her goddaughter the teddy bear in which the diamonds are hidden, so he tracks her and her mother down. Dani and Jen stop him from hurting anyone right before Frank gets there.

What’s interesting is the interchange right before Frank gets there. First of all, poor Danielle! She’d just found someone handsome and charming, and he turns out to be a murder! Ugh! There’s a struggle for his gun, and Dani ends up with it…pointing it straight at Derrick/Alan. For one thing, Dani says, “Give me a reason!” I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard that in Hallmark’s movies and TV series, including WCTH when Bill points Inspector Houston’s weapon straight at HIM. Hallmark writers must really, really like that line!

Anyway, Derrick looks at her very smugly, keeps picking up the diamonds, and brags that there’s no way Dani would shoot him; so he’s going to walk right out. She shocks the daylights out of him by firing at the chandelier right above him, and it comes crashing down. The look on his face starts as total horror, then transitions into a face I can only describe as “I’m sunk”; and then the hands go up in defeat.

If you haven’t watched the Garage Sale Mysteries, you should give it a try. It’s a great way to enjoy some of our favorite people, (Lori’s in every one of them after all!) in a different setting.
Take care, everybody. Just keep watching the preview and sneak peek, and you’ll make it through. Until Friday! Lots of love!


It’s Monday, and you know what that means! #MondayMusings of the brand new episode! I admit it’s been a little hard keeping up with the blog the last few weeks; I’ve been a little distracted watching the Olympics, and the drama ensuing there. So now that they’re over, I imagine it will be much easier to give you blog posts worth reading.

Let’s start with the new faces: Cameron Bancroft as Mr. Weston, the lawyer. I really like him. The first movie I remember seeing him in was Hallmark’s Mail Order Bride. He was so handsome and masculine as a rancher. Let me say, he has aged incredibly well! And even though he’s traded his rancher’s jacket for a lawyer’s suit, he still manages to look pretty masculine. I wonder how many episodes he’ll be here, or if it was just a one-time guest spot. I saw someone on the official fan page say how much she loved the chemistry between him and Abigail. It’s an idea worth exploring.

While we’re on the subject, I thought it was a nice touch to make him an orphan too. My husband, bless his heart, was listening to the final conversation between Abigail and Weston, rolling his eyes. He came in shaking his head, and saying, “I don’t like it. It was one for the heartstrings, but NOT one for reality.” He went on saying how Abigail should have handed him 2 documents: 1) a bill for all property and town taxes the railroad hasn’t paid, and 2) a lawsuit for all the property damages incurred during the building of the spur lines. I just patted his back, smiled, and nodded. What can I say? The man’s a finance guy. And while I agree Abigail could have put her foot down a little more, I was so touched and teary-eyed by the end that I didn’t really care! Hubby just has a harder time with shows that tug at said heartstrings. He’s still working on those “emotional push-ups.” But he was the one who suggested I start this blog, and I wouldn’t have it without him; so I guess I’ll cut him a little slack.

So who’s the new man in town? You know who I mean? The man who was in the mercantile talking with Florence, Molly, and Ned. He said something about the railroad affecting his shop, but didn’t say what kind of shop it was. I’ve seen people post pictures of him wondering who he is, but no answers so far. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

On a bit of a lighter note, I laughed pretty darn hard this episode, mostly because of BILL! Wasn’t he a scream? I wasn’t really surprised; we’ve seen Bill be funny before. But he was ON ONE! He was such a mischievous little rascal! Of course we all know he sabotaged the car, (in the obvious way he was lurking and watching,) but the way he said “outrageous accusation” made me die! Then of course, the citation. That’s why I had to use it for the title! I loved the way he completely twisted the situation so that it “sounded like a bribe.” Probably the best part of that exchange was when Weston asked if bad things would stop happening to him if he met with the town. “I’ve been known to be a betting man, and I’d wager…yes.” He certainly followed the mayor’s orders to keep that lawyer in town, and I think he had the time of his life doing it.

Let’s close with the Rosemary and Wilma story, shall we? I totally called that the dress would have to be returned, but Dottie LIKING the pattern being given out: did NOT see that one coming! It was such a sweet chance for Rosemary to show her generous side instead of her pushy saleswoman side. Before she came up with the plan to let Wilma do it herself, I wondered why the idea of a payment plan didn’t come up. I’m fairly sure they had those back then, but I haven’t done enough research to know if they did it in retail yet. That’s something to go dig up!

One very small detail that probably doesn’t mean much, but that I loved was Wilma’s wrist. If you remember, Carson was wrapping it up at one point in the premiere; (did anyone notice he was missing entirely from the episode?) And the wrapping was still there. It makes me wonder: is that a REAL injury, and they made it part of the storyline, or were they just REALLY GOOD with consistency in her character? Hmm…something else to research.  

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be back on Wednesday, never fear; and Friday. And something tells me I’ll have PLENTY to write about next week! #JackisBack! Yahoo!!! Hooked Heartie, over and out!


Happy #FlashbackFriday, Hearties! What are the plans for this weekend? I’ll bet I can guess what most of you will be doing Sunday, and what I’ll be doing early Monday morning. This one looks exciting…and emotional, especially if you’ve seen Brian Bird’s latest post.  Ooh, he’s a pot-stirrer! “Double, double, toil, and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble!” Can you just see it?

Today’s topic came from interesting circumstances. As some of you know, my mother gave me Seasons 1, 2, and 3 for Christmas. I was very excited, and that’s how I watched my preparation to Season 5 marathon. Then I was certain my son had walked off with my Season 2 DVD’s. I had been told that there was a scene that had aired in a Season 2 episode on Hallmark that was not included on Netflix. So I was severely disappointed to have to continue my marathon on Netflix. Then 2 days ago, I found the case for the Season 2 DVD’S tucked away in the back of our movie cabinet. Don’t ask me how it got there because I swear I checked there. But I suddenly wanted to watch the 2nd half of Season 2 on the DVD’S to see if I could spot the deleted scene. The scene wasn’t there, but I got reminded (again!) of lots of fun stuff. I’ll just name a few to keep you from getting bored.

One was in the episode when Lee challenged Henry to the poker game to win the land for the railroad. (By the way, I noticed that Lee spends a lot of time with Gowen in Season 2. I wonder how HE feels about the recent charges.) When Rosemary walks into the saloon to see what’s happening, she and Lee are both wearing very deep reds. Their appearances compliment each other so well that I seriously wondered if it was done on purpose to foreshadow them becoming a couple.

Of COURSE I watched the mine! My heart still pounds every time I watch! But remember what I said just a few days ago about appreciating music? Well, I started listening; and even though the moments didn’t match up perfectly, I noticed that the music when Jack says “I love you” is the same background music as when he proposes. Isn’t that cool?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Uh, Kami, you forgot the deleted scene! You can’t make us read all that buildup, then not reveal!” You’re absolutely right! I can’t explain it perfectly because I haven’t seen it myself. But I’ve had it described to me. Apparently, Jack uses his camera to take a school picture of Elizabeth and the children. After that, he asks her if they can go for a ride after school, and she willingly accepts. So that’s where the devastating walk-in comes in. I think Jack should have stuck with the green suit; he looks better in it, and maybe he would have beat Charles to the school.

To end up, I completely forgot to post pictures from my premiere party. So here they are now! I didn’t go all out like I did with Season 4, but we had a nice time. See you Monday with #MondayMusings of the BRAND NEW EPISODE!


Important words to live by, aren’t they? They’re from today’s topic, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Hey, all! How is everyone doing? I want to start off with a fantastic announcement! Drum roll please! The Hooked Heartie Facebook page has reached…50 LIKES!!!!!


Thanks to you, we’ve hit a milestone. I just want to take this moment to say thank you to all of you who take time out of your day to support my little blog, and help it grow. So please keep it up! Keep reading, keep sharing, keep clicking the links. And if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see discussed here, PLEASE tell me! I’d love to hear what you want to hear; wink, wink.

I thought a good topic for today’s #WonderWednesday would be a Hallmark Valentine’s movie. Seeing as how it’s the month of love, that month is wrapping up, and I haven’t reviewed a single one…it’s about time, huh? This is the movie I wanted to review ON Valentine’s Day, but couldn’t. So I’m doing it now

The movie is Cooking with Love. Did you see that one? I found it positively charming. And QUIZ TIME! Who can name the WCTH actors before you read them? Without the ability to trade and grade, or to have Mrs. Clements check your work, I’m counting on all of you to use the honor system. (I know! “Oh, Kami, you’re SO hysterical!” I can hear some of you now!)

The answers are:

1) Christian Michael Cooper. He plays Cody here (a “Little Gourmet ” contestant), and Timmy on WCTH. Interesting tidbit: on IMDB it said he was “a very social, attention-drawing child from the moment he was born”. I find it funny that in everything I’ve seen him in, his characters are shy and withdrawn. On the other hand, take it from someone who’s done it before: it takes a lot of sociability to PLAY a timid person.

2) Preston Vanderslice. You remember, that absolutely adorable Mountie who brought Elizabeth news of Jack in Season 4. Here, he plays Jeremy, the devious snake trying to take away Kelly’s well-deserved position as head of the “Little Gourmet” show. Kind of sad, isn’t it? He made such an endearing good guy, but the other roles I’ve seen him in have been jerks. I hope they cast him as a good guy again soon!

3) Ali Leibert. I admit, including her was iffy. We haven’t technically seen her on WCTH. But thanks to promos and previews, we know she is playing Sophia Connally (spelling?), Rosemary’s “dear friend” who seems to take quite a shine to Dr. Shepherd in future Season 5 episodes. Here she plays Kelly, the producer of “Little Gourmet”, and obviously, the love interest! Fun thing about her: in everything I had seen her previously on Hallmark, she always played the supporting role; i.e. best friend, sister, etc. But at Christmas and now Valentine’s, it appears she finally paid her dues enough to get a lead role. I was happy for her! And that dress she wore on the Valentine date…oops, I mean “work thing”. It was so FLATTERING! Long-sleeved, flowing skirt, not too tight so it looked painted on, and the perfect hue of red. She was, in a word, STUNNING! Too bad Brett Dalton was stuck in the chef’s coat, because they would have KILLED with him in a suit!

Who got them right? Don’t worry, I trust you. Now onto the burning question, what did you think of that Chef Stephen Harris? I was surprised to see Brett Dalton. I was introduced to him for the first time when I saw him playing Ward on Agents of Shield, which has a VERY different tone than Hallmark. He was so handsome, and had a great presence. Whenever he was on screen, your eyes were just drawn to him. While I’m very familiar with the fact that ABC and Hallmark hire lots of the same actors, I never would have picked him from a line-up as someone who would star on this network.

I loved it though! His character had the best one-liners. Yes, I know they’re scripted, but Brett delivered them with great timing! When they were trying to hairspray his cowlick down, dismissing it as a “thing”, he gruffly responded, “My hair is NOT doing a thing!” When Kelly is trying to get him to smile on camera, with the reason being the audience needs to fall in love with him, Stephen sarcastically quips, “Are you falling in love with me?” Kelly, of course, shoots right back with a quick, “Nope!”

These are my favorites though: on Valentine’s Day when Stephen buys Kelly yellow roses representing friendship, she says, “Oh, so we’re friends now?” He comes back with, “I’m just as surprised as you are!” The most poignant line he said was, “ I can say goodbye to New York, but I don’t think I could say goodbye to you.”

Once again, we struck gold with the plot! There was no petty misunderstanding that separated Steve and Kelly after they had come so far. And Kelly could have taken him leaving her show and going to New York that way. But her character is secure and sensible enough to not let feminine hormones take her on a preemptive roller coaster. Spared us so much angst! Then it all works out in the end!

To conclude, I’ll slip in a “note” about the music. (HA HA! See what I did there!) For those that don’t know, my greatest love after acting is music. I play the piano tolerably, and I LOVE to sing! I have a great appreciation for how music can make or break a movie. Well, I have this to say about the music for this movie: “Recipe for Making Love” was the perfect song to include in this movie! There couldn’t have been a finer choice. It fit the theme, the jazzy rhythm matched the fun-loving feel of the film, and they fit it into the film at the perfect moment.

Well, everybody, Happy Hump Day! I hope amidst all the gray clouds outside, (at least here in Texas,) a little patch of sunshine broke through. See you Friday!


Hellooooooooo, Hearties! WOW! That was something last night, wasn’t it!? I didn’t watch last night, but I woke up super early to watch it recorded, and it was fantastic! I’m having my premiere party TONIGHT, (reminder if you want to come,) so I’ll post pictures on Wednesday.

Let me start with our “pre-show” entertainment. I saw that this morning too. If you missed it, several members of the adult cast were gathered at Lori Loughlin‘s home for a party. Daniel Lissing (Jack) and Paul Greene (Carson) started a Facebook Live broadcast about 30 minutes before the premiere. They promoted Paul’s online auction: Art for ALS, answered a few fan questions, and even played and sang a couple duets together! I especially thought it was great that Dan was so involved with the broadcast, since Jack wasn’t in this episode. Erin (Elizabeth), Lori, (Abigail), Jack (Bill), and Ben (Hickam) all made appearances. By the way, the auction is happening the whole week, and there looks to be some really amazing items up for grabs. So check it out! httpss://

Photo Credit: Daniel Lissing
Left to Right: Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow

Speaking of which, I know we were all disappointed that we didn’t see our hero in red serge. I expected him to not come home in the first episode, but I was still a little sad.  But I must say, SMOOTH MOVE to whoever put together that Season 5 preview. We got lots of glimpses of our favorite serge jacket, as well as the man wearing it. We got our Jack fix! And as a bonus, we know the same actor who played Elizabeth’s father is returning. Hooray! I love it when they can pull that off!

Speaking of serge, here’s a charming piece of trivia. Remember the TV and movie series I mentioned not long ago, Signed Sealed Delivered? Well, Doctor Lou Bellmore with the miracle tonic plays an equally quirky character NAMED Serge in that show. Yet another reason to look into SSD, if you haven’t already. And I thought he added the perfect element: conflict without downright evil, and the perfect opportunity for Dr. Shepherd to solidify his credentials as a true doctor who deserves to be there.

Another actor Easter egg is for anyone who is a fan of Lori’s TV movie series Garage Sale Mystery. Kevin O’Grady played the lawyer, Archie Reed, who defended Henry Gowen. But he ALSO plays the police detective Lori’s character (Jen) always works with. How many smiles were they hiding between “Cut!”

While I’m talking about Gowen, I’m going to be the devil’s advocate, and confess that I wanted the judge to stick it to him. By no means do I want the character to be behind bars the whole season, and YES I DO believe in forgiveness and redemption. But I also believe in consequences for actions, and I just would have liked to see Henry not get off so easy. But who knows what’s coming, right? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Did anyone else notice that the character of Elizabeth took a serious backseat in this episode? The story still flowed perfectly, I just found it interesting. My thought is that things are about to be ALL about Jack and Elizabeth with the wedding, so just like after Jack left, other characters get a chance to shine.

And speaking of shining, I saved the best for last! Who else is of the opinion that Kavan Smith COMPLETELY STOLE THE SHOW?! He was FABULOUS! Every moment he was on screen seemed to be acting perfection. And you all know I’m picky about that! I really loved that he was seen with actors he doesn’t usually have scenes with, so it mixed it up. That gave great flavor to the episode, and a different kind of chemistry. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen just him and Paul Greene together before! They played off each other beautifully! And between him Kavan and the writers/director, Lee was BRILLIANT; especially since “sheriffing” isn’t his thing. I don’t know what I liked better: Lee taking the sheriff assignment as a joke, Lee saying Hickam is as much a deputy as he is a sheriff, or his interaction with Rosemary when she finds out locking those two up is all part of his master plan.

 All in all, I am one VERY happy Hooked Heartie! I can’t wait to see what next week will bring. See you Wednesday!