Well, Hearties, you’ve made it to another to another Friday; #FlashbackFriday to be exact. I have a feeling this post won’t be as much of a shock to your systems as Wednesday’s was. In case you need a refresher, and the title isn’t sparking it, we’re flashing back to Season 1 Episode 12, Prelude to a Kiss. This episode is, of course, famous for the appearance of Halley’s Comet. HA HA! It’s only THE KISS every Heartie waited AGES for with baited breath! I can only imagine what fans went through who were watching week to week. I discovered WCTH just as Season 3 was about to air; so I got to binge–watch my way through Seasons 1 & 2, and I didn’t have to suffer as much torture. What a MAGICAL moment it was! They built up to it perfectly with his talk of James Buchanan, the gorgeous portrait sketch, “You’re the only one,” and that legendary favorite: “Take a walk with me.” I would say, “This is where I belong” too!


Let me say a few words about that first kiss itself. I don’t know how it could have been better…maybe if she had cried a little. But seriously, he looked at her with the perfect amount of intensity, he leaned in at just the right speed, they both closed their eyes, (the only way to do it, I think!), and his shoulders! This is hard to explain, but the way he held his shoulders showed just enough hesitation and timidity; it made the moment all the sweeter. And they gained just enough momentum as they kissed to be passionate, but not uncomfortable. It was, in a word, lovely.


What a relieving moment for the character of Elizabeth after the whole Rosemary fiasco, to know she had Jack’s heart. It was really big of her to want to part as friends; too bad she didn’t depart at that point. Erin Krakow has this hilarious forced smile that presents itself every time she needs to deal with Rosemary. There’s never any doubt when she’s putting on a brave face.


There’s obviously so much I can say about this episode, but after talking about that enchanting first kiss, it seems a little anticlimactic. Don’t you agree? Let me just mention 2 more sections: the Halley’s Comet talk between Jack and Elizabeth, and the card from the children. The card is so touching! It shows a small part of the influence this “princess of a teacher” has had on them. I love the analogy of her bringing sunshine into their lives, since their hearts AND minds had been filled with love and knowledge. And Wyatt asking her if she was crying tears of happiness or sadness was the perfect touch.


The Halley’s Comet talk: the perfect mix of flirting, teasing, and serious talk. The Comet certainly gave good material to excuse her for sitting and waiting for him in the middle of the night. His response of, “You know how many times I’ve heard that excuse?” was the perfect tension-lifter. And it gave Jack the perfect lead-in to tell her, in part, how valuable she was to the town, and to him. Why else would he donate ALL of his reward money for a proper school where she can teach? Jack really is a hero in so many ways!

Until Monday, friends! By the way, Halley’s Comet will reappear in the near future, so refresh your memory. And don’t forget for future posts: 1) tell me your favorite clever lines, and 2) tell me if you’d like to be featured on a future #MeetYouMonday.


“Kami, what on EARTH are you thinking???” Who thought it? Who said it out loud? Who slipped more colorful words in? 😀 I know this might be quite a controversial post, but I confess, I had to go with it. I got the idea as I was re-watching the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. After years of creating characters in high school and college, I was forced to look at other perspectives, not just the hero’s/heroine’s.

The immediate instinct we have as fans of the show is to vilify Rosemary, then Charles. Jack and Elizabeth are the stars, they are meant for each other, and the other two are trespassing on very touchy territory. How dare they?! Hey, I did the EXACT same thing. But when I took a step back, I realized that if this were a real-life situation, those two would feel terribly jilted.

Think about it: Rosemary had known Jack their WHOLE lives; talk about history! And how could a boring school teacher possibly compete with a glamorous actress? Jack and Rosemary courted, fell in love, and they even became engaged. Back in the 1900’s engagements were very binding, and not as easily broken as they are in more modern times. I suspect that’s one reason Jack waited so long to propose to Elizabeth, (besides suspense and drama to keep us Hearties watching!) Here’s Rosemary’s problem: not only did SHE break things off, (letting Jack know her career was far more important than he was,) she came back, without a word, after TWO YEARS thinking things would be the exact same way. I wouldn’t have wanted Jack to end up with her AT ALL, but I would have felt more sorry for her character if she had demonstrated a fraction of humility, if she’d BEGGED Jack for forgiveness and a second chance. She just assumed WAY too much. But we’re not supposed to like her at first, so it’s all good, right?

Charles and Elizabeth had known each other their whole lives as well.  They grew up together with the same friends, same teachers, and as Jack truthfully put it, “high society, social status.” How dare this Mountie she’s only known a few months even think he has a chance? I suspect Charles was in love with Elizabeth for years. Luckily Elizabeth only thought of him as a friend; at least mostly. But as Jack says so eloquently says again, “A ‘friend’ who would ask for your hand the very second I was out of the picture.” He’s no fool! Here’s the problem with Charles: He, too, assumed too much. He figured he had time. Elizabeth’s post in Coal Valley was only temporary after all, and she would never fall for someone in a filthy coal-mining town. His other difficulty is once he saw “the complication”, he tried to rush ahead and make up for lost time.

Sorry guys, you lose! And every Heartie in the world is happier for it because we LOVE our Jack and Elizabeth! I just want to add a note about them during those turbulent moments. I’ve figured out a single word that would have saved everyone a lot of angst if they would have practiced it: understanding. Having had Billy Hamilton praise and flatter her, I would have thought Elizabeth would understand how lovely it feels having someone pay attention to you when being ragged on by your significant other. Having had Rosemary show up unexpectedly in Coal Valley, and how uncomfortable he was, I think Jack could have understood the situation with Charles a little better; especially with the kiss on the cheek. Jack got so angry when Elizabeth kissed Charles on the cheek to say goodbye in Hope Valley, but Rosemary kissed him on the cheek when she was leaving for San Francisco. Finally, having felt horribly jealous and left behind when Rosemary rode into town, I would think Elizabeth would have understood Jack’s feelings of being pushed aside where Charles was concerned. And if it was okay for her to spend so much time with Charles, why did she go into “spoiled princess mode” when Jack had a happenstance dinner with someone trying to help him keep his brother out of jail? And don’t get me started on Elizabeth thinking the worst of Tom, but insisting Julie was incapable of intentional wrongdoing. All I’m saying is a lot of grief would have been spared everyone with a little understanding. I’m just glad they got it worked out! Good advice for all of us in our real lives. Ta ta everybody!


Hello, Hearties! Welcome to a chilly #MomentMonday. I don’t know what your weather has been like, but ours has been crazy down here in Texas! We might even get snow tomorrow, then watch! It’ll be 70 on Wednesday! “If you don’t like Texas weather, wait 5 minutes.” My friend in Idaho told me the temperature is up to 55; something unheard of in January. I know; I went to school there for 5 years. Craziness, isn’t it?

Before I get into the topic of the day, I have to tell you the most hilarious thing that happened last night. My oldest daughter was getting ready for the night, and I was sitting on her bed with her. Out of nowhere, she said to me, “Mommy, say: ‘There’s a spider on your shoulder.’” I thought she was playing one of her make-believe games, so I quickly complied. She immediately flung herself at me with pretend surprise and horror. I realized she was re-enacting the rowboat scene in Season 1 when Jack removes the spider from Elizabeth’s shoulder. I laughed for 5 minutes straight! When I finally calmed down, both my girls wanted to do Rosemary’s “Fairest Katie” scene. They even got the right intonation for Rosemary’s “Hmm!” Call me Bill, because I was in stitches! (You should get that joke if you’ve recently re-watched Season 1.) One day I’ll get a video; it’s worth watching. My husband’s comment was, “You’ve corrupted our girls well.” Yes, darling, I certainly have! And I’m darn proud of it!

Okay, now I can talk about today’s moment! It comes from the wonderfully wise words of Mrs. Abigail Stanton. In Season 1 Episode 9, a shocked and brokenhearted Elizabeth finds out that a very regretful Jack has received new orders. When “venting” to Abigail, like we women all need to do in these situations, she calls herself nothing more than a “diversion” for him. Now, we ALL know OUR JACK would never do something like that! But when we’re hurt and disappointed, we form illogical opinions, especially about men. Don’t we?

Abigail’s soothing yet firm response is the solution to a problem so many Hallmark movies use as drama between the couple: “You are correct when you say he had no plans to stay or fall in love, but he DID!” And that’s it in a nutshell. More times than I can count, one of the main characters overhears an opinion their significant other had at the beginning of the movie when NEITHER OF THEM liked each other.

The best illustration of this scenario I can think of is Harvest Moon. Wrong season, I know, but it has 3 WCTH stars, and it’s the first and best example I could think of. In case you need a memory refresher:

  1. The stars are:
    • Lynda Boyd (Mrs. Thatcher in WCTH, Lou the farmhand in HM),
    • Hrothgar Mathews (Ned Yost in WCTH, Phil the farmhand in HM)
    • Lilah Fitzgerald (Jolene in WCTH, Abby in HM)
  2. Basic plot: Rich girl’s family goes bankrupt, she finds out she owns a pumpkin farm, she goes out to the country to sell it. She ends up staying for a while; the man who runs the place gives her menial and difficult tasks, hoping she’ll give up, and he’ll be able to buy the farm back for his family. That stops when he falls for her. Later her friend overhears the family cousin saying she feels bad about the tedious jobs. She tattles, rich girl’s feelings are hurt, he says it only started that way, she leaves anyway. They eventually make up, of course, because it’s Hallmark. 😀

So you see, of course he tried to get rid of her in the beginning. She trespassed onto his territory, she tried to swipe away his livelihood and his family’s legacy, and she’d never worked a day in her life. If I were him, I don’t know that I’d like her either. He doesn’t feel that way anymore once they start working together and becoming friendly. When she finds out, she immediately forgets how far they’ve come, or that SHE didn’t like him at first either.

That’s the part that bothers me, and Abigail nips it in the bud immediately. She won’t let Elizabeth think for one moment that Jack wants to leave, or that he played with her. Elizabeth has to be reminded that Jack was angry at first, and with good reason. He had just been booted from his dream job to babysit a rich girl, and he wanted to leave. But slowly, he “made…peace with this place.” He never expected to fall in love with his assignment, or grow to love that sleepy little town; BUT HE DID! And that’s what Abigail helps Elizabeth comprehend: that things change. Circumstances change, people change. And we shouldn’t judge others on former feelings or circumstances.

So there you have it: #MomentMonday. I hope you enjoyed it. Please don’t forget to leave comments; I love feedback. And if you’re planning on doing online shopping, clicking on any of our links will really help with keeping the site going; and you’ll get shopping done too.

One final note: in the very near future, I’ll be writing a post about “clever lines”. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Farewell!


Hello, Hearties. Welcome to another #FlashbackFriday. I apologize for it being so late today. Last week, the worldwide leader of my faith, (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) our prophet President Thomas S. Monson, passed away from old age. His funeral was LIVE today, broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I knew I needed to watch it. It was, indeed, very emotional and very moving. So thank you for your patience so I could pay my respects.

Now for our topic: I’ve mentioned before that, like many of you, I started over so I could have everything fresh in my mind when Season 5 premieres. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, but I’m still amazed at how much I’d forgotten. I’ve had lots of new insights I’ll share in future posts. For right now,  you know how we’ve talked about a season having “all the feels”? Well, as far as I’m concerned, we don’t have to go any farther than Season 1 Episodes 9-10 to get ALL of them!

Think about it: These are the episodes when Julie comes to visit, Jack FINALLY asks Elizabeth out to a PROPER dinner, Gowen gets closer to hanging himself morally, (with the help of Abigail and Jack,) Jack gets reassigned, and the Tolliver gang strikes.  We’ve got excitement, trepidation, butterflies and nerves, ROMANCE, embarrassment, disgust, giddiness, cunning, plotting, surprise, fear, danger, heartbreak, deception, longing, gratitude, wondering, relief, anger, heroism, timidity, shame, regret, even sibling rivalry. I’d say that just about covers the spectrum.

These episodes are the reason I personally think Abigail can’t become a couple with Henry. Redemption and forgiveness, TOTALLY possible. But to become ROMANTICALLY involved with the man who knowingly caused the death of her husband and son, AND tries to bribe the authorities, AND steals money from the town. It just doesn’t fit with me. It would always be a dark cloud hanging above their heads.

Julie…hmm…Julie. How do I describe my feelings for her? Blatantly and bluntly put, I think she’s ridiculous! If I were to be diplomatic,  I would say she’s extremely naïve, and has SO much to learn. The best way to express my feelings would be a line from Elizabeth: “Do you even hear yourself?!” She only gets the picture after she’s been threatened at gunpoint, and held hostage in cabin.

Now the fun part, the dinner! Sigh! I still remember the first time I watched it. I was beside myself! And when he said, “Please consider this an act of courtship,” and kissed her hand! I thought I would melt right then and there! My heart skipped a beat right now just remembering it. When Elizabeth walked down the stairs dressed in all that finery, she looked just like a princess. Why couldn’t my first date with my husband have been that enchanting? Then to see all the effort he went through, and the evidence of how long he had been planning, (“How long have you been planning this?” Smile. “That’s a secret.”), it became very evident they were getting this relationship started, and the roller coaster ride was beginning. Of course, we knew something she didn’t know, i.e. the new orders; so that was the only dark spot in that beautifully candlelit café.

Did you think they were going to kiss? I was certain it would happen, but they kept us hanging on through all that heart-rending separation. Who cried when he left? Guilty! I thought it was an excellent touch that he had her picture in his journal/notebook. It was such a little detail, but it rounded out the character even more, and added one more insight into Jack’s mind and heart. Season 1, especially, was REALLY good at those small details. Plus it showed he was truly becoming devoted to her.

Well everybody, once again I could go on and on, but then I’d be writing all night. So I will exercise self restraint and stop here. I hope you’ll come back to read all those new insights I was talking about. It’ll be fun!


Good mooooorning, Hearties! How’s everyone doing? Welcome to #WonderWednesday. Today I’m going a bit off the beaten path I usually travel, but not too far since the show is now on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. We’ll be talking about Psych Season 1 Episode 1. Why, you ask? If you haven’t already watched it, let me enlighten you. You are NOT going to believe who guest stars in it! Pascale Hutton… aka Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter! I didn’t remember seeing her, but I found I didn’t remember almost any of the plots from Season 1; I haven’t watched them since they premiered.

As a matter of fact, there is a HUGE collection of WCTH alumni in the series. I’m not even done with Season 1 yet, and I’ve already spotted 4! There’s Pascale, Steve Bacic (Spurlock), Anne Marie DeLuise (Aunt Caroline), and Chelah Horsdal (Cat Montgomery). To add to that, all this time I thought Psych was filmed in California, but SURPRISE! It was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The things we learn, right?

So, back to Pascale. Wow, does she look young! And since I didn’t remember seeing her in Psych, WCTH was the first thing I saw her in, as far as I was concerned. Even though I’ve been acting or into acting my whole life, I still find it startling to see someone I’m so familiar with in such a different setting. And even though she plays a comedic character of sorts in WCTH, she was in a show that has almost no serious moments whatsoever. Quite different. She’s still just as beautiful though. Playing a rich girl, and being costumed in beautiful clothes didn’t hurt either. It was so funny to see the character of Shawn Spencer flirt with her so shamelessly while she’s desperately trying to hold in a laugh; totally out of her league, am I right? How many takes did they need for that scene?

And that beach picture with what Shawn called a “very unfortunate perm”! It’s nice to know even famous people we adore went through awkward teenage years.

Probably the best part reaction-wise was when Shawn was wrong about her being the murderer. He pulls stuff from the big black bag expecting to find ransom money, but out comes her donations to a thrift store. Her reaction is the perfect blend of annoyance and the smug “I was right” mouth.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can write because she isn’t in anymore of the episode. Tragic loss! But it was fun watching her do a completely different character, and see more of her work since I had never seen her in anything else.

Happy Hump Day, Hearties! Here’s hoping you have a lovely rest of your week!