Good morning, Hearties. I owe all of you an apology. Wednesday, we left my in-laws’ to come home from Christmas, then the last 2 days, my kids decided to go NUTS! I’ll spare you the details. So, let’s talk Christmas episode! DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT!

As usual, let’s get the unpleasant junk out of the way first. I admit to being slightly disappointed with the reunion; it must be all that fan fiction I wrote. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it, it just wasn’t as epic as I pictured after that amazing proposal and send-off. And it just happened so fast! I guess I was expecting a bit more build up. I have one comfort: last year’s Christmas episode seemed to leave me with a few blanks, but once I watched it with the season 4 episodes, it fit better, and I liked it better. So maybe that’s what will happen with this one too. Maybe his permanent return will be…more, longer even.

Let’s get to the good stuff now. Despite the fact that the reunion wasn’t epic enough for me personally, I still liked it. There’s nothing quite like the man you love whispering in your ear; just like there’s nothing quite like that same man locking foreheads with you, and kissing you senseless to prove he’s really home. Be still my beating heart!!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Erin and Dan are SO good at conveying the passion the characters have for each other without making it sexual or dirty. It’s one of my favorite things about this show!

Another part I absolutely loved was their Christmas Eve dinner. That scene was reminiscent of the old Jack and Elizabeth. As a side note, may I take a moment to once again applaud Daniel Lissing’s acting. He played Jack dealing with the pain and images of war SO WELL! He was stoic and serious, even reserved. Then something would provoke a smile, and his old self would shine through. The dinner was the perfect example of this. He was still being a little serious, even with Elizabeth. Then he opened her pillow, and she read the rings, and his enthusiastic response just made me tear up. Plus they both said “I love you”, which as we all know, only gets written into the script on special occasions.

Moving on from Jack and Elizabeth, who didn’t laugh their heads off at Lee and Rosemary here? Oh my gosh! They were precious! I especially loved Lee’s VERY QUICK reaction to Jack asking for help. “You’ll be more well read.” And Rosemary literally bowing to Bill’s wishes…hysterical!

Well dear friends, I have a million more thoughts on the episode, but I’m afraid pregnancy fatigue wins this battle. I’ll be back on New Year’s Day, that I can PROMISE!


Okay, admit it: you sang the title, didn’t you? Welcome to the one and only #MerryChristmasMonday… at least for another 7 years or so. Well, the day has arrived. As I’m typing this, there are a mere 7 hours and 40 minutes until my premiere time! My mother-in-law, 3 of my sisters-in-law, my oldest daughter, even one brother-in-law, will all be gathered around the TV with our hot cocoa and our tissues. I’m going to see if I can convince my husband to watch too. That can be my Christmas present to make up for not getting me a Heartie ornament or cookbook.

So how was everyone’s Christmas? We had quite the flurry of activity over here. I was up before my kids! It totally was the pregnancy; wink, wink. Santa brought me this beautiful necklace. It was in my stocking. He must know me pretty well! Appropriate, isn’t it?


 My “kids” got me this beautiful scarf covered with heart emojis. They know me so well too! Actually, my daughter wrote me a beautiful letter as a Christmas present, and at the end, she wrote “you are a hordy”, (you are a Heartie)! But I am TOTALLY wearing this scarf when I watch tonight!

So how is it going to happen tonight? I know the pictures suggest it will happen a certain way. I admit, it doesn’t APPEAR to be as epic as I pictured, but looks can be deceiving. No matter how it happens, I know it will be beautiful. Obviously I can’t write about it now, but I’ll be posting reactions to the movie either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Well, Hearties, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a great time watching the movie; either tonight, or whenever you get to. May you feel the peace of the holiday season, even after today is over.


Hello, all! Once again, I “heartily” apologize for not posting yesterday; I know you were all waiting with baited breath! It was Christmas cookie baking, making sure my toddler didn’t destroy the house, falling asleep because the exertion and pregnancy overtook me, then having an early Christmas with my mother and a dear friend before they went out of town for Christmas. The blog kind of fell through the cracks. So welcome to the very first edition of #I’mSorrySaturday to make up for yesterday.

I thought the best, (and most logical!) course of action would be to have a #FlashbackFriday of Season 4’s Christmas movie. Sigh! Can you say magical??? And here’s a fun tip to start things off. Terence Kelly, who played the angel figure of Sam Bailey, was in a Hallmark version of Titanic with Kavan Smith (Lee) back in the 90’s. Cool, huh? It also starred Peter Gallagher and Catherine Zeta-Jones, if you’re interested in finding it.

So, back to our true topic. Once again, we get a true sense of community and real love in the face of opposition…as well as just how much pure caffeine affects Bill. The spark of energy in his eyes when he talks about tracking Billy the Kid with that “coffee from south of the border” is almost scary. But seriously, seeing all those adults stay up all night, and Jack and Elizabeth giving up the Mountie Christmas Ball, just to make sure the town had a beautiful Christmas was so inspiring. It reminds us nowadays that we shouldn’t give up so quickly, that hopeless situations can be possible with just a little bit of effort and creativity. Then there’s Cody…giving up his prized autographed baseball so Maggie could have her Bitty Betsy Doll; there aren’t many 10-11-year-old boys who would be so selfless.

One more insightful thought before I move to the humorous parts: Harper. Who could deny the impact of that adorable face, coupled with his sweet voice, and child’s wisdom? For him to be the one to get through to his mother when Pastor Frank couldn’t is so poignant. “Out of the mouths of babes,” right? His heartfelt speech is actually what gave me the idea for the first part of the story I posted last Friday. I love that he wants to healthily hold onto his father’s memory, and teaches that to his mother, who is unhealthily pushing those thoughts away.

Now to some of my favorite parts. First of all, how MEAN of the writers to trick us into thinking Jack was going to propose when he dropped that ornament, then asked her to the ball instead! Don’t get me wrong, the invitation to the ball was lovely, but…Grr! At least we can look back and laugh now that the ring is on the finger.

Rosemary just cracks me up in this one! First she tries to change the Christmas arrangements the moment she’s back in town, then she springs the news that she’s moving next door to Elizabeth, then the incident with the pin…the list goes on and on. Her expression when trying to describe her feelings about it to Jack: my belly shook like a bowl full of jelly! Then Jack’s lecture, including the fantastic, “You will act surprised and delighted!…You’re a very talented actress.” Just a classic moment! In fact, it inspired a real-life situation: I bought my friend Sarah Nitsch, (also a Heartie,) a spider pin for her birthday; she never saw it coming!

Well, dear Hearties, I’m sorry to not go on. Frankly, I could go on for pages and pages about how incredible this story is, but it IS Christmas Eve Eve! So much to do! And it’s only 2 more days until someone comes to town!!! I will be posting a very short blog on Christmas, then the reaction to the episode will probably be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Have a safe holiday preparation!

Sorry everyone! Today turned into #FreakyFriday with all the Christmas cookie baking I had to do. So I’ll do a real post tomorrow for #I’mSorrySaturday. In the meantime, my mom is leaving for Christmas, so I got to open some things early! Merry Christmas to me! Seasons 1-3 of WCTH! (I already own Season 4!) And I’m wearing the necklace my dear friend Sarah Nitsch sent me for Christmas! So pardon the pregnant tummy, and enjoy the picture. 😀



Well, my dear #Heartie friends, we are a mere 5 DAYS away from seeing the one and only Jack Thornton sweep the beautiful Elizabeth Thatcher into his arms, and give her the reunion kiss of a lifetime! Can we wait? Well, we gotta, right? While I cannot WAIT to see it, that will mean Christmas is over, and that just makes me sad. December 26th is the saddest day on my calendar. I’m kind of into Christmas, if you couldn’t tell! But at least there will be the Season 5 premiere to look forward to. THAT is worth saying goodbye to the Christmas season for a while.

So! Today’s #WonderWednesday is Erin Krakow’s 2014 Christmas movie A Cookie Cutter Christmas. This is actually the first thing I saw Erin in, as I hadn’t discovered WCTH yet. (SAD day for me! I call those The Dark Days!) The first and foremost thing I noticed that I had completely forgotten is how many stars from our wonderful series are a part of it; a lot more than I remembered! Of course there’s Erin as the teacher Christie Reynolds, but there’s also Genea Charpentier (Laura Campbell) as her student Lily Thompson, and Jill Morrison (Carla Noonan the pregnant mother from Season 1) as Ali. But I think the best surprise and cutest coincidence is Gracyn Shinyei (Emily Montgomery) as young Christie. Isn’t that cool!

I find it adorable that Erin plays a teacher who can’t bake, then learns how. Where have we heard THAT before? She certainly has a knack for portraying non-culinary educators. And then, there’s shepherd’s pie in the mix too! I do admit, the one thing that bothers me is the feud between Christie and Penny Miller. I guess it’s possible for two grown women to hold onto a petty grudge that long, and to act that childish, but I’d prefer not to witness it. Why would you want to act like that in front of a guy you really like?! I start cringing every time the two of them are on screen together.  So we won’t dwell on that!

Let’s move to David Haydn-Jones. He plays James Thompson, Lily’s father, and Christie’s love interest. HE has a knack for playing a philanthropist in Christmas movies. In this movie, he’s the head of a donation center for the needy. In another movie called Dear Santa, his character owns and runs a soup kitchen. I wonder if that’s something he does in his own time. And instead of just trying to be nice to Penny and saying he’ll go out with her, he comes right out and says he is seeing someone. I like straightforward behavior in a man!

I also want to give a shout-out to the late Alan Thicke, who played the famous chef judge of the cookie contest; not of the WCTH variety, but a fabulous actor. It was about this time last year that he passed away from a ruptured aorta. Such a sad loss to the acting world, but movies like this help us remember him fondly.

One thing I want to point out that I liked was the first attempt at a kiss. While I’m not a huge fan of throwing the kiss in at the end when a prior attempt has been made, they did something different this time. The camera takes an angle in between their two faces, and you see the “distraction” from in between them. Way to shake up an old tactic, and make it new.

The other aspect I loved was the character of Lily. I love that when the “drama” enters the scene, and James thinks Christie stole his recipe, Lily tells him how it is, plain as day. She tells him flat out to give her another chance because HER teacher would never cheat. But the best thing about her is that she breaks up their first kiss just so she can hug them both. The laugh Erin gives there is so genuine, it makes me wonder again if it was improv.

I must say that I learned a few baking tips from this film. That’ll come in handy for my holiday baking! And speaking of which, I need to get back to it. Farewell for now! Join me again on Friday for the first #FlashbackFriday.